The Wrong Ways that You Need to Avoid to Succeed in IAS Exams

The Wrong Ways that You Need to Avoid to Succeed in IAS Exams

The Wrong Ways that You Need to Avoid to Succeed in IAS Exams: The incorrect ways to avoid to succeed in IAS Exams are numerous, as many individuals in India aspire to become an IAS officer but only a few succeed. The competition levels in the UPSC are extremely high, resulting in a 99.9% failure rate for candidates. Often, the mistakes made by candidates lead to their failures.

The low success rate raises questions about why some applicants can pass the exam on their first attempt while others struggle even after multiple tries. This article will explore The Wrong Ways You Need to Avoid to Succeed in IAS Exams, the reasons behind these failures, and provide some tips and techniques for success.

One common mistake is having misconceptions about the syllabus. Many first-time applicants underestimate the difficulty of the IAS prelims syllabus. It is important to avoid procrastination and start preparing early to succeed in the preliminary exam. Another mistake is choosing the wrong optional subject. It is crucial to select a subject that you are genuinely interested in and not simply choose based on the subjects of previous toppers or popular subjects. The NCERT books are also important for building a strong foundation and should not be ignored in favor of other books by well-known authors.

Another mistake is failing to revise what has been studied. The vast IAS syllabus often leads candidates to constantly seek new information instead of revising what they have already learned. Revision is essential for identifying and correcting mistakes. Lack of guidance and proper planning is another common reason for failure. A well-designed study plan is necessary to effectively prepare for the exam. It is important to stick to the plan and not get distracted or overwhelmed by focusing too much on a single subject.

Taking mock tests or practice exams is crucial for testing knowledge and identifying strengths and weaknesses. Candidates should aim to attempt a higher number of questions to improve their chances of scoring high. Guesswork should be avoided, and answers should be based on logical reasoning. The 3-2-1-0 Elimination method can be used to eliminate incorrect answer options and narrow down choices in the Prelims question paper.

Passion for success is a key factor in achieving success in the IAS exam. Candidates should assess their motivation and ensure they have a genuine passion for the exam. Taking notes can help improve writing speed and aid in revision. It is important to develop the habit of making notes for better retention of information. Spending excessive time on newspapers without focusing on important topics and current affairs can be detrimental. It is recommended to allocate a specific time for newspaper reading and prioritize relevant content.

In conclusion, the reasons for failure in IAS exams are often due to misconceptions about the syllabus, choosing the wrong optional subject, lack of subject understanding, failure to revise, lack of guidance and planning, lack of practice exams, attempting fewer questions, guesswork, ignoring the 3-2-1-0 Elimination method, lack of passion, not making notes, and spending excessive time on newspapers without covering current affairs. By avoiding these mistakes and following the recommended techniques, candidates can increase their chances of success in the IAS exams.

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