What is the best way of learning Mobile App Development?

best way to learn app development

Want a career in app development? Fascinated by knowing how apps are built, what are the job trends in mobile app development, how to learn? Relax all of your queries will be answered here today.

Why App Development?

According to an estimate, there are more than 5 billion active mobile users around the world, and speaking of mobiles the first thing that comes into the picture is apps. Not only these apps have made our life easier but due to their easy to use interface and “pocket-friendly” nature have made companies to shift their focus from websites to mobile apps.

Obviously usage of mobiles is not going down anywhere in the near future unless there is another creation of the revolutionary human mind. This alone is a reason enough to think of a career in app development. With great demand now and in the near future with of course a great pay, why not jump into developing apps, and to your rescue we will see the road map on how to learn app development.

Android development and iOS development are the 2 major mobile operating systems in the market. Of which about 85% of the market is occupied by android alone. So, it makes more sense to learn android development.

Don’t know how to start, books or courses, which programming language?

Which language?

Basically, to develop android apps the main programming languages used are Java and Kotlin. Recently, a new language Flutter has been introduced to the market. But to start with, Java is the language to go for. It will not only help in your android development but also in other software developments and if you are in college it will help you in your placements.

Getting used to Android Studio and learning actual app development

Android studio is the main developing platform used to develop android apps. It is the platform where the front end and back end development of an app are done. It is free software and can run on both Windows and Mac.

Various android development books are available, but they might not be the best way to learn. So, a lot of courses are available online by various qualified and experienced tutors.

Courses start for as low level as Rs 500 which will not only help you in building actual apps but will also include projects on which you can work upon and if you perform well you can become a certified android developer which will help you immensely once you start knocking companies for jobs.

Some of the best courses who can go for

As mentioned earlier there are numerous coding institutes and sites available for your service but the one you can go for is the Complete Android Oreo developer course by Rob Percival. This is the bestseller on Udemy and you can get it for as low as Rs 500. If you want to go for Indian tutors, Coding Ninja’s Android development course is the best to go for.

best way to learn app development

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