AIR-9 Apala Mishra UPSC Topper Mock Interview | UPSC Topper 2020

Apala Mishra UPSC | UPSC Topper 2020

The arrival of the UPSC test result for 2020, the names of the multitude of top scorers are being uncovered individually. One of them is known as IAS. Dr Apala Mishra is likewise an UPSC clincher, having gotten the ninth most noteworthy score in the common administrations test 2020. Apala Mishra UPSC Topper 2020 said she zeroed in on grasping the test and its prospectus, as well as her own assets and shortcomings, in 2018. Understanding the example takes time. It gets better once applicants acknowledge it, she says. She then, at that point, formulated a review timetable of 7-8 hours out of each day. The UPSC clincher took training classes before all else, however at that point changed to self-review since she accepts that instructing focuses can help them, yet they should concentrate without anyone else by the day’s end.

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Apala Mishra Biography | UPSC Topper 2020

She is an individual from the Indian Police Service (IPS), clump 2020. She is the UPSC Topper 2020. Apala was brought up in Jharkhand, India. Her UPSC Result 2020 roll number is 5903870, and she is in the ninth position. She agrees to work in the Indian country, after which she pronounces that she will read up for the UPSC Exam. She is extremely astute, and she is continually informed that she can accomplish anything she wants. Amitabh Mishra is her dad’s name. Her schooling started at Delhi Public School, Rohini, and went on at Army College of Dental Science, where she procured a Bachelor’s degree. Apala Mishra UPSC was brought into the world in the Uttar Pradesh locale of Ghaziabad in 1997, and starting around 2021, she is 24 years of age. Amitabh Mishra, her dad, is a resigned military official. Dr. Alphana, her mom, is a teacher. Abhilekh Mishra is her sibling’s name. Her granddad is a writer, the late Hazari Prasad Dwivedi.


After finishing her dental research in Hyderabad in 2018, the UPSC topper started out getting ready for this hard exam in 2018, and she was once successful in her third attempt.

Mishra attended school in Dehradun until the tenth grade, then moved to Delhi for grades eleven and twelve. She then graduated from the Army College of Dental Sciences in Hyderabad with a bachelor’s diploma in dental surgical treatment and went on to work as a dentist. 

Her Goal

In the UPSC examination, Dr. Apala Mishra IAS Topper got here in ninth place. Her success is noteworthy because she passed the UPSC exam on her third attempt. Her first attempt, however, it was a failure.

She wishes to assist the country through enhancing foreign policy. She studied BDS in the starting of her career, but she later decided to put together for civil service in order to serve the us of a on a global scale.

Future Goals

Dr. Apala Mishra IAS Topper had already volunteered to serve her united states of america as a dentist.

The UPSC pinnacle performer believes that she have to take motion in order to make significant, advantageous changes. In 2018, she made the decision to study for the civil carrier examination in order to serve the country.

UPSC Attempts

While engineers continue to dominate the UPSC Civil Services toppers list, Dr Apala Mishra IAS Topper, who holds a dental surgical operation degree, has secured a spot at rank 9. Mishra, a Delhi resident, now not solely passed the examination however also received the absolute best rating (215) on the personality test. The pinnacle scholar attributes her success to difficult work and self-study. Interestingly, Mishra failed to ignore the preliminary stage of the examination in each of her preceding attempts. 

Career Path

Talking about deviating the career path from medication to administration, Apala said, “My historical past served as a supply of thought for me. I took a careful seem to be at our country’s healthcare system and realised it requires more attention. This thinking stimulated me to pursue a profession in the civil provider in order to make a larger affect in society. 

Apala Mishra Marksheet

Below is Apala Mishra’s mains mark sheet.

Mains Total Marks816
Grand Total1031

Apala Mishra’s Optional Subject

Apala claimed that with the aid of the time she was in her ultimate yr of dentistry, she was once leaning towards civil carrier due to the fact it provides a lot of work opportunities. Anthropology was her optional subject.

She intends to work in the area of health, with a focus on women’s health. She resolved to dedicate one hundred percent of her attention to her studies. A schedule

has been created. She believes that candidates have to devote 7 to eight hours to their studies. During this time, she also learned how to make a timetable. 

Apala Mishra Strategy | UPSC Topper 2020

Because the syllabus was once extraordinary from her academic background, Apala Mishra stated she centered on grasp the examination and its syllabus, as nicely as her very own strengths and weaknesses, in 2018. Understanding the sample takes time. It gets better as soon as candidates realise it, she says.

She then devised a study agenda of 7-8 hours per day. The UPSC topper 2020 took teaching lessons in the beginning, but then switched to self-study because she believes that teaching centres can help them, however they ought to learn about by way of themselves at the cease of the day. 

Strategy for Prelims

Mishra’s weakest phase was the prelims section because she was no longer able to clear it in her previous attempt. She says that one ought to revise the simple books as many times as possible. Because each and every time you go lower back and read, you will see matters that you don’t remember, so making it a factor that you consistently examine and reread subjects is very important.

Practice a lot of MCQs, and write as many mock tests as possible. When you don’t get a question, then make the answer a part of your notes, so that you don’t forget about it. Mishra also said that one  do previous years papers after 2013, besides fail. 

Strategy for Mains

For coaching for mains, you have to start it from the starting itself, as there is much less time gap between prelims and mains. Your coaching need to be built-in and combined from the start. One ought to additionally focal point on answer-writing from the start of their guidance journey.

Mishra says that begin your answer-writing from the static portion as a substitute than the cutting-edge affairs portion. One should not wait until the syllabus is over, nor start it before you even begin the syllabus, answer-writing  go hand-in-hand with the syllabus. 

Strategy for GS Papers

One must go past the static portion, in the mains examination. Apala didn’t make notes for the static portion, due to the fact she is quite at ease with the printed fabric and prefers it more. She made four notebooks for GS papers 1,2,3 and 4.

These notes were truly made on her laptop in a soft copy format. She then divided the notebooks into further sections based on the topics. If you get more facts about any positive topic, then one must go on including it in the divided sections, so that this will provide your answer an extra value.

Time Management

Mishra states that time management is the most important pillar of coaching as nicely as the examination. One need to attempt and keep discipline and motivation alongside the journey. To preserve up the self-discipline and motivation, she had bought a watch and saved a song of her learn about time. She would even quit her timer if she would drink water. She did a exceptional study and she advises the identical to candidates. She says that consistency is the key in your events studies. 

Books and Online Materials

Mishra stated she studied for 7 to 8 hours each and every day and used a timer to maintain song of how a good deal time she spent on each topic. She used the simple books as properly at some point of her preparation. Apart from that, she used Google and Youtube to locate online find out about materials to help her understand subjects that had been no longer protected in the basic books. 


If you favor to put together for UPSC, Apala believes you want to preserve moving ahead with a higher strategy. She claims that you will no longer be capable to attain your destination unless you strive every day. Hard work, the proper strategy, reply writing practise, most revision, and a positive attitude, in accordance to him, pave the way to success.

Hopefully, this article has supplied candidates with a vision of success. Without difficult work and dedication in one’s work, one can’t achieve success. Candidates need to develop out of disasters to unfold their wings to succeed. UPSC Pathshala helps the candidates in each and every way to reap their favored goals. Hop in now!