10 Best Law Colleges in Bhopal | Enroll in the LLB College in Bhopal

Law Colleges in Bhopal

Law colleges in Bhopal are among the finest and most sought-after law institutions in India. If you’re passionate about studying law and becoming an outstanding attorney, then learning as much as possible about Bhopal law colleges can help you make the right choice. That’s why we created this page, which lists the 10 best law college in Bhopal and contains comprehensive information about how to get into each one of them. These schools are highly ranked and world-renowned, so you know that any education you obtain at one of LLB College in Bhopal will be top-notch. And they offer a wide range of programs, from law degrees (LLB) to undergraduate degrees.

So if you want a quality law school experience but don’t have time for five years or more of intense study, consider attending one of these LLB college in Bhopal for a shorter degree program instead. Law schools offer both bachelor and graduate programs with competitive entry requirements and high quality academic standards. All these  Colleges provide practical learning through hands-on experience with real cases – something that other law colleges may not provide.

Why Choose Law Colleges in Bhopal?

LLB Colleges in Bhopal are renowned for imparting quality education in law. These law colleges offer world-class infrastructure, and facilities and they also possess a dedicated faculty that provides learners with the most up-to-date knowledge. There is no denying that these schools of law produce some of the finest lawyers in India. These Law Colleges of Bhopal have a history of producing distinguished lawyers and judges, who now sit on different benches across India. These colleges focus on their students’ career prospects too. The best thing about choosing to study at one of the best LLB colleges in Bhopal is that you can specialize as per your needs, which makes it possible for you to become an expert lawyer. It does not matter whether you want to be a corporate lawyer or litigator or criminal defense attorney; there is always an opportunity for specialization at any one of the Best law college in Bhopal!

Law colleges in Bhopal are highly reputable for providing an excellent education. If you are interested in law or want to improve your skills as a lawyer, then enrolling at one of these top law schools will provide you with all the knowledge you need. The following are some reasons why law colleges in Bhopal are Best for those interested in pursuing a career as a lawyer. The student-to-teacher ratio is small, allowing instructors more time to help individual students.

The courses offered prepare students to specialize when it’s time to graduate and specialize. For instance, if you’re interested in employment law, it’ll be possible to study that more heavily during college than at most other schools. A number of law colleges offer special programs, internships, and other opportunities for students to develop the necessary legal skills before graduation. Law schools also offer curricula in many different subject areas which can be useful after graduating from law school too. These include health law, criminal justice, intellectual property law, environmental law, human rights law among others. That’s Make Law Colleges in Bhopal is the Best

There are numerous Law Colleges in Bhopal, picking the right one can be a difficult task. Still, anyone willing to look through the whole list will have a greater chance of finding a perfect college. For a person to achieve what they want out of their education, the first step is figuring out what they want and what their educational requirements are. Are they looking for law colleges focused on contracts? Would they prefer a college in the Bhopal area? Your law college selection doesn’t have to fit into any particular mold, just make sure you don’t become confused by the details. Here are a few pointers: when you enroll yourself in a law school, be sure that all of your needs are met and that you have thought about any potential conflicts. In light of that, we’ve compiled a list of the 10 best law colleges in Bhopal so that you can make an informed decision.

The law colleges in Bhopal are a cheaper and safer alternative to other cities. One of the cheapest and safest locations for students who want to pursue a career in law is Bhopal, India. The best thing about pursuing legal education from colleges or schools in this city is that it’s much less expensive than comparable law courses abroad. This makes it much more accessible for all aspiring law students regardless of their financial background. You can get an LLB degree from one of the law colleges in Bhopal at a fraction of what you would pay elsewhere. In addition, these law courses in Bhopal come with low tuition fees which allow you to save enough money so that you can also support yourself during your course by taking up part-time work after school hours. All these reasons make the law colleges in Bhopal the perfect place for anyone interested in studying law at affordable rates.

How to Choose the Best Law Colleges in Bhopal?

Choosing the Best Law Colleges in Bhopal is a difficult task in terms of location, faculty, fee structure, and eligibility requirements. Make the right choice and enroll in a law college that suits your requirements by understanding the key aspects to consider when choosing the best law college in Bhopal. Facility- should have updated infrastructure, Placement opportunities- there should be placement opportunities for all fields for students who are academically sound Faculty- faculty needs to be competent, highly qualified, and experienced. Specialization- whether the college offers specializations such as environmental, criminal, or family law, etc., these need to be taken into account. Location of the Best Law College in Bhopal: If you are thinking of getting into a traditional course at an all-boys school near home or are otherwise committed to staying close to your family, it is important for you to prioritize campus location when picking the best LLB college in Bhopal. These factors will help you choose the right institution to study law in Bhopal.

It is essential for law students to research and consider which law colleges in bhopal will be a good fit for them. Here are some factors that should be taken into account before enrolling at the LLB college in bhopal : Key factors to evaluate before applying to a law college are: curriculum, flexibility and various courses it offers, reputation of its alumni, study environment (class size, amenities), placement opportunities and reputation. Quality of faculty is another important factor that must be evaluated. Every law school strives to attract excellent professors but not all do this as effectively as others. Classes are also a big consideration as every student wants to enjoy their experience at the LLB college in bhopal they attend.

The number of hours students spend outside of class studying or doing assignments is also something you want to take into consideration when looking for your next law college . You’ll want to choose one with small classes where you can get more individualized attention from professors, yet still maintain an overall sense of community among classmates. It is always worth spending time researching your options before deciding on which law schools offer the best education and experience for you so look closely at these considerations if you’re looking for an LLB college in Bhopal.

Choosing the best law college in Bhopal can be difficult, as there are so many options to choose from and it’s hard to know what you need when you first start looking. So whether you have already been accepted into law school and are choosing where to apply, or if you are still deciding which colleges to apply to, here are Some tips for choosing the top law college in Bhopal.

  • First, do some research on the universities that offer a degree program in law that you want to attend. Figure out what each university offers and their different rankings; compare these rankings with your personal preferences and see which one seems like a good fit.
  • Second, research the academic reputation of different law schools by doing some internet searches for ranking information and reading student reviews about professors and teaching style.
  • Third, look at the culture of different law schools. Ask yourself what type of environment you would prefer: one that is more laid-back and collaborative, or more competitive?
  • Fourth, make sure that you talk to current students at the college who are studying law. Asking them about things such as how much work they do outside class time will help you figure out if this is something that would work well for your schedule. Another great way to learn about different law schools is to visit them. Visiting allows you to get a feel for what life would be like, and if it’s not an option then talking to alumni and other people who currently study law at the institution may give you an idea of what the campus feels like. Finally, remember that prestige should not be ignored when choosing a Law school.

WAC’s 10 Best Law Colleges in Bhopal

If you’re looking to study law in Bhopal, it can be difficult to know where to start your search or which colleges are right for you. The legal industry in India has changed drastically over the last few years, and the best law colleges have kept up with those changes to provide quality education and affordable tuition that help you make the most of your time and money. Here are WAC’s top ten LLB college in Bhopal, based on their reputation, academic offerings, and low tuition costs. Find one that’s right for you and get started today!

Law College in Bhopal

Rank: 1 National Law Institute University | One of The Best LLB College in Bhopal

The NLIU Bhopal was established in 1997 by a Madhya Pradesh law that can be seen on their website. The purpose of this law was to bring national development by imparting quality education, free-thinking, and having clarity to one’s leadership. LL.M specializations available are in I. The Constitution and Administrative Law, II. Human Rights and Criminal Law and III. Intellectual property and business law: Students from all three concentrations are passionate about corporations, advocacy groups, financial companies, legal clinics, and anything in-between.

 As demonstrated by their internships and involvement in webinars, guest lectures, and other programs, the diverse interests of our students is demonstrated by the efforts that the University has taken to cater to these interests. This college gives ample opportunities for students to get involved with campus activities including moot court competitions. When looking at law colleges in Bhopal it would not make sense not to consider National Law Institute University. Their values of excellence and innovation have been noticed and appreciated by many prestigious law schools around the world. Alongside their phenomenal faculty members they provide students with world class facilities. 

  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : L.L.B. with 50% + CLAT
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : 10+2
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 149,5001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : ₹ 189,5001st Yr Fees
  • Address:  Kerwa Dam Rd, National Law Institute University, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462044
  • Number: 0755 269 6965
  • Email: nliu@nliu.ac.in
  • Website: https://nliu.ac.in/
Law College in Bhopal

Rank: 2 Rabindranath Tagore University | Top Law College in Bhopal

Rabindranath Tagore University (RNTU), Which is a recognized institution that has been offering legal education since 2010. The university offers an LL.B Degree Course which it assists students to acquire knowledge and skills related to the field of law. Its faculty has many highly experienced teachers who ensure that their students get access to quality education. 

The university also provides all its course materials to students through electronic devices and this ensures better learning experience and quick access to digital library resources. Moreover, the RNTU library offers a variety of books, journals, periodicals and other study materials for reference and reading purposes. It has a well-stocked law collection.

 Apart from that, the library also houses national law collections, both government and private sector led initiatives like NLCI Law Firm which give its readers information about new case laws, research and development works in the country. Students can use computers installed at the library to do research work without any constraints of internet connection or power supply failures. With such excellent features, it’s one of the law colleges in Bhopal.

  • Ph.D. (Law) : Post Graduation
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation with 45%
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : L.L.B. with 55%
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : 10+2 with 45%
  • Ph.D. (Law) : ₹ 90,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 30,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 70,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : ₹ 30,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Rabindranath Tagore University, Village: Mendua ,Post: Bhojpur, Near Bangrasiya chouraha, Bhopal-Chiklod Road ,District: Raisen,(M.P.)
  • Number: 07552700401 
  • Email: info@rntu.ac.in
  • Website: https://rntu.ac.in/
Law College in Bhopal

Rank: 3 Mansarovar Global University | Law Colleges in Bhopal

The Mansarovar Global University is one of the best LLB college in Bhopal. Ranked Number Four among India’s top ten Law schools by India Today, MGU offers a full-time LLB program with a specialization in Business Law, Criminal Laws, and Human Rights. Students can choose to study in their hometowns and attend classes on the MGU campus for examinations. The school has a legacy for excellence, with alumni occupying positions across the government and private sectors. The curriculum consists of compulsory courses such as Legal Methodology, Public International Law, Constitutional Law, Labor Laws, and Family Laws.

 The university also boasts specialized centers like the Center for Nanotechnology and Media Lab where students get opportunities to work with experts in various fields including law. Students have excellent access to world-class resources at this law college in Bhopal. A highly selective institution that requires an entrance exam for admission into undergraduate programs, this law college provides a broad education that spans everything from fundamental legal theory to practical applications that cover areas like constitutional law, labor laws and family laws.

  • Bachelor of Science + Bachelor of Laws [B.Sc L.L.B.] : 10+2
  • Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Laws [Bcom L.L.B.] : 10+2
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] : 10+2
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : 10+2
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : L.L.B.
  • Bachelor of Science + Bachelor of Laws [B.Sc L.L.B.] : ₹ 75,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Commerce + Bachelor of Laws [Bcom L.L.B.] : ₹ 75,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] :
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 85,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : ₹ 75,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 100,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Mansarovar Global University, Billkisganj, Sehore, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh-466001
  • Number: +91-8989080809, 8989010102
  • Email:  info@mguindia.com
  • Website: https://www.mguindia.com/
Law College in Bhopal

Rank: 4 Rajeev Gandhi College | Best Law School in Bhopal

Rajeev Gandhi College is one of the top LLb college in Bhopal. Their extremely qualified and experienced faculty members, small class sizes, and affordable tuition costs make this college an ideal choice for law students interested in pursuing a career in public service. Not only are they committed to their student’s academic success, they also provide outreach opportunities through the various clubs they offer. They believe that if you educate a child you can change the world.

 At Rajeev Gandhi College, these words aren’t just empty statements as they take their commitment seriously. The highly respected alumni of the college include many judges and advocates with backgrounds in law. Their teaching style includes a blend of theory, history, case law, constitutional law and ethics. With such high standards across all aspects of the education process at RGC. When looking into Law Colleges in Bhopal most students consider Rajeev Gandhi College because of its track record for providing excellent education and fostering community values among its students. it’s no surprise they’re WAC’s number one pick for Law Colleges in Bhopal!

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation with 45% + CLAT
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : L.L.B. with 50% + CLAT
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : 10+2 with 45% + CLAT
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 15,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 30,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : ₹ 20,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: E-8, Trilanga Colony, Shahpura Bhopal, 462039 (M.P.) India
  • Number: 0755-2561353
  • Email: chairmanrgc@rediffmail.com
  • Website: https://www.rgcbhopal.org/
Law College in Bhopal

Rank: 5 Career College Of Law | Best LLB College in Bhopal

Career College Of Law is located in Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh. The College was established in the year 1970 with a Vision of providing quality education to the students and making them confident, successful, and independent personalities. With this aim and motto, the institution has made commendable progress. Career College Of Law aims at excellence and believes that excellence is not attained by happenstance but rather it has to be pursued with dedication, determination, and energy. Excellence can not be taught; it can only be achieved. To attain that end career college provides perfect infrastructural facilities, excellent teaching staff and quality courses which will cater to the needs of various disciplines of law. 

They offer bachelor’s degree programmes in four disciplines viz. Business Laws, Criminology & Forensics Sciences, Indian Penal Code & Procedure And Conveyancing & Probate Practice Courses for higher studies for candidates who have completed their graduation from any recognized university or board. Career College Of Law has got affiliation with reputed Universities. 

It is a full-fledged institution where an aspirant can experience world class ambience without spending much time and money on traveling as it comes near to the city center. Moreover, the fees are comparatively low because of subsidies given by University Grants Commission (UGC). There are plenty of opportunities as well as internships, placements and summer training offered by many multinational companies. That makes them one of the best law Schools in bhopal.

  • Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M] : L.L.B.
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [BALLB] {Hons.} : 10+2
  • Bachelor of Law [L.L.B] : ₹ 33,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M] : ₹ 77,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [BALLB] {Hons.} : ₹ 55,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Career College of Law , Opposite Dussehra Maidan Govindpura (BHEL)
    Bhopal – 462023,
  • Number: 55-2456042
  • Email: info@careercollegeindia.com
  • Website: https://ccl.ac.in/
Law College in Bhopal

Rank: 6 Barkatullah University | Top Law Colleges in Bhopal

One of the best LLB colleges in Bhopal is Barkatullah University. The university offers five undergraduate programs, which include: a Law Course. BU has an excellent curriculum and has many students enrolled in this program at present. Many of these students are not just from the state of Madhya Pradesh but have also traveled to states like Tamil Nadu and Kerala. The full-time course duration is five years and ten semesters.

Another aspect worth mentioning about this law college is that it offers scholarships to students who don’t come from well-off backgrounds, which allows them to learn at a high quality without too much cost; which is admirable given how expensive higher education can be these days. And it’s not just law degrees that BU provides–it also offers other courses including an MCA (Master of Computer Application) and MBA (Master in Business Administration). BU is committed to providing great education at low prices for those who need financial aid. As one of the best law colleges , BU continues to grow every year with new improvements made to its infrastructure and facilities. So if you’re looking for one of the most affordable law colleges in Bhopal or want a taste of all aspects of life–from business administration skills to media awareness–BU might be the place for you!

  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : 10+2
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : L.L.B.
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : ₹ 21,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 5,5001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Barkatullah Vishwavidyalaya, Bhopal Hoshangabad Road, BHOPAL-462026
  • Number: +91 – 755 – 2517100
  • Email: Registrar@bubhopal.nic.in
  • Website: http://www.bubhopal.ac.in/
Law College in Bhopal

Rank: 7 Ram Krishna Dharmarth Foundation University

One of the best LLB colleges in Bhopal, Ram Krishna Dharmarth Foundation University offers various courses of study, including degrees in law and several graduate-level programs. If you are looking to pursue law as a career or already have the qualifications to do so, this university is one worth considering.

 Ram Krishna Dharmarth Foundation University is a good place to start your search if you are specifically interested. It also has a lower price point than some other law colleges in Bhopal, which may make it more attractive for prospective students. It also includes libraries, book stores and a host of extra curricular activities and options available to students enrolled here. For example, there are on-campus law clinics that offer hands-on experience working with legal professionals while they help individuals who cannot afford legal services. All in all, with its mix of education and research opportunities. Strong alumni network, rich international partnerships and academic excellence.

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation with 45%
  • Ph.D. (Law) : Post Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : Graduation with 50%
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : 10+2 with 45%
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 30,0001st Yr Fees
  • Ph.D. (Law) : ₹ 50,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 55,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : ₹ 30,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: AIRPORT BY PASS ROAD, Gandhi Nagar, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462033
  • Number: 1800 270 0320
  • Email: rkdfuniversitybpl@gmail.com
  • Website: https://www.rkdf.ac.in/
Rank: 8 Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya

Rank: 8 Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya

Atal Bihari Vajpayee Hindi Vishwavidyalaya is one of the best LLB colleges in Bhopal. With its emphasis on teaching, students have many opportunities to interact with faculty and other students. The proximity to the law court gives an opportunity for hands-on learning. Most importantly, it offers a variety of degrees including Bachelor of Arts and Bachelor of Laws degrees along with Master degree courses that lead towards specialization and doctoral study.

They offer you all the law education you need for your career. From basic law degrees to advanced law degrees, there are Law colleges in Bhopal that will help you achieve your dream job. They specialize in environmental law, family law or even criminal law. Whether you want to work as a lawyer, professor or even police officer. There’s always a Law college in Bhopal to suit your needs. It can also be very good if you’re just looking for a change from studying law. A law degree can be very broad when you compare it to other majors so it’s not surprising that people find themselves enjoying different aspects of law at different times during their academic careers. We hope this post was helpful if you’re looking into Law Colleges in Bhopal!

Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : L.L.B.

Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 36,6001st Yr Fees

  • Address: Nirmala Devi Marg, Rajharsha Colony, Kolar Road Bhopal – 462042
  • Number: 0755-249 1051/52
  • Website: http://www.abvhv.edu.in/
Rank: 9 Bonnie Foi College

Rank: 9 Bonnie Foi College | Best Law College in Bhopal

One of the best LLB college in Bhopal is Bonnie Foi College (BFC). With a 99% result, it is one of the most aspirational law colleges in the city. Most reputed lawyers came from this institute and are practicing in their native India. The college offers a 100% placement, a merit list for every student that starts to study here, and maintains an excellent ranking on top of being accredited by INC-AIU. The Faculty also takes care of social activities like legal counseling, hosting debates, and arranging different competitions between schools. The curriculum includes subjects such as the law of Torts & Contract Law, Public International Law, Constitutional Law & Procedure, and Business Law among others. This is one of our top choices when it comes to law colleges in Bhopal. The facilities at BFC are also remarkable. Hostel Facilities available, three dining halls and also leisurely facilities like Cricket & Badminton courts, Football & Volleyball field, Gym, etc.

Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : L.L.B.

Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 35,0001st Yr Fees

Rank: 10 Jagran Lakecity University 

Rank: 10 Jagran Lakecity University 

Jagran Lakecity University (JLU) is one of the best Law college in Bhopal. Established in 2003, it has four campuses all across the city to ensure that its students are never too far away from campus. The campus includes a cricket stadium and tennis court, and an extensive indoor sports complex with an Olympic-size swimming pool. Moreover, JLU has world-class infrastructure including computer labs that are equipped with internet connections and printers so that students can print their assignments anytime. 

Classes at JLU always have smart classrooms fitted with modern gadgets for e-learning sessions for various courses such as math or science courses. The best part about this colleges in Bhopal is they teach all nationalities with excellent English teaching and guidance. Many students love the campus because it’s modernized with all needed amenities but still old fashioned enough to be comfortable. This law college has achieved many goals, but continues working hard towards its next step: world class education at all levels. Students have praised this law college for its international level faculty members who have been teaching for decades, creating an environment where you can easily succeed if you put your heart into your work. That makes them the top law school in bhopal.

  • Ph.D. (Law) : Post Graduation with 55%
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : Graduation with 50%
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation with 50%
  • Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] + Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] {Hons.} : 10+2 with 50%
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : 10+2 with 50%
  • Ph.D. (Law) : ₹ 375,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 100,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 65,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] + Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] {Hons.} : ₹ 175,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : ₹ 175,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Jagran Lakecity University Mugaliyachap, Near Ratibad Bhopal – 462044
  • Number: +91 7471110103
  • Email: info@jlu.edu.in
  • Website: https://jlu.edu.in/

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 10 Best Law Colleges in Bhopal

For anyone considering enrolling in law school, there are hundreds of options out there to choose from. But not all of those options are created equal—in fact, some could turn out to be downright bad ideas if These educational institutes offer a holistic approach towards their curriculums and thus serve as some of the best institutes for legal education. Come to one of the best LLB college in Bhopal to reach your potential and achieve your dreams with the help of their faculty, and state-of-the-art resources like seminar halls and wi-fi zones. These colleges provide courses relevant to your industry so you are better prepared for your future career. Classes focus not only on developing management skills but also your social skills, emotional health, and stress levels. That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the WAC’s top 10 law schools in Bhopal—so that you can choose the right school and get started on the path toward your new career as soon as possible! 

Choosing a law college can be a Tough process. We at Our Law Colleges in Bhopal Market Research Team have done the hard work for you by extensively researching the subject and providing you with the best options. This is our take on what are the best law colleges in Bhopal to consider if you want to study law. If these don’t suit your taste, we provide an exhaustive list of all colleges, Based on fees. faculty, Course, location, ranked according to popularity or alphabetically according to name. You can find it under the ‘Additional Research’ tab below. But if all you need is help deciding which one of the best law colleges in Bhopal will be perfect for your needs, then just scroll down and look for ‘Our Opinion’. Here you’ll find four different options depending on whether you’re looking for affordable education, great career prospects after graduation, quality of education/teaching staff or most popular law schools in Bhopal. 

The Law Colleges in Bhopal are among the best in India, attracting students from all over the country. Unfortunately, competition to get into these Law Colleges in Bhopal can be fierce, which can leave students feeling anxious and unprepared. Our blog will provide you with valuable insights on how to apply to law colleges in Bhopal, so that you don’t feel overwhelmed by your options and can confidently submit your applications to all the best colleges. We’ll also help guide you through what it takes to actually get accepted into one of these top law colleges in Bhopal! What’s a good college? A college where students enjoy their education and love being there. All the colleges we recommend are highly ranked by multiple sources. You should apply to any college you’re interested in attending as they all have great programs. We’ll show you how to navigate application deadlines, requirements, fees and even scholarships – we know how stressful it is not knowing what’s going on first-hand. You’ll get some insider tips about getting accepted too! So don’t miss your chance – our blog has helped many students find their way into some of the best law schools in Bhopal!

All Other Best Law Colleges in Bhopal

Let’s take a closer look at some of the best LLB colleges in Bhopal. There are Other Best Law Colleges in Bhopal to choose from and whether you would like to pursue law, management, or any other subject, you will be happy that there are many options. The demand for good lawyers has grown exponentially over the past couple of years so it is important that we have a steady supply of newly qualified individuals who know how to work with people to represent them in a court of law. Many law schools offer extensive courses and programs as well as supplementary on-site activities for their students which is why we have compiled other notable colleges listed below.

Other: 1 LNCT University

Other: 1 LNCT University | Best LLB College in Bhopal

LNCT University is one of the most renowned LLB college in Bhopal. Here, a wide range of courses related to law, as well as humanities and social sciences disciplines are taught by top-class faculty members. Every year, students from over other countries apply for LNCT U to pursue their undergraduate and postgraduate studies. The admission process is carried out on the basis of entrance exam scores and academic performance.

The institute follows an open door policy with regard to gender equality, admission based on merit only. Hostel facilities are also available here for both boys and girls. Apart from this, every student will be offered special training programmes like debating, public speaking etc., so that they can enhance their communication skills. LNCTU offers all these features at affordable rates, so why wait? Visit now. They provide you with law degree programme options, high level education and campus placements to explore after graduation. What’s more? With such amazing law degrees provided by these law colleges in Bhopal, it’s worth your time paying a visit. For more details about eligibility criteria and application procedure, please contact them directly or take your time exploring their websites for further information about their course offerings and admission procedure.

  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : Graduation with 55%
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] : 10+2 with 45%
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation with 45%
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : 10+2 with 45%
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 40,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] : ₹ 30,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 30,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : ₹ 38,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address:  LNCT University, J K Town, Kolar Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462042
  • Phone: 0755-6185300
  • Email: admission@lnctu.ac.in, jobs@lnctu.ac.in
  • Website: https://lnctu.ac.in/
Other: 2 Bhabha University

Other: 2 Bhabha University

Bhabha University is one of the best LLB college in Bhopal. Established in 2018, it has become a well-respected educational institution and is known for its excellence in legal education. BU offers world-class law teaching, complete with laboratory facilities for research and training. Its proud alumni include scholars and law professionals who are at the forefront of Indian legal thinking and innovations.

Their Master of Laws (LLM) program covers comparative law, international law, international human rights law, corporate governance, taxation & intellectual property rights law to name just a few subject areas of study. Students at BU can study online on campus or off campus depending on their personal preference or needs. With law classes from undergraduate all the way up to doctoral levels, this university is certainly one of the best Law colleges in Bhopal.

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : 10+2 with 45%
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : 10+2 with 45%
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 38,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} : ₹ 23,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Jatkhedi, NH-12, Hoshangabad Road, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh Pin-462026
  • Number: 9111105431, 9165025500
  • Email: info@bhabhauniversity.edu.in
  • Website: https://www.bhabhauniversity.edu.in/
Other: 3 People's University

Other: 3 People’s University | Best Law College in Bhopal

People’s University is one of the best among the top 10 LLB schools in Bhopal. They offer a top-notch experience with world-class facilities and professors who are just as dedicated to their work as they are to teach. Moreover, we provide opportunities for students that other law colleges can’t offer, such as scholarships, internships, and residencies at partner universities.

They encourage students to explore different cultures while studying abroad so that they can grow into professionals who have an international outlook on life. The program also includes hands-on learning about real law cases and working closely with local lawyers. Finally, the school has been ranked among the top law schools in India. They provide opportunities to study abroad in diverse subjects and broad areas. It is well known for Most International Studentfriendly law school.they have 100% Success rate.

  • Ph.D. (Law) : Post Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : with 50%
  • Ph.D. (Law) : ₹ 120,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : ₹ 60,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: 7CXF+R56, Peoples Campus, Bhanpur, Bhopal, Madhya Pradesh 462037
  • Number: 0755-4005203, 9538500200
  • Email: info@peoplesuniversity.edu.in,
  • Website: www.peoplesuniversity.edu.in/
Other: 4 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University

Other: 4 Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University

If you are looking for some of the Best LLB college in Bhopal, Sarvepalli Radhakrishnan University is for you. This university aims to offer quality education in various fields such as humanities, commerce, and technology to create leaders who will shape the future. It is located in a convenient location so not just local students but those from other cities have access too. SRK strives to maintain a balance between studies and co-curricular activities with stress on sports, arts, and cultural activities because these are an essential part of life that needs encouragement and development so as to bring out our creative potential for personal growth and social betterment. 

SRK also has a strong focus on research projects to produce professional academicians who will not only generate new knowledge and innovations but also disseminate it among the society at large. At SRK there is no cut off date or specific time limit which makes it easy for candidates to apply regardless of their current academic background.

 SRK has academic collaboration with many prestigious international universities which allows its students to study abroad while pursuing their undergraduate degree. There are several international scholarships available at SRK if you want the experience without paying any fees – a perfect opportunity.

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : 10+ 2
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : 10+ 2
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : ₹ 34,5001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] : ₹ 34,5001st Yr Fees
  • Address: NH-12 Hoshangabad Road, Misrod, Bhopal-462026 (M.P.)
  • Number: info@srku.edu.in
  • Phone: 0755-4700983
  • Website: http://www.srku.edu.in/
Other: 5 Mansarovar Group Of Institutions

Other: 5 Mansarovar Group Of Institutions

Mansarovar Group of Institutions is one of the best LLB college in Bhopal. Established in 2011, this college offers an undergraduate law course that provides an understanding of Indian and international laws, procedures, and constitutional laws. All undergrads are also eligible for a four-year or five-year Integrated LLB program which includes postgraduate-level study.

It has a sprawling campus which spreads across about 8 acres with lush green lawns, a tennis court and well landscaped surroundings which make it easily accessible by road from all parts of Bhopal. The infrastructure includes a library, classrooms with modern teaching aids and onsite Wi-Fi connections. The college boasts a big auditorium, seminar hall and conference room. It also has a cafeteria, restaurant and student lounge. The campus offers extracurricular activities such as rock climbing, photography club and gaming society. The language lab helps improve oral skills in English and Hindi while dance, music and painting classes keep students engaged with art and creative activities which help prepare them for possible career choices later on. 

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : L.L.B.
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] : 40,000 1st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] : 75,000 1st Yr Fees
  • Address:  Mansarovar Group Of Institutions Mansarovar Campus, Opposite Bimakunj, Kolar Road Bhopal (M.P.) – 462042
  • Number: +91 755 2492554, +91 755 2495580
  • Email: info@mansarovargroup.com
  • Website: https://www.mansarovargroup.com/

Frequently Asked Questions about Law Colleges in Bhopal

However, knowing which ones to pick can be confusing and difficult, especially if you don’t know what to look for or are overwhelmed by all the options available. To help you make an informed decision about the right LLB college in Bhopal to attend, Here are some most frequently asked questions about LLB college in Bhopal, answered here!

Many law colleges offer multiple courses such as courses like BA LLB, BBA LLB, BCOM LLB, BSC LLB, LLM, etc. These are the some courses available at law colleges in Bhopal

Some law colleges in Bhopal offer placements to their students while some do not. It is up to the individual law college to decide which of their courses have placements. Aー Students must inquire with the individual law colleges if they wish to know whether or not a course includes a placement.

Law graduates have the opportunity to become attorneys general, judges, public defenders, and public prosecutors in States as well as central governments. In addition to practicing in the courts of law, they can also have opportunities in other areas such as government, tax, and labor departments.

More Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Law Colleges in Bhopal

To make your decision easier, here are Some of the most frequently asked questions about LLB college in Bhopal and some answers to them.

What are some important things you should consider before joining law college?

Things you should consider before joining law college. But, do remember that everyone’s journey to a career in law is different, so your own decision will depend on what you feel comfortable with. The courses are available. Whether you’re considering teaching law after graduating or entering the legal profession, course selection is a big decision that can take time.

Can I study law courses online?

Some universities now also offer short-term law courses online to students who are interested. Many reputable law colleges offer full-time courses in the offline format.

What can I do after Law Colleges in Bhopal ? 

It is a broad question and there are multiple answers to it. People who graduate from law schools in Bhopal can go on to become lawyers, judges, legislators, administrators in the government or non-profit organizations, prosecutors, paralegals or clerks and legal secretaries.