Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi Review

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Rau’s IAS Study Circle Review

The pioneering institute in IAS coaching was incepted in 1953 by Dr. S. Rau. It is the best IAS coaching in Delhi from the hour of its foundation. Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi confers broad coaching and help for prelims, mains, and meetings and this is it’s review. They are said to have a powerful group of scholastics and research researchers wing to help their students in regard to concentrate material which in any test is a central factor for students. Their examination group is said to be accessible to every understudy to talk about their issues. Furthermore, on top of everything they appear to the best understudy educator proportion. Rau’s attests they don’t concede in excess of 90 students while some other driving institutes concede up to 400 students in a solitary cluster. These ones of a kind reality appear to work behind a high pace of achievement of their institute.

As a matter of first importance before going to any coaching one ought to recall you are going to an institute, not a Ved’s ayurvedic center that will provide you with an elixir with which one can pass UPSC at one go.

Their batch sizes are small, (Maximum 90 students in a batch).
This is the Key for their high success rate.

About Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi

The Study Circle was created by Dr. S. Rau in the year 1953 as an independent body with a view to establishing a bench-mark institution to achieve excellence in the toughest competitive exam in the country, i.e.

Indian Administrative Service Exam which has now come to be known as Civil Services Exam.

Over this long period, the Study Circle has evolved into a unique fraternity of educators and students striving together, year after year, in pursuit of a single goal.

With a passion to excel, the Study Circle has raged with the dynamism of a river that constantly renews itself and yet remains unchanging in its resolve to reach its ultimate destination.

Throughout a journey lasting over six decades, the Study Circle has been at the cutting edge of real learning.

Today, it is known as the most specialized institution of its type in the country, performing consistently at high levels and has acquired the rare distinction of achieving the highest success-rate in the Civil Services Exam.

Vision of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi

“One ship sails to east while the other ship sails to west with the self same wind that blows. It’s the position of your sails and not the direction of gales which take you to your destination.”


The Study Circle enrolls candidates possessing the necessary potential to compete at the Civil Services Examination. It organizes them in the form of a fraternity striving to achieve the success in Civil Services Exam.

The needed potential consists of two parts: one relates to character and the other to administrative talent. No candidate is born with this potential but it is acquired over a period of time.

An explanation of this potential is very neatly summed up in the prospectus of UPSC under the sub-heading ‘Interview-Test’.

Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi Pedagogy

CONSEQUENTLY, THE TECHNIQUE OF PREPARATION HAS TO DIFFER TO SUIT THE MATRIX OF THIS EXAMINATION. Work for most university examinations can be done at a leisured pace.

On the contrary, a candidate for the Civil Services Examination does not have much time at his disposal. It will be extremely unrealistic to think that one can prepare for this examination within a short time.

Apart from vigorous preparation for at least one year, if candidates keep this examination in view for one more preceding year, they would be on the right path.

Since very few candidates would have been preparing like that, the Study Circle emphasizes on the nature of the preparation to be made, the pattern of setting the questions and how to tackle them, evoking their interest in the various areas of knowledge, and acquiring a picture-like view of the various themes to be studied.

All these dimensions of guidance would be projected as the teachers talk to the students in the sittings as per the schedule of work given to them at the time of enrollment.

Apart from the talks of the teacher, there will be a series of tests after the first fortnight and it is compulsory for the members to attempt them.

A review of these tests will be done by the concerned teachers in the sittings that are scheduled after the first fortnight. Once, the mistakes committed by members are pointed out, it is expected of them not to commit the same mistakes while attempting the second set of tests.

Courses offered by Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi and Reviews

Foundation Course of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi and it’s Review

These are pathways programs designed for fresh aspirants of the Civil Services Exam. These preparation courses aim at laying the right foundation and guiding aspirants to understand the demand of the UPSC exam.

Targeted Courses of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi and it’s Review

These are assessment programs that focus on the upcoming examination only. They aim to cover only such themes on which questions may actually be asked in the exam. Targeted courses will benefit aspirants to improve their scores manifold.

General Studies Integrated of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi and it’s Review

The GS (Integrated) is a comprehensive classroom program that prepares aspirants holistically for both the Pre and Main stages of the Civil Services Exam.

Optional Subjects of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi and it’s Review

Candidates have to choose one optional subject for the Main Examination. The Study Circle offers such subjects which have maximum syllabus overlap/connection and strategic relevance with the compulsory papers of General Studies.

Prelims Test Series 2020 of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi and it’s Review

PTS has been purposely designed to help students prepare through a step-up approach. It is also a meticulously designed Study Plan to organize preparation and keep one on track towards covering the syllabus extensively from NCERT to ADVANCE level.

Mains Test Series 2020 of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi and it’s Review

This is a highly focussed Answer Writing course followed by Tests Series for the upcoming Mains exam.

The program is designed to give students 360-degree support for the Main examination.

Interview Guidance of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi and it’s Review

The objective of the program is to work on the personality issue and the knowledge aspect of the candidate. The focal point of the interview is “you” and our Interview Guidance program starts with keeping that in mind.

Fees of Rau’s IAS Study Circle


Admission Fee – Rs 1,75,000
Registration Fee– Rs 500


Admission Fee – Rs 50,000
Registration Fee– Rs 500


Admission Fee (Comprehensive) – Rs 14,000
For Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi’s ex-students – Rs 7,000
Admission Fee (Full-Length Tests) – Rs 6,000
Admission Fee (Current Affairs) – Rs 6,000


Comprehensive – Rs 36,000 (18,000 for Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi’s ex-students)
Focused – Rs 30,000 (15,000 for Rau’s IAS Study Circle’s ex-students)
(including QIP videos)


Rs 500
1 Mock Interview + 1 Personal sitting


Admission Fee – Rs 16,500
For Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi’s ex-Students – Rs 8,500

Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi Review


At Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi, the group size is relatively less when contrasted with others. Here, the faculties are completely according to the prerequisite of the UPSC design and prospectus.
The learning-friendly condition wins on the grounds. The faculties are constantly open after the classes or clusters are finished.
Continuously recall one thing that won’t ever attempt to test the faculties of any coaching, since it makes a hindrance in learning.

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Contact Details of Rau’s IAS Study Circle Delhi

309, Kanchenjunga Building, 18 Barakhamba Road,
Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001

 Tel: 011 – 4078 6050,
98101 8472290136 54269
2331 7293, 2331 8135/36,
2373 8906/07