What can be done with Python?

What can be done with Python?

Python is the most wanted programming language in the IT sector nowadays. It has taken the place of all the previous languages and programmers are encouraged to code in it. It is one of the most popular programming languages across all sorts of software developments.

Python is fast, easy to learn, easy to code, is light and logical. It is a cross-platform language and also object-oriented. Due to its features and popularity, let’s see what all can be done using it.

Web Development

Web frameworks like Flask and Django are based on Python. These frameworks help to code the backend of websites in Python. Also, as it is object-oriented, a lot of OOP features can be included in creating the website. Python has a vast library that supports XML, HTML, JSON, etc. that are essential in developing a website. So, using web frameworks based on it and other features, you can build a website from scratch entirely in Python.

Data Science

Apart from programmers, Data Scientists and Data Analysts also majorly use Python to develop algorithms. It has an amazing library that helps in dealing with mathematics, stats, and scientific functions. Because it is easy to learn and has simple syntaxes, it becomes helpful for people who do not have a programming background. This is also, one of the main reasons it is used in data science. Moreover, deep learning frameworks available with it’s APIs and scientific packages have made it versatile.

Machine Learning

Python is the most popular language in Machine Learning. These two things are so generally associated that, most students learn it then only when they want to make a project in Machine Learning. Due to its extensive selection of libraries and frameworks, it becomes easy to code the usually tough machine learning and AI algorithms. Coders can use modules like Tensorflow, Theano, Scikit-learn, etc. to develop algorithms like fingerprint detection, spam detection, etc.


Python can be used to code functions to train the brains of a robot. Due to its use in machine learning and AI, it is preferred over other languages when it comes to robotics. It can be used to develop ROS(Robot OS) packages. It is used with Raspberry AI, which is considered better than Arduino (based on C).

Developing Games

Python is not the most popular language when it comes to game development. But still, simple and low-end games can be developed using it. Also, algorithms and programs can be made using it, that is implemented in high-end games. The Most recommended language for gaming is C#.

Developing desktop applications

Desktop applications can be developed using Python with Tkinter. But again, it is not the most popular choice. Languages like C, C++, Java are preferred for such tasks.

What can be done with Python?

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