What is Change in UPSC Civil Services Exam Pattern?

What is Change in UPSC Civil Services Exam Pattern?

Discover the latest What is Change in UPSC Civil Services Exam Pattern. Stay updated for success in your UPSC journey. Every individual in the world aspires to do something big in their respective fields. Regardless of gender and qualifications, landing a job that provides power, authority, and societal status is a dream for many. The role of an IAS officer perfectly aligns with these aspirations. Despite being known as one of the toughest exams in the country, the UPSC IAS exams continue to attract a large number of candidates.

Every year, hundreds of thousands of individuals dream of becoming the face of the next IAS officer. However, the sad reality is that only a fraction of a percent actually succeed. This has led to various theories surrounding the exam pattern for the Indian Administrative Service. In this blog, we will decipher the step-by-step pattern of the exams.

Why is Becoming an IAS Officer a Dream for Many Students?

There is no one in the world who wouldn’t want a job where they have the authority to make decisions for the state and country. If given the opportunity to have a job that aligns perfectly with their dreams, individuals would work hard to achieve it. Becoming an IAS officer encompasses all these aspirations.

IAS, also known as the Indian Administrative Service, is one of the most prestigious jobs in India. It is a high-profile position that allows selected individuals to make decisions at the state and national level. In India’s education system, students are always provided with a broader understanding of government jobs and their significance. Government jobs are considered secure and serve as an inspiration for intelligent students. Therefore, becoming an IAS officer based purely on merit is a challenging feat, but it is a dream many students strive for.

What Are the Steps to Becoming an IAS Officer?

No journey in the world can be accomplished in a day, and the same applies to becoming an IAS officer. Before diving into the necessary resources and materials to fulfill your IAS dream, preparation of oneself is crucial.

Discover the latest What is Change in UPSC Civil Services Exam Pattern. Stay updated for success in your UPSC journey. While this may seem like a basic step, mental preparedness is essential for success. Every year, hundreds of thousands of students from various fields appear for the IAS examination, making the competition extremely tough. The UPSC IAS exam consists of two main tests conducted throughout the year: the preliminary exam and the mains exam, followed by a personality interview.

To help aspirants prepare in advance, this article will reveal the step-by-step processes of both exams, providing a clear understanding of what lies ahead.

Understanding the Step-By-Step IAS Exam Pattern

The Indian Administrative Service exam is governed by the UPSC, while individual state governments govern the exams. There are three main exams that students need to prepare for:

1. UPSC Civil Services Preliminary Exams
2. UPSC Mains Exam
3. Personality Test

UPSC Prelim Exam:
All aspiring IAS officers must first appear for the preliminary exam. This exam consists of two papers, each carrying 200 marks. The duration of each paper is 2 hours, making a total of 4 hours. The first paper is the General Studies paper, which holds significant weightage in determining the cut-off.

– General Studies-1: 100 questions, 200 marks (Cut-off exam)
– General Studies-2: 80 questions, 200 marks (Qualifying exam)

It is essential to note that there is a negative marking scheme, deducting 1/3 of the marks for each incorrect answer. The questions in the paper are available in both Hindi and English.

UPSC Main Exam:
Candidates who secure the minimum cut-off marks in the preliminary exam are eligible to sit for the UPSC Main exam. The qualifying criteria require candidates to secure 33% in both general studies papers and meet the declared cut-off for the first paper.

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