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Law Colleges in Kerala

This article gives the list of 10 best llb Colleges in Kerala and highlights their excellence in academics and placement records. Check this list to know the best Law Colleges in Kerala which give good education as well as job opportunities after completion of study. So, don’t miss to read this article if you are planning to join law college or searching for top Law Colleges in Kerala .For students wishing to study law,

Law Colleges in Kerala are the best options they can take up. Kerala has some of the best Llb colleges in Kerala as well, with very high standards of education and with great employment opportunities after graduation, faculty and alumni of the college. The list of best Law Colleges in Kerala has been prepared taking into account the infrastructure, facilities, flexibility of study and overall experience offered by these law colleges.

Why Choose Law Colleges in Kerala?

If you are looking for Top Law Colleges in Kerala, look no further! Here is a list of Top 10 Law Colleges in Kerala that should make your search quick and easy. These colleges have had consistently good rankings across India, so enrolling in one of these schools can only be beneficial for your future career. So if you are planning to study law, we recommend choosing one of these law colleges.

These schools offer both undergraduate and postgraduate programs for their students. At most of these schools, students can also choose from a variety of specializations after graduation. Some of the specializations offered include international business law, intellectual property rights or arbitration.

They also get to study related cases so they can make themselves more competitive for employment opportunities.

Law College in Kerala is the Best because they have many well-respected programs. Many of these programs include specializations that make students the best suited for their desired area. Plus, Overall, attending a prestigious Law College in Kerala will guarantee you success and allow you to choose which area of law suits your interests. 

If you are looking for more information about where to find the best llb Law Colleges in Kerala, continue reading this Article post! We have listed ten top Law Colleges in Kerala based on reputation, course offerings, affordability, and student population. Along with an excellent faculty, research facilities, career counseling services and library resources .

There are many Law Colleges in Kerala which are providing courses for professional courses, however if you are interested in studying this course then you have to take a good decision and enroll in the best college. This is the most important process because without this qualification degree it will not be easy to earn a handsome amount of salary.

Out of many Llb Colleges in Kerala, few of them are very popular and best for studying. There are innumerable number of aspirants who want to study at such a place that can provide quality education.

Accordingly it is really easy for us if we do an online research about these courses offered by different institutes and also about their fees structure as well. With an online survey it would be easier for us to find out which one is the best option for pursuing our career with a good amount of success.

Many students often wonder about the difference in expense for education when living in Kerala and other cities such as Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai. If you live and study in any of these other cities, your college fees might seem to be a little cheaper. This is because of the increase in price for food, rent and utilities among others.

But if you compare then, education is a lot cheaper here in Kerala. Other than that, almost all cities have a number of colleges where they offer quality higher education in Law but only one can stand out as being among the best Law Colleges in Keralas while also affordable.  In this blog post we will introduce you to 10 Best Llb Colleges in Keralas which are found across different parts of Kerala.  Now it’s just up to you to choose which one suits your needs best! So don’t wait too long and visit our website now for details on how you can enroll at these top 10 Law Colleges in Kerala today!

How to Choose the Best Law Colleges in Kerala?

Selecting the best Law Colleges in Keralas is not easy and you have to go through all the necessary information on them. As there are a lot of factors involved while selecting the best institutions, it is difficult to pick any one. But here are a few things to help you out while choosing the best college.

Not many people know that they require better education even if they have high school or bachelor’s degree or anything of this sort. Higher level of qualification, especially in the field of legal, is one such thing which can prove beneficial for you at a later stage of your life because this will enable you to grab bigger number of career opportunities with ease and ability as well. You should also be able to make out from these 10 best Llb Colleges in Kerala what kind of an institution suits your requirements and skills the most. Once you find the right institute, then apply for admission without wasting time.

You must conduct a proper research before applying for admission so that you do not waste time on irrelevant or wrong institutions only. You should also ensure that you visit various types of institutions so that you can compare them properly with each other.

inspection of the factors for evaluation shows that each college is unique in its own way, but some common ones include: Faculty and Board, Availability of Courses, Law College Rankings, etc.

Of all these factors, llb college in Kerala rankings are probably one of most important aspects to consider when planning to select a good law college or deciding on where you’re going to study your B.A., LLB. Or LLM courses. These rankings are typically given by various external sources or agencies, although government-run institutions also have their share of criteria for evaluating colleges and universities. These 10 best law colleges offer something different for everyone who desires excellence. It is not easy selecting a good college from such abundance so be sure to consult with University Times before making any final Being one of the top Law Colleges in Keralas can make you a globally recognized institution. A close decisions!

Qualities you must keep in mind before choosing Top Law Colleges in Kerala. You need to search for colleges that are not only going to enhance your career prospects but also your chances of attaining a higher wage package. But what matters is that these Colleges should provide you with an environment that’s challenging, immersive, and conducive for learning as well.

Certain important factors must be taken into account such as alumni profile, infrastructure, location and reputation in the society. It is wise to always opt for institutions with a reputable faculty and alumni. A review of this would help you understand which College suits you better!  

WAC’s 10 Best Law Colleges in Kerala 

At WAC, our 10 Best Law Colleges in Kerala offer an ideal combination of rigorous coursework and research opportunities, inspiring professors, hands-on practical skills development. For those who have a thirst for knowledge and an unwavering determination to succeed,

This is not an exhaustive list, there are many more 10 Best Llb Colleges in Kerala that you can choose from and get a good education. providing quality education and we have provided details of each one of them below with their curriculum details and contact information.  If you’re looking for 10 Best Law Colleges in Kerala then this page will be very useful.

law colleges in kerala

National University of Advanced Legal Studies is located on the outskirts of Kerela’s main city of Ernakulam. The undergraduate and postgraduate programmes are very specialised, but don’t expect too much too quickly. As one might expect with a pre-law school, academics are quite challenging and NUALS requires all undergraduates to take courses in economics, political science, history, as well as undertaking compulsory internships.

Founded only in 2005  and accredited by national board of education – NCET – since 2005, National University of Advanced Legal Studies has gained an excellent reputation in India. There is a very welcoming environment which thrives on excellence not only with respect to academic standards but also institutional care. Employers from both public and private sectors have shown interest in graduates from this institution. For example, Accenture Plc.,  a global consulting firm,

Employs some 200+ fresh graduates every year while the Supreme Court of India hires over 40% of its judges from NUALS. All this said, international students will need to show proficiency in English if they want to enrol at National University of Advanced Legal Studies or elsewhere in Kerala’s legal institutions for that matter. Furthermore, students should plan ahead because application deadlines for non-Keralites typically fall earlier than for locals who can apply at any time during their course.

  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law Graduation
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Law and Ethics [PGDMLE] Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (International Trade Law) L.L.B. with 50% + CLAT
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Cyber Law ₹ 31,0001st Yr Fees
  • Post Graduate Diploma in Medical Law and Ethics [PGDMLE] ₹ 31,0001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (International Trade Law) ₹ 145,8001st Yr Fees
  • Address: 3956+R32, NAD Rd, HMT Colony, North Kalamassery, Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala 683503
  • Number:  09446899006,
  • Email: admission@nuals.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.nuals.ac.in/
law colleges in kerala

Rank: 2 Government Law College | LLB Colleges in Kerala

Situated on College Hill, Government Law College, Thiruvananthapuram is a coveted destination for those aspiring to join the field of law. Established in 1875, it has developed into an institution that attracts students from all over India and is one of Kerala’s most respected institutions.

With a student population that runs into 2500 and courses with international affiliations, this government college aims at producing lawyers who can both protect citizens’ rights as well as advocate justice.This college is Affiliated by Faculty of Law of University of Kerala

Moreover, because it has many facilities to offer, Government Law College is an excellent option for those looking to get formal training at a decent price. There are libraries and laboratories, reading rooms and moot courts among other features. Students also have access to judicial expertise through regular lectures given by prominent members of the judiciary. They also have access to 24×7 Wi-Fi which makes studying easy during any time zone. Apartments are available too which come furnished so that you don’t need to spend money buying furniture when you move in. All these amenities make Government Law College not only affordable but also convenient!

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] Graduation with 45% + CLAT
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (Constitutional Law) L.L.B. with 50% + CLAT
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (International Law) L.L.B. with 50% + CLAT
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] 10+2 with 45% + CLAT
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] ₹ 6,5001st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (Constitutional Law) ₹ 9,0101st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] (International Law) ₹ 9,0101st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.] ₹ 6,5001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Barton Hill Rd, Barton Hill, Barton Hill Colony, Kunnukuzhy, Thiruvananthapuram, Kerala 695035
  • Number: 91-471-2304228
  • Email: principalglctvpm@gmail.com
  • Website: http://glctvm.ac.in/
law colleges in kerala

Rank: 3 Mahatma Gandhi University | Best Law Colleges in Kerala

Mahatma Gandhi University, formerly known as Kottayam College is one of the best private university in Kerala. MGU was established on 2 October 1983 and is a coeducational institution for higher education. The university offers graduate, post-graduate and doctoral programs across disciplines. With an area of 2200 acres, the campus of MGU has a lush green environment with a variety of flora and fauna.

The University is an educational hub with many institutions located within its vicinity. The college has over 60 teaching departments that offer wide range of academic subjects. It also offers various UG and PG programmes through distance education mode apart from regular classroom mode programmes. At present the university is offering about 50 courses through distance education mode to cater to the needs of working professionals. MGU is accredited by NAAC with A Grade rating as per last inspection done in 2018-2019 cycle.

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] Graduation with 55% + MGU CAT
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] 10+2 with 55% + MGU CAT
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] L.L.B. with 55% + MGU CAT
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.]
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB]
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.]
  • Address: Administrative Block, Priyadarsini Hills Post, University Campus Rd, Athirampuzha, Kerala 686560
  • Number: 91-481-2731007
  • Email: registrar@mgu.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.mgu.ac.in/
law colleges in kerala

The School of Legal Studies at Cochin University of Science and Technology was established in 1962 with an aim to meet the requirements of international quality, innovative research and teaching, with a diversified and unique profile. With its combination of high professional standards and programmes with outstanding achievements, SLS has made significant contributions to legal education and provided impetus for social change.

The school offers three-year full-time, four-year part-time degree courses in various disciplines: constitutional law, public administration, human rights law and international economic relations In 1962s it became the State’s first technical university and since 1992 offers undergraduate programmes through 12 departments, including engineering, sciences, humanities & commerce. The Cochin campus is equipped with a range of facilities that include laboratories for Chemistry, Microbiology etc., two seminar halls where over 2200 students assemble every day to learn from their state-of-the-art lectures halls.

Moreover underprivileged children have access to excellent educational opportunities through scholarships awarded annually by an independent panel that reviews all applications submitted by deserving candidates from all over Kerala . Teaching faculty are experts who are highly qualified with Ph.D degrees; most of them are holding prestigious fellowships or senior visiting professorships abroad.

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] Graduation with 40% + CUSAT CAT
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] L.L.B. with 45% + CUSAT CAT
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Law Post Graduation
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.]
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.]
  • Doctor of Philosophy in Law
  • Address: Cochin University P.O. Kalamassery, Kochi, Kerala- 682022 India
  • Number: +91 9383445550
  • Email:  slcusat@gmail.com 
  • Website: http://sls.cusat.ac.in/
llb colleges in kerala

Rank: 5 Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies | Law Colleges in Kerala

KUFOS, Kochi is one of the most sought-after law schools in Kerala. With a track record of producing India’s elite jurists and legal scholars, this university has a stellar reputation for research and teaching. KUFOS also conducts research on public policy issues, which is then applied to government policies to create better legislation and governance models for Indian citizens.

Admission to KUFOS is highly competitive, and only students with very high scores on standardized tests like CAT (Common Admission Test) and Law School Admission Test (LSAT) are admitted. There are several other admission tests conducted by various universities for entry into law school, and entrance exams include multiple choice questions from topics across a variety of academic disciplines.

The final decision regarding selection of candidates is made by a selection committee of KUFOS based on test scores, performance in personal interviews and self-evaluation statements. If you’re looking to take up law as your specialization, you must complete your Bachelors’ Degree course from any recognized university across India with very high grades. 

Master of Laws [LLM] (Maritime Law) L.L.B.

Master of Laws [LLM] (Maritime Law) ₹ 91,0501st Yr Fees

  • Address: Kerala University of Fisheries and Ocean Studies, Panangad P.O., Kochi, Kerala, India.
  • Number: 0484-2703782
  • Email: registrar@kufos.ac.in
  • Website: http://www.kufos.ac.in/
llb colleges in kerala

Rank: 6 Central University of Kerala | LLB Colleges in Kerala

Central University of Kerala, Kasaragod is one of the Llb Colleges in Kerala. The college is approved by AICTE and has NAAC accreditation with an excellent track record. CUK offers students a great support system to help them balance academics and extracurricular activities. The university has introduced a framework for student mobility which includes scholarship programmes with other higher institutions.

Its one of the highly sought after universities by students not just in Kerala but also other states as well. Not only that, it also participates actively in many international research projects CUK’s faculty consists of eminent teachers who are recognised scholars worldwide and are engaged at all levels from teaching undergraduate students to pursuing their own research interests.

CUK is one of two international universities recognised by European Commission for its excellent research and development activities. It has been accorded autonomy as per AICTE norms to run its own academic programmes. The admission process at CUK for its undergraduate students is transparent and it offers great scholarships to help deserving students pursue their dreams of studying at an excellent university. 

  • Ph.D. (Law and Legal Studies)  Post Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.]L.L.B.
  • Ph.D. (Law and Legal Studies)  ₹ 29,3201st Yr Fees
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] ₹ 20,6301st Yr Fees
  • Address: Tejaswini Hills,Periye (PO), Kasaragod (DT), Kerala-671320 INDIA
  • Number: 0467-2309495
  • Email: registrar@cukerala.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.cukerala.ac.in/
llb colleges in kerala

Rank: 7 Kannur University | Best Law Colleges in Kerala

Kannur University, one of the most prestigious universities in Kerala, is a self-financing institute that has been imparting education since 1996. Situated on a sprawling 100 acres campus, KU accommodates 9 majors that include medicine, nursing, allied health sciences and eight other academic programmes. It also provides degrees in subjects such as psychology and library science.

In fact, its alumni are among the key contributors to various fields of life such as politics and science. The university has been certified by NAAC with an A grade rank for four consecutive years from 2012 to 2016. Facilities at the institution include classrooms, laboratories and lecture halls. Other amenities on offer here are Wi-Fi connectivity, canteens and hostels for both boys and girls students.

Kannur University – One of the top 10 best Llb Colleges in Kerala , this public sector educational institution provides many undergraduate, postgraduate and doctoral level courses. There are close to 12000 students enrolled across 40 different departments including Arts, Sciences, Law and Education. Popular degree courses offered by Kannur University include Bachelor of Law (LLB) and Bachelor of Science in Information Technology (B.Sc.-IT). Some important facilities provided at this university include a computer centre and seminar hall along with indoor games facilities like volleyball court and badminton court . 

  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.]  10+2
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] L.L.B

Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Laws [B.A.L.L.B.]  ₹ 16,1751st Yr Fees

Master of Laws [L.L.M.]  ₹ 16,1751st Yr Fees

llb colleges in kerala

Rank: 8 Kerala University | Top Law Colleges in Kerala

Kerala University is one of the best Law Colleges in Kerala that offers a full-time, four year course in Bachelor of Law. The University also offers a two-year preparatory course for graduates who want to become advocates and prepares students for competitive examinations such as CLAT, Civil Service Exam etc. It has an exclusive LLM programme with distinctive features.

It was established in 1937to meet the educational requirements of higher studies, research and training. The University offers a number of professional and non-professional courses at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels through its 16 constituent campuses/colleges spread all over Kerala, India.

It has played a historic role in building up higher education infrastructure and promoting research, both of which are important ingredients for economic development. The university has pioneered several innovations and path-breaking programmes, some of which have been replicated across India by other universities.

The university library has books for nearly every student’s need. Llb Colleges in Kerala students find their need abounded at KU’s library, boasting five lakh books and journals to cater to their interest and curiosity. A number of professional publications is also available at Law School Library on a wide range of topics like Public International Law, Maritime Law, Constitutional Law etc.

  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.]  L.L.B.
  • M.Phil. (Law) Post Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.] ₹ 4,7201st Yr Fees
  • M.Phil. (Law) ₹ 30,3001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Senate House Campus, Palayam, Thiruvananthapuram – 34 Kerala, India
  • Number: 9188526671
  • Email: registrar@keralauniversity.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.keralauniversity.ac.in/
Rank 9:  Nehru Academy of Law

Rank 9:  Nehru Academy of Law | Law Colleges in Kerala

The Nehru Academy of Law, Palakkad is one of the best law college in Kerala. It offers a whole range of courses to students and houses a very knowledgeable faculty as well. There are ten different centers for various courses. Apart from this, there is also an Integrated Campus in Cochin for that offers PGDM programmes for management courses. A variety of courses are offered to students on NAL – Palakkad campus such as LLB, BBA, BCom, BCA, BA and MA programs at regular intervals. The NAL College of Law was established with the aim to bring reforms and innovations in teaching legal principles.

NAL holds its reputation due to its brilliant faculty team. The experts have international exposure which has helped them carry out their duties efficiently.

Apart from being one of the best llb colleges in Kerala, it also boasts of having some of the most popular faculties around.

Nal’s infrastructure consists of library, auditoriums with a capacity up to 400 people and spacious classrooms. All these resources make it one of the best Law Colleges in Kerala.

The students get to interact with senior professionals who provide them hands-on experience and can guide them about things like work environment, working culture etc., thus shaping their career decisions before they enter the workforce.

  • Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] + Bachelor of Laws [LLB] 10+2
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] 10+2 with 45% + CLAT
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] Graduation with 45% + CLAT
  • Bachelor of Commerce [B.Com] + Bachelor of Laws [LLB] 
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB]
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.]
  • Address: Jawahar Garden, Mangalam – 679301 Palakkad (Dt.), Kerala, India
  • Number: +91 9495 689 659
  • Email: jcetadmissions@nehrucolleges.com
  • Website: https://nal.net.in/
Rank 10:  Al-Ameen Law College

Rank 10:  Al-Ameen Law College | LLB Colleges in Kerala

Al-Ameen Law College Palakkad is located about 18 kilometers away from Palakkad Town. The campus has a peaceful and scenic environment which is a boon to students. Spread across 40 acres of land, Al-Ameen Law College was founded in 1991 by Moulana Abdul Aleem Islahi Trust with a mission of imparting quality education.

The management board members have played major roles for enhancing the college’s reputation in the country. There are some prestigious faculties and professionals who teach students at the college level. They offer UG, PG, diploma and certificate courses on law and related fields like journalism, media and communication etc., with various specialization options available. The syllabus follows 10+2 pattern of CBSE board, which helps students stay updated on contemporary happenings. It gives them knowledge beyond what they study in their classrooms so that they can find better jobs after graduation. 

  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] Graduation
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.]  L.L.B.
  • Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] + Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.]  {Hons.} 10+2
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.]
  • Master of Laws [L.L.M.]
  • Bachelor of Business Administration [BBA] + Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] {Hons.}
  • Address: Shoranur, palakkad Dt. Pin:679-122 Kerala – India
  • Number: +91 466 295 1133
  • Email: llb@alameencollege.com
  • Website: https://alameen.edu.in/

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 10 Best Law Colleges in Kerala

Opting for the WAC’s 10 Best Law Colleges in Kerala is a wise choice because they have the resources and environment to help you acquire the best knowledge and skills needed in the professional world of law. When it comes to becoming an effective legal practitioner, one needs to pay attention to not only acquiring knowledge and honing one’s communication skills,

But also ensuring that there is ample exposure to practical applications of this newfound knowledge. One key way in which these schools are different from many others is their presence of numerous clinics where students are put through hands-on experience in real life situations while being guided by experts with years of experience in their respective fields.

We are a Llb Colleges in Kerala Market Research Team that provide you the best ranking of Law Colleges in Kerala. We work day and night to ensure the success of all students who wish to become a student in the top Law Colleges in Kerala.

We have evaluated every single Law Colleges in Kerala and have come up with a list of top 10 Law Colleges in Kerala. We believe that students should be able to find detailed information on all top 10 best Law Colleges in Keralas, no matter which city they want to study. This will help them choose one of their favorite cities for studies. Our experts have invested their valuable time and provided honest reviews on each and every top 10 best Llb Colleges in Keralas located at a certain city or town.

If you are considering taking up law as your course, you might want to take a look at the 10 best Law Colleges in Kerala. These Llb Colleges in Kerala have helped students all over India find careers in this field. If you are looking for career opportunities in law, then these are some of the top-rated Law Colleges in Kerala that can help you get started.

The program focuses on women’s rights and gender studies, using feminist theories to analyse patriarchy and its effect on women. The goal is to empower women through legal and political reforms. Law College Kollam offers a five-year integrated programme in law. Apart from offering two-year postgraduate courses, it also conducts various seminars, workshops, debates and paper presentations for students. It offers a variety of dual degree programs that combine subjects such as social science or business administration with law.

All Other Best Law Colleges in Kerala

Many Law Colleges in Kerala have been offering a range of courses to suit the need of each and every aspiring student. The prospective students are all set to enroll in one of the top Law Colleges in Kerala that has a big scope for research too. The low tuition fee, high rates of placement, opportunities to pursue an LLM or PhD degree etc., they offer, seem quite attractive for any parent who is aiming to give their child all-round development as a student. All these factors work together in making them one of the best Law Colleges in Kerala.

Al Azhar Law College

Other: 1 Al Azhar Law College | Best Law Colleges in Kerala

Established in 2013, Al Azhar Law College is located in Idukki district of Kerala. It is affiliated to the University of Calicut and recognized by the Supreme Court of India. The college offers undergraduate degree courses like Bachelor of Arts, Bachelor of Law, Bachelor of Philosophy and Master’s Degree Programmes including LL.M., M.Phil., Ph.D..

It has highly qualified faculty members well versed with emerging trends and developments, which are benefitting the students immensely. The admission process includes an entrance test followed by a personal interview. There are separate departments for boys and girls with ample facilities for residential accommodation as well as a co-educational section to teach non-residential courses like part time PG LLB programme . The library is fully equipped with latest editions of books related to study. 

Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.]  Graduation

Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] ₹ 60,0001st Yr Fees

  • Address: WP99+R74, Thodupuzha – Ezhalloor Rd, Thodupuzha, Kerala 685605
  • Number: 9496 911 119
  • Email: admissions@alazharthodupuzha.org 
  • Website: https://alazharthodupuzha.org/
KMCT Law College

Other: 2 KMCT Law College | Top Law Colleges in Kerala

KMCT Law College is one of the 10 best Llb Colleges in Kerala. Established in 2013 , KMCT Law College began its journey as a conventional 3-year law course, with an objective to provide affordable legal education to students from different backgrounds. The college also strives to provide a comprehensive learning environment that addresses all academic, intellectual and personal needs of its students.

Students will have access to an excellent library stocked with a wide variety of books and periodicals as well as technical books for conducting legal research.

KMCT Law College ,The college’s dedicated faculty offers each student individual attention by providing them with regular feedback on their performance through written evaluations and individual meetings every semester. This helps develop students’ soft skills such as interpersonal skills as well as hard skills like communication abilities.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] 10+2 with 45% + KLEE
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] Graduation with 45% + KLEE
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB]
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.]
Sree Narayana Law College

Other: 3 Sree Narayana Law College | Law Colleges in Kerala

A law college is an institute where students are taught jurisprudence, or study how to be a lawyer. In India, Sree Narayana Law College, Ernakulam is one of the best institutes. Established in 2012, this prestigious institute offers Bachelors and Masters courses in Law and Jurisprudence. Along with classical studies, this renowned university has also recognized research programmes for its distinguished faculty members, who pursue their research actively.

The campus occupies about 12 acres of land situated on Pappanamcode Road near Edappally Junction in Kochi metropolitan area. With lush greenery and surrounded by paddy fields, the college provides a calm atmosphere for studying.

This academic institution is affiliated to approved by Bar Council of India (BCI). Besides this, admission process is simple if you have passed higher secondary examination. As the most esteemed institute in Kerala, it strives hard to provide quality education as well as competitive placement opportunities after graduation.

  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] {Hons.} Graduation
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] Graduation
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} 10+2
  • Bachelor of Business Administration + Bachelor of Laws [BBALLB] {Hons.} ₹ 105,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Laws [L.L.B.] ₹ 90,0001st Yr Fees
  • Bachelor of Arts + Bachelor of Law [BALLB] {Hons.} ₹ 90,0001st Yr Fees
  • Address: Puthenkavu Poothotta P.O Ernakulam, Kerala Pin: 682307
  • Number: 8589982030
  • Email:  snlcpoothotta@gmail.com
  • Website: https://snlcpoothotta.org/

Frequently Asked Questions about Law Colleges in Kerala

Here are some  Frequently Asked Questions about Llb Colleges in Kerala that will help you right one.

To be eligible for admission to a law college in Kerala, candidates must have completed 12th grade or equivalent from a recognized Board with 50% marks in aggregate. Candidates who have completed their degree or diploma in any discipline from a recognized University with 45% marks in aggregate are also eligible to apply.

The admission procedure for law colleges in Kerala generally includes an entrance examination followed by an interview. Candidates who clear the entrance examination with good marks are shortlisted for the interview. The final selection is based on the marks secured in the entrance examination and interview.

There are many colleges in Kerala that offer the LLB program. The process of studying for an LLB in Kerala is similar to that of other states in India. which is a national level entrance examination. Once you have cleared the CLAT.

More Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Law Colleges in Kerala

Here are some  Frequently Asked Questions about Law Colleges in Kerala that will help you right one.

What is the full form of LLB?

 The full form of LLB is Legum Baccalaureus

Is law good as a career?

Yes, Law is Good for Career, Those students interested in Law study, He became a successful Lawyer.

Is CLAT easy to pass?

No definitive answer exists to this question as it depends on a range of factors, including the individual’s ability to grasp the concepts, how hard they are willing to work and how much time they are willing to dedicate to studying.