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Officers IAS Academy

About Officers IAS Academy – UPSC Coaching Institute in Chennai

Officers IAS Academy is the de-rigueur UPSC coaching institution if one is determined to reach LBSNAA. Here, we are driven by an enduring purpose, “Create Better Civil Servants”.

We are the Top IAS Academy because we are founded by former Civil Servants who are passionate about shaping you to provide a better future for our proud Nation.  Our “Kendraka” or nucleus combines a “Dream Team” faculty, Precision Delivery of the syllabus, a rigorous schedule, a unique mentoring program ‘Hansei’ and a proven pedagogy. Collectively this ensures our students have the experience and confidence to crack the exam.

This IAS Academy is the best IAS Academy  in Chennai because we perspire to help achieve what you aspire to. We will make your Himalayan dream of joining the Civil Service a reality. Start climbing with us hand in hand and we will make you realize that it is like any other mountain if you climb systematically. I along with my team will make your journey to IAS as simple as possible.

Officers IAS Academy is the main UPSC (Civil Services) coaching foundation in India that is established and run by a Seven-part group of previous Civil Servants (IAS, IRS, and IRAS). Contained energetic and similar people, these profoundly cultivated and regarded Civil Servants surrendered/resigned from administration to leave set for educating and guide UPSC applicants and in the process sustain and make the up and coming age of Civil Servants.

What separates Officers IAS Academy from the various coaching foundations that have multiplied is the scholarly greatness that is cultivated through a center workforce who have not just freed all stages from the assessment (Prelims, Mains and Interview), yet have proceeded to serve this country with unique excellence. Instructors who are achievers themselves. This is supported by an exceptionally pertinent instructional method, thorough coaching plan, a mood of readiness, assessment, and criticism, and individual tutoring.

Our instructing strategies are established in certain reliable standards, which lead understudies to comprehend the essentials and urge them to scrutinize current realities and ideas, instead of simply tolerating them indiscriminately. Our work isn’t just to give them a guide to their fantasy about entering the Civil Services, however consistently supporting them along with this long-distance race venture, following individual advancement and making course adjustments.

At Officers IAS Academy, our definitive undertaking is to imitate the Gurukul System where the understudies are prepared by the Gurus to accomplish what the Gurus have themselves accomplished.

At Officers IAS Academy we are driven by our directing reason “Make Better Civil Servants“. I don’t get this’ meaning? We don’t simply set up the understudies to break the test, rather it is our expectation to create officers who have sympathy for poor people and the destitute, have respectability, act with fair-mindedness and never falter from the way of what is correct. In short, make our understudies represent something and have any kind of effect.

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Features of Officers IAS Academy: IAS Coaching Institute in Chennai

  • Our Director himself has cleared not once yet twice (Once IRTS and afterward IAS – 2004 clump, All India Rank – 59) every one of the 3 phases of Civil Service Exams, Prelims, Mains and Interview effectively. He surrendered for the IAS in 2009 and established Officers IAS Academy. He is a full-time staff and is accessible at the foundation throughout the days.
  • Our Associate Director-Mr Rangarajan (IAS – 2005 bunch, All India Rank – 46), in spite of being a Chartered Accountant, took the test of Civil Service Exam and cleared it with an All India 46th Rank in the year 2005. In the wake of serving for not many years, he left the IAS and joined the group at Officers IAS Academy as full-time staff to mentor the cutting edge to become civil workers.
  • Our Advisor and Visiting Faculty Mr.S. Subramhanyan, IRAS-1979 Batch Retired as Additional Member, Railway Board. His suggestions to Alagh Committee for Civil Service Reforms brought about a significant change in the Civil Services Examination Pattern.
  • Our Chief Coach and Mentor Sri R.Satapathy are a resigned IAS Officer of 1972 Batch. Subsequent to joining IAS in 1972 he worked in numerous significant divisions of Government of Tamil Nadu and Government of India. He rose to the position of Chief Secretary and resigned as such in 2008.
  • Our Coach and Mentor Mr. S.Saravana Kumaran IRS (Formerly Joint Commissioner-Income Tax) Has passed UPSC Twice, First, he became IRTS in 2000 and afterward IRS in 2004. Our Director and Associate Director show 60% prospectus of Prelims and Mains and 100% of Interview module.
  • All the test papers are assessed and input is given by the Director and Associate Director. From 8.AM to 8 PM on each of the 365 days, our Director and Associate Director are accessible at OFFICERS IAS ACADEMY for coaching, direction, question freedom, and individual consideration of understudies.
  • A separate class is led to manage understudies on How to peruse “The Hindu” News Paper for planning current affairs. To direct understudies on Essay Writing, a separate class is led and practice given.
  • Every single answer sheet is directed by Officers and input given to understudies.
  • Experienced teaching resources who themselves have gone up to Interview Stage of Civil Service
  • Assessment will deal with the classes alongside the Director.
  • Visitor Lectures by Serving IAS/IFS/IPS Officers. Answer composing Practice for every single understudy.
  • Test after each talk to give practice.
  • Week by week test comparable to UPSC questions which are obligatory, without which understudies are not permitted to sit in next class.
  • Stress Management Modules before Prelims, Mains, Interview.
  • Most elevated achievement rate in IAS Coaching in the whole nation (In 2015 Exam, 21 out of 47 understudies got into IAS/IFS/IPS) and ( In 2016 Exam, 41 out of 180 Students got into the services).
  • Restricted understudies in each class, with the goal that singular consideration is guaranteed.
  • Study corridor for understudies can be utilized from 04.30 AM to 8.30 PM on each of the 365 days, so understudies can concentrate during leisure time other than class hours.
  • Advanced Library for understudies to allude Government Websites and other online sources identified with Civil Service Examination.
  • Complete investigation materials will be given by the academy.
  • Cafeteria offices are additionally accessible.

Details of Officers IAS Academy – IAS Coaching Institute in Chennai

Address: Officers IAS Academy Plot No. 935, 6th Avenue Anna Nagar Chennai 600040

Email :

Phone No.: 044-40483555, +91 9677174226


DetailRating out of 10
Batch Strength10
Past Year Results7

Benefits of Officers IAS Academy – IAS Coaching Institute in Chennai

  • Healthy environment
  • 24hrs Guidance
  • Highly educated Faculty
  • Precision Delivery Of Syllabus
  • Rigorous Testing, Evaluation, and Feedback
  • Mentoring Program
  • Course Material, and Tests Series

Demerits of Officers IAS Academy – IAS Coaching Institute in Chennai

  • Poor connectivity of internet
  • High Fees

Student Testimonials of Officers IAS Academy, Chennai

What attracted me in the very first place was that the faculty are former Officers themselves. Subsequently when I came for counselling and they patiently explained the Study Strategy that is sincerely followed, I was impressed and my confidence got a boost. But after meeting Israel sir and understanding how the Academy will help me crack the UPSC examination, I just knew that I had to become a student of Officers IAS Academy. Today I have the confidence that “Yes. I can do it!”.
Banavat Mounika
It has been my dream to be a civil servant since I was a little girl, a time when I certainly didn’t have much idea about what it takes to become one. But as I grew up, that dream stayed on and finally I’m at a point where I am closer to achieving it. Like every other student I too researched many institutes before finalizing my decision of joining Officers IAS Academy. Besides aspects such as a safer location which parents feel more secure in sending their children to, what attracted me was the faculty. The fact that there are IAS officers with vast amount of experience running the institute, many other retired officers and current officers being a part of the faculty and those who have a great deal of knowledge and experience with the understanding of how to approach a UPSC examination gave me, as an aspirant, the confidence in being a part of the institute.
Right from the portrait in the entrance that welcomes us aspirants every day, to the founding team that is comprised of former Civil Servants, the faculty who are all experts in their respective subjects to the personal guidance and unique Mentoring program – each and every aspect of the Academy inspires and encourages me to be a Civil Servant one day. And with Officers IAS Academy guiding me, I know that I will get there.
Aakash E
Officers IAS Academy offers a blend of learning, inspiration and the application of enduring principles with the result that I get to learn something new with every interaction. The entire study environment makes it conducive for us aspirants to be focused on our learning and preparation efforts, and it inculcates the spirit to stand out amongst the other talented and hardworking students. Another unique feature is the professors who impart quality education – never will the students find themselves in a situation where they are unable to grasp a concept, and in the rare event that they do, the faculty is always on hand to clarify and guide. The institute’s library quenches my thirst for knowledge through a sheer variety of books, papers, periodicals and the helping staff. I could not be happier in choosing Officers IAS Academy for my UPSC preparation.
Sangam Chawda
Being an R&D engineer and Manager by profession, I applied the same research and analytical approach in choosing the institute that I wanted to join for my UPSC preparation. And based on what is needed to succeed in this highly competitive examination and the performance track record, Officers IAS Academy was my preferred choice. The faculty, their experience, the weekly tests and the Test series are some of the factors that students experience when they study here. But to ultimately succeed, mere learning by itself is not enough, rather every aspirant needs proper guidance, an area in which this academy excels. So in the ocean called UPSC, your lighthouse is Officers IAS Academy.
Hari Hara Sudhan

Our opinion is based on research conducted by our team and at the end of the day, aspirants are entitled to their own opinion.

What People say about Officers IAS Academy, Chennai

Quora Reviews

I have read each and every one of the answers and it pains me to see scathing remarks on Officers IAS Academy by various anonymous persons( 3 anonymous scornful answers in a span of 10 days …not at all a coincidence !!!) I am a student at OIA and I am giving my prelims in another 15 days so I believe I can answer this question.

You might be wondering what right I have to defend OIA even though I haven’t cleared UPSC CSE yet. Below given are the medals I have collected over years

Failed in 12th std and that too in Math’s
ADHD ( Attention deficit hyperactivity disorder )
Average student in college with history of arrears ( no extra marks for guessing which subject it was !!! )
Am I the topper at OIA tests ? I wish i was …. But the catch here is that I have been in the topper’s list quite a few times . Sometimes in top 20. For you, a rank around 20 might not sound too attractive , but for a person like me , who was bullied by teachers and classmates for my “not so common” behavior this place made me who I am and I vouch for them.

Let me tell why you should study at OIA. ( I have no right to comment on Shankar IAS Academy as I was never a student there and hence I can only talk about my academy )

The classes are good. I have seen several anonymous comment on the quality of classes being questioned. Let me be very frank . UPSC CSE doesn’t want you to study rocket science. And hence no academy will teach you “rocket science” . I have seen many who thinks that an academy should teach tough stuffs to feel good . They feel that since only simple things are taught, the classes are sub standard. To those people I have only one thing to say …Yes …Sallu Bhai is innocent ….
CSE is not about mugging things up , but about how you apply and present / come up with an answer . No matter how hard you study its useless if you cant process and derive a thought out of what knowledge you attained. “Thinking”, “ Processing “, “ Deriving” – No academy can teach you that . It comes after months of practice. But any decent IAS academy can set you to the right path on how to think , process and derive and Officers IAS Academy does it through their classes, tests and mentoring . They tell us what UPSC expects from us and trains us accordingly.
Another gentleman/lady mentioned about the faculties . a) Israel Sir – A funny person asked how he got IAS- I think he/she should file an RTI or ask UPSC. If you get motivated by his speech then that is his achievement . Because motivating is not easy . If you cant fetch marks here then its because a person lacks perseverance. Motivation is to get started , perseverance is something one has to find on you own And his Econ classes are really good. And no one can make classes lively without jokes/stories. Are jokes important for CSE? No …. But can someone concentrate completely for 2.5 hrs class ? Also no…hence stories are needed to lighten up the mood b) Rangarajan Sir- He teaches Polity with style and whatever his ambitions are , he will make you fall in love with that subject . To the person who mentioned that he works hard for his political ambitions , I have seen him working harder to answer every one of my stupid doubts . I have never seen him shying away from a student asking doubt for his “ MP “ work . Sir, Thank you so much for referring the Nov 8 , 2003 Hindu editorial . That alone shows his depth on what he teaches .
You get whatever you want from OIA to crack the exam . a) Study Hall ? – Yes . b) Free biscuits and Coffee for the ones who gets up early ?- Yes. c) Do you have a complaint/suggestion ? – Drop it in the grievance box which the HR checks every day . d) You want new books ? – Send an email and it will come at the library e) Are you feeling lost ?- Contact your mentor or any faculty at OIA and I assure you , at any point of time someone will be there to sort your problems out . f) Need more techniques ?- There are sharpshooter classes . They literally gives you everything you want to crack this exam .
If an absolute no hope like me can get this far , think how much this academy can change you from within. They don’t just teach …they mould you with their experience , advice and care .
Cracking CSE is a long and tiring journey … and this academy , to the best of my knowledge will not let you down if you put your heart into it.

Huckleberry Finn

It is an academy with a difference. Let me tell you beforehand that I didnot take GS or optional coaching overthere.

My first association started with me e-mailing Israel sir for interview guidance after receiving a call letter for attending the personality test for Indian forest service in Jan 2016. To be honest, I never expected him to reply back. But to my surprise he mailed me back telling his assistant will tell me the date for attending a guidance program.

I went on the give date and time to OIA and was surprised to see only one other guy there. I was asked to fill a form and was not asked to pay anything. We were guided to a class room and Israel sir walked in. I was surprised to learn that it was the second time he was conducting the personality test guidance program that week and it was for a few students who got left out. It was refreshing to see that he cared for his students. He immediately made us feel at ease with him and there is something magnetic about the way he talks that attracts our attention to him. He is simple and has no airs about him. He has a hood sense of humor. He changed my entire perspective on the personality test with his analogies and reasoning.

He messaged me on whatsapp after the results were out and I didnot make it into the merit list. He encouraged me to continue the hardwork till I get into the merit list.

After the prelims 2016, I joined the test series for mains in Officers IAS Academy. I was surprised by the quality of the questions asked. Individual attention was given to the students to have their doubts clarified and there was a separate room and library allocated to those preparing for mains.

The mains results were announced and I did not make it to the next stage. There was a message from Israel sir again. He encouraged me and even offered free mock papers.

Prabhu Chintala

I am a student of Officers IAS academy. I am really sad for choosing that academy I have I have wasted my whole one year my advice you people to enquire more about this academy and their the beginning they show us like they are very serious about our career but nothing is like that even few staffs are friendly and others staffs after the class we will never know they are available in the academy or not.

As they say they have many staff who are IAS IRS and in service but when they take class they have a rule that we should not even open your mouth and ask them any doubt and we break the rule they will make us to feel like we are fools in front of them. They charge very big amount for the full course. There is option to get the recording classes which we miss but if we go and ask in the admin department there are few staffs in admin department especially that one irritating girl who will questions us like a criminal and she is like investigating officer it is our right to get the recorded class she will ask so much of question and order us to mail and WhatsApp the request to give that audio and a there is a North Indian guy he will treat us like we are coming and begging to get the audio .

In my opinion they are not student friendly they are money minded they will never treat as like a common man and the staffs who declared the IAS exam they will think like they are from other planet and they have some super power and they are here to save us from some evil I really feel very bad to choose that academy I will be very happy if I get at least half of the amount as my refund it is really waste waste my one year I wasted my money everything is waste I am really seriously very depressed I request all you people before choosing any academy especially Officers IAS academy to have a clear picture about the academy please enquire the students who study there at least 50 students to get a clear picture about the coaching.

They are friendly for only students who are son and daughter of very very big people and whose friendship they really need. And worried about those students to clear the examinations.

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