Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Institute in Kolkata

Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Institute in Kolkata is an article drafted and crafted by WAC’s Research team as more and more students are finding Professional Training in Artificial Intelligence. Getting into artificial intelligence institutes in Kolkata can give any student an edge over others, and it is beneficial for any student to join the top artificial intelligence course in Kolkata colleges. Enrolling in Training Institutes will help in increasing the chances of success.

Artificial Intelligence

What is it?
Artificial intelligence (AI) is the total ability of a computer program or a particular machine to think and learn.
It is also a field of study that fully tries to make computers “smart” in their own way!
They work on their own without being encoded with any of the commands which are very interesting.

Artificial Intelligence is said to be man-made while intelligence on the other hand is the capacity of the mind to understand principles, truth, facts, or also the meanings, to acquire knowledge, and apply it to practice in real. It is the ability to learn and also comprehend.
Artificial intelligence is therefore machines that are created by man to make life very easy and totally comfortable.
These are computer programs or also you can say machines that help to think and learn.  

Top 7 training institutes of Artificial Intelligence in Kolkata Are listed below!

Tips To Help You Choose From Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Institute in Kolkata

When we try to find out about the training institute, there are many factors which have to look after!



List of Top 7 Artificial Intelligence Institutes in Kolkata

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Rank 1: Techgyan

Designed for freshers and working professionals, Techgyan’s Best Artificial Intelligence course in Kolkata is an excellent way for both groups to improve their abilities and advance in the industry. Course content and student mentoring are all handled by industry specialists, allowing students to establish a career in the exciting field of artificial intelligence (AI). To help professionals flourish in AI, Techgyan offers online Artificial Intelligence courses in Kolkata.

We are professional trainers helping bright applicants develop their reputations in Artificial Intelligence. On both a national and international level, we are proud of the achievements of our students.
Our Artificial Intelligence course online sessions enable you to improve your AI abilities and prepare you for a bright future. Our team of experienced instructors gives a complete understanding of the AI programming languages and their applications, as well as a thorough knowledge of the AI programming languages themselves. When it comes to potential and talent, we are pretty proud of our students.

Students or IT professionals, we make sure that no one is left behind in an ever-expanding field. The AI Training in Kolkata is intended to match worldwide standards of teaching so that our students may apply for the most competitive employment in the industry with global certification. Live sessions, assignments, video lectures, and interactive chat rooms are used in the artificial intelligence training in Kolkata so that students may learn about all elements of AI in a few hours.
AI is a good career option in IT, where even a newbie may make up to 6 lakhs a year, and that number grows as one gets competence in the industry. Individuals who have devoted 2-4 years to the project earn INR 10-20 lakhs per year on average.

About the Institute

Contact Details

  • Address: Online Course.
  • Contact No: You can contact Techgyan at +919811952666
  • Email:
  • Website: 

Rank 2: Technophilia

Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to develop intelligent machines by allowing computers to do voice recognition, decision-making, and visual perception that would typically need human intelligence.
Technophilia’s AI techniques provide a solid foundation that is likely to be helpful in the business and technical worlds. This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and more advanced applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is growing more intelligent every day to improve performance across all corporate activities. Gaming, media, finance, robotics, quantum physics, autonomous cars, and medical diagnostics are areas where AI is employed. As businesses position themselves to benefit from the ever-increasing quantity of data created and gathered, artificial intelligence (AI) is a necessary component of much of the digital transformation currently underway.

This course is designed to provide a thorough grasp of Artificial Intelligence principles to help you create a successful career in AI. This course will provide you with practical, hands-on experience to allow you to complete real-world tasks with ease. This AI course draws on world-class industry knowledge to help you become a professional data scientist.
Artificial Intelligence (AI) is the next big thing in technology, and many companies are using it. As a result, the need for AI specialists is skyrocketing. The Artificial Intelligence (AI) course with Technophilia will provide you a broad grasp of the ideas of AI and how to use them to create computer programs that solve issues and achieve goals in the real world.

About the Institute

Contact Details

  • Address: Online Course.
  • Contact No: You can contact Technophilia at +919811829666
  • Email:
  • Website:

Rank 3: Ardent Computech

Ardent Computech institute has a response rate of 85% and also they have 17 years of experience.
This institute deals in offering the latest, updated, and also comprehensive courses in the field of Information Technology in Artificial Intelligence.
They offer the best training in the whole city as they have experienced and certified faculty.
The fee that they charge is very less as compared to the other institutes in Kolkata.

Contact Details

  • Address: SDF Building, Room No. 132, Ground Floor, Salt Lake City, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091
  • Email:
  • Website:

Rank 4: KLT Institute

KLT institute is one of the top 7 training institutes of Artificial Intelligence in Kolkata.
This institute is located in such an area that it is very feasible for all the students to reach there on time!
This location can be accessed using all the transport mediums.
They also charge a very less amount of fee which is a very important factor from all the factors.

Contact Details

Address: Baguiati, Kolkata – 700159

Rank 5: Data Brio Academy

Data Brio Academy is a well-known training institute of artificial intelligence in Kolkata.
It is the only private training institute whose faculty are regularly invited to national and international pieces of training.
They have experienced and certified faculties.
The fees are also very less as compared to the other training centers in Kolkata.
It is also located in such a place that it can be accessed using almost all the transport modes in every area.

Contact Details

  • Address: PS Srijan Corporate Park, Tower -1, 14th Floor, Unit- 14, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700091
  • Contact No: +91 9903376367
  • Website:

Rank 6: Saket Technology

Saket Technology is also one of the top 7 training institutes of artificial intelligence in Kolkata.
It has a 70% response.
They have massive experience in training as they have the certification faculties.
Their motto is to provide the best teaching to all the students.
They have a huge list of impressive successes of all the students.
Also, they promise a better future for the students in higher education and knowledge.
They make your life better and brighter.
They also charge a very less amount of fee as compared to the other institutes.

Contact Details

  • Address: DA-6, 2nd Avenue, Sector-1, Salt Lake City, Kolkata – 700064
  • Contact No:   (033) 2321 6761
  • Email:
  • Website:

Rank 7: Trishana Technology

Trishana Technology is on the top 7th rank. It is also the best institute of artificial intelligence in Kolkata.
The most important thing is that they provide more than 30+ jobs and internships in artificial intelligence!
The fees that these institute charges are very less as compared to all the other institutes in Kolkata!
The location of this institute is also very comfortable for all the students living in the same city and also for the students who live in a different city!

Contact Details


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Other Notable Artificial Intelligence Institutes in Kolkata

1st: ACL IT Academy

ACL IT Academy is one of the popular Top 7 training institutes of Artificial Intelligence in Kolkata.
Firstly, this academy is an institute which is based in South Kolkata to provide the latest software technology artificial intelligence training.
Secondly, the computer courses which they provide are developed to suit the current job requirements in all the IT industries.

They have all the working top professionals who want to take their careers to the next level by enhancing their latest knowledge of concepts like the internet of things(IoT), Digital Marketing, artificial intelligence, etc.
Also, they have experienced and certified faculties which is very important!
They also encourage all the trainers to upgrade their technical skills constantly mainly to maintain their industry expertise.

Contact Details

  • Address: No. 239A, Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose Road, Naktala, Tollygunge, Kolkata – 700047
  • Email:
  • Website:

2nd: Soc Softech

Soc Softech institute has a response of 83% and 2 years of experience.
Also, their excellent training methods prepare students for the job market.
In addition to the best and the top technical training, they also prepare all the candidates for a personal interview!
Their team believes that the training is an art that should be provided by the best technical expert.
SoC Softech is a training company in artificial intelligence and also data science.
Also, they offer training and internships in projects on artificial intelligence topics!

At this Training institute, they believe it is important to provide high-quality, modern classroom training for future graduates and also all the talented professionals to keep them in top shape as the needs of the competitive market change day by day.
This institute provides a proven learning environment with training methods including the detailed course material.
Also, they charge very little as compared to the other institutes.

Contact Details

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