Is NCERT enough for NEET?

Is NCERT enough for NEET

NEET primarily covers the NCERT curriculum. While most of the questions on the test are formed from the NCERT textbooks for grades 11 and 12, an amount of portion also comes from sources other than the NCERT.

Are NCERT books sufficient to pass the Exam? No, is the response. In addition to NCERT, the candidates preparing to take the Exam should consult the pertinent literature. This year, around 16 lakh students applied to take the NEET exam to enroll in various medical programs. One of the most complex admission exams is NEET. Therefore, people aiming to pass NEET must arm themselves with the best study materials.

Are NCERT books enough to pass the NEET?

Without a doubt, NCERT should be the primary resource when it comes to NEET, as 80–85% of the exam’s questions originate from Exam sources. However, if one wants to pass an Exam with a decent score, reading outside of NCERT is crucial. It is necessary to consult related sources.

NEET applicants are required to master and adhere to NCERT to the letter in Physics, Chemistry, and Biology beginning in classes 11 and 12. As NCERT establishes the groundwork for fundamental concepts, which concepts can be created for discrete facts and other pertinent information, exhaustive coverage must be ensured.

Every year, a different amount of questions are framed from NCERT sources. However, one can generally state that more than 80–85% of questions in the Exam (whether posed directly or indirectly) come from NCERT. The trends from prior years can be used to analyze this.

For NEET, NCERT is a tremendous step forward. However, if your goal is a high NEET score, NCERT alone is insufficient.

The NCERT materials use to frame the questions that appear in the NEET exam. Only a few inquiries were made beyond the NCERT’s purview. Along with NCERT, aspirants need to keep up with the crucial books for the exam.

The NCERT material from classes 11 and 12 must prepare if the goal is to score 600 or higher on the Exam. Students then need to go on to referencing pertinent and related sources because NEET questions occasionally come from sources that are not covered by NCERT.

Biology, physics, and chemistry Exam sources are insufficient to pass any NEET course with a good grade. Every candidate has so far mastered NCERT references, just as you have, but what would give you an advantage over others would be that extra preparation. To pass and qualify for the test with a good score.