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Top 7 Digital Marketing Training Institute

Top 7 Digital Marketing Training Institute in Ahmedabad 2019

The digital revolution has taken over India just the way it has all over the world and gotten everyone digital. In fact, many go to the extent as to say that the digital world is everyone’s new residence. From individuals to businesses, everyone now has a digital identity whether it is in the form of an email or a social media account.

It is true that digitalization has brought the world closer. In fact, as of today, 40% of users confirm that they follow the brands they like on social media. In addition to this, 37% of users also peg social media as a medium for inspiration for purchase. Additionally, the new generation users check their devices every 9.6 minutes as per a study. What this implies is that people employ digitalisation not only to connect with each other but also to stay relevant to the time.

Considering that staying relevant is something everyone strives to do, businesses all over the world, specifically, have shifted their marketing strategies to suit the world’s shift to digital. With this paradigm shift, emerged a need for a good digital marketing strategy as the worth of getting directly in touch with the consumer was realised.

This was followed by the instantaneous popping up of digital marketing companies. This movement started in the west and was supplemented by a rapid expansion all over the world. Today, developed countries such as USA, Canada, Singapore as well as developing countries such as India, China, Philippines are seeing a hike in employment opportunities in the digital field. Over the years, organisations have shown a preference for professionals who have an introduction to digital marketing courses and are certified in the field. And this is how education in digital marketing has come to being of value.

What to Look at When Deciding on a Digital Marketing Training Institute?

Now, a lot of training institute have taken to teaching the art of digital marketing, considering the demand that has arisen for the knowledge. And surely, a lot of them are worthy of consideration. But there are certain things that you must make sure are up to your standards before you make your choice.

  • Faculty: Your scope of learning largely depends on the quality of the conversations you have with your educators. This is where your faculty plays a pivotal role. Make sure that the institute you choose employs faculties that are well-qualified and have a decent amount of experience.
  • Course Curriculum: In an ever-changing field like digital marketing, it is recommended that you check your course curriculum on several levels. The things you must check out are as follows:
    • The content of the course and whether it’s relevant to you
    • The sequence of teaching the institute claims to follow
    • The diversity in the types of media used to teach [this is especially important if you respond better to a certain type of learning such as text, visual or audio
    • The Institute’s Focus on Practical Learning
  • Certifications: When an organisation employs you, it looks at what you have to offer to the company. The measure of this is, more often than not, dependent on the certificate you have earned through your course. It is recommended to look at courses that offer certifications in affiliation with Google, Microsoft, Bing, Hubspot and other such reputed companies.
  • Duration: As far as the field of digital marketing is concerned, you will find courses that range from a few weeks to about half a year. While we’re sure both would give you some kind of teaching, longer courses are often more comprehensive. Furthermore, they not only keep you focused on the subject for a longer period but also convey your prospective employers the amount of time you have invested in learning the craft, thereby demonstrating your keenness to be in the field.
  • Online or Offline: With digitalisation, online courses have seen a hike in enrollment. But weigh your goals before you decide whether you want to go for an online course or an offline course. A lot of institutes have an affiliation with reputed universities, which might turn out to be great options for you.
  • Fee Structure: Different digital marketing courses come at different prices. While such courses may not necessarily burn a large hole in your pocket, it is recommended to compare fees of different training institutes before making your call. You should also look at whether the training institute allows you to pay in instalments or demands the fee in bulk. Remember, a good deal should be complemented with a course that gives you a worthwhile certificate because it is the certificate that makes you employable.
  • Job Assistance: It is imperative to look at training institute that provide good job assistance. Your investment in the course is worth it only if you get a return on it. A lot of training institutes these days have tie-ups with top digital marketing agencies and offer direct placements. But it’s best if you clarify this with the training institute. In fact, it would also be a good idea to check out the companies where you are likely to be placed.

Why Choose Ahmedabad to Learn Digital Marketing Learning?

The heartbeat of Gujarat, Ahmedabad boasts of a famously low crime rate. Apart from being affordable, this city has an authenticity of its own. Ahmedabad boasts of housing MICA, IIM, GNLU, NID and other such reputed schools, making it an ideal education hub, and a fantastic place to get your digital marketing training.

A city like Ahmedabad, by itself, is sure to bring those learning vibes right to you. What’s more? The city is populated with booming businesses. What this means is, you can pick up something part-time while pursuing your course. This way, you will not only have a degree/skill on your CV but also a part-time employment experience.

Classroom Training VS Online Training

There is often confusion among students about whether to opt for classroom or online training. So, here are a few pros and cons to both approaches. You can probably shortlist digital marketing training institutes for yourself based on these factors.

Classroom Training

  • Pros:
    • One-to-one conversations with teachers & fellow learners
    • Immediate feedback
    • Scope for varied learning exercises
  • Cons:
    • Requires travelling to ensure a physical presence
    • The pace of learning is not individually determined
    • Too much dependence on the teacher for every little detail

Online Training

  • Pros:
    • Quality learning at affordable prices
    • Animation and different simulations used for learning aid
    • The flexibility of time and place
  • Cons:
    • The absence of the physical presence of an instructor
    • No hands-on learning
    • Lack of interaction, resulting in isolated learning

Top 7 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Ahmedabad 2019

First Digital Marketing Training Institute in Ahmedabad :

BrandVeda, Ahmedabad

Founded in 2014, BrandVeda is a digital marketing training institute that has seen considerable success within a limited timeframe. The Training Institute has equipped 5000+ students with a professionally employable knowledge of digital marketing and continues to educate not only students but also professionals from reputed companies.

The founders Saurabh Pandey and Sandeep Trivedi are qualified professionals and strive to make their students more updated with the digital world. In fact, Saurabh has actively been going to about 45+ training institutes across the country as a guest lecturer; he was also called upon to conduct a digital marketing workshop in the prestigious IIM-A for final year PGP students. Additionally, he has worked on numerous brands such as HDFC, BSNL India, PMC Bank, Bank of Baroda, Mitashi, Wockhardt Foundation and many more. Meanwhile, Sandeep has been continuously upgrading his skills for which he is currently pursuing a PhD in digital marketing.

Course Curriculum

The course provides two months of classroom training that includes various assignments as well as training for future interviews. The certifications that the students are presented with come directly from leading companies across the globe such as Microsoft, Google etc.


The founders Saurabh Pandey (Head Trainer) and Sandeep Trivedi (Assisting Trainer) conduct the training along with other certified professionals. The digital marketing training institute boasts of faculties that are not only trained in the craft but are also well-updated with the trends in the industry.

Contact Details

  • Address: 403 Shahjanand Arcade, Nr. Helmet Circle, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380052
  • Phone Number: 75671 54257
  • Website:

Differentiator Factor

BrandVeda is one of the most reputed training institutes in Ahmedabad. Not only does it provide digital marketing courses that are in line with the market trends but also boasts of instructors that have a unique combination of knowledge and experience.

What truly distinguishes this training institute from the rest is their 8+ years of experience of using digital marketing as a leveraging tool and employing it to help multiple businesses.

Second Digital Marketing Training Institute in Ahmedabad :

Learning Catalyst

Founded in 2008, the Learning Catalyst has one of the most niche digital marketing courses. Additionally, the training institute is particularly bent towards technologically favoured programs. The training institute has worked with professionals from companies like IBM, ICICI, L&T, Jet Airlines, Kingfisher, Taj and so on. To ensure thorough learning, the training institute also conducts regular webinars where they invite the finest minds in the country to discuss issues of relevance.

It is noteworthy to know that among all the digital marketing training institutes you may want to consider, the Learning Catalyst boasts explicitly of teachers who not only have experience with digital marketing but are also founders of successful digital companies. Some of these companies include the Fast Web Group, Web Step-Up, Digi Chefs and!

Course Curriculum

The course gives two months of intensive classroom training that happens specifically over weekends. The course covers various modules, teaching you to not only scan the competition but also to come up with strategies that can convert digital marketing to an ROI for the client. This makes the digital marketing training the institute offers particularly superior.


The best part about the Learning Catalyst is that the faculties the training institute employs work with few of the best digital companies in the country. The Ahmedabad branch faculty includes Kiran Hota (Associate at Accel Partners), Samrat D’souza (Owner & Founder at Fast Web Group), Jaideep Bir (Co-founder at, and Kaushik Mhadeshwar (Founder & CEO at Web Step-Up)

Contact Details

  • Address: Office no. B14, First Floor, Takshshila Orient, Opp. Shyam Farm, Nikol-Naroda Road, New Nikol, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 382350
  • Phone Number: 89671 05325
  • Website:

Differentiator Factor

Learning Catalyst is a training institute with many branches all over the country. With a variety of learning tools and an array of online and offline courses that focus on digital marketing training, this training institute is one of the top choices you can make to aid your learning.

What truly distinguishes this training institute from the rest is the industrial-level expert faculty it has. After all, a learned educator will give the best education.

Third Digital Marketing Training Institute in Ahmedabad :

Aptech Institute, Ahmedabad

Founded in 1986, Aptech is an training institute that has quite a grand reputation. It has a standing among some of the top digital marketing
training institutes in the country. Being a pioneer in training individuals and professionals in career-oriented courses, Aptech has trained over 68 million students till date. What’s more? The college is the proud recipient of many industry awards and has been particularly applauded for its franchise business model through which it strives to spread education.

The training institute is chaired by Mr Rakesh Jhunjhunwala and vice-chaired by C. Y. Pal, while the managing director and CEO of the
training institute is Mr Anil Pant at present. In 2016, Aptech got its status as India’s Most Trusted Brand in training & education as per the survey conducted by IBC Infomedia & Media Research Group.

Course Curriculum     

Aptech’s digital marketing training course is a 9-month course and covers everything from social media management to other kinds of electronic advertising methods. The classroom training typically takes place thrice a week, and the duration of each training session in a day is approximately 2 hours.


Aptech employs some of the top professionals in the field to teach its students, and the best part about this practice is the direct exchange of information that occurs between the students and teachers. This also plays a significant role in its reputation as one of the best digital marketing training institutes in the country.

Contact Details

  • Address: B/402, Millenium Plaza, 4th Floor,
  • Opp Swami Narayan Temple, Mansi Cross Road, Vastrapur, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380054, India.
  • Phone Number: 9979279195
  • Website:

Differentiator Factor

Aptech conducts its course, which is among the top digital marketing courses in the country, for graduates and engineers. And the training institute understands the need for the students to get a job soon.

Considering that, what mainly differentiates this training institute from the others its placement assistant wing. Aptech has a dedicated team looking into the employment of the students that get their course certificate from the training institute .

Fourth Digital Marketing Training Institute in Ahmedabad :

Ahmedabad School Of Digital Marketing

Founded in 2012, Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing (ASDM) is one of those digital marketing training institutes that place a lot of importance on the quality of learning. The Training Institute strongly believes in nurturing aptitudes and skill sets required for the corporate world, while generating a student mass that will be more relevant to the time and productive in their work. ASDM has also won several awards in the area of teaching and has trainers from colleges such as IITs, IIMs and NIRMA.

Till date, the training institute has coached over 1000 students, working professionals as well as entrepreneurs. What’s peculiar about this training institute is that it encourages entrepreneurship and also offers a franchise opportunity to its students. Currently, the ASDM faculty comprises of Love Tyagi, Sharad Vora, and Pritesh Patel.

Course Curriculum

With 120 hours of classroom study, this course, like other digital marketing courses, is conducted both, on weekdays as well as weekends. However, this course is very comprehensive. It covers digital marketing, website planning, google analytics, social media marketing, e-commerce marketing, content marketing, search engine optimisation, email marketing and so on.


ASDM ensures that all the trainers they hire come with substantial experience. To elaborate on the current faculty at the training institute, Love Tyagi comes with 7+ years of experience and is leading the Ahmedabad branch of ASDM. Sharad Vora got a PGDM from Singapore and is one of the most renowned trainers of communication. Pritesh Patel has 11+ years of experience in the field and is currently working with many clients from the UK, US and Australia.

Contact Details

  • Address: Shangrila Arcade, A-217, Shyamal Cross Road, Shyamal, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015
  • Phone Number: 9016970734
  • Website:

Differentiator Factor

A lot of digital marketing training institutes provide practical training. However, Ahmedabad School of Digital Marketing actually subscribes to the case study methodology for imparting learning. This approach gives the students a realistic outlook of the way things work in the industry. Additionally, the training institute also gives them live project training, which in a way, adds up to their portfolios.

Fifth Digital Marketing Training Institute in Ahmedabad :

iClass Ahmedabad

The iClass training network boasts an experience of 20+ years in training students and professionals in employment-focused subjects. This training institute is said to be one of the biggest in the country and has over 250 associated centres along with more than 500 trainers.

Considering the digital marketing courses offering training institutes that have come up in recent times, iClass is one of the best. So far, it has trained 1000+ students in digital marketing, and over 80% of them have already been placed.

Course Curriculum

The course is a combination of digital marketing training, SEO, SEM, website design, social media & email marketing, and Google analytics. The duration of the course depends on your choice of speed for learning. To elaborate, regular classes take about six weeks, weekend training classes take nine weeks and apart from this, they also offer a crash course that is extremely intensive. This takes 42 days to be covered.


It is essential to have an excellent faculty to guide you in your course. iClass Ahmedabad has a network of 500+ trainers that they have employed to guide the students and train them in a way that makes them professionally relevant.

Contact Details

  • Address: SP Stadium Rd, Navrangpura, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380014
  • Phone Number: 95141 00100
  • Website:

Differentiator Factor

iClass’ course is one of the most comprehensive digital marketing courses in India. But apart from that, the course matches your speed. You might have observed the array of options the training institute provides in terms of how you can invest your hours for the learning to happen.

Apart from this, iClass also has tie-ups with some of the top companies. One glance at their placement partners and you would know how well-connected they are; not many digital marketing training institutes are as well-connected.

Sixth Digital Marketing Training Institute in Ahmedabad :

R D Multimedia Institute

Located primarily in Ahmedabad, R D Multimedia institute was founded in 2015 by IT professionals who are well-qualified in the art. Their experience with multinational organisations has aided their practical skills, which has led to them delivering not only a demonstrated experience but an understanding of the importance of staying relevant. The training institute offers courses that are fit for students as well as professionals, and it has till date trained about 500 students.

Course Curriculum

Multimedia training institute offers two different programs in digital marketing training. The ‘Diploma in Digital Marketing’ program demands three months of training, and the classes occupy approximately 4 hours of your time every week from Monday through Saturday. The other program, known as the ‘Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing’ requires six months of dedicated time from the students’ end. This course would need you to invest 6 hours per week from Monday through Saturday. The digital marketing training given by this Training Institute gets you a certification from Google. Apart from this, the training institute offers various certifications from the Training Institute.


R D Multimedia Institute boasts of highly experienced faculties with relevant industry experience. Since the training institute was founded by IT professionals themselves who have hands-on experience in the field of Digital Marketing, students can expect to learn some relevant skills and gain valuable insights into the field.

Contact Details

  • Address: 202, Kalash 1, Navrangpura, Behind Navrangpura Post Office, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380009
  • Phone Number: 99798 79333 / 93771 99393
  • Website:

Differentiator Factor

It is true that digital marketing is an art that primarily operates on technology. But for it to operate, the most important is the creative idea behind the digital strategies suggested. R D Multimedia Institute regards creativity highly, and along with its deep respect for technology, it encourages students to be creative in their approach and truly add value to the organisation they work for.

In addition to this, the training institute has invested itself in providing internship opportunities for the students.

Seventh Digital Marketing Training Institute in Ahmedabad :

W3 Marketing School

Comparatively a new training institute, W3 Marketing School was founded in 2018 itself by Abbas Kapasi. Thetraining institute has a completely international approach to education. In fact, it has actually mentioned the percentage-wise division of focus they foster when it comes to their approach towards the digital marketing training it imparts. This is composed of 10% of theory, 70% of practical and 20% of case studies.

With the apparent focus on practical training that this training institute prepares you for the prestigious future you look forward to having. W3 Marketing School has so far trained over 200 students, conducted about 20 corporate trainings and boasts of a placement rate of a staggering 95.5%. This kind of statistics for an Training Institute so new is suggestive of the success the W2 Marketing School is set to achieve.

Course Curriculum

W3 Marketing School is top-ranked among digital marketing training institutes for a substantial reason, and that reason is that this school has an extremely integrated curriculum. The Training Institute offers 14 structured modules that it requires a student to complete. With 50+ hours of dedicated assignments, along with mock-up interviews, this Training Institute provides certifications from Google Adwords and Bing Ads in addition to the College certificate.


Since this is a comparatively new training institute, the founder, Mr Kapasi, himself conducts the course. With remarkable experience in digital marketing training, he is truly tech savvy. He also boasts of elite certifications such as Google Analytics, Adwords Display Certification, Adwords Search Certification, and Mobile Sites Certification.

Contact Details

  • Address: C-512, Titanium City Center Nr. Sachin Tower, 100 Feet Anand Nagar Rd Prahladnagar, Jodhpur, Satellite, Ahmedabad, Gujarat 380015
  • Phone Number: 98987 94616
  • Website:

Differentiator Factor

The structure and sequence in which you are taught a course play a big role in how you absorb information, and ultimately, learn. Not all digital marketing training institutes understand that, but W3 Marketing School does. It has designed a curriculum that is so rich from a learning perspective that if this Training Institute isn’t among your top choices, you clearly need to re-evaluate.


A city like Ahmedabad with its renowned digital marketing training institutes is surely going to give you the quality training you are looking for. Moreover, the list of Training Institutes mentioned above has been carefully researched according to the needs of individuals and organisations.

But every individual has different academic goals, so it’s best for you to do a detailed study before making a call on which training institute you want to go to. Visiting the websites of different digital marketing Training Institutes and having conversations regarding them is key to finding the correct alternative for you. It may also help you to speak with students who have graduated from the college and understand what they have taken back from the school.

The reason we are suggesting that you do your own research is because the investment you’d be making is not less. Hence, it is imperative that you make a choice that gives you a return on your investment.

Digital Marketing as a Career

As long as businesses exist, marketing is going to exist. With the internet taking over the world, almost every organisation has an online presence. However, with so many businesses with an online presence, drawing attention to a particular business requires the organisation to employ skilled professionals who can craft an effective marketing strategy. As of today, India’s digital advertising industry is growing at 33.5%, and it is expected to exceed ₹225 billion by 2020.

As a digital marketing professional who has had digital marketing training from a reputable training institute, your chances of employability increase substantially compared to those without a certification. You may have to begin with an internship or at an executive position. But once the organisation grasps an idea of your potential, climbing up the ladder to associate, manager and other leadership positions would be a cakewalk.

India’s largest job portal, that is, has announced over 13,000 job opportunities for professionals in the field of digital marketing in the first quarter of 2018. Commanding six-figure salaries per annum which hike up to eight figures have been very common in this field. What’s more? This is a field that is growing at a vast pace. So, rest assured, the employment opportunities are only expected to increase!

Jobs in Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has a variety of lucrative career possibilities. Some of the most popular areas of work areas are as follows:

  • Strategy: This area involves crafting new ways to enhance brand visibility. Strategy involves using a variety of digital tools such as email, Google ad, social media and so on. Individuals under this group may have designations ranging from Account Managers, Executives & Social Media Managers to Media Planning & Content Strategists.
  • Content: While those from the strategy team decide how the brand manages its image, content is an area wherein you get to determine precisely what the brand says. This includes copywriters, content writers, Ad producers and so on.
  • SEO (Search Engine Optimization): The SEO team works in line with content and strategy and employs different ways to ensure that the brand is using the right tools to spread awareness.
  • Design: In this area, one requires proficiency in various design tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator etc. Designing can involve graphic as well as video designing and shall involve visually representing the content while working in collaboration with strategy. This includes the order of graphic designers, website designers, video editors, cinematographers, set & production designers and so on.
  • Web: As the field we are talking about is concerned with the internet, the web is another area that works with digital agencies. The web team ensures that the content wrapped in a design that is SEO-optimized and is well-strategised makes a technologically sound appearance. A lot of innovations today are web innovations. Designations in this team are often categorised in terms of HTMP, PHP and so on.

Degree Courses in Digital Marketing

Indian Colleges

Digital marketing courses are abundant in India. The infamous IIM-A offers a subject called ‘Strategies for Digital Marketing and e-Business’ in its PGP course. This course aims to generate ethical and thoughtful leaders who would possess a customer-oriented approach.

Another option is MICA, one of the top colleges in advertising, that has also launched a post-graduate certificate program in digital marketing. This program is of a duration of 6.5 months and is an intensive course that offers specializations such as Social Media & Content Marketing, Branding & Communication, and Marketing Analytics.

Additionally, you can also opt for a full-time postgraduate diploma in communications from Shanti Business School in Ahmedabad.

Study Abroad

You shall find good digital marketing training colleges all over the world. While the UK dominates the quality of digital marketing learning in the world, other countries are also catching up. The degree you get from these universities can be called MA, MBA, MSc etc. They may also be standard certification courses. US and Canada have good reputations when it comes to digital marketing courses.

Studying abroad may not guarantee a job abroad, but there indeed is a scope. Some of the top countries that boast of the highest paid digital marketing professionals include Australia, Netherlands, USA, UK and Ireland.

If you have any queries regarding this career option or the scope, hit us up in the comments’ section below, and we shall help you out with your questions!

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