Top 7 GRE coaching Kolkata institutes to help you crack the exam

Best institutes for GRE coaching in Kolkata

GRE coaching Kolkata

GRE coaching Kolkata

So you are an aspiring candidate to Princeton, Harvard, Yale or some graduate school or business school in the US or Canada? Chances are you’ll have to present the General GRE score which is now the one most widely accepted way to gain admission into these countries’ universities.

What is GRE and why is it important?

Started in 1949 by the Educational Testing Services (ETS), USA, Graduate Record Examination (GRE) aims at testing aspiring admission seekers into various Masters and Doctoral programmes to judge their knowledge and skills in areas like analytical writing, verbal reasoning and quantitative reasoning. The scores the candidate obtains form the basis for admission.

Exam pattern

General GRE consists of six sections of online computer-based tests which can be taken multiple times in a year. There is also a paper-based option three times a year in October, November and February but this is limited to places with no online access. There are now well over 1000 GRE testing centres worldwide in more than 160 countries. A GRE score is valid for five years.

GRE is always conducted in English. Only graduates or those about to graduate can enroll for GRE through the ETS website The present fee payable is $205 for non-US candidates.

Procedure of the exam:

The Exam is divided into six sections of a total of 3 hours 45 minutes duration. There is a one minute break after each section and a ten minutes break after the third section.

The first two sections are on analytical writing with one issue task and one argument task. Score is 0-6 in 0.5 point increments.

The second two sections are on Verbal Reasoning with approximately 20 questions and 30 minutes duration each. Score is 130-170 in 1.0 point increments.

The last two sections are on quantitative reasoning with approximately 20 questions and 35 minutes duration each. Score is 130-170 in 1.0 point increments.

Further, there may be an unidentified unscored section appearing anywhere in the analytical writing section and an identified unscored research section may be included after the end of the last section. There is no way for the exam taker to identify these sections so he/she will have to attempt all questions.

Best GRE coaching institutes in Kolkata

While preparing for GRE, studying by oneself is definitely possible. However, there are a number of coaching centres that offer to take the weight off the back. A coaching institute helps you stay focused prepare for the exam in the right direction.

Coaching centers will be a meeting point for like-minded people preparing for GRE and aspiring to get admission in one of the top Universities. The atmosphere you get in a class-room setting for GRE preparation in a coaching institute will also help you share preparation tips and exam strategies etc. to stay motivated and improve your preparation. Following are the top 7 GRE Training Institutes in Kolkata for you to consider. Read this write up to know more about the specialties of each of these institutes and what they promises to give their students-

Jamboree Education Pvt. Ltd.

The First name in the Top GRE Institutes in kolkata list is Jamboree

Jamboree is probably the best GRE preparation and coaching classes in Kolkata. Established in 1993, it claims to have trained more than 140,000 students across 36 centers in 4 countries.

Jamboree’s success and reputation rests on their simplified teaching methodology that promises maximum result with minimum effort. What makes them stand apart from the competition is its unique preparation approach tailored specifically for Indian aspirants. From conducting intelligently-designed diagnostic tests through holding online foundation webinars to covering latest GRE syllabus with the help of problems and finally, holding sectional/full-length tests—Jamboree ensures that every ounce of the student’s effort is directed towards a GRE 325+ score.

Some of the GRE high scorers from Kolkata are, Vaidehi Shah – 333, Vinayak Shaw – 327, Prithika Das Gupta – 327, Sayantani Mukherjee – 326 and many more.

Jamboree also provides excellent admissions counseling that includes shortlisting universities according to student profile, profile-improvement assistance, help with SOP’s and LOR’s, interview training, drafting application essays, etc. In association with their business partners, they offers a host of value-added services like visa help, student loans, scholarships advice, pre-departure assistance, etc. to help students reach their desired college abroad.

Jamboree’s Kolkata center is located at Hazra Road, our center has multiple classrooms, a state-of-the-art computer lab and a well-stocked library to facilitate aspirants’ test prep. Each faculty is rigorously trained in Jamboree pedagogy.

  • Visit Link:
  • Address: No: 7/1C, 2nd Floor, Hazra Road, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026
  • Call: +91-9582320407 for any queries or details about the course.


The Second name in the Top GRE Institutes in kolkata list is Manya-The Princeton Review

It is one of the oldest and the most renowned GRE coaching institutes in Kolkata. Most people select this institute because of the reputation and excellent result it holds. Though you have to work hard for yourself to score well in GRE; Manya can offer you a good guidance and show you the success path.

The experienced faculty and brilliant results of their students make Manya one amongst the top ranked training institutes in Kolkata. There are two centres of Manya in Kolkata- one in JN Road and the other in Salt Lake.

The Chopras Institute of Education

The Third name in the Top GRE Institutes in kolkata list is Chopras

Expert guidance at the right time always helps. The Chopras Institute of Education provides training and guidance to the GRE aspiring students. The mock test series and study materials that are provided to the students are said to be very helpful in making them familiar with the exam pattern.

In the Chorpras, students are taught by expert and highly experienced international faculties. With an aim to provide personalized teaching, enrolled students are put in small groups so that none gets ignored. A combination of small sized classes and the world class infrastructure that Chopras Instutute is known for makes it a good choice for GRE aspiring students.


The Fourth name in the Top GRE Institutes in kolkata list is EDuAims

‘Tell us your dreams and we will ensure you realize them!’- Quality of education at EduAims is as good as their tag line. Believing that every single individual is potential; EduAims works to provide guidance to students to realize their dreams. They have a good repute of their students getting admission in the top universities in India as well as foreign countries like Singapore, Australia etc. The expert team of mentors at EduAims tries to motivate students and guide them while selecting the best colleges to pursue their higher education.

With an aim to help students get admission in the well reputed Universities around the world, the GRE coaching at EduAims comes with quality class-room coaching. The size of coaching batches is made smaller so that each student receives the necessary care and guidance. They also offer mock tests so that students know their weaknesses and can work upon them to secure well in exam.

Diksha Learning Services Pvt. Ltd. (DIKSHA)

The Fifth name in the Top GRE Institutes in kolkata list is Diksha Learning

Diksha, one amongst the top most test preparation and training institutes in Kolkata, was initiated by a team of brilliant students who themselves studied abroad. The expert team of faculty at Diksha aims at providing maximum professional guidance to their students to be able to get admitted to their dream universities around the world.

Ravi Raja’s Classes

The Sixth name in the Top GRE Institutes in kolkata list is Ravi Raja’s Classes

Ravi Raja’s classes, run by Ravi Raja, is another training centre with experienced faculties. It provides quality classes and coaching for entrance examination. It is located on Satay bose Road.

The institute provides ample scope to their students so that they learn problem solving skills. Time management in competitive exams is an art and can be learnt only with constant practice. Ravi Raja’s classes ensure that students are trained well to get top scores in GRE and get the chance of studying at a top university.


The Seventh name in the Top GRE Institutes in kolkata list is Road’s Prep

Road’s is another highly reputed coaching institute for students aspiring to study abroad. They strive to provide you a unique yet innovative learning environment to prepare for GRE and score well. With their highly experienced faculties, Road’s is helping many young students reach their dream Universities.

Roadsprep provides 2-3 months of course content along with +1 month self-study. The duration of class-room teaching is 4-8 hours a week. In order to prepare students for GRE, they provide 8-10 full length stimulated mock tests. Mock tests help students learn time management techniques so that they can complete the full paper on the actual day of GRE exam.

As is rightly said, a good guidance and motivation is all you need to achieve your goals. Yes, there are a good number of institutes offering GRE coaching in Kolkata. However, individual needs of students may vary. Hence, before getting yourself enrolled in one of these coaching institutes, make sure they are willing to and are capable of serving your purpose.

Before joining a course on GRE training, do visit the institute’s website, look for reviews (if any), get in touch with their previous students (if you know any) and ensure they are providing the kind of guidance you seek for your preparation. In the next step, after the initial research is done and you are satisfied, you should go and visit the institute and share your expectations with the counselor. If the institute is willing to, attend a demo class and talk to the faculties directly about the teaching methods they use or anything that would help you take a decision.

These days, coaching institutes are opening multiple centers in the same cities so that students can access them more easily. Hence, once you decide the institute where you seek to get enrolled, proceed for the next step considering factors like location of the institute.

If you are from Kolkata and preparing for GRE, go get in touch with these institutes. I hope this write up makes your decision easy and improves preparation strategies. All the best! Be ready for the good that is coming to you. Go ahead!

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