UPSC CSE Interview Tips

UPSC CSE Interview Tips

UPSC CSE Interview Tips-What is central to the success of an interview are the levels of confidence and composure exhibited by a candidate before the Interview Board. That will show that the candidate is in control of himself and the interview. A thorough preparation on the various topics of Current Affairs, optional subject, the subjects of study at the college level and the details indicated in the DAF will enable the candidate to gain enough confidence & composure. Sufficient levels of mock interview sittings will further help to enhance the above qualities.

Identify the topics on various subjects of relevance and prepare them comprehensively. A thorough coverage of two newspapers (The Hindu & The Indian Express), Rajya Sabha TV programmes like Big Picture, India’s World, World Panorama etc. will give a candidate enough critical thinking and analytical ability to face the questions confidently.

How to groom oneself for UPSC IAS Interview?

The parameters that can help a candidate to develop his/her personality for the IAS interview include – good etiquettes (i.e. socially & culturally acceptable behaviour), a sound value system and balanced personality (i.e. rounded-personality) where the candidate is able to display honesty, integrity, fairness, empathy, sensitivity towards the problems of depressed sections of the population sincerity, commitment, willingness to assume responsibility etc. Formulating answers to various questions raised by the Interview Board, that reflect the above personality traits will create a good impression about the candidate in the minds of the Board Members.

Type of questions asked in UPSC CSE Interview

A UPSC CSE Interview Tips is conducted in a cordial and friendly manner. The Board makes the candidate feel comfortable and encourages him to participate in the interview. It’s a purposeful and formal conversation with the Members where the candidate is expected to be polite, respectful and formal in his approach towards the Members. The Members of the Interview Board do not come prepared with a list of questions to test the candidates. They slowly start a conversation with a candidate and based on his/her answers, further develop the interview. It’s not a quiz programme. It is extremely difficult to predict questions and identify what is called “best” questions. In fact, a candidate leads the interview with his answers.

Is it important to answer all the questions in IAS Interview?

It does not matter if a candidate is not able to answer a few questions. In fact, hardly any candidate manages to answer all the questions. If you have failed to answer some questions, remember that you haven’t spoiled your interview. Go on answering the subsequent questions. What’s more important is the quality, originality and clarity with which the other questions are answered. There had been instances whereby answering just one-third of the questions, candidates had scored two-third of the marks. However, if you are totally blank on a question, better politely and respectfully state that you do not know the answer.

Is it important to have excellent communication skills to clear UPSC CSE Interview?

It is not necessary to have “excellent” communication skills to score high marks in the interview. It is possible to score 70% plus marks with “average” communication skills but with thorough knowledge of the subjects, clarity of thought, clear opinion on various controversial issues, balance of mind, alertness of mind and a balanced personality. Remember, it is a test of your personality, not an oratarial competition.

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