What is IIT JEE Exam?

What is IIT JEE Exam

The Indian Institutes of Technology is a government-owned conglomerate of educational institutions in India. They are recognized and appreciated globally for their quality education and internationally acclaimed research facilities with world-class infrastructure and professors. This makes them the most prestigious institutes in India. At present, there are 23 IITs in the country. IIT is famous for creating the best scientists, engineers, and technologists. IITians are known to acquire professional excellence in life. They can get admissions for further studies in the best universities abroad or get employed in good organizations around the world. What is IIT JEE Exam? Candidates have to give the IIT JEE exam to get into The Indian Institute of Technologies.

The Joint Entrance Exam is conducted by The Joint Seat Allocation Authority for selecting candidates for admission in 23 IITs, 31 National Institutes of Technology, 25 Indian Institutes of Information Technology, and other Government Funded Technical Institutes. It is a very tough and competitive exam. A large number of aspirants take up the exam every year, and only a small part of them can get into the IITs. Candidates will require a lot of hard work, practice, focus, and a great strategy to crack both levels of the exam. 

IIT JEE consists of 2 levels – JEE Main and JEE Advanced.

JEE Main – It is the first stage of JEE. Students are granted admission to NITs, IIITs, and other government-funded technical institutions based on the rank obtain in JEE Main. The top 250,000 students from JEE Main get the chance to appear for the 2nd stage – JEE Advanced.

JEE Advanced – It is the second stage. It is conducted to grant admission to all the 23 Indian Institutes of Technology in the country. Admission is granted based on the rank one scores in the exam. So, the higher the ranker, the higher the chance of getting into an IIT.