Team Fateh – This college formula racing team is representing India on a global stage

Team Fateh

The Team Fateh Formula Racing team represents Thapar University’s entry into the Formula SAE collegiate design series, a competition sanctioned by the Society of Automotive Engineers. Team Fateh gets its name from the word Fateh which means “Victory”. Every year, the team designs, develops, builds and races an open-wheel, open-cockpit race vehicle at Silverstone, UK.

Formula racing has been quickly catching up among students in India. We have previously covered the stories of many student run teams in this domain like Team Defianz Racing from DTU (How these guys are rocking the F1 racing world right from their college) , Team Panthers from Indira Gandhi Technical University (These girls are making India proud with their innovations in the automobile field) , Team SuperMileage from DTU (These guys are building the car of future right from their college) and now Team Fateh, a Formula Student team from Thapar University, India.

Wait, but what is Formula Student?

Formula Student is a highly prestigious international level competition for the next generation of world class engineers. It inspires young and talented engineers to take up the extraordinary challenge of designing and manufacturing a Single Seat open wheeled Race Car similar to concept of F1 race car and competing with highly skilled students from universities all over the world.

Team Fateh

When did the team start and what all has Team Fateh achieved?

Formed in 2008 with the aim of being the best collegiate team in India, the team now approaches its 9th outing with the aim of being in the top 20 internationally. The team had its share of ups and downs, but nothing holds it back. The team of dedicated young engineers is determined to achieve engineering excellence and their aim of being not only the best in India, but also ranking among the best in the world.

The team has been involved in Formula Student United Kingdom from 2008 to 2012 and 2015 and participated at Formula Student Germany 2013 and 2014 and Formula Student Czech Republic in 2013. In the 2017 Season they took part in Formula Bharat, January 2017 and takes pride in being one of the top 20 teams in India. The team takes pride in participating Formula SAE Italy, July 2017 this season.

Why are the students doing this?

The Formula Student project offers the team the opportunity to gain valuable experience in teamwork, time and project management, construction, assembly and the economic aspects of automotive engineering. Due to the regular team interaction, teammates learn to handle the distinct group dynamics in an interdisciplinary group as well as find a good balance between teamwork and individual progression. The team’s established theoretical knowledge is supplemented by extensive practical skills. This helps the team members improve their professional qualifications and have a better occupational outlook.

Which are the next events where the team is planning to take part?

Some of the future events where the team plans to take part are :-

  1. Formula Student Italy 2017 ( ): The biggest formula student event in Italy with 120 teams participating from all over the world. Witnesses over 1500 budding engineers and highly skilled judges.
  2. Formula Bharat 2018 ( Will be held in end of January 2018. 60 teams participating from all over India.

It’s great to see the amount of innovation these students are bringing to the field of automobiles. Wishing them luck for their future endeavors. You can learn more about Team Fateh here.

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