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Introduction to University of Tennessee

While your goals can range from career development through the acquisition of new skills and knowledge to personal enrichment aimed at a hobby or fulfilling a passion, continual education is essential to all aspects of life.

With University of Tennessee Certification and a complimentary Smart-Book; we provide the tools necessary for these pursuits – and to proclaim yourself a life-long learner!

More About University of Tennessee

Located in Knoxville, USA, University of Tennessee along with Cengage Ed2go creates an opportunity for the busy on-the-go students to engage with the world around them through their digital platform that makes a measurable impact with an Internationally Recognized Certification!

  • Every student would receive a Certificate from University of Tennessee on successful completion of the assessment
  • A perfect Smart-book would be given for a better learning
  • Quizzes and assignments at the end of each lesson
  • Engaging student discussion areas to interact with the students abroad


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Computer Application

Computer Programming

Information Technology

Test Prep

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University of Tennessee


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