Preparation Strategies Adopted for Economics Optional

Preparation Strategies Adopted for

Preparation Strategies Adopted for Economics Optional: Economics is a highly popular choice for an optional subject in UPSC exams. Many candidates choose economics due to its reputation as a scoring subject. It is also considered relevant and interesting due to its technical nature and current applicability.

It is important to follow certain strategies to preparation adopted for economics optional. The following key points and basic strategies should be considered:

1. Solve previous year’s question papers: This helps understand the question pattern and improves writing and time management skills. Gaining confidence in answering these papers will prepare you for the final exam.

2. Seek guidance from seniors and experts: Consult those who have cracked the UPSC exam or attempted it in the past year. They can provide valuable insights on the exam pattern and offer guidance.

3. Pay attention to diagrams, flowcharts, and examples: Visual aids and practical examples enhance understanding. Examples and references are important for supporting your answers.

4. Create a study timetable: Plan a schedule that covers all topics, allocating specific time periods for each subject. Constant monitoring and dedication are necessary to complete the whole syllabus.

5. Take notes: When referring to study material, make your own notes for better understanding and preparation. Keep the notes concise and point-to-point for quick revision during exams. Writing notes improves literacy and communication skills.

6. Stay updated with current affairs: Read newspapers, magazines, and articles regularly to relate theoretical knowledge to practical situations and current affairs.

7. Refer to the latest publications and renowned authors: Study materials by famous authors provide updated concepts and definitions. This helps in better understanding key terms and topics.

8. Use quotes and references: Including quotes and names of famous economists adds weight to your answers. Keep your answers concise and easily understandable.

9. Focus on diagrams and charts: Pay attention to diagrams and charts, explaining them with relevant examples. Mastering charts and figures is essential.

10. Dedicate time for revision: Thorough revision is crucial for retaining concepts and topics. Create short notes with charts and diagrams for effective revision.

11. Gain extra knowledge from internet sources and economist interviews: Internet sources and interviews provide valuable insights and explanations related to the syllabus.

12. Consider coaching from top institutes: Joining coaching institutes can boost motivation and provide guidance from mentors and classmates. The competitive environment helps in learning.

However, choosing economics as an optional subject requires careful consideration. The subject’s study material is readily available, rational, and logical, making it easier to understand. However, those not familiar with economics may need to study the basics extensively. Proper investigation of all subjects is necessary before making a final choice.

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