Summer brings with itself different, interesting and fun plans. It is during this time that you can do all the things which you love doing and which you otherwise are unable to do. Although this is the time where you can enjoy, nevertheless, this can also be that time which you can make use of to learn new skills which can help you in your professional career. So make good use of the spare time which you have and equip yourself with all the latest skills. We have a list of  Top Summer Training Institutes in Bangalore to help you decide

This post will help you in understanding the kind of summer training courses which are offered by some of the top training institutes in Bengaluru which you can consider to pursue:

Skyfi labs

One of the most reputed, popular and trusted institute for pursuing courses is Skyfi labs. Skyfi labs, Bangalore believes that summer training programs is the most perfect time to when engineering students can get hands on practice on different areas of engineering. Keeping this in mind, Skyfi has come up with unique capsule project based programs which are just for a week and which provide the students with hands on exposure.

Courses Offered:

Skyfi lab offers different courses as part of their summer training programs for different streams of engineering which are as follows:

  • For civil engineering: Structural and foundational analysis, total station and GIS, BIM & CPM;
  • For students from Aeronautics, Automobile and Mechatronics: IC Engine and Automobile Prototyping, Quadrotor and RC Aircraft, Animatronics and Robotic Arm etc.

Fees: approximately INR 4000 (can differ depending upon the course)


Skyfi Labs Center, New Horizon College, Marathahalli, Bangalore

Contact Details: 1800-3000-1260



Top 7 Summer Training Institutes in Kolkata

Centre for Development of Advanced Computing or C-DAC:

The Centre for Development of Advanced Computing or C-DAC, as it is also known as, is again a well known institute which offers diverse courses as part of their summer training programs. C-DAC’s Bangalore centre is extremely well accredited for achieving high standards of excellence in domains like Cyber Security and Cyber Forensic, High Performance and Grid Computing, Professional Electronics, FOSS and Software Computing etc. That is precisely the reason why even the courses offered by C-DAC are quite intensive and knowledge enriching.

Courses Offered:

  • Networking Technologies;
  • JAVA;
  • PHP;
  • Android Technologies;
  • Solid Works;
  • Cyber Security with Python;
  • Industrial Automation and PLC Programming;
  • Digital Design using Verilog;
  • VLSI Design & FGPA Implementation and
  • Development and Deployment using devops on cloud etc

Who can apply?

2nd or 3rd year BE/B.TECH students who are expected to undergo mandatory training from their respective college or university are eligible to apply.

Course Fees:

INR 7360, of which INR 6400 are the fees and the remaining includes service tax of 15%;


Opposite HAL Aeroengine Division, Old Madras Road, Byappanahalli, Bengaluru – 560 038

Contact Details: +91-80-6611 6400/01/02/03, 25244059/25246823/25246826



Summer Training Institutes Bangalore

Indian Institute of Science, Centre for Biosystems Science and Engineering (BSSE):

Established in June 2015, the Centre for Biosystems Science and Engineering (BSSE) at the Indian Institute of Science (IISc) as a dedicated institution to cater to the stream of bioengineering. Students coming to the BSSE come from diverse backgrounds like biologists, engineering, agricultural scientists, medical doctors, etc. This institute provides for holistic courses on bioengineering including specially designed summer training capsules on bioengineering as well. The USP of this institute is the dual aim which it seeks to achieve, firstly, discovery aimed research in the field of biology taking the aid of engineering principles, and secondly, to engineer biological systems for the purpose of making developments in the field of human healthcare and agricultural practices. Thus, enrolling in this institute will truly be a great value addition to your career.

Courses Offered:

Courses offered at the Indian Institute of Science, Centre for Biosystems and Engineering (BSSE) is mainly in relation to the field of bioengineering.

Course Eligibility:

The summer training programs are open for 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates as well as 1st year masters students who have keen interest in bioengineering.  However, students interested in interdisciplinary bioengineering research are also welcome to apply.

Course Fees:

INR 1000


The classes of the summer training programs are conducted at 3rd Floor, C wing, Biological Sciences building, Indian Institute of Science, Bangalore, 560012



Contact Details:

+91 80 2293 2624



Internshala is one of its kinds, premier insititutes which has a virtual presence and offers students with exciting and interesting internship opportunities to students while they purse their professional courses. The fundamental principle on which the edifice of Internshala stands is to make a positive different to both, student as well as employer, thereby indirectly also making an impact on the society as a whole.

This one-of-its-kind portal also understands the gaps in the current educational structure and so as to make up for the lack of practicality offers its students unique, practical oriented summer training programs which are not helpful but also significantly help the students in their professional careers.

Courses Offered:

Since Internshala is an online portal, the courses offered to students by it are all online. Some of the courses offered by Internshala are:

  • Digital Marketing;
  • Android;
  • Web Development;
  • Business Communication Skills;
  • Data Analytics;
  • Programming with C and C++;
  • Python;
  • Core JAVA;
  • Hacking;
  • Beginners Trader’s Certification;
  • Internet of Things;
  • Angular JS;
  • Advanced Excel;
  • AutoCAD;
  • VLSI Design using VHDL;
  • Ajax, JQuery and JS.

Course Duration

6 weeks


Summer Training Institutes Bangalore


Targeted particularly for the third as well as final year of engineering or science graduates by giving them hands on and practical exposure, Emertxe’s summer training and workshops can be the perfect way of making good use of your free summer time. Emertxe provides students with real time project opportunities in the fields of robotics, automation and automotive areas of engineering.

Who can enroll?

Although these courses are for the engineering students, nevertheless, MCA students as wellas students pursuing MSc, either CSE or IT are also welcome to apply.

Course Duration: 

Course duration can be anything between 10 and 20 days based on the requirement

Procedure to apply

Emertxe works in close collaboration with different colleges, institutes as well as universities. Hence, it is the college or the institute which needs to get in touch Emertxe either by sending them an email on or by calling them on +91 809 5557333 or +91 8041289576 and discussing your exact requirements at length.

Once you do that, the team of experts at Emertxe will carve out a plan in consultation with the college faculty members and conduct the training program.

Some of the advantages of this course:

  • Quite reasonably prices;
  • Provision for accommodation;
  • Specially designed workshops on soft skills;
  • Regular sessions conducted by industry experts



Summer Training Institutes Bangalore


Another name to reckon with when it comes to summer training programs in Bangalore, it is Roboversity by Skyfi Labs, which is the brainchild of one of the alumni of IIT Kanpur alumni. Roboversity has been started with the aim of improving and sharpening the skills of engineering students in robotics in such a way that they become ‘employment ready’.  As a result, the programs conducted at this institute are practical oriented and at the same time also creative. Some of the strong points in favour of pursuing a summer training course  at Roboversity are that the courses are well planned, well structured and students get sufficient hands on exposure due to the workshops conducted as part of the summer training program. This helps the students achieve a broader perspective on their learning.

Courses Offered:

Summer Training Programs at Roboversity are conducted in following areas:

  • Robotics and IOT;
  • Aeromodelling or Automobile and Mechatronics
  • Civil engineering.

Course Fees:

Approximately INR 3500

Course Duration:

6 days

Contact Details:




Summer Training Institutes Bangalore


Located in Bangalore, apart from Noida and Pune, Biotecnika Info Labs Private Limited has been established in the year 2006 as a bio-science information portal. This portal is headed by a team of well qualified and experienced biotechnologists and has been set up with a view to reduce the gap between industry and market expectations and the knowledge gained by the graduates passing out in the field of biotechnology. BioTecnika also offers summer internship programs although to limited number of students and these programs are conducted by well informed and qualified academicians as well as industry experts.

Courses Offered

BioTecnika offers wide range of summer internship programs covering all areas of biotechnology.

Contact Details

Bangalore Office: 080-6999-7000;

Toll Free: 1800-200-3757


So just enroll yourself in any of the above mentioned institutes and give a kick start to your career!



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