7 Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad For The Best UPSC Coaching in Hyderabad

Top 7 IAS Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad

Top 7 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad is an article drafted and crafted by WAC’s Research team as more and more students are finding Professional Training in order to crack the UPSC exam with the best marks possible. Getting into the Best IAS Coaching Centres in Hyderabad can give any student an edge over others and it is really beneficial for any student to join the top IAS coaching in Hyderabad.

An IAS Aspirant goes through various factors before choosing an institute for preparation. We have listed out some factors and a list of IAS Coaching in Hyderabad.

Union Public Service Commission commonly called UPSC is India’s premier recruiting department for the Government of India. The UPSC is responsible for conducting and employing civil servants for All India Services. Indian Administrative Services (IAS), is a dream for millions of students all across the country. Students like you, are the future of the Civil Services of our nation and it’s important for you to get the best possible guidance and training in order to succeed at your dream.

Many IAS aspirants have a lot of questions for selecting an appropriate coaching and training center while preparing for the IAS exams like, what is the best coaching center in their city, how to select the Best IAS coaching centres in Hyderabad, which city to prefer to prepare for the IAS exams and so on.

But now, you don’t have to spend hours on the computer looking for these answers because we have done that for you. WAC team has come up with an unbiased IAS coaching center judgment metric to provide you with a clear and well-researched list of Best IAS coaching centres in Hyderabad for you to choose your ideal fit

IAS Coaching in Hyderabad

Hyderabad is not only an IIT station now but it is also emerging as a hub for IAS coaching across India. During the past few years, demand for IAS as a career option has increased in Hyderabad significantly. Hundreds of new Best IAS coaching centres in Hyderabad have emerged in the city with a vision to enroll Telugu-speaking candidates across Andhra Pradesh and Hyderabad in civil services at the national level.

After Delhi, the Maximum Number of Students are enrolling themselves in different IAS coaching in Hyderabad. It is one of the most popular destinations for IAS Aspirant since the cost of living in Hyderabad is very much affordable. The State Government of Hyderabad has also initiated various schemes to make IAS coaching in Hyderabad affordable and accessible for underprivileged and minority IAS aspirants. 

The UPSC and Civil Services Examinations are the most prestigious examinations in our country that give you an incredible opportunity to become a part of the team of individuals driving the nation. It gives you control, popularity, distinction, reputation in conjunction with an ocean of opportunities to do something great for your country.

The exams expect you to be accurate and informed about the current issues. The UPSC exams require you to be explanatory in a well-balanced way and to be competent in making fast and objective choices in testing circumstances. Hence, it is essential to be vigilant and explanatory while picking your Best IAS coaching in Hyderabad.

Ensure that you do intensive research around the courses and faculty, Read reviews, check the previous year’s results of the institutes to get a fairly educated thought about your chances of passing the UPSC exam through the chosen institutes.

With the increase in popularity of the civil services examination (UPSC), several coaching centres have mushroomed all over the Hyderabad corridor. Most of these centres claim to make you an IAS quickly. But, sadly that isn’t the case. Don’t fall prey to marketing gimmicks. There are several factors that contribute to the decision to choose the Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad among all the options.

Experienced Faculties not only have the edge over other teachers but they also understand the UPSC Pattern better than anyone else. They understand the importance of each and every subject and impart the same to their students. Methods and tactics used by experienced teachers help students to gain an extra edge over other competitors.

Results, most of the times show you the true picture of an institute. Past year results not only tell who cleared the IAS Exam but also how many of them were in the top rankers. We analysed results of the past 5 years of all the institute and then compiled our list of Top 7 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. Past year results also give an idea of how many students among the whole batch were able to clear the IAS Examination. Keeping all the above points in mind, past results should not be the only factor to consider when looking for an IAS Coaching in Hyderabad.

 A lot of IAS Coaching in Hyderabad charge a large amount of fee but are not able to deliver results. The amount that IAS Coaching in Hyderabad charge is a big factor for students when they consider joining an institute for IAS Coaching. Institutes like Kautilya and Preface Institute have earned a top spot in our list, reason being their good return of investment for a student.

Location is a big factor when it comes to students who come from different states to prepare for IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. All the institutes in our Top 7 IAS Coaching In Hyderabad are accessible by all means of transport. Location makes it easier not only for travelling students but for the locals too, students preparing for IAS don’t like wasting their time.

Books, Test Series and other materials are provided when a student joins an institute. Top institutes regularly updates their material according to last year’s exam and pattern. Test Series are very helpful in IAS Preparation, all the institutes among our Top 7 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad have updates material and test series.

Another way of determining if an Institute is good or not is by inquiring about it from it current batch of students. Our team talked to a lot of students in ongoing batches of IAS Coaching, and made the following list of Top 7 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. Institutes like La Excellence and Pragnya Institute were among them.

All the above factors will give you an overview of an Institute. Apart from the above factors, there is always the option of self research. Students themselves can find out if an institute is good or not if they put a little bit effort on research.


List of Top 7 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad Best IAS Coaching Centre in Hyderabad

We are going to help you in choosing the right institute in Hyderabad. You can discover a rundown list of the Top 7 IAS Coaching in Hyderabad as per our research.

Want to List Your Institute?

7Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad Rank-1 LA Excellence Coaching Centre In Hyderabad

Rank 1 LA Excellence Coaching Centre In Hyderabad

La Excellence is one of the most popular IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. While the beginnings were humble when Mr. Narendranath (IFS Officer), Dr. Rambabu Palagadu, and Dr. Chandrasekhar first decided to establish an institution known as LUFE (Let’s Unite for Excellence) in Delhi, La Excellence has come a very long way with branches in Hyderabad, Kochi, Bhopal, Thiruvananthapuram,  and Bangalore.

Specialized in Geography, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Telugu Literature, Kaneda Literature, Mathematics, and Public Administration


Check their facilities over their Youtube Channel

WAC Grading: 9/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes

WAC Grading: 10/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates

Not available

La Excellence has excellent Past results

WAC Grading: 10/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates Guest Sessions    

Yes, they have their own in-house Library Facilities

Apart from world-class infrastructure and facility, there are a few things that make La Excellence stand apart from other IAS Coaching in Hyderabad. For instance, the institute has launched a mentorship program with the help of which the institute brings the selected alumnus and current IAS students together to help students gain excellent insights about how the past students succeeded in clearing the IAS exam.

It also organizes the interaction with a number of senior IAS officers to help students get a better perspective. Moreover, the institute has also introduced CSE (Civil Service Excellence) Magazine which publishes all the latest updates about IAS exams and loads of other important information for the students.

  • Address: 1-10-223/S, Ashok Nagar Extension, Lower Tankbund, Kavadiguda, Hyderabad, Telangana 500020
  • Ph.no: 9052292929, 9052192929
  • Website : http://www.laex.in/

7 Best IAS Coaching In Hyderabad Rank-2 Pragnya IAS Academy In Hyderabad

Rank 2: Pragnya IAS Academy In Hyderabad

As per WAC surveys, Pragnya IAS Academy is considered to be one of the Most Reputed IAS Coaching In Hyderabad. It has core guiding faculty of Mr Suryanarayanamoorthy (Retd IAS), Mr Srinivas (retd IPS), Mr Prithviraj (ex-Director, e-Governance (e-Gov) Bureau- All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), and other Nation’s Best Faculty. Its current affairs magazine is one of the most selling magazines in the country.

Check the coaching schedule of Pragnya IAS Academy on http://www.pragnyaias.com/courses/courses.htm

Maximum 130 students in a batch
This is the Key for their high success rate

WAC Grading: 9/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes  

Results of the institute is really good

WAC Grading: 10/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates  

  • Recommended registering online. Few batches.
  • Registration link: www.pragnyaias.com, www.upsccivilservices.com

The Board of Directors also publishes articles in most of the Regional and National Newspapers. Pragnya IAS also Provides Satellite-based Live Telecasting and recorded sessions of all their classroom courses.

It holds the Track record for the highest success rate in South India for the years 2015-16, 2016-17 for producing the most number of successful aspirants. Pragnya IAS Academy has a presence in Bangalore, Hyderabad, and Delhi.

  • Address: No.1-10-209, First Floor, Kamala Towers, Ashok Nagar, Indira Park Road, Hyderabad, Telangana-500020.
  • Ph.no: 9880486671, 9880487071
  • Website: http://www.pragnyaias.com/

7 Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad Rank-3 Analog IAS Institute In Hyderabad

Rank 3: Analog IAS Institute In Hyderabad

Analog IAS Institute(ESTD:2002)  is considered to be the best IAS Coaching In Hyderabad. This project is the brainchild of Mr. Srikanth Vinnakota and it has the distinction of producing All India Rank 1 in 2006 (Revu Muthyala Raju, IAS). Over the years the institute has produced nearly 50-60 ranks consistently for the last 6 years which no other IAS Coaching in Hyderabad could proclaim.

Specialized in Geography, Political Science, Sociology, Mathematics, Telugu Literature, Anthropology and Public Administration

GS FEE – 95,000 8-9 Month, Optional Subject – Telugu , Political Science, Mathematics , Public Administration, Anthropology, Sociology, Geography.


Check their facilities over their Youtube Channel

WAC Grading: 9/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes-

WAC Grading: 8/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates

Not available

Yes, they have their own in-house Library Facilities

  • Recommended to register online. Few batches.
  • Registration link: https://www.analogeducation.in/batches

Results of the institute is good. Many Students Cracked UPSC exam


Check out all the coaching schedule at: https://www.analogeducation.in/batches

  • Address: House No: 1-2-288/32, 2nd Floor, Indira Park ‘X’ Road, Domalguda, Hyderabad – 500029.
  • Ph-no.-04027620440, 9912441137
  • Website: http://www.analogeducation.in/

7Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad Rank-4 RC Reddy IAS Study Circle in Hyderabad

Rank 4 : RC Reddy IAS Study Circle in Hyderabad

RC Reddy IAS Study Circle was founded by Sri R.C. Reddy who successfully guided Civil Services aspirants in securing top positions in Civil Services for the last 39 years. Over the years many of the students got selected for I.A.S., I.P.S., Central Services like I.R.S., I.A.A.S., I.R.T.S., etc, and State Services like Deputy Collectors, D.S.Ps, CTOs, A.C.T.Os, etc.

Specialized in Geography, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Telugu Literature, Kanada Literature and Public Administration

Optional:- Rs 35,400/-
General Studies only :- Rs 1, 23,900/-
Optional + GS :- Rs 1,59,300/-


WAC Grading: 9/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes

WAC Grading: 8/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates

Not available

Candidates seeking admission in our institution can register their names along with their mobile phone numbers and addresses by submitting an Application Form either personally or by e-mail.

Date of commencement of admission will be communicated to candidates through SMS to their mobile phones. Then, they can enroll by paying the fee along with Service Tax of 14 percent and submitting filled in Application Forms along with three passport size photographs.

Check Out The coaching schedule of the institute at http://www.rcreddyiasstudycircle.com/

Results of the institute is really good


  • Address: 3-6-275, Himayatnagar, Opposite Telangana Tourism Bhavan, Hyderabad – 500029, Telangana.
  • Ph-no.-04027668513, 04027612673, 09346882593
  • Website: http://www.rcreddyiasstudycircle.com

7Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad Rank 5 Brain Tree Institute In Hyderabad

Rank 5: Brain Tree Institute In Hyderabad

Founded in the year 1991, Brain Tree is one of the oldest IAS coaching centres in Hyderabad. The institute has an impressive track record of facilitating students to join Central, State and All India services. The institute is founded by V. Gopala Krishna, a renowned academician whose articles on civil services has been published in a number of national and regional newspapers and has always helped students gain excellent insights about their career in civil services.

Specialized in Anthropology and Public Administration

GS -1,15,000 including optional


WAC Grading: 9/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes

WAC Grading: 8/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates


Not available

Not available


Results of the institute is really good. Many Students Cracked UPSC exam

Ms. Smita Das (AIR Rank 4), Ms. Anindita Mitra (AIR Rank 8), Mr. Kartikeya Misra (AIR Rank 40)

  • Address: 3-6-432, Level-3, Velma Bhawan, Himayat Nagar Rd, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029
  • Ph-no.-914027644110, 09248161505
  • Website : http://www.braintreeindia.com/

7 Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad Rank-6 ALS IAS Coaching In Hyderabad

Rank 6: ALS IAS Coaching In Hyderabad

Since 26 years we have been offering the most carefully planned homeroom and online projects for General Studies, Optional Subjects and Interview Guidance. A committed group of best coaches in India for UPSC test has been our centre fitness since the commencement of ALS.

General Studies Full Year Online Program GS Online: Rs. 77,900 (Incl. of GST)General Studies Full Year Classroom Program English Medium: Rs. 80,000 + GST Integrated Program for Undergraduate Students2 Year Program: Rs.1,20,000 + GST3 Year Program: Rs.1,60,000 + GST


Classroom & Online

3-Days Free Demo Classes

WAC Grading: 9/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes

WAC Grading: 8/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates



  • Recommended registering online. Few batches.
  • Read all about the admission procedure: Click Here

Results of the institute is really good. Many Students Cracked UPSC exam

  • Address: 2nd Floor, Ashok Nagar, Above Pizza Hut, RTC Cross Road, Hyderabad, Telangana 500020
  • Phone No: +918049202413
  • Website : http://www.alsias.net/

7 Best IAS Coaching in Hyderabad Rank-7 CSB IAS Academy

Rank 7: CSB IAS Academy In Hyderabad

CSB IAS Academy was founded under the guidance of Smt. Bala Latha who has topped the UPSC exams twice. They believe that every individual is capable of achieving whatever they want at any stage of their life.

Specialized in Geography, Sociology, History, Anthropology, Telugu Literature, Kanada Literature, Mathematics and Public Administration



Check their facilities over their Youtube Channel

WAC Grading: 8.5/10
From the feedback of IAS Aspirants studying in their institutes

WAC Grading: 8/10
Through our Expert team of IIM Graduates

Strong One-o-one Mentoring

Check Out the coaching schedule of the institute http://csbias.com/

Past results of the institute are good


  • Address: Gandhi Nagar, Near Sub-Registrar Office, Hyderabad, Telangana 500080.
  • Ph.no: 9966436875, 8374232308
  • Website: http://csbias.com/


The Institution’s / Organization’s Ranking done by WAC is a result of the research done by our team. It is totally Independent of the Rankings done by the Govt. Bodies. if any Institute has any Queries regarding any Information Updates or has conflicting ideas in terms of Ranking positions can contact us. Email at rishabh@wac.co.in or Call on +91-9818198188.

Factor that Determines Your Success

As it’s one of the country’s top-notch qualifying exam, an aspirant must be equally focused, determined and have the right guidance to crack it. While the first two qualities are within oneself, the last one, “guidance” can be attained only with the help of experienced and skilled teachers. This is where the role of IAS Coaching Institutes comes into play. Institutes not only provide aspirants with study material and classes but also help them prepare in a strategic way so that the aspirant always stays on track. Other than the guidance the institutes provide to the aspirant there are several factors that determine an IAS Aspirant’s Success.

Among these factors are self-study, time management etc. Self study always trumps any kind of teaching method, the time a person invests on something when he/she is not being supervised is the most important. With self study, the aspirant becomes aware about his/her weaknesses and can then work on them to improve. Self study also helps the aspirant to manage their time in a very efficient manner.

Don’t Forget the Power Of Self-Study

While it’s no doubt that coaching centres can help you save time and guide you in the right direction when it comes to exam patterns, format and materials, you shouldn’t forget the power of self-study. Remember that the centre is just there to simplify your preparation time. However, the time you spend on studying and sharpening your skills is what matters a lot. Let the coaching centre act as your stepping stone and help you focus your efforts in the right direction and we hope that our list of Best IAS Coaching centre in Hyderabad would help you in this regards. Cheers. Want to read more IAS related articles? Find them here.


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The content published on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team. The parameters of the research and the content structure are devised by What After College’s Research Team and it is not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies. This research has purely been done by a third party. Kindly contact at 91 9818198188 to make desired changes in the contact information related to your college.

Other Notable IAS Coaching Centres In Hyderabad

1. SRI Chaitanya IAS Academy

Sri Chaitanya comprehends the difficulties engaged with clearing IAS from a wannabe’s point of view. This has helped us devise the best showing philosophy, complete educational plan, or more all convey experts who center around molding your methodology than simply your IQ. Sri Chaitanya utilizes advanced ridicules and testing modes to continually advise wannabes of their presentation levels and holes.

Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy was founded by Dr B. S. Rao Garu and Dr Jhansi Lakshmi Bai Garu in 1986. It is one of the most prestigious projects taken up by Sri Chaitanya academy, offering a six-year program to help students prepare for IAS exams early and help them clearing UPSC examination with flying colours. The growth of Sri Chaitanya IAS institute has been phenomenal in the last 33 years as it has expanded its operation across various cities in India like Bengaluru, Himachal Pradesh, etc.

  • Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy utilizes the best personnel and mentors other than character improvement experts who have demonstrated history in planning future Civil Servants.
  • Sri Chaitanya offers the finest infrastructure and experiential and advanced training methods at various levels with a clinical focus on group activity and teamwork, general knowledge and current affairs, situation analysis and crisis management, personality development and presentation skills, confidence building and body language.
  • Sri Chaitanya also provides the deepest insights for general knowledge, current affairs, reasoning and analytical components and bases them according to the knowledge and reception levels of aspirants

Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy, Survey No. 122, 127 & 128, Madinaguda Village, Opposite Srujana Super Market, Serilingampally Mandal, RR District, Hyderabad, Telangana 500049

  • Address: Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy, Survey No. 122, 127 & 128, Madinaguda Village, Opposite Srujana Super Market, Serilingampally Mandal, RR District, Hyderabad, Telangana 500049
  • Phone No: 091000 66784
  • Website: https://srichaitanya.net/IAS-academy/

2. IAS Brain Academy in Hyderabad

IAS Brains is one of the top instructing foundations in India for Civil administrations assessment. It was established in the year 2013 with a dream to make a novel stage for hopefuls to accomplish their fantasy. With our special showing strategies and top-notch appraisals, we could make our wannabes’ dream work out.

We have prepared and tutored in excess of 1000 applicants the nation over. In contrast to the customary preparing strategies, here we guide the understudies to use their time and energy in the most beneficial manner. For this, we have attracted the best class personnel from across Delhi, Hyderabad, and Bangalore who has attested to draw the best out of our understudies. 

The main emphasis of IAS Brain Academy is on 3 areas

  • Innovative Learning
  • Regular test series
  • Learn from Anywhere through Online Programs specially designed for UPSC prelims cum Mains
  • India’s top faculty
  • Personalized Mentoring
  • Study Material & Test Series

IAS Brains, Number – 401, Aishwarya Towers, Indira Park Rd, New SBH Colony, Domalguda, Himayatnagar, Hyderabad, Telangana 500029

3. Vision IAS Academy In Hyderabad

This is a comprehensive and intensive ‘interactive’ distance learning / online / classroom program focusing on sincere IAS Aspirants who will appear in Civil Service Exam. Our experts provide step-by-step guidance to aspirants for understanding the concepts of the subject and prepare them for effective answer writing. Our simple, practical, and focused approach will help aspirants understand the demand of the UPSC exam effectively. 

They provide the following classroom programs-

  • Foundation Course
  • Alternative Classroom Program
  • PT 365
  • Fast Track Course
  • Philosophy Foundation Program
  • General Studies Main Foundation
  • General Studies Prelim and Main
  • Interview Training Program
  • DAF analysis session with senior faculty members of Vision IAS
  • Mock Interview Session with Ex-Bureaucrats/Educationists
  • Interaction with Previous toppers and Serving bureaucrats
  • Performance Evaluation and Feedback
  • Address:- 1-10-140/A, 3rd Floor, Rajamani Chambers, ST.NO.8, Ashok Nagar, Hyderabad Telangana – 500020
  • Phone:- +919000104133
  • EMAIL ID:- hyderabad@visionIAS.in
  • Website:- http://www.visionias.in/

4. Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle In Hyderabad

Dr. Lakshmaiah IAS Study Circle wishes to train and equip young aspirants with knowledge and skills by unleashing their talent, in this competitive world. We do not just share information but share our knowledge and experiences so that an individual emerges as an effective leader who can make a difference to society. Such individuals irrespective of the results in the exams will be a true asset to society.

  • Focus on students
  • Excellence
  • Collaboration
  • Life-Long Learning

They Offer IAS & UPSC Coaching 

It is a well-recognized university and they have tied up with several prominent educational companies in both the sectors ie Public and Private.it has a very resourceful website for IAS aspirants to gain in-depth knowledge about current affairs in our country.

They have 150 seats in total for the UPSC exam coaching batch and it charges around Rs 1.5 lakh rupees for a duration of 9 months.

5. Dr. Ambedkar IAS Study Circle In Hyderabad

Dr. AMBEDKAR IAS Study Circle has been working for many years now to successfully help students achieve their dreams of getting into prestigious IAS working posts. Their center has advanced classrooms and flexible timings making it preferable for many students to visit here. The faculty consists of teachers who are experienced and there are also qualified professionals who have previously held reputed positions in the government. So the candidates get brilliant support under them constantly.

Ambedkar’s dream to uplift the minorities of Country and providing them with equal rights. They train IAS Aspirants across Telangana and Andhra Pradesh district for UPSC, TSPSC AND APPSC exams (Group 1 and Group 2).

They have 150 seats in total for  UPSC exam coaching batch and it charges around Rs 1.5 lakh rupees for a duration of 9 months.

Frequently Asked Questions About IAS Coaching Centres In Hyderabad

Here is the list of some well recognized IAS coaching centres in Hyderabad with hostel facility –

  1. LA Excellence IAS Academy
  2. Narayana IAS Academy
  3. Gandhi IAS Academy
  4. Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy

Here are some useful tips to consider while deciding the most appropriate coaching center as

1. Reputation and Past Testimonials.
2. Location
3. Small Batch Size
4. Choose the most appropriate UPSC coaching center as per your convenience and compare it with other institutes based on important information such as fee structure, facilities offered, etc.

Clearing an IAS exam with flying colors is a dream for Many UPSC aspirants in India.it is one of the most prestigious competitive examinations in India. Full-time employees may feel disadvantaged while preparing for UPSC exams since they don’t have time for regular coaching classes. Unlike regular IAS coaching aspirants, they can’t devote their entire day in preparation since they have prior commitments towards their work as well. However, this doesn’t mean that they cannot clear the UPSC exam with flying colors. All they require is extra effort and extra determination to pursue their dream of being an IAS officer. Here are some suggestions for working professionals to cope up with the pressure for IAS preparation which is as follows

  • -Don’t consider your job to be a liability. Rather, you should consider it as an advantage over IAS aspirants who do not have any other job back up.
  • -Take online coaching classes. You can access it anytime and anywhere at your convenience.
  • -Devote at least 2-3 hours of quality time for self-study.
  • -Do not rely totally on the internet for all the information.
  • -Read newspapers, current affairs magazines or download mobile applications for regular news updates.

There are some institutes in Hyderabad for IAS preparation which caters to the need of both Hindi and English medium UPSC aspirants. Generally, IAS coaching centers put more emphasis on English medium than Hindi medium coaching for IAS preparation.

This is because of a common dilemma that is prevailing in India.it is believed that A UPSC aspirant is likely to score much better in English than Hindi/regional languages but it is not at all true. A person who is more comfortable in Hindi and has a good command over the language can easily score well in the UPSC examination. There are some recognized UPSC coaching centers in Hyderabad which provide IAS coaching for Hindi medium as well, which are as follows-

  1. Pragnya IAS Academy
  2. Rau’s IAS study circle
  3. Narayana IAS Academy
  4. Sri Chaitanya IAS Academy
  5. LA Excellence IAS Academy

With the advent of technology, Online coaching has emerged as a new trend for UPSC exam preparation. IAS coaching centers in Hyderabad are increasingly focusing more on the use of digital learning to cater to a wider range of students. Working professionals have been highly benefited with the introduction of modern teaching methodology but just like anything else in the world online IAS coaching has some pros and cons. We’ve listed some of the advantages and disadvantages of online IAS coaching:


Cost Efficient:-

Internet is becoming affordable every day, which makes the online IAS coaching much cheaper on the internet as compared to the traditional regular coaching institutes. 

Easy Accessbility:-

being an online medium, internet IAS coaching can be accessed from every nook and corner of the world. you don’t have to get up early and run to a 6-hour class on the weekend, rather you can it in the comfort of your home with your favorite meal and study for your UPSC exam.

Abudance Of Information:-

In today’s day and age, the internet has made everything obtainable at a click of your mouse or a tap on the phone screen. you can have a sea of study material and information about UPSC exams at your screen.


Quality of content:-

Online platforms alike an ocean of information, and a lot of people might put up study material for UPSC exams that are either incorrect or insufficient which leads to loss of quality in the v=content. Some of bigger IAS coaching centers use online mediums to put up their study material or distant learners but for the most part free online IAS coaching material might not be up to the mark.


Most of the online IAS coaching platforms are commercialization based. There can be total neglect for student’s needs, progress, and doubts. Several of the online IAS coaching platforms work on a month to month sales target phenomena  

In the classroom, teachers can keep track of most students. Their participation, their inspiration, their daily progress, and issues. In case a student misses a lesson or test, the faulty calls them and asks the reason for skipping the same that brings accountability which is key in cracking the UPSC exam.


when you sit in front of your computer to study, there no teachers in front of you to clear your immediate doubts, or have a personalized approach towards your preparation, making it one of the biggest disadvantages for online IAS coaching.

Lack of consistency:-

Aspirants who go for online IAS coaching might follow a varied range of study material and strategies to gain maximum information. They might waste time figuring out the perfect pattern for studying because of so much data and repletion that takes place on the internet.

Thousands of students appear for IAS exams across India every year. Many aspirants who begin their UPSC preparation are clueless about this exam’s demands and some of them, especially People from Rural areas, cannot afford fees for IAS coaching institutes. There are a lot of doubts and misconceptions among IAS aspirants regarding whether to take coaching for UPSC Services or not.

If you are well informed about what standard books to study, what coaching notes to refer to, and have good understanding skills, you may not require to join an IAS coaching institute.

However, taking coaching classes from a recognized IAS institute has its own benefits. it helps you to build a regular routine for studying, provides relevant notes, helps in clearing doubts, provides professional guidance and counselling but in the end, it does not ensure you a rank. Your self-study, consistency and the hard work you put while studying matters the most than anything. If you are taking regular coaching classes but not studying properly at home, you may not be able to fulfil your dream of clearing an IAS exam with flying colours.

More Frequently Asked Question About IAS Coaching Centres In Hyderabad

Which institute is best for IAS coaching in Hyderabad?

There are various institutes that are said best for IAS Coaching Centres In Hyderabad. We have ranked the top 7 of them in this article. Rank 1 is considered to be the best.

How much do institutes for IAS coaching in Hyderabad charge?

The fee structure of each institute is different. Here, we have disclosed the fees of every top IAS coaching in Hyderabad.

Which IAS coaching in Hyderabad provides the best study material?

All the institutes present in our Best IAS coaching in Hyderabad’s list provide good study material but Rank 1 has been considered as the best among students.

Is Hyderabad really good for IAS coaching?

Hyderabad has been called the best place to go for IAS coaching many times in the past. IAS coaching institutes in this city have produced a large number of IAS to date. Here, you will find the Top 7 IAS coaching in Hyderabad.

How would I know whether the timings for the best IAS coaching in Hyderabad will suit me or not?

We have specified the timings of each institute in our article. You can join the one that best suits your requirements & needs.


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IAS Coaching centers mumbai
IAS Coaching Bangalore
IAS Coaching centers kolkata
IAS Coaching centers chennai
IAS Coaching hyderabad
IAS Coaching centers Delhi
IAS Coaching chandigarh
IAS Coaching centers in Pune
IAS Coaching centers in Bhubaneswar
IAS Coaching centers in kanpur
IAS Coaching centers in Ahmedabad


IAS Elegibility
IAS Eligibility
Current affairs
Current Affairs
IAS Preparation
IAS Preparation
upsc exam updates
Exam Updates
upsc selection Process
Selection Process
IAS Syllabus
UPSC Syllabus

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