How to Crack IIT JEE Without Coaching?

How to Crack IIT JEE Without Coaching

Every year lakhs of students take the IIT-JEE exam to get admission to the best IIT colleges in the country. This dream of only a few students is fulfilled. There are many problems with the candidates who do not pass. Some students cannot cover the syllabus, some do not get the right guidance.JEE Mains exam is of a total of 300 marks. For which you have 3 hours. In this blog, we will give you the perfect tips for the best preparation of JEE Mains. With the help of this, you can easily score more than 200 marks in the JEE exam. Here Are a few tips to Crack IIT JEE Without Coaching.


 The most important thing to start preparing for any exam is the syllabus of that exam. So students must know the latest syllabus before starting JEE exam preparation.

Examination Format:

 After knowing the syllabus of JEE exam, students should know how to crack IIT JEE without coaching and the format of JEE exam. That is, how many papers are there in JEE exam and how many questions come from each subject in each paper

Study Material:

 Now the students should know about the good study material after having knowledge about the syllabus and format of the exam. The right choice of study material is very important for your selection for JEE exam.

Focus more on theory:

 We know that both Numerics and Theory are important in JEE exam. But students should focus more on theory because more questions come in the exam than theory. And at the same time, if the concepts of the theory the students are clear, then they will not have any problem doing numerical.

Clear the basic concepts:

 Students should first understand the basic concepts very well. If the basic concepts of the students will not be clear, then they will have trouble asking questions.

Make Chapter Notes:

 After completing each chapter, students should write down the important points of that chapter in their chapter notes so that they will not have to read the entire book a few days before the exam and their time will not be wasted.

Read only one topic at a time:

 Some students try to read 2 topics at once so that neither of their topics is clear. Therefore, students should study only one topic at a time so that they do not have trouble understanding that topic.

Previous year papers:

 After this, students should study the previous year’s papers. By which they will get to know about the difficulty level of questions in JEE exam.

Focus on the subjects of both classes 11th and 12th:

 We know that in JEE exam from classes 11th and 12th, 40 and 60 percent appear in the paper respectively. That’s why the students cannot skip the subjects of any exam.

Solve more and more practice papers:

 Students should solve more and more practice papers, which will improve both their speed and accuracy. Along with this, students will also get help in time management in the examination.

Always enjoy your study:

 Students should never consider their studies boring. If students do this, they will find it very difficult to understand anything. That’s why students should always enjoy their studies:

Always analyze your preparation:

Students should always analyze their preparation. For example, if a student has studied a topic 15 days ago, then students can attempt a test related to that topic so that students will be able to analyze their studied topic.