Should I Join IAS Coaching in Delhi After 12th or Intermediate?

Should I Join IAS Coaching in Delhi After 12th or Intermediate

Should I Join IAS Coaching in Delhi After the 12th or Intermediate?- Some students start preparing for the Civil Services immediately after high school, while others begin their studies only a few months before the exams. The ideal time to start preparing for the IAS exam is during the last few years of your 12th or Intermediate education, as you can only attempt the exam once you have completed your 12th grade.

Having a clear goal is the key to success. If you are an IAS aspirant looking to join an IAS coaching center in Delhi after completing your 12th grade, you can certainly do so. However, it is important to note that individuals without a graduation degree from a recognized institute are not eligible to take the IAS exam. But they can still join a coaching center for a foundation course to prepare for the exam. Delhi is a popular destination for IAS aspirants, and joining a coaching center early on can help you in your journey of becoming an IAS officer.

After the 12th Can We Join IAS Coaching Delhi?

Yes, you can join an IAS coaching center in Delhi after completing your 12th grade or Intermediate for a foundation course. There are several reputable coaching institutes in Delhi that offer guidance to IAS aspirants after high school at reasonable rates. However, it is important to understand that the IAS exam is highly competitive, with thousands of aspirants appearing for it every year. Only a few candidates make it to the final selection. Therefore, before venturing into this field, individuals who wish to pursue their dream of becoming an IAS officer after 12th grade should keep the following points in mind.

Things to do Before Joining IAS Coaching After 10th

  1. Research: Gather essential information about the civil service exam to better prepare yourself. Seek advice from successful candidates or read the life stories of IAS toppers to gain a clear understanding of the exam requirements. Make sure you are ready to put in the hard work and perseverance needed to succeed.
  2. Choose Subject Wisely: When opting for the IAS Exam after the 12th, ensure that you choose your graduation subject according to the IAS syllabus. This will help you gain in-depth knowledge of the syllabus and make the learning process easier. Subjects like history, polity, etc. are important and will aid in clearing the IAS exam. Dont forget to brush up on main subjects like maths and economics to help you clear the UPSC exam.
  3. Understand UPSC Exam Pattern And Plan Your Study Accordingly: The UPSC exam is known for its difficulty, so it is advisable to understand the exam pattern before starting your preparation. If you are still interested, create a study plan and diligently follow it to cover the IAS syllabus within your desired time frame. Joining a coaching center immediately after 12th grade gives you more time to prepare and increases your chances of success.
  4. Inculcate Reading Routine: Current affairs play a crucial role in the IAS exam. Develop a habit of reading newspapers in various languages, such as Hindi and English, to stay updated with the national and international current affairs. Utilize your college library to read and research relevant topics.
  5. Enhance Your Communication Skills: Good communication skills are essential for the IAS exam interview round. Clear communication and good interpersonal skills will make you stand out from the crowd and improve your chances of becoming an IAS officer. Develop a good personality that will impress the judges and make them take notice of you.
  6. Develop Time Management Skill: Time management is crucial for clearing the UPSC exam. Practice solving previous year IAS question papers to improve your time management skills.
  7. Improve Writing Skills: The IAS main exam requires writing long answers. Good writing skills are essential to meet each answer’s word and time limits. Make sure to practice writing on a variety of different topics to excel in the subjective paper and achieve your goal of becoming a civil servant.
  8. Take Part In Extra-Curricular Activities: Engaging in debate or sports activities will help you develop skills like teamwork, confidence, and communication, which are valued by the UPSC exam panel. They are looking for IAS candidates who have both academic knowledge and a well-rounded personality. Participating in various college activities will help you develop a wide range of skills that will benefit you in the interview round.

Before choosing an IAS institute in Delhi for a foundation course, conduct thorough research online. Visit their website and read customer testimonials to get a better understanding of the quality of their services and facilities. Delhi is an expensive city, so make sure to prepare a list of expenses you might incur while pursuing the IAS exam after high school. Choose an IAS coaching center that fits your needs in terms of quality and budget. Seek guidance from friends and family and check if any scholarships are available for students.

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