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IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad

Searching for the IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad? Here’s the list of the Top 7 IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad drafted and crafted by the WAC’s research team to help you make the right decision and crack the IPMAT Exam. Enrolling in IPMAT coaching will help in increasing the chances of success.

What is IPMAT?

IIM Indore manages an integrated program in the Management test (IPMAT). In IPMAT exams, aspirants are selected based on the marks they fetch in exams and personal interviews. Every year thousands of aspirants apply for this exam, and hardly a few of them manage to pass. Hence, students need to get good guidance and help from the best IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad. Without proper guidance, students get confused about clear this entrance; one requires sound knowledge and tricks to know the techniques to solve questions quickly.

Therefore, WAC has researched and provided you a list of top IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad to decide which coaching center is good for you. You don’t waste time searching for the best one for yourself because we have already done a lot of spadework and prepared this list for you, which will clear all your doubts regarding which coaching center to choose.

Why Choose IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad?

Looking for the best coaching center to help you prepare for the IPMAT exam in Hyderabad? Look no further than our IPMAT coaching center in Hyderabad. We offer a comprehensive curriculum designed to help you excel on the exam and gain admission into the top IIMs in the country. Our experienced faculty is dedicated to providing you with the tools and strategies you need to succeed on the IPMAT exam. Our teaching methodology emphasizes problem-solving and critical thinking skills, which are essential for success in the exam.

Additionally, our coaching center provides personalized attention and support to each student to ensure that they receive the best possible coaching experience. We offer regular practice tests and mock exams to simulate the real exam experience and help students get familiar with the exam format.

  • Hyderabad is considered a city of “High Tech.” The city consists of various religions, cultures as well as different work ethics. The city is known for consisting of renowned institutions for different genres of examination.
  • The city consists of top-class infrastructure, education opportunities, and expert supervision, which helps in the educational growth of the candidates in various sectors. Hyderabad has been consistently trying to provide the best educational facilities to the students.
  • The life of IPMAT aspirants in Hyderabad is very sorted. The city provides the best educational institutions, educational sources, convenient modes of transportation, and best hostel facilities for the aspirants to live peacefully in the city can pursue their ambition.
  • According to the research, around 16,000 applicants appeared for the IPMAT entrance out of 18000 students every year.
  • The aspirants tend to choose the best IPMAT Coaching for themselves and study for the examination of IPMAT while staying in the hostel facility provided by the city.
  • There are numerous institutes for Top IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad. There are many institutions in Hyderabad, and hence, to stand out, the quality of education is superb and up to mark, the best in the country. The variety of institutions consists of topmost educational infrastructure, updated syllabus, appropriate study material, and experts of the same genre, which helps the candidates grab the best education to clear the examination of IPMAT.
  • The city consists of some of the finest institutions providing education at a low cost for the candidates. The city also offers various kinds of loans, scholarships, and different financial schemes to needy ones.
  • Hyderabad is home to numerous coaching institutes that offer IPMAT coaching. With so many options to choose from, it can be challenging to find the right coaching institute that meets your needs. However, by doing some research and evaluating each institute based on factors such as faculty experience, teaching methodology, curriculum, and success rate, you can find the best coaching institute to help you prepare for the IPMAT exam.
    Each coaching institute has its strengths and weaknesses, and it’s essential to find one that aligns with your learning style and goals. Some coaching institutes focus on a more theoretical approach, while others emphasize practical problem-solving skills. Therefore, it’s crucial to evaluate the teaching methodology of each institute to find one that aligns with your strengths and weaknesses.

    • The average fees of candidates for the three years are around 4,00,000 per annum for Indian candidates and about 6,00,000 for international applicants. This fee includes lectures, lodging, internet facilities, as well as library fees.
    • The average cost of living for a candidate may vary due to various facilities and advantages given by the Institution for the needy candidates, which include scholarships etc.
    • The ROI depends on the time of qualifying for the examination. After preparing for the examination, the return of investment comes according to the hard work of the candidates and their ranking system.
    • The marking decides the after results of the candidates, and the investment gets compensated, which was spent on the course. The candidate, after gaining the invested money can then make way for saving once the invested amount is received.

    How To Choose the Best IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad?

    In this article, you have come across many institutes for IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad, but selecting the coaching institute that will help you secure admission to your dream b-school is of utmost importance. You need to join a coaching institute that will create a strong foundation and provide in-depth knowledge on topics. This will ensure that you are ready for all the challenges on exam day.

    We have listed down some essential factors that you can look into to decide the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad for yourself:

    Hyderabad is a bustling metropolitan city in India and is home to many renowned IPMAT coaching institutes. Choosing the right coaching center can significantly improve a student’s chances of cracking the entrance exam and securing admission to their desired management program. To evaluate the best IPMAT coaching institutes in Hyderabad, students need to consider various factors such as the reputation of the coaching institute, the qualification and experience of the faculty, the teaching methodology, the availability of study materials, the success rate of the institute, and the affordability of the coaching fees. In this article, we aim to provide some useful information on the factors for evaluating the best IPMAT coaching institutes in Hyderabad, ensuring students make an informed decision while selecting the right coaching center.

    Fees are one of the primary deciding factors for choosing the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad. Every coaching institute charges differently depending upon its course structure and brand name, but some institutes for IPMAT coaching in Mumbai charge preposterously. Hence it becomes critical to understand what the institute is providing and whether paying such high fees is worth it and has a good return value.

    One of the basic requirements of IPMAT is the prevailing knowledge of current affairs and exam syllabus and pattern changes. This brings the study material into the picture as it plays a key role in preparing aspirants for D-day. Good study material with adequate attention on current affairs proves to be helpful in the overall knowledge gaining of the student. Aspirants should only refer to the updated and current study material.

    A coaching institute providing its study material is the best as it will also contain shortcuts and tips for exam preparation and is preferred.

    The faculty that a coaching institute has plays a significant role in transferring knowledge to the aspirants. An experienced faculty knows the best, simplest, and easiest way of teaching the concept to the students. Many institutes have faculty members from reputed institutes like IIM, XLRI, and IIT and are experienced, which adds to the prestige of the coaching institutes. Such faculties teach you how to use shortcuts and tricks to your advantage. Experienced faculty also provides a good learning experience to the students along with better guidance.

    Experienced faculty are also up-to-date with the current exam and teaching trends. Hence, it would help if you always chose a coaching institute with experienced faculty to enrich the educational experience.

    The past results of the coaching institute provide an idea about the performance and accomplishments of the institute. The past results play a prominent role in trusting the institute and trusting their claims and promises. A good pass percentage shows that the institute holds onto its promises, and it can be considered a good option for yourself.

    You can also look at the past performance trends of the institutes and then take a call on the final institution that you feel is the best IPMAT coaching class in Hyderabad.

    Support facilities should not be neglected and considered a determining factor in choosing the best IPMAT coaching classes in Hyderabad. Support facilities provided by the coaching institutes differ from institute to institute, and you can choose which of these support services are important for you. These facilities facilitate the preparation for the exam and make the journey easier and simpler. You can visit the website to know about the support facilities in detail. 

    • Interacting with the current and past students of the institutes will help you to get a better insight into the methodology of their teaching and the faculty. These students will provide genuine feedback and also tell you how satisfied they are with the institute.
    • Before enrolling in any institute, you should make it a point to attend their demo lectures. Demo lectures will help you understand their teaching style, and you will get to know about their best faculty. Most of the institutes provide demo lectures, and they should be preferred.
    • You should research about all the institutes on your level to get a better understanding about the institutes by looking up on their website and deciding whether it meets your requirements. This will help you to identify the best suitable coaching institute for yourself, and you will also be able to start your preparation with a certain amount of faith in the institute
    • All the factors that have been listed above should be evaluated as it will you’re your work of choosing the best IPMAT coaching classes in Hyderabad easier. It will also help you in selecting the best institute for yourself.

    WAC’s 7 Best IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad

    The Institution’s / Organization’s Ranking done by WAC is a result of the research done by our team. It is totally Independent of the Rankings done by the Govt. Bodies. If any Institute has any Queries regarding any Information Updates or has conflicting ideas regarding Ranking positions, can contact us. Email at rishabh@wac.co.in or Call on +91-9818198188.

    So in your search of the IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad, we are suggesting you the 7 Best IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad:

    IPMAT Coaching In Hyderabad

    Rank 1: VPROV

    VPROV, an invaluable institute with a veracious educationalist Prof Rajesh (2006 CAT Topper, B.E, MBA, LLB, Ph.D.) as its Founder & Director, is undoubtedly the best IPMAT and BBA/MBA ENTRANCE coaching institute in India.

    VPROV, with 76 learning centers in India and 9 overseas complemented by a qualified team, has sent hundreds of students to IIMs. They also train students on CAT, GRE, GMAT, CLAT, SAT, and NRA-CET. If you get into “Prof Rajesh’s 100 Batch,” wherein Prof Rajesh himself trains the student, then you are almost into TOP IIMs.

    Mode of Training: Class Room and LIVE online.

    • 76 Learning Centres in India
    • 80+ Interview sessions
    • 100+ Quizzes
    • 200+ Mocks
    • 400+ Sessions
    • 800+ Assignments
    • Complimentary Access to Non-IPMAT Mocks
    • 1000+ VPROV Students in top BBA colleges
    • IPMAT
    • DUJAT
    • NPAT
    • CUET

    VPROV has got 1500+ Pages of Copyrighted content delivered to students via books apart from online content. Three levels of testing on each topic with national-level rankings elucidate students’ on-ground reality of competition.

    • Why is it Better/worse (Honest and Unbiased Review)?

    WAC recommends VPROV for IPMAT Coaching for the following reasons;

    • VPROV has sent 100+ students into IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak.
    • VPROV’S integrated BBA entrance course (i.e Class 11th, Class 12th and IPMAT PREP) is the finest integrated course in India.
    • Training Module not only helps students to crack IPMAT but also other top BBA entrance exams like DUJAT, SET, NPAT and CUET.
    • Students can switch to classroom mode from Live online mode or vice versa as per one’s convenience.
    • Even the back up sessions are conducted in ‘Live online mode’.
    • Last but by no means least ; Pre-eminent materials of VPROV bolsters student’s ‘critical reasoning ability skills’.

    VPROV has got 1500+ Pages of Copyrighted content delivered to students via books apart from online content. Three levels of testing on each topic with national-level rankings which elucidates Students on-ground reality of competition.

    Contact Details

    • Address: 302/A, Fortune Signature Towers, Beside JNTU Metrostation, Hyderabad, Telangana – 500085
    • Mobile: 8884008880
    • Mail: youremail@gmail.com
    • Website: www.vprov.com
    • Social Links: Facebook, Twitter

    IPMAT Coaching In Hyderabad

    Rank 2: Career Launcher

    Career Launcher has been training and molding students in building their careers for 25 years. Career Launcher assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. Their core ideology is to focus attention on academic excellence, domain expertise, and technological innovation. They have more than 250 test-prep centers in 115+ cities in India. Career Launcher has various batches from online to offline and weekdays to the weekend to cater to the different needs of the students.

    Career Launcher has various topic tests, section-wise tests, and mock tests to gauge their performance and improve for the D-Day. The coaching for the exam can be started according to the student’s choice by selecting the target year of the exam and choosing an appropriate course plan for the same. It also has highly professional and educated faculty, including IIT-IIM Alumni. Career Launcher also has an AI-based online learning platform to access all the exam-related books, videos, webinars, live classes, and tests online on the forum.

    At Career Launcher, the student can choose from the level of coaching one requires to the highest level of coaching they provide through Smart IPM Cracker. In the Smart IPM Cracker, the students can learn from expert CL faculty online with various recorded videos and smart problem-solving techniques. The student can also access the test series or the books and material required for the exam.

    • It offers various types of coaching as per the student’s requirements like online, offline, weekend batches, weekday batches, and test series only. The student can choose to learn as per their comfort.
    • It has an AI-based online learning platform where the students can access the recorded videos and topic tests, section-wise tests, and mock tests. The tests are designed by expert CL faculty, and they are regularly updated as per the feedback provided by IPM toppers.
    • It focuses on conceptual learning for the exam and focuses on the overall grooming of the student for the professional world.
    • It also conducts All-India tests to get a national rank and for the students to compare with thousands of other students.
    • It also ensures that the students get updated study material due to the ever-changing exam pattern.
    • If the student opts for online classes, they get access to Masterclass Recordings, where the best CL faculty from all over India teach the concepts.
    • MBA
    • LAW
    • BBA/ IPMAT
    • UPSC
    • SSC
    • Banking
    • GATE
    • GRE
    • GMAT
    • IELTS
    • SAT

    Career Launcher provides updated study material to the students, which can also be accessed on their AI-based online learning platform.

    Career Launcher has highly educated faculty, including IIT-IIM Alumni. Some popular faculty :

    • Mr. Satya Narayanan R – CL Chairman, IIM-B Alumni
    • Mr. Gautam Puri – CL Vice-Chairman, IIM-B Alumni
    • R. Shiva Kumar – CL Chief Academic Officer, IIM-C Alumni

    Career Launcher has groomed lakhs of students to the path of a successful career in various fields.

    4.9 Out of 5

    Contact Details

    IPMAT Coaching In Hyderabad

    Rank 3: Kompass Junior College

    Kompass Junior College provides professional education to MEC and CEC students. Kompass Junior College assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. It focuses on delivering high-quality education for successful careers in Law, Management, Social Sciences, Hospitality, and Commerce. At Kompass Junior College, the unique teaching method helps the students build a solid foundation for their careers. They use an innovative approach to prepare the students and make them aware of admissions in reputed institutes.

    Kompass Junior College aims to create a solid knowledge foundation through academic research and give students hands-on experience with the help of real-world challenges. Kompass Junior College ensures that they provide a world-class education to its students by using technology, hiring expert faculty, and real-world application.

    Kompass Junior College conducts a 4-step test to help students decide their career path through the psychometric test, aptitude test followed by an interview, and concluding with admission offer. They focus on grooming the students academically and conduct guest lectures, industry visits, and outbound activities for personality development and make them ready for the corporate world. It uses an integrated approach for all round-development where a continuation of school-based learning is followed.

    • It has experienced and highly educated faculty, including Alumni from XLRI, IIT, HCU, and doctorate holders.
    • They have the hygienic environment to adhere to the current environmental challenges with only 25 students in a class.
    • It has classroom training accompanied by online classes and testing.
    • It focuses on online training as well as online learning. It also conducts online mock tests and question banks to help students prepare for the entrance exam.
    • They have an automated tool where details of the student’s progress can be accessed.
    • They use a strength-based approach by conducting the 4-step test to help students gain the right skill sets.
    • They also have guest lectures, outbound activities, and industry visits for practical training and gaining real-world experiences.
    • to Law CEC,
    • MEC,
    • HEC, and
    • Preparation for exams related, Management, Hospitality, Social Sciences, and Commerce.

    Kompass Junior College provides updated study material to its students.

    Kompass Junior College has highly educated and experienced faculty, including Alumni from IIT, XLRI, HCU, and doctorate holders.

    Kompass Junior College has helped thousands of students to decide their career paths and have a successful career. It has also helped many students to get admission to their dream colleges.

    4.5 Out of 5

    Contact Details

    IPMAT Coaching In Hyderabad

    Rank 4: Abhyaas

    Abhyaas institute is one of the renowned and pioneer coaching centres in Hyderabad. It is said to be one of the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad, which provides good quality education to their students for competitive exams such as CLAT, CAT, IELTS, GRE, and many more.

    Abhyaas institute support and helps aspirants clear their exams easily and allows candidates to perform well in their exams for many years. This coaching center was established by NIT and IIM alumnus. The institute provides coaching for many courses as per the demand of their students.

    Abhyaas institute provides online and face-to-face coaching to their students and conducts online mock tests, making this institute a better place for education. The central vision of Abhyaas academy is to make their presence worldwide and provide assistance to more than 1 lakh students every year. The institute even focuses on upgrading the skills and potential of its students. Abhyaas institute enables to build of perspective, learning, and develop individuals and organizations skills to make a significant impact on the pioneer knowledge model.

    • Abhyaas institute provides quality education to their students and makes sure to promote their lifelong learning.
    • Abhyaas institute provides qualified and highly experienced professionals who assist aspirants in the best possible manner.
    • Abhyaas institute provides both online and face-to-face coaching to their students.
    • Abhyaas institute provides regular test sessions, which helps the institute keep a check on students’ performance.
    • GRE Prep
    • IELTS Prep
    • CAT Prep

    Abhyaas institute’s faculty prepares exam-oriented study materials for their students.

    The list of Abhyaas institute’s faculty :

    • Naresh Dubbudu
    • Padma Parupudi
    • Rakesh Kumar Dubbudu
    • Sirisha Dubbudu

    Abhyaas institute has a brilliant track record in helping students in Hyderabad to clear their exams.

    4.5 Out of 5

    Contact Details

    IPMAT Coaching In Hyderabad

    Rank 5: CAT Guru 

    CAT Guru is a well-known institute of MBA entrance exams. It is considered one of the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad. The institute provides top coaching for all kinds of MBA entrance exams and even for bank exams, etc.

    CAT Guru has over 15 years of experience assisting aspirants for MBA, GMAT, GRE, and other competitive exams. The institute’s trainers have trained more than 1lakh students for many exams.

    • CAT Guru institute provides coaching, which includes training of more than 120 hours.
    • CAT Guru institute provides experienced trainers who have more than 10 years of experience in assisting students.
    • CAT Guru’s video archives are just like a library that guides students for better understanding.
    • CAT Guru has an app that assists students 24*7.
    • CAT Guru faculty provides good maths techniques to their students to do maths quickly and learn how to solve sums efficiently.
    • CAT Guru encourages filling the registration form to clear their queries on time.

    CAT Guru institute assists with all the entrance exams for MBAs like CAT, GRE, GMAT, and many more. If you want to know about our courses in detail then kindly visit our website http://www.catguru.in/

    CAT Guru provides exam-oriented and authentic study materials to their students.

    CAT Guru institute assists lakhs of students every year, and they have an excellent record of students performing well in exams.

    4.6 Out of 5

    Contact Details

    • Address: CAT Guru, 515, Aditya Enclave, Nilgiri Block, Ameerpet, Hyderabad, Telangana 500016.
    • Mobile: +91 8309053208
    • Mail: contact@catguru.in
    • Website: http://www.catguru.in/

    IPMAT Coaching In Hyderabad

    Rank 6: Mythri’s Management Academy

    Mythri’s Management Academy is said to be one of the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad. The main objective of our academy is to train aspirants to manage their entrance exams such as NMAT, CAT, MAT, XAT, GMAT, and many more. The institute is assisting students for five years, and it has made its name within this short period.

    Mythri’s Management Academy in Hyderabad has made its style successful and has established good relationships with its students through their excellent teaching dedication, method, and commitment. The institute provides the best infrastructure to its students by providing the best online and classroom training. The institute is known mainly for training students for MBA entrance exams. The institute offers brilliant and experienced teachers to assist their students.

    • Mythri’s Management Academy has a classroom that has a digital setup.
    • Mythri’s Management Academy has experienced and highly qualified faculty.
    • Mythri’s Management Academy provides the facility of weekend batches for students who are working professionals.
    • Mythri’s Management Academy is intensive during the preparation of CAT exams.
    • Mythri’s Management Academy provides 24*7 helpline support to their students through online mode.
    • Mythri’s Management Academy conducts regular mock tests to help students to prepare well in exams.
    • CAT
    • XAT
    • ICET
    • MAT
    • KMAT
    • CMAT
    • NMT
    • SNAP
    • IBSAT
    • IPMAT

    Mythri’s Management Academy provides the best and exam-oriented materials to its students.

    Mythri’s Management Academy’s top percentiles for CAT is 99.19%, and that for MAT is 99.97%.

    4.5 Out of 5

    Contact Details

    • Address: 234, 235, Alluri Trade Centre, Just near South India Mall, KPHB, Telangana, Hyderabad 72
    • Mobile: +91 829 730 7850, +91 767 496 1464, 040-48534333
    • Mail: enquiry.mythrisacademy@gmail.com, info@mythrisacademy.com
    • Website: https://mythrisacademy.com/
    • Social Links: Facebook

    IPMAT Coaching In Hyderabad

    Rank 7: IMS

    IMS was formed in 2000 and has assisted around 20 thousand plus students in approximately eighteen years; the institute has shaped many students’ careers and success stories. IMS helps train students for international and national entrance exams for MBAs such as GMAT, CAT, and others for more than 10 years.

    IMS teachers are highly trained and experienced and provide personal attention to their students to clear their doubts immediately. The institute‘s teachers are full-time experts who create a good learning experience for their students. IMS institute is designed in such a way that the faculty provides personal attention to their students. The institute aims to assist students beyond education and gives them assistance for their future careers too. The institute provides good infrastructure, is fully air-conditioned and spacious, and offers good study plans to its students.

    IMS institute has 90+ branches in India; without any doubt, it can be said that IMS is the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad. The institute’s centers in Hyderabad are located strategically to travel with ease from anywhere across the city. IMS is proud to state that their students are one the leading experts in their field across the country.

    • IMS provides entrance exam training as per the needs of their students. Therefore, they keep customizing their training as per students’ requirements. IMS delivers both classroom and online coaching to its students.
    • IMS’s classroom teaching has the same features; the only change in this teaching method is the duration of classroom time.
    • IMS’s offline teaching has common characteristics such as test sessions and materials; the online module is provided with more than 5,500 test questions, videos, and other factors.
    • IMS provides brilliant and experienced faculty who assist students, provide personal attention, and quickly solve their queries.
    • IMS provides the giant infrastructure to their students with air-conditioned and spacious classrooms.
    • IMS provides access to computer labs so that students can use all resources available online.

    IMS Institute provides training for all the MBA entrance exams such as:

    • Aptitude & Reasoning,
    • BBA/ BMA/ CLAT prep
    • IELTS
    • TOEFL
    • CAT
    • GRE
    • GMAT, and many more.

    If you want to know about our courses in detail then kindly visit our website https://www.imsindia.com

    IMS Institute provides its study materials to its students, which are exam-oriented.

    IMS institute has a good history of training students across India, as most of their students perform brilliantly in their exams.

    4.9 Out of 5

    Contact Details

    • Address:
    • Phone No:
    • Email:
    • Website:


    The content published on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team. The parameters of the research and the content structure are devised by What After College’s Research Team and it is not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies. This research has purely been done by a third party. Kindly contact at +91-87502-55666 to make desired changes in the contact information related to your college.

    Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 7 Best IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad?

    The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) is a national-level entrance exam for admission to the five-year integrated management program. Preparing for IPMAT requires rigorous training, guidance, and support from experienced mentors. WAC’s 7 best IPMAT coaching centers in Hyderabad are renowned for their quality education, personalized attention, and success rate. Opting for WAC’s coaching centers can significantly enhance a student’s chances of cracking the entrance exam and securing admission to their desired management program. In this article, we will discuss why one should opt for WAC’s 7 best IPMAT coaching centers in Hyderabad and the benefits that students can avail of by choosing these coaching centers.

    All Other Best IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad

    If you can’t enter into the top 7, there are still many options left, and they also produce good IPMAT officers.


    Other 1: T.I.M.E

    Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd. (T.I.M.E.) institute is one of the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad. The institute was established in 1992; currently, the institute operates in around 118 cities globally and has about 237 centers. The institute’s headquarters are in Hyderabad.

    T.I.M.E institute always keeps an eye on the market. It keeps tracking them, as the institute has introduced various training programs for clerical, CLAT, Bank PO, and various other competitive exams. The institute has made a record of training twenty-two lakh aspirants since its formation and around one lakh fifty thousand students for many other entrance exams.

    T.I.M.E institute has a brilliant track record of students clearing their exams with ease. Around 2429 students of their institute were a part of the flagship program, whereas 12 students got 100 percentile in 2016.

    • T.I.M.E institute is located at various locations and provides various courses for preparing for MBA entrance exams.
    • T.I.M.E institute provides both classroom and online modes of education.
    • T.I.M.E institute conducts a classroom for solving the problem and solve problems quickly.
    • T.I.M.E institute creates a good atmosphere for students to study and interact with their teachers comfortably.
    • T.I.M.E institute has a structured and discipline timetable that helps students complete their syllabus on time and stay on track.
    • T.I.M.E institute’s faculty are highly trained and experienced and handles students’ problems with ease.
    • T.I.M.E institute provides detailed study materials and covers the entire syllabus.
    • T.I.M.E institute conducts various seminars and workshops.
    • MBA entrance exams like CAT, GRE, Aptitude, etc.
    • Bank exams
    • GATE
    • CLAT
    • IPM
    • IIT Foundation
    • NEET
    • JEE (Adv and Mains)
    • State board/ICSE/CBSE Tuitions

    T.I.M.E. Institute provides detailed study materials and covers the entire syllabus.

    T.I.M.E. institutes have a brilliant track record of students clearing their exams with ease. Around 2429 students of their institute were a part of the flagship program, whereas 12 students from their institute got 100 percentiles in 2016. 

    4.5 Out of 5


    Other 2: Byju’s

    Byju’s is one of the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad; it is renowned and has made its goodwill. Byju’s is an Indian multinational educational company, and its headquarters are in Bengaluru. The company was established in the year 2011. The institute is the world’s most valuable company. The market capitalization of Byju’s is $15 billion.

    Byju’s is a top priority for students at all levels of education, be it school, college, or postgraduate. It is a top priority for MBA entrance exams too. At Byju’s, the learning process is straightforward with the help of technology. They have a brilliant team of experts who makes their learning impactful in magnificently innovative ways.

    • Byju’s faculty is India’s best mentors, which exclusively guide their students.
    • Byju provides the best mentors with the best qualitative approach for preparing for entrance exams.
    • Byju provides unique study materials and focuses on good techniques of teaching like shortcuts, strategies which help students to prepare for exams easily.
    • Byju’s has innovative workshops which help the student to predict the kind of questions that are going to come in the exam.
    • Byju’s has an exclusive tab with lessons that cover the whole syllabus, from where students can study from their place.
    • Byju’s has an app that contains test papers and analyses of important weak and strong areas.
    • Classes 1st to 12th across various boards
    • MBA entrance exams
    • IAS and UPSC
    • Government and Bank Exams
    • JEE and NEET 

    Byju provides detailed materials and lectures to their students, which are exam-oriented, which help them to clear their MBA exams and join the best college in India.

    Byju’s is one of the most preferred platforms for competitive exam coachings with 100% student satisfaction as they provide a smooth and efficient method of learning.

    4.8 Out of 5

    Crack IIM

    Other 3: Crack IIM

    Crack IIM is considered one of the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad. The institute’s logo says a lot in three words: analyze, assist, assure. The main objective of Crack IIM is to provide quality education to MBA aspirants and help them in such a way that they get admission In top MBA schools. Crack IIM provides brilliant and highly experienced faculty that adopts unique teaching techniques along with updated study materials.

    Crack IIM was formed by experts of ISB alumni who are the known MBA entrance company. This IPMAT Coaching has a team of experts who assist many aspirants to get admission in premium international colleges like ISB, Standford, NUS, Kellogg.

    • Crack IIM encourages aspirants to start preparing for their entrance exams as early as possible to get the best training for their exams.
    • Crack IIM provides long-term seminars that contain essential concepts, building foundations, and strategies like conducting tests and revision classes.
    • Crack IIM entrance exams training is for 200+ hours; the institutes train their students to aim at 99+%.
    • Crack IIM provides comprehensive materials to their students, covering the entire syllabus of MBA entrance exams in detail.
    • Crack IIM provides individual attention to their students; as their batch sizes are petite in each batch, they keep a maximum of 15 students and make proper study plans and regular feedback sessions.
    • Crack IIM even provides scholarships to deserving students.

    Crack IIM provides training for all the MBA entrance exams such as aptitude & reasoning, CAT, GRE, GMAT, and many more. If you want to know about our courses in detail then kindly visit our website https://www.crackiim.com/

    Crack IIM provides comprehensive materials to their students which cover the entire syllabus of MBA entrance exams in detail.

    Crack IIM has a brilliant track record of training lakhs of aspirants preparing for MBA entrance exams.

    4.5 Out of 5

    IIM Skills

    Other 4: IIM Skills

    IIM Skills is one of the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad. The institute helps students to believe in themselves. The institute helps students to build confidence and prepare them for their upcoming future.

    IIM Skills helps students with end-to-end solutions and helps them enter a good B school in every possible way. This allows students to fetch good marks in MBA entrance. IIM skills will enable students to walk through this journey, shape their careers, and help them grow themselves in the future.

    IIM Skills has five years of experience in teaching and has trained more than 14,000 students from more than 30 countries and had held around more than 2500 programs for training.

    • IIM Skills follows a systematic process for training students for MBA entrance exams.
    • IIM Skills conducts online exams for students, and through these tests, the student’s strengths and weaknesses can be assessed.
    • IIM Skills conducts an entrance test through which faculty assess student’s skills, and according to that study, plans are made for them.
    • IIM Skills makes plans as per the needs of students and which best fit their needs. The institute understands the kinds of CAT aspirants; few are freshers, some are professionals or re-takers.
    • IIM Skills batches are very flexible.
    • IIM Skills provides both classroom and online classes to their students.
    • IIM Skills expert teachers will guide students by teaching them good techniques to solve complex and challenging problems.
    • IIM Skills provides students have access to all the study materials from anywhere.
    • IIM Skills teachers create a good learning environment and help students to solve their doubts, group discussions, and good practice sessions to brief them properly.
    • IIM Skills provides many lessons.
    • CAT Preparation Coaching
    • Digital Marketing Course
    • Content Writing Course
    • GST Certification Course

    IIM Skills provides materials to their students to access 24*7 online, and these materials are exam-oriented.

    IIM Skill institute has a brilliant track record of assisting lakhs of aspirants every year, and they help them pass their entrance exams with ease.

    4.1 Out of 5

    Alternative for Best IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad

    Apart from Hyderabad, other places which are suitable for preparing for IPMAT exams are Kolkata and Mumbai. These cities are also renowned for providing one of the best IPMAT coaching centers as it provides good quality education and has also gained goodwill in these years.

    If you are willing to prepare for IPMAT exams from some other place, then please visit our WAC-made articles, which will help you to know more about it in detail.

    These days every institute provides online coaching classes.

    • The online classes benefit students by providing them with recorded lectures which they can access whenever they want to and due to which they don’t miss any lecture.
    • The online classes benefit students by helping them to save a lot of time and energy, which they waste in travelling.
    • The online classes benefit students by providing them with materials for their exams by many mediums such as hard copies, audio and video files, and PDFs.
    • Live interaction with their teachers is not possible in online classes
    • Doubt clearing sessions are also not possible in online classes
    • After seeing both the advantages and disadvantages now, you have to decide which mode of coaching is helpful for you.

    Frequently Asked Questions about IPMAT Exam

    It is possible to clear the examination of IPMAT without a coaching center. Still, for having the proper and updated knowledge of all the concepts and skills, the candidate must opt an appropriate coaching class for the examination. The coaching center consists of various experts who help the candidates to polish themselves in academic aspects. As well as provide sufficient material and conducts a test to know the learning status of the candidates, which is not possible in self-study. 

    Some essential tips to prepare for mathematics IPMAT are as mentioned below-

    • Identify your strength in various topics and work as well as focus on all those topics first.
    • Start your preparation at a proper time; don’t wait till the end of the board examination. Study for 1-2 hours daily. 
    • Select best, reputed, and known series for IPMAT tests such as Sample papers, test papers, and mock papers. 
    • Solve last year’s IPMAT paper for a better idea. 
    • Study Arithmetic as well as Algebra, and do not forget or leave these topics.
    • Make a proper study plan and execute it. 

    A science stream candidate can quickly appear for the IPMAT examination. As the essential criteria for eligibility are- 

    • Age: the candidate must be born after 01 August 1999. 
    • Exam qualification: the candidate must have qualified XII as well as HSC. 
    • The candidate must take the proper coaching classes for the systematic study procedure for clearing the IPMAT examination. 
    • The candidate Must work on the Aptitude test, logical reasoning, and proficiency in Mathematics and English to clear the examination more easily. 

    In the Quantitative ability aspect, the IPMAT examination is considered more difficult than the CAT examination as IPMAT also consists of word type of problem in large numbers, which is lengthier and time-consuming and consists of Algebra and Geometry types questions. In contrast, there are varieties of questions such as word-based questions and number-dominated questions in the CAT examination. 

    IPMAT examination syllabus includes-

    Qualitative ability :
    The topics covered under qualitative ability are as mentioned below-

    • Distance, work, and time 
    • Mensuration & Geometry
    • Profit and loss, percentage 
    • Set theory 
    • Number system 
    • Time and speed 
    • Data interpretation

    Verbal ability : 
    The topics covered under verbal abilities are as mentioned below-

    • Word usage 
    • Paragraph completion 
    • Reading comprehension
    • Para jumble
    • Grammar as well as fill in the blanks 

    The registration process of the IPMAT examination requires the below-mentioned documents and information while filling up the forms. 

    Contact number: apart from mentioning the email id, the candidate must fill in the mobile number. 

    Valid Email information: while filling IPMAT application form, the candidate must provide a valid and accessible email id. The candidate can use any email id such as. 

    • Hotmail.com
    • Gmail.com
    • Yahoo.com
    • Rediff.com

    Picture and a signature: the candidate must attach a scanned copy of their signature and a recent picture in the given format. 

    While filling the form, the candidate must have the following documents-

    • Pan card 
    • Adhaar card 
    • Voter Id card 
    • Driving license 

    Bank details: after the completion of the form, the candidate must pay the given amount fees by any mode possible such as-

    • Debit card 
    • Credit card 
    • Net banking 

    IPMAT examination is considered a national level examination headed by The Indian Institution of Management in concern of admitting the eligible candidates for their five-year course of the integrated management program. This examination is also known as the most rigid examination, which requires proper knowledge, study, skills, and preparation to qualify for this examination. 

    More Frequently Asked Questions about Best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad

    Which institute is best for IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad?

    Various institutes are said best for IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad. We have ranked the 7 Best of them in this article. Rank 1 is considered to be the best.

    How much do institutes for IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad charge?

    The fee structure of each institute is different. Here, we have disclosed the fees of every Best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad.

    Which IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad provides the best study material?

    All the institutes in our Best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad’s list provide good study material, but Rank 1 has been considered the best among students.

    Is Hyderabad perfect for IPMAT coaching?

    Hyderabad has been called the best place to go for IPMAT coaching many times in the past. IPMAT coaching institutes in this city have produced a large number of IPMAT’s to date. Here, you will find the 7 Best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad.

    How would I know whether the timings for the best IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad will suit me or not?

    We have specified the timings of each IPMAT Coaching in Hyderabad in our article. You can join the one that best suits your requirements & needs.