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Study Abroad Consultants in Chennai

Who is a Study Abroad Consultant?

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Why to go for a Study Abroad Consultant?

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Tips to Choose the right Study Abroad Consultant

There are a number of important parameters which can be looked into while choosing a study abroad consultant in Chennai. The search for top consultants would become fruitful if you include the following factors in your go-to list: 

  • Team: A strong team of mentors, consultants and teaching faculty is the prime requisite for any overseas education consultancy. This group is the reason behind your hassle-free immigration and landing in a prime university of your choice.
  • Infrastructure: From basic infrastructure to online support, your choice of study abroad consultancy should provide the best facilities for a better learning experience.
  • Process Duration: The application process for a university degree is a lengthy one. The best consultant should be able to reduce this duration with competent time-management skills.
  • Past Results: Visa success rate could be looked in to know about the consultant’s past performance. Sometimes, a few consultants give good results in the initial years but fail to uphold their quality over-time. 
  • Value for Money: Immigration is an expensive process. A consultant should be able to help bring down your expenses by correct guidance and scholarship assistance. Furthermore, their services should be economical too, with some benefits, like free counselling.
  • Jobs and Accommodation provided by the Consultant: A few countries are student-friendly. They have good accommodation facilities and many part-time job opportunities. The best consultant will help you look into such a place and even assist for the same.
  • Online Resources/ Recorded Sessions: Competitive exams are an integral part of the application for overseas education. Your consultant of choice should be able to provide you with resources and classes for these exams.
  • Doubt Sessions/ When You Miss the Class: With regular ongoing academics, it is difficult to attend these classes regularly. An online back-up of recorded classes with doubt clearing sessions will boost your chances of getting the required scores in competitive exams. 
  • Special Focus on Interview Round: There are several top study abroad consultants that give special attention to interview preparations. This involves developing soft skills like communication, etc.

List of Top Study Abroad Consultants in Chennai

Rank1: TI Abroad

TI Abroad (TIA) has more than 15 years of experience in the field of overseas education. They claim to get you a guaranteed job placement post-education, and this makes TIA our number one choice for a study abroad consultant in Chennai city.

Founded by renowned educationist Debbie Westcott, TIA assists you right from application filing to post landing services. Educational loan, visa interviews and discounts on travel tickets are also part of the package. Furthermore, they are an enlisted agent with the British Council and IDP, having tie-ups with innumerable universities across the globe.

They are unparalleled providers of competitive exam coaching like TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, etc. Because, TIA has experienced faculty and top-notch infrastructure, along with exclusive course wares and online mock tests. Moreover, students can opt for small batches of regular or online classes, with flexible timings and one-on-one coaching. 

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Rank2: IDP India

IDP India, having 50 years of experience in this sector, is second on our list of best consultants. Established in 1969, it has branches in over 30 countries worldwide. IDP is also a proud co-owner of IELTS, the English language test.

IDP India provides free career counselling to choose the best course at the right university. Additionally, they have many exclusive services such as assistance for finding a legal guardian overseas and shopping benefit card. This consultancy has vast experience in handling visas, thus making the process a smooth and beneficial one for you. 

You get top-of-the-range IELTS coaching from IDP with best teachers and unique strategies. They even make it simple to book a centre and date for the test. Another interesting service is available post landing. You get to find companions in a new place by joining the vast alumni network of IDP students.

  • Address: 1st KPR Towers New, Subba Rao Avenue, College Road, No 2, 1st Street, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600006 
  • Number: 044 3301 8888
  • Website:
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Rank3: Broadmind

Providing free services for more than a decade, this 2007 established study abroad consultant stands third on our list. They guide students towards 15000+ courses by tie-ups with more than 100 universities across the world.

With prime preference given on psychometric tests and career counselling, you are sure to set the right path for life. They also impart other exclusive services such as part-time job internship and on-arrival airport pickup. Getting the student’s choice award for the year 2014, Broadmind’s alumni can vouch for its successful track record.

Broadmind has highly trained mentors for many competitive exams like TOEFL, GRE, GMAT, German language, etc. What’s more, they provide online audio-visual coaching along with regular, flexible batches at their 2 centres in Chennai and Madhurai. Lastly, it is also an authorised IELTS test centre, making your test registration and preparation process an easy one.

  • Address: 296/257, Arcot Rd, Vadapalani, Chennai, Tamil Nadu-600026
  • Number: 076038 00800
  • Website:
  • Email ID:
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Rank4: ForEd Overseas

Established in 2013, this overseas education consultant has made a mark for itself in a short time. ForEd provides holistic assistance to every aspect of overseas education.

The successful track record of ForEd can be attributed to the friendly staff and round-the-clock assistance. In addition, they have excellent coaching, study material and flexibility of timings for the competitive exams. The experienced staff of ForEd aim to make the processing time come down by systematic and correct filing of applications. They also help to make your SOPs grammatically and structurally strong.

They have their offices exclusively in Chennai, in the Nungambakkam and Velachery area. Choose ForEd for an all-round professional and trouble-free immigration process from start to end.

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Rank5: The Chopras

The Chopras is a renowned name in the overseas education sector. Starting in Delhi in the year 1995, this consultancy now has more than 31 centres in India. Moreover, they are tied up with 100+ colleges and universities in over 35 countries.

This abroad study consultancy was founded by the husband-wife duo, Mr Naveen Chopra and Mrs Natasha Chopra. They spent many years overseas in numerous countries, gaining a wealth of knowledge in the education centre. Together, they have laid excellent guidelines for interview preparations and visa processing. In addition, this consultancy looks deeply into educational loans and free scholarships too. 

The Chopras have an outstanding coaching system in place for the various competitive exams. They make special models, customised classes and recorded resources available to the students.

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Rank6: IIEC

International intelligent Educational Consultancy (IIEC) was established in 2007. They have a record of over 2000 student admissions and a history of successful visa applications. Moreover, they are IELTS test partner with IDP and British council.

Their services begin from counselling on course and university selection. To add to this, they guarantee admission in the best courses in top colleges. Next, they have faculty and free course material par excellence for IELTS, TOEFL and other competitive exams. The diligent structure with customised plans of this study abroad consultancy makes preparations easy with high result outcome.

IIEC also helps in finding accommodation post landing. Lastly, tie-ups with top international HR firms ensure job placements at your foreign destination. So, find a one-stop solution to your immigration dreams at IIEC. 

  • Address: 17/ 1, Gee Gee Plaza, 2nd Floor, Wheat Croft Rd, Nungambakkam, Chennai, Tamil Nadu 600034
  • Number: 04426158024
  • Website:

Rank7: Walk International

With 5 years of experience, Walk International has created many success stories for their students. They impart thorough guidance and assistance for a successful overseas education.

Walk International was founded by Mr Naveen Kumar, who experienced the turmoil of applying for international education first-hand. He returned to his home town after graduating from London and set up Walk International, intending to simplify this daunting process. 

This overseas education consultancy provides a friendly atmosphere and professional training for competitive exams. Furthermore, from applying to universities and follow up to visa interviews and pre-landing services, they cover it all. Mock visa interviews with them provide you with clarity and knowledge to crack the real ones.

Lastly, post-landing accommodation and scholarship assistance are the key aspects of this consultancy.

  • Address:  #7 Sathya Plaza, Dr. Thirumurthy Nagar Main Road, Nungambakkam, Chennai 600 034
  • Number: + 91 9176423454 | + 91 9884799988 | 044 43570444
  • Website:
  • Email ID:

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