Learning Robotics & Embedded Systems

Learning Robotics & Embedded Systems

Introduction To The Best Ways Of Learning Robotics And Embedded Systems

Before going into Learning Robotics & Embedded Systems, we should have a basic idea about the topic. We can say that Robotics is an application of Embedded Systems. Embedded systems need both hardware and software platforms to control the various operation of devices. These are used in robotics, mobile phones, video games, controllers, etc.
Robotics can be divided into various departments depending on the functionality. For example, a computer science department might focus on high-level algorithms, the mechanical engineering department will focus on the free movement of servos, motors, robot kits, etc.
Now let’s get started with our topic on Learning Robotics and Embedded Systems

Let’s Dive Deep!!

Let’s look at few relatively simple paths a beginner can explore to start their journey in the field of Robotics and Embedded systems. The field of Robotics and Embedded Systems, may not have reached its full potential in the Indian Markets till now, however, it surely is gaining a strong foothold here day by day and subsequently, the number of jobs is also increasing.
Robotics surely provides a very creative, lucrative, and exciting career choice and this goes without saying that Robotics is going to be our future in the era of Automation and Machine Learning.
Okay, let’s see what are the preliminary steps to follow before jumping into Embedded Systems and Robotic. Sadly, there is no direct shortcuts or pre-defined direct paths to learning about Embedded Systems and Robotic. Anyone who is interested in this field has to go through a series of skill acquiring and skill refining sequences:

The Following Are The Steps:

1. Learn Programming
Programming in c,c++, Python programming languages is like the first base one should master before jumping into the ocean of Robotics and Embedded Systems. Coding is all about practice so, the more you learn and practice yourself, the stronger hold you till get on the subject. You can take up an online course and different certifications available to improve your skills. It is important for Learning Robotics & Embedded Systems

2. Knowing Basic Electronic
This is also a very important step as most of the work in robotics will include electrical devices, monitors, microcontrollers. Basic understanding of oh’s law V= IR, power, resistance, and analog electronics will be needed in the long run.

3. Digital Electronics
Digital electronics is the basics of embedded systems. It is the bread and butter of embedded systems. Learning logic gates, their operations, and functions are crucial at the initial stages of Learning Robotics & Embedded Systems.

4. Owning a good Microcontroller and Toolchain
A good started choice will be the STM discovery kit. These are pocket-friendly and user – friendly. AVR, PIC, ARM, etc manufactures different microcontrollers of different price ranges. However, irrespective of whichever micro-controller we buy, we still need to hone these following skills:- GPIO, Timers, Interrupts, External Memory Interfacing, etc.

5. Physics
Robots cannot be built without physics and building robots involve many things like controlling the movements, interacting with robots, and physics is behind all of these. Hence learning physics for robotics is a must.

6. Linear Algebra
It is important for programming in robotics and coding as per needs, so, we should master this topic in order to be successful.

7. Datasheets
Everybody needs to understand the datasheets. These are the manuals of electronic components and many confusion about the components can be answered by studying its datasheets.

Few Useful Tips !!

1. Robotics courses and clubs
If one is a developer working with thousands of developers, you will exchange and gain enough knowledge which is important to expand your base at all levels especially at the beginning stages. Also, taking robotics classes is another good option for beginners for Learning Robotics & Embedded Systems

2. Learn Assembling
Robotics includes manual labor and most of the assembling has to be done manually. Hence it is advisable if one has the knowledge of how to assemble parts.

3. Building your Own Robot
As we all know practice makes a man perfect. It is true in any field. You can learn enough skills and knowledge from doing different courses, but until and unless you get your hands dirty and try doing on your own, you can never be successful. Hence you can start buying small tools and parts and try making a simple robot on your own. Then gradually move up the ladder to build a complex one.


Hence, the above-mentioned steps are few guidelines in how one can actually start their career in Robotics and Embedded Systems. These steps are at a beginner level for Learning Robotics and Embedded Systems. Only after gaining complete mastery at this stage, one can move towards intermediate and expert levels.
Wish you happy learning and have fun 🙂

Learning Robotics & Embedded Systems

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