Is Coaching a Must to Crack the IAS Exam?

Is Coaching a Must to Crack the IAS Exam

If you are a UPSC Aspriant & want to know, Is Coaching a Must to Crack the IAS Exam? Here, we discuss some points that will Clear your Doubts. IAS is a dream for the majority of Indian youth, and they leave no stone unturned to prepare for the Civil Services Exam. While UPSC offers various cadres, the IAS is the most coveted one, so much so that the Civil Services Exam has popularly come to be known as the IAS Exam.

The IAS Exam is widely considered the most competitive of all exams. The number of candidates who appear for the prelims is in lakhs, but this number dramatically reduces to around 1000 when UPSC declares the names of the successful candidates. This means that relevant guidance is necessary to clear the exam. An IAS aspirant would want to be guided by experts to ensure that their preparation does not lack anything. The IAS Exam is extremely difficult to clear, and the competition keeps increasing every year.

However, not everyone needs to be coached at an IAS institution. Many candidates who prefer self-study manage to clear the exam on their own. However, not everyone feels confident enough to do so, which is why the majority chooses to enroll in a coaching institution.

There are several reasons why enrolling in an IAS coaching institution can be beneficial:

1. Balancing Approach:

Managing time and understanding how to study can be challenging for most students, especially with the extensive UPSC syllabus. A good coaching institution helps address these problems and ensures that the preparation for the IAS Exam is balanced.

2. Mentorship and Guidance:

A coaching institution simplifies the complexities of preparing for the IAS Exam and provides collective and individual guidance, also known as mentorship. Each IAS aspirant is unique and may require individual mentorship from the faculty to crack the exam with ease.

3. Competent Study Material:

A reliable coaching institution takes care of the requirement for competent study material, test series, and interview preparation. This relieves the IAS aspirant and allows them to focus on their preparation more effectively.

4. Competence:

Preparing with batch mates at a coaching institution motivates an IAS aspirant to compete and strive to outperform others. This competitive spirit is a valuable asset for cracking the IAS Exam.

5. Confidence:

The confidence gained through preparation under the guidance of experienced faculty and mentors is essential for success in the IAS Exam. Knowledge without confidence is futile, and confidence without knowledge is not sustainable. A coaching institution provides both.

While self-study can work for some candidates, enrolling in an IAS coaching institution can provide significant advantages in terms of guidance, mentorship, study material, competence, and confidence. It ultimately depends on the individual’s preferences and confidence level in their own preparation methods.

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