IAS Interview: Tips to Crack the Personality Test


IAS Interview: Tips to Crack the Personality Test – 2019 Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, UPSC has deferred the IAS interviews scheduled from March 23 to April 3. Many students are yet to appear for the interview (date will be announced by the Commission after the situation becomes calm).

Cracking the Prelims, followed by the Mains as conducted by the UPSC Civil Services Exam is a challenging task in itself. However, do not assume that you have almost joined the Indian Administrative Services just because you have been called for the Interview.

Even though you are closer to becoming an IAS officer, IAS Interview: Tips to Crack the Personality Test – you have not achieved your goal yet. Cracking the Prelims and Mains are significant accomplishments, but they do not matter if UPSC does not find your performance in the interview satisfactory enough for you to join the Civil Services, let alone the prestigious IAS cadre.

During the Interview, UPSC aims to select potential administrators rather than great scholars who have a wealth of knowledge. UPSC considers the candidate’s score in both the Mains and the Personality Test for the final rank. However, it is important to note that the score in the Mains does not play a role in determining the course of the Interview.

It is the candidate’s personality that is being tested in the Interview. UPSC assesses the candidate’s ability to analyze and respond to questions rather than solely focusing on their knowledge of the subject. The candidate’s approach to a problem or issue is what counts, and there is no right or wrong answer.

The Interview panel is objective in awarding marks, and it is the candidate’s complete personality that plays a decisive role in their score.

Tips to Strategize for Clearing the IAS Interview:

Do not take your DAF lightly: 

The DAF that you fill out after clearing the Prelims is important and should not be taken lightly. Many of the questions in the Interview may be based on the details you fill in the DAF, such as your place of birth, hobbies, issues of the home state, and current affairs.

Stay unprejudiced: 

An unprejudiced mindset is important for a good administrator. When answering questions related to your home town or state, it is advisable to answer as an Indian national rather than someone solely focused on their home state. UPSC values the ideology of an Indian national more than a regional mindset.

Be alert and aware: 

Your ability to be alert and aware is important. The Interview Panel may ask unexpected questions, and it is important to remain calm and answer in a way that reflects your personality.

Show excellent social etiquette: 

As an aspiring IAS officer, your social etiquettes should be nothing less than perfect. You will be required to interact with high-profile personalities in a logical, firm, and dignified manner.

Develop excellent listening skills: 

Listening skills are crucial for answering questions effectively. It is important to listen carefully, understand the question, and determine which aspect of your personality it aims to test. Patience is key in listening well, comprehending well, and answering properly.

Stay confident: 

It is natural to feel nervous during the Interview, but it is important to stay confident and not panic. If you have a strong grasp of various subjects, including current affairs, and possess an alert, aware, and unprejudiced mind, you are likely to clear the Interview.

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