5 College Resources Every Student Should Know About in 2022

5 College Resources Every Student Should Know About in 2022

For the unprepared, college can be difficult. There’s usually a lot going on between school, part-time jobs, and keeping a social life. So it’s pretty easy to overlook most of the resources available at your college.

Several universities provide campus services to assist students with various stages of their college experience. What’s great is that they’re mostly free, and unless you’re from a pretty wealthy family, it is hard to access so many materials in one place.

That’s why you need to make the most of them while you can, but to do that, you have to know about them in the first place. This article takes you through five college resources every student should know about this year. Let’s begin!

5 Resources You Should Know As a College Student in 2022

Studying at a campus provides several opportunities to seek professional assistance. Below are five resources you should utilize on campus this year.

1. The writing center

The writing center can be an excellent resource for college students struggling with writing projects like dissertations. If you ever wondered where to find a master thesis writing service? The writing center might be the best place to find someone to help you with your written work.

You can locate several students and professionals that can assist you in becoming a better writer. They can help with all forms of research papers and regular assignments while offering private tutors that can help you along the way. You never have to feel alone when doing your assignments. However, if you’re already a great writer, you may even find a job at your college writing center.

2. The career center

A career center is the soul of a college. After all, that’s what college is about, preparing you for a successful career. However, this is a campus resource that many students don’t use enough. It’s not unnatural for many students to have career doubts or confusion right before they graduate. But instead of setting up an appointment with career services, they look for other solutions.

A career center can remove doubts about your career decision and even help you find job opportunities. They can even provide connections within the campus to get you current knowledge on your career requirements. As students, don’t wait until your senior year before using this resource. From your first year, you should start planning for your career till after your college education.

3. Financial aid

Financial aid is another valuable resource most colleges offer. The financial department on your campus can offer assistance by providing the financial aid you’re eligible for. When you successfully acquire financial aid, they are also in charge of monitoring your status and helping with future college transactions. Financial aid could come from grants, scholarships, and loans.

4. The health center

Health is an essential aspect of daily life, especially with college stress. But, unfortunately, you may get sick during your four-plus years, regardless of how well you take care of yourself or how much you hit the gym.

Whenever you become ill or have injuries, your campus health center should be your first look. They are priced much lower than off-campus healthcare facilities; some provide complementary health and wellness visits. The health center is an excellent resource, and it’s a terrific method to see an experienced health professional if you can’t access your regular physician.

5. The counseling center

College students often struggle to keep up with their studies and manage their personal lives. During the chaos of school, home, and maybe work, it helps to have someone to talk to, especially if you’re experiencing difficulties. Campuses do not only have “do my homework” services but also centers that can help with your everyday struggles.

That’s what your college counseling centers are meant for. They are excellent resources for students seeking a safe environment to unpack their feelings and struggles. They often provide individual, group, and couples counseling services. No matter your difficulties, they’re always available to connect you with a professional or provide direct help.


Campus resources are intended to make college life simpler, but they only work if you know about them in the first place. As a college student, you’ll inevitably require assistance at some point in your study. When you do, don’t hesitate to use your campus resources. Remember, utilizing these resources doesn’t mean you suck at college; instead, it shows your awareness of the resources at your disposal.