What comes under Embedded Systems?

What comes under embedded systems

In the 21st century, you will hardly find a person who hasn’t used an electronic device. Did you know that almost all modern-day electronic devices use some form of embedded systems? Also, these systems range from very simple circuits to immaculately designed complex machines.

Furthermore, there has been a huge surge in terms of engineers needed to design embedded systems. Hence, equipping yourself in this field can be fruitful for one’s career. But don’t know where to start? Worry not, because we are here to talk to you about embedded systems basics

What Are Embedded Systems?

At its core, embedded systems are really simple. They are nothing but a combination of hardware and software. The hardware performs the required tasks of the machine or appliance while the software gives the commands to execute. It has multiple advantages like ease of assembly, low costs and power consumption, and more. Also, it is gaining a lot of popularity these days.

Hardware Components Of Embedded Systems

The hardware is essential to turn ideas into reality. In an embedded system, the hardware is an electronic circuit that contains various important components. Some critical components are CPU’s, ports, power supply kits, timers, memory devices, etc. Unsurprisingly, each has a separate role to play in the functioning of the system. For example, the CPU acts as the brain of the system while the power supply kit provides the required power. Further, the timer can be used to pre-time the operations while the ports can be used to communicate.

Software Components Of Embedded Systems

The software aspect deals with what functions the assembled hardware will perform. It is an important aspect of embedded systems basics. To create viable software, popular coding languages are used. Some of the popular ones are C++, Python, and Java. Also, you would need a compiler and debugger to run the code. As the name indicates, the debugger helps in reducing the number of bugs in the code. On the other hand, the compiler helps to compile the program before running it. Other important software tools are assemblers and emulators.

Types Of Embedded Systems

Since there is a lot of innovation going on in the niche of the embedded system, many different types have come up. Mainly, just to learn embedded systems basics, you need to know about two different classifications. One is based on the performance and the other on microcontroller parameters. The common performance classifications are real-time, standalone, networked, and mobile. Also, there are 16, 32, and 64-bit microcontrollers available in the market today.

Applications Of Embedded Systems

With the rise in the importance of embedded systems, many different electronic items are beginning to use it. Truly, every appliance these days has some or the other kind of embedded systems inside them. Some common examples are laptops, washing machines, TV’s, etc. Moreover, embedded systems are at the forefront of the robotics revolution and every kind of robot needs an embedded system inside them. Also, they are used extensively in IoT systems too.

Applications of embedded systems

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