Wish to Study in the United Kingdom? Learn How to Tailor Your Resume

Do you wish to study abroad? Out of all places out there for world-class education, the United Kingdom tops the list as it offers access to high-end educational institutions for you to pursue your higher education. In addition to this, the combination of a top-class lifestyle and lucrative work opportunities makes it more worthwhile to choose the UK as your destination for higher studies. Wish to know more about study UK abroad? You should learn about essential resume writing skills. Learn more here!

While you might be thrilled to complete higher education at your dream college in the United Kingdom, the country has so much more to offer to its international students. In addition to world-class education, you also get the opportunity to indulge in its extravagant lifestyle. Moreover, the country has an abundance of beautiful landmarks and places of both natural as well as man-made significance.

Living in the United Kingdom

To get admission in your dream college in the UK, it is imperative to come up with a compelling resume. Keep your resume concise and informative. The resume should detail important information about your achievements. Once you get ready with your resume, you can start preparing for your new life in the beautiful country. One step in the process is to know about its famous places.

When you are an international student in the United Kingdom, here are some places you should not miss out to visit during your stay:

1. Bath

This beautiful place is located along the South East end of England. It is a majestic city wherein you can look forward to unwinding yourself through a refreshing experience. Bath is known across the world for its beauty of the living spa. At this famous landmark, you can come across mineral-rich resources for regenerating your senses and energy. There is no denying the fact that student life can be stressful. Therefore, a visit to Bath can be your much-needed break.

2. Lake District

The place is situated along the North West part of the mountainous region of England. As you pay a visit to the famous Lake District, you can be a part of the best-ever natural escapade. This is a great experience especially if you are a nature-lover. Here, you can come across some of the most exciting adventures of life including trekking and camping in the lap of nature. The hilltops add to the overall nature beauty and elegance of the place.

Due to its immense natural beauty and grandeur, Lake District attracts millions of tourists every year. If you wish to get access to breathtaking views while having immense fun in adventures, you can visit Lake District while studying abroad in the United Kingdom.

3. Brighton

Do you prefer beaches over mountains? Brighton is the perfect coastal getaway for you & your friends. The place is highly renowned in the world for its scenic beaches and beautifully-carved stone houses. The beaches here sport crystal-clear blue waters that draw the attention of one and all. Brighton can be regarded as a modern seaside town. Therefore, it also goes by the name as “London by the Sea.”

You can take up some trains going to the famous seaside town in the UK. As a student, you will be also drawn to the presence of abundant cafes, restaurants, and interesting flea markets. Make sure that you also pay a visit to the famous museums and Regency squares when you are in Brighton.

4. Oxford

Oxford goes by the famous name as “The City of Dreaming Spires.” It is not only renowned for the presence of world-class educational institutions, the place is also famous for its overall natural beauty. It is just a one-hour drive from London. The place serves as the home to one of the oldest and the most reputed educational institutions of the world –the Oxford University.

In addition to this, there is much more to experience here as an international student. You can come across various other famous universities, amazing gardens & parks, the world-famous Pitt Rivers Museum.

5. Cambridge

It is the place that is renowned for hosting the second most famous and one of the most ancient universities –the Cambridge University. The overall charm of the place gets reflected in its impressive architecture all around. You can consider taking a road trip along the River Cam. Otherwise, you can also indulge in a fun-filled walking tour of the town to come across some of the famous buildings and monuments of historical significance.


Getting an opportunity to study in the United Kingdom is an honor in itself. Do not miss out on the opportunity to explore some of the famous places and landmarks around when you are living in the country as an international student.

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