10 Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai | Enroll in Top MCA Colleges in Mumbai

MCA Colleges in Mumbai

If you’re looking to get your Master of Computer Applications (MCA) degree in Mumbai, you’ll need to attend an MCA college that offers both the education and the facilities you need to do well. There are numerous top MCA colleges in Mumbai to choose from, but here are the list of Top 10 mca colleges in mumbai you should consider enrolling in if you’re interested in studying MCA.

The Computer Application stream has become one of the most sought-after fields when it comes to higher education in India, so it’s no surprise that there are numerous MCA colleges in Mumbai that are rising in popularity year after year. In fact, these colleges have grown so much in size and reputation that students from all over the country want to study at them, making them quite competitive as well. So if you want to pursue your degree from one of the best MCA colleges in Mumbai, here are some options you can explore further.

What is MCA? 

Masters of Computer Applications or MCAs, is a three-year master’s degree that covers various aspects of computer science. This course is suitable for students who want to pursue an academic career as well as for those who aspire to work in the IT industry and perform computer programming.  If you are interested in enrolling into one of the best MCA colleges in Mumbai, here are some tips: – Go through the list of top 10 MCA colleges in Mumbai and see which ones you find interesting; – Take time to check out each college on your list by reading reviews from other alumni and current students; – Contact each college on your list via email or phone call with any questions you may have about their program; – Ask your friends about their experience at each college. Make sure you are choosing a school where you feel comfortable learning more about computer sciences.

Why Choose MCA Colleges in Mumbai?

This guide will be help you to choose the MCA College- the first being the List of top 10 Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai; the second, being some helpful advice when choosing an MBA institute; and the third containing some scholarships to help you save money while you pursue your MBA. But first, let’s get started with why it is so important to choose the right university for your needs. Choosing the right colleges can make all of the difference: a wrong choice could be as good as not choosing at all. College is a commitment that affects your future career prospects, so you want to make sure you are making a wise decision now. 

When choosing which college to attend, think about what you hope to gain from studying there. If possible, try visiting the college or contacting students who currently attend there. Don’t forget about the value of financial aid options either! Make sure you know how much aid you qualify for before taking out loans or accruing debt by attending a school without enough scholarship opportunities. Some colleges offer full scholarships while others provide smaller amounts of need-based aid that can make up part of your tuition costs each semester. The main thing is that if any college offers financial assistance, take advantage!

Choosing a top MCA college can be challenging, but it’s important to choose one that will help you achieve your educational goals. With so many choices available to you, how do you know which one is the best? Look for an institution that has the desired degree and specialization, flexible teaching methods and schedules, sufficient equipment and materials. Keep these factors in mind while browsing through prospective schools to find the right match for your education needs. Make sure that you visit the campus to get a feel for what it’s like to attend classes there and talk with students or faculty members about their experiences. Make sure that you get answers to any questions or concerns you have before enrolling. When you’re ready to apply, make sure that you submit your applications early so they can be processed quickly. 

  • Mumbai is a popular study destination due to its vibrant life and natural beauty.
  • Choosing the right college for post-graduation courses is imperative after finishing school.
  • There are several top MCA colleges in Mumbai to choose from.
  • The education provided by these colleges prepares students for future careers and an exciting life ahead.
  • Researching these colleges is essential for making an informed decision about enrollment.

Mumbai has many MCA colleges. These colleges give an education that is relevant to the knowledge and skills needed in today’s business environment. Some MCA Colleges also offer dual degree programs which provide you with the opportunity to earn your graduate degree at the same time as your undergraduate MCA degree. Today, students want to see not only that you have taken courses that pertain to their industry, but also completed an advanced course of study. 

The career options for MCA graduates are endless from managing a corporation or its divisions, formulating strategy, creating systems, etc., or one could work on any aspect of a particular product-including marketing, finance and accounting; human resources; even technical writing. MCA grads may also choose to be entrepreneurs by starting their own businesses or acquiring small companies. Achieving success requires more than just training in a given field. It requires dedication, passion, hard work and skill development. Luckily, some of these qualities can be developed during your college years with hands-on experience outside the classroom and networking opportunities within it.

If you’re looking for the best value in Mumbai, the cost of living is relatively low. This means a less-expensive education and lifestyle. The tuition fees are also affordable compared to other cities. we are provide list of top 10 MCA Colleges in Mumbai that you can consider enrolling in. The fee structure of these colleges may vary from college to college so make sure you do your research before enrolling in any one particular course. 

You should compare their fee structures carefully with those offered by colleges in other cities like Chennai or Delhi. While this list does not include all of the colleges in Mumbai, it does include many popular ones. They have different offerings and facilities which will be suitable for different people’s needs. While fee structure is one thing to consider, you will also need to make sure that it offers a quality education that prepares you for a successful career. Here are some things to look out for when choosing a college

How to Choose the Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai?

There are some big factors to take into consideration when deciding to choose an MCA college. The most important ones include: cost, faculty, location, and college culture. Selecting a college is an important decision, so do your research before enrolling. Read reviews from students and alumni, ask for recommendations from friends or family members who went to college there, look at the programs offered by the college, and make sure it’s accredited.

Location is an important factor to consider when choosing an MCA college. While it’s nice to live in a big city like Mumbai, most of these schools are located outside of its borders. Factors such as cost and convenience should be taken into consideration when deciding where to enroll. Living close to campus will make it easier for you to get involved with extracurricular activities and attend classes on time. Your commute might be longer than if you were living off-campus, but some colleges offer shuttles that can help you get to and from campus.

There are some Factors for Evaluation to consider before enrolling in an list of top 10 MCA colleges in Mumbai. First, what is your career goal? This can make a huge difference. For example, there are many opportunities for someone who has been working and has prior professional experience that leads them to want to get a master’s degree and start a managerial position. On the other hand, if you’re just graduating high school or have not had any type of job experience then an MBA may be a better option than an MCA. What does this mean? If you’re interested in getting your master’s degree to work as a programmer then an MCA might be best suited for you. If on the other hand, your intent is to become a manager of programmers with no programming background then it would be more beneficial for you to go into business school rather than study computer science. Here are some additional factors to evaluate when choosing list of MCA colleges in Mumbai you should attend

Choosing a college is important because it can define your future. The best way to choose which MCA college in Mumbai you should enroll in is to have an open mind, research thoroughly, and then select the college that’s best for you. Read on for tips on how to pick the right MCA College in Mumbai for you.

Decide on what you want to study and how you want to study it: Like other fields, there are several factors that determine which MCA College is best for you. For example, if you enjoy working with computers but aren’t interested in business or marketing, then a pure computer science college may be your best choice. While most colleges don’t have any restrictions based on major, knowing what skills and interests you have will help narrow down your search when selecting an MCA College in Mumbai. Conducting research into reviews of different colleges can also help paint a more complete picture of each college’s curriculum.

WAC’s Top 10 MCA Colleges in Mumbai 

Knowing the best MCA Colleges in Mumbai can help a lot when it comes to picking a course of study. We’ve done the hard work for you by compiling our list of WAC’s top 10 MCA Colleges in Mumbai that are perfect for you to consider enrolling in. Some of these colleges have been ranked as among the best institutions in India, and offer high-quality education with all necessary facilities. They also provide excellent faculty members and industry-relevant training so students have a chance at getting hired in their desired field right after graduation. Read on below to the list of mca colleges in mumbai thats suits your needs!

best mca colleges in mumbai

Rank: 1 K J Somaiya Institute of Management | MCA Top College in Mumbai

K J Somaiya Institute of Management lays amazing emphasis on the holistic improvement of students. The Institute affords a range of opportunities to the backyard the schoolroom as properly – be it industry interaction, cultural activities, sports competitions, entrepreneurial pursuits, socially applicable activities, or consultancy for small and medium enterprises.

K J Somaiya Institute of Management provides students the possibility to interact with and study with company professionals, religious leaders, leaders of the business, representatives of government and non-government organizations, artists, and intellectuals who oftentimes visit our campus on an invitation to deliver talks and shows that supply insights to the careers and personal attributes of these role-models. For gaining knowledge of to be fantastic it desires to be delivered in a congenial environment that no longer just nurtures but stimulates the hobby of the best minds that obtain it. K J Somaiya Institute of Management presents a world-class infrastructure that supports the pursuit of know-how and the workout of personal interests. 

  • Exam: MAH MCA CET
  • Eligibility: 10+2 and 50% Marks in graduation

₹2.91 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Somaiya Vidyavihar University, Vidya Vihar East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400077
  • Phone: 022 6728 3000
  • Email: admission.simsr@somaiya.edu.
  • Website: simsr.somaiya.edu
best mca colleges in mumbai

Rank: 2 Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies | Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai

NMIMS is ranked as one of the best colleges in Mumbai and continues to be a premier management institute among India’s top 10 management schools. Apart from being ranked as the number 1 management college of India, NMIMS also has been honored with awards such as the MITIE Award for the Best Professional Management Institute in India. Plus, it has one of the largest campuses with more than 30 acres of space, which includes its own lakes and golf course.

Founded in 1981 by Vithal Rajan Narsee and Sunil Monjee, this business school offers various programs like MBAs, PGDM (professional program), PGDMS (professional diploma in management studies), and many others. The cost ranges between Rs1 lakh to Rs2 lakh per year depending on the program you choose. The faculty consists of academicians with PhDs and their research papers are published regularly at leading international journals. Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies is ranked the one of the top 10 mca colleges in mumbai.

  • Eligibility: Graduation with 50%
  • Exam: MAH MCA CET

₹185,000 (First Year Fees)

  • Address: V. L, Pherozeshah Mehta Rd, Vile Parle West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400056
  • Phone: 022 4235 5555
  • Email: enquiry@nmims.edu
  • Website: nmims.edu
best mca colleges in mumbai

Rank: 3 Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute | MCA Best College in Mumbai

Universities offer a variety of courses and VJTI is one of the popular choices. The institute has been ranked at a number of among the best universities in Mumbai. It offers a Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA as a major course, which is popular among students across India. It is well-equipped with excellent infrastructure and qualified faculty members who help students to get better grades and make their careers bright for the future. Its placement records are also commendable. The graduates from this college have opportunities to work with top IT companies such as IBM, Intel, Oracle Corporation, etc.

Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute has been ranked amongst the top universities for Computer Applications or popularly known as MCA. The institute was established by industrialist and philanthropist Shri. Ramdas Damodar Savarkar is named after his mother, Late Smt.Jijabai Savarkar. It offers a Bachelor of Computer Applications or BCA as a major course, which is popular among students across India. VJTI was started with an aim to provide quality education to aspiring candidates for charting out successful careers in the computer sciences domain offering excellent placement opportunities and high-paying jobs that are consistent with their academic qualification level. Veermata Jijabai Technological Institute is ranked one of the top 10 mca colleges in mumbai.

  • Exam: MAH CET
  • Eligibility: Graduation with 50% 

₹62,844 (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: 2VC4+VCQ, H R Mahajani Rd, Matunga, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400019
  • Phone: 022 2419 8101
  • Email: director@vjti.ac.in
  • Website: vjti.ac.in
best mca colleges in mumbai

Rank: 4 Sardar Patel Institute of Technology | MCA Top College in Mumbai

The institute is positioned in 47 acres of green campus at Andheri (W), the quickest developing suburb of Mumbai. The campus additionally homes four Bhavan’s Institutions of super reputation namely Bhavan’s College (the arts, commerce and science college), Sardar Patel College of Engineering – Government aided Engineering college, S.P. Jain Institute of Management and Research, a administration institute and A.H. Wadia, greater secondary school. In 1957, the Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan conceived the thought of organising an engineering college in Mumbai. Sardar Patel College of Engineering was once inaugurated on nineteenth August 1962.

In 1995 self-financed engineering publications have been added to it and it functioned as Sardar Patel College of Engineering (Unaided-wing) conducting Electronics Engineering, Computer Engineering and Information Technology Courses and Masters route in Electronics given that 2005 until 2008. These publications have earned a first-rate recognition in the discipline of engineering education, as nicely as industry. Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Sardar Patel College of Engineering, Unaided Wing was once hooked up in its new building beneath the name and style of Bharatiya Vidya Bhavan’s Sardar Patel Institute of Technology considering the fact that 2005 and is affiliated to Mumbai University. 

  • Exam: MAH CET
  • Eligibility: Graduation with 50% 

₹ 168,000 (1st Yr Fees)

  • Address: Bhavans Campus, Old D N Nagar, Munshi Nagar, Andheri West, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400058
  • Phone: 022 2670 7440
  • Email: anand_godbole@spit.ac.in
  • Website: spit.ac.in
best mca colleges in mumbai

Rank: 5 Amity University | MCA Best College in Mumbai

Established back in 2014, Amity University is one of the leading public universities in Mumbai. Amity University, Mumbai is also ranked as the fourth best university according to the NIRF National Institutional Ranking Framework. If you are seeking a top quality management college, then Amity University should be on your list. The college offers bachelor’s degrees and master’s degrees in various fields including architecture, business administration, engineering and social sciences. The Amity University Mumbai campus is well known for its green spaces and beautiful gardens. The campus has several lakes with fountains where students can relax between classes or during their free time. 

The facilities at Amity University Mumbai include modern lecture halls, computer labs, sports grounds and recreational areas. There are six hostels located across the campus that offer rooms for around 1,200 residents. These hostels provide Wi-Fi access and 24-hour security guards to ensure student safety. The academic staff at Amity University includes internationally renowned professors who have researched extensively on topics such as finance, law, design studies and economics among others. With a strong academic focus combined with world-class faculty members that teach cutting edge subjects in an environment filled with natural beauty, there is no doubt that this college would be worth considering if you are looking for the best MCA colleges in Mumbai!

Graduation with minimum 50% with Maths at 10+2 from a recognized University.

₹ 164,000 (1st Yr Fees)

  • Address: Mumbai – Pune Expressway Bhatan, Somathne, Panvel, Mumbai, Maharashtra 410206
  • Phone: 07045780127
  • Email: admissions@mum.amity.edu
  • Website: amity.edu/mumbai
best mca colleges in mumbai

Rank: 6 Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Technology

VESIT is among the topmost colleges of management and technology. It offers a wide range of courses in commerce, accounting, finance, marketing, human resource, and operations. Students have an opportunity to study either engineering or management under-graduation courses for three years along with a major specialization. The college has high-end infrastructure such as computer labs, a library, auditoriums, and reading rooms. 

VISIT also conducts international seminars and workshops that keep the students abreast with the latest developments. The campus life here is extremely lively; there are games, sports tournaments, and cultural events that help students develop their personalities and learn social skills. There are hostels available on campus where students can stay at nominal charges. Besides academic education, students have opportunities to join various extracurricular activities such as debate club, drama club, and quiz club. Vivekanand Education Society Institute of Technology is ranked one of the top 10 mca colleges in mumbai.

  • Exam: MAH CET
  • Eligibility: Graduation with 50%

₹1.12 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Hashu Adwani Memorial Complex, Collector’s Colony, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400074
  • Phone: 022 6153 2500
  • Email: vesit.admission@ves.ac.in
  • Website: vesit.ves.ac.in
best mca colleges in mumbai

Rank: 7 Thakur Institute of Management Studies, Career Development & Research

TIMSCDR has gained a reputation for offering quality education, excellent placements, and strong career guidance. It also offers a number of scholarship schemes to deserving students. The Thakur Institute of Management Studies provides a student-friendly environment where one can learn management and leadership skills. It has on-campus housing facilities for all categories of students so that they don’t have to commute from home and risk their lives with the notorious Mumbai traffic. They provide a hostel facility within the campus for girls only. They offer professional development programs like workshops, conferences, symposiums and lectures by eminent speakers which help them prepare for internships, work life as well as research opportunities.

In addition to this, it conducts workshops and training programs that are industry relevant with focus on building skills required in different sectors such as financial sector, healthcare sector etc.TIMSCDR is situated close to major universities like IIT Bombay and NITIE which make it convenient for students who want access to premier technical institutes without having to travel too far from campus.

  • Exam: MAH CET
  • Eligibility: Graduation with 50% CET

₹ 133,136 (1st Yr Fees)

  • Address: TIMSCDR, Gate No 4, Thakur Educational Campus, Ramnarayan Thakur Rd, Thakur Village, Kandivali East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400101
  • Phone: 022 6730 8301
  • Email: timscdr@thakureducation.org
  • Website: https://timscdrmumbai.in/
best mca colleges in mumbai

Rank: 8 Mumbai Educational Trust | MCA Top College in Mumbai

MET is a private institute which offers a range of undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate programs. From computer engineering to fashion designing to yoga, MET offers professional degree courses. Mumbai Educational Trust (MET) has had a long and illustrious history. Established in 1989 by the most venerable educationist Dr Ram Swarup (pioneer of moral education), as an effortless means of providing quality education at affordable rates, MET has set up its roots firmly in the rich cultural heritage of Mumbai.

 It was originally established in South Mumbai but now has four campuses across the city- Nalanda Campus (which houses School of Arts & Design), Vikram Campus (comprising College of Engineering & Technology) and Sarvodaya Campus for those pursuing BBA, MBA and DBA degrees. The second campus was established in Vikhroli East near Borivali station in 2000 with the introduction of three new undergraduate programmes: Bachelor of Computer Applications, Bachelor of Fashion Designing and Bachelor Degree in Yoga Therapy. The College operates from 8 am to 5 pm from Monday to Saturday offering day scholarships as well as tuition fees for outstation students who wish to pursue their studies here.

  • Exam: MAH CET
  • Eligibility: Candidate must have Graduated from a recognized University with Mathematics or Statistics as one of the subjects at 10+2 level or at graduation and a minimum 50% aggregate marks for open category and 45% for reserved category.

₹ 150,000 (1st Yr Fees)

  • Address: Bhujbal Knowledge City, Reclamation, Bandra West, W, Maharashtra 400050
  • Phone: 022 2644 0446
  • Email: Email: met@met.edu
  • Website: https://www.met.edu/
best mca colleges in mumbai

Rank: 9 ASM’s Institute of Management & Computer Studies

IMCOST is a leading Institute located in Mumbai and offers admissions to the best MCA courses. The institute is known for its innovative teaching methodology which helps students score high grades. This top Mumbai college of Management & Computer Studies has benefited from a rich tradition of talent and excellence among students who come for higher education. They have some of the most experienced faculty members with tremendous experience in their respective fields. They also offer international-level infrastructure with well-equipped classrooms, laboratories, workshops, as well as hostel facilities.

The institute has a close working relationship with organizations that create ample opportunities for learning through field visits and live projects. The college has a holistic approach towards education with focus on overall development of students. This makes it one of most prominent colleges in Mumbai to choose as a top MCA college in Mumbai. The student-teacher ratio here is 1:10 which helps students get one-on-one attention from teachers and develop greater affinity with them. Thus, giving them great exposure to learning new things and making their career more promising.

  • Exam: MAH MCA CET
  • Eligibility: 50% Marks in Graduation

₹81,000 (First Year Fees)

  • Address: C-4, Wagle Industrial Estate, Near Mulund Check Naka, Thane West, Opp. Aplab, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400604
  • Phone: 022 2583 2466
  • Email: info@asmimcostedu.org
  • Website: imcost.edu.in
Rank: 10 Bharati Vidyapeeth's Institute of Management & Information Technology

Rank: 10 Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management & Information Technology

One of the top MCA colleges for Management, Information Technology and all other disciplines, BVIMIT, Navi Mumbai is undoubtedly the best college for anyone interested in pursuing higher education in business management or any other field. It has been ranked number one among various universities from India and is also one of the top three institutions to offer a career-oriented curriculum. The Institute offers programs that are not only diverse but also excel at giving people the best chance to climb up the ladder and stand out from their peers. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management & Information Technology –  Navi Mumbai, Mumbai Though they have MBA, PGDM and PGP programs, it also has specialized courses like Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA), Bachelor of Commerce (BCom) which would be appropriate for those who want to pursue careers in fields such as banking or finance. 

There are many opportunities for specialization too with subjects like Human Resource Management or Production/Operations Management being offered by this institution. For those who wish to become leaders with skills in information technology there is a Computer Science Engineering course offered by this institute as well which can prepare them for some high-paying positions after graduation. The faculty is comprised mostly of experts from around the world who come with years of experience so students can be assured that they will get quality teaching here. Bharati Vidyapeeth’s Institute of Management & Information Technology is ranked the list of top 10 mca colleges in mumbai.

  • Exam: MAH MCA CET
  • Eligibility: 50% Marks in Graduation

₹ 110,000 (1st Yr Fees)

  • Address: 22HR+VW6, Sector 8, CBD Belapur, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400614
  • Phone: 022 2757 8415
  • Email: principal.bvimit@bharatividyapeeth.edu
  • Website: bvimit.co.in


The content published on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team. The parameters of the research and the content structure are devised by What After College’s Research Team and it is not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies. This research has purely been done by a third party. Kindly contact at 91 9818198188 to make desired changes in the contact information related to your college.

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 10 Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai?

There are so many MCA colleges in Mumbai and it is understandable that the average student might find it hard to know which one is best for them. That’s why the WAC compiled this list of top 10 MCA colleges in Mumbai with a brief synopsis. The group has evaluated various aspects like infrastructure, faculty, curriculum, specialization, research, etc. It was not an easy task but we did our best to narrow down the choices for you! Now go ahead and check out the List of top 10 best MCA colleges in Mumbai we should opt for. Do make sure you visit their respective websites too for more information. The WAC conducted a detailed evaluation of all 10 MCA colleges based on some main criteria: curriculum, infrastructure, faculty, and campus life. 

We have the best MCA Colleges in Mumbai Market Research Team, which is always available to answer any questions you may have about these colleges and their ranking. All of our team members are experts on each of the rankings we provide for you and can help you find a college that will be a perfect fit for your needs. When choosing an list of MCA Colleges in Mumbai, it’s important to make sure it offers the courses you need and has plenty of resources for students. Our MCA Colleges in Mumbai Market Research Team includes many different resources for potential students, including testimonials from current students.  Additionally, our MCA Colleges in Mumbai Market Research Team strives to maintain up-to-date information so that all of the rankings are as accurate as possible. 

  • Mumbai has many excellent options for MCA colleges.
  • Enrolling in one of the top 10 MCA colleges in Mumbai offers many benefits.
  • These benefits include access to knowledgeable professors who specialize in subjects like math and business administration.
  • Professors work closely with employers to ensure that students will be well-prepared for the workforce when they graduate.
  • There are many opportunities available for internships, jobs, and postgraduate study abroad programs.
  • Graduates from some of these MCA colleges in Mumbai can even apply to receive their master’s degree from an international university if they desire.

We can help students who want to join the Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai by providing expert reviews on some of the best in the industry, but we can also provide a list of all the MCA colleges. We hope this guide helps you find your ideal MCA college!  If you have any questions about how to enroll or if there are specific aspects that concern you about choosing an MCA college, feel free to contact us and we will be happy to answer any questions that may arise. Our goal is to help every student find their dream MCA College and get the education they deserve.  

To do so, we offer guidance from our experts and first-hand accounts from past students who enrolled at the various schools to give you a better idea of what it’s like being enrolled in one of these MCA colleges list of mumbai. For those looking for a degree with more practicality, it might be best to look into taking courses related to business administration rather than solely focusing on computer science skills. However, some students value computer science degrees because they are valuable in multiple fields and applications which means that those who graduate with this degree will be valued highly amongst employers around the world as well as companies within India.

All Other Notable Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai

There are other Notable options available as well when choosing the top 10 MCA Colleges in Mumbai if you are unable to get into one of the Top 10. Willing to know more about other best MCA Colleges in Mumbai? Go through our List of other Notable Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai. These are some of the Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai to prepare for MCA.

Hiray Group of Institutes

Other: 1 Hiray Group of Institutes, Mumbai

Founded by a team of educationists and engineers, Hiray Group of Institutes is today one of the largest education conglomerates in Mumbai. The institute offers top MCA colleges courses that are recognized for their excellent facilities, expert faculty, and impressive placement records. With its wide range of undergraduate and postgraduate programmes in engineering, management, pharmacy, healthcare, finance and law among others, Hiray Group has been able to grow from strength to strength as one of the most sought-after institutions in India. For those looking for an opportunity to excel academically while pursuing personal interests at the same time, you should consider enrolling in one of these top MCA colleges near you!  

  • Exam: MAH MCA CET
  • Eligibility: 50% Marks in Graduation

₹ 71,000 (1st Yr Fees)

  • Address: S.No. 341, Near Kherwadi Police Station, next to New English School, Government Colony, Bandra East, Mumbai, Maharashtra 400051
  • Phone: 082916 79488
  • Email: info@hiray.edu.in
  • Website: hiray.edu.in
Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University

Other: 2 Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University | Top MCA Colleges in Mumbai

If you are looking for a place to attend college in Mumbai, one of the best colleges that you can find is the Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University is located at 4 GaneshKhind, Padgha, Thane West. Presently this university has 13 institutes, four departments and many centres that offer diploma courses and certificate courses on a variety of subjects. Students have the opportunity to study either full-time or part-time. Some of the courses offered by CSMU include Arts & Science, Commerce, Engineering, Medical Sciences, Law and Architecture. They also have many opportunities for research work as well as foreign collaborations.

One of its institutes is the Department of Civil Engineering. It offers a variety of courses that cover civil engineering and architecture, and it’s one of their most popular choices. The courses they offer include Construction Management, Foundation Engineering, and Urban Planning. Other programmes that are offered by CSMU include Architecture & Town Planning, Commerce (BBA), Computer Science & Engineering (BCA), and Electrical Engineering (BE). Each programme has its own eligibility criteria and rules regarding admission as well as exams.

  • Exam: MAH MCA CET
  • Eligibility: 45% Marks in Graduation

₹ 121,100 (1st Yr Fees)

  • Address: Old, Mumbai – Pune Expy, near Panvel Toll Plaza, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410221
  • Phone: 089761 11133
  • Email: info@csmu.ac.in
  • Website: csmu.ac.in
Sterling Institute of Management Studies

Other: 3 Sterling Institute of Management Studies | Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai

The National Centre for Rural Development (NCRD) is a Registered Public Charitable Trust established in 1991, with a clear vision to bring the education and educational needs of rural India to the fore. Twenty-six years of service have culminated in a dedicated commitment to the nation’s development. Currently, NCRD is actively teaching hundreds from nursery to a multitude of higher level classes such as MMS and MCA, with numerous institutions spread across Pune and Navi Mumbai.

Our institutes are committed to encouraging the intellectual, emotional, social, physical, and creative development of every student. We try to engage our students in the teaching-learning process and encourage them to take personal and collective responsibility. We prepare rural populations to compete with their urban counterparts by creating holistic development.

  • Exam: MAH MCA CET
  • Eligibility: 45% Marks in Graduation

₹ 60,000 (1st Yr Fees)

  • Address: Railway Station, Near, Plot No. 93/ 93A, Sector – 19, Nerul (E, Seawoods, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 400706
  • Phone: 022 2772 2290
  • Email: enquiry@ncrdsims.edu.in
  • Website: http://www.ncrdsims.edu.in/
School of Computer Science, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University,

Other: 4 School of Computer Science, Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University,

Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University is hooked up with an imaginative and prescient and Mission to impart fantastic education in all spheres of excessive getting to know in India. The University has developed to create such graduates who can lead ahead in all walks of life to mark awesome contributions in society and imbibing with moral values in their lives. The University’s objective at presenting holistic improvement of the students a place they can hone their abilities at further perfection.

It is the quality region the place the high-quality courses are within their reach. The Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj University is situated in Navi Mumbai, the educational hub of Maharashtra in a sprawling & lush inexperienced campus. State of the art Infrastructure of University with impartial academic & administration blocks, hostels, laboratories, playgrounds etc. provides a scholarly & soothing ambience for studying & the boom of the students. 

  • Exam: CSU-JEE/ JECA
  • Eligibility: Candidate should have completed BCA or other equivalent degrees from the recognized Institute/University.

₹1.05 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Old, Mumbai – Pune Expy, near Panvel Toll Plaza, Panvel, Navi Mumbai, Maharashtra 410221
  • Phone: 089761 11133
  • Email: info@csmu.ac.in
  • Website: csmu.ac.in
Viva Institute of Technology

Other: 5 Viva Institute of Technology | MCA Best College in Mumbai

Founded in 2009, Viva Institute of Technology (VIOT) is a private institute that offers Bachelor of Engineering degree courses. VIOT has been granted the status of A by All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE). The institution provides students with the opportunity to study engineering as well as management together. Located at Thane, VIOT also provides opportunities for hands-on learning and skill development through industry related projects. It aims to provide quality education and career opportunities to students who are looking forward to pursuing higher studies in engineering. With many more years of experience behind them, the institute is currently ranked among one of the top colleges in Maharashtra. 

It was awarded ‘Best Private College’ award by MNIT Jaipur and ‘Best Private Educational Institution’ award by NIRF 2017. VIOT is located in Thane, making it accessible from various parts of the city. Students can take admission into Bachelors programmes such as Computer Science Engineering, Electronics & Telecommunication Engineering, Electrical & Electronics Engineering, Mechanical Engineering and Civil Engineering; postgraduate programmes such as Master of Business Administration and Master of Computer Applications; professional programmes such as MBA – Marketing Management Specialization & PGDM – General Management Specialization; or Doctoral programme like PhD-Chemical Engg., PhD-Structural Engg., PhD-Mining Engg., PhD-Computer Science Engg., PhD-Production Engg., etc.

  • Exam: MAH MCA CET
  • Eligibility: Candidate must have passed graduation from a recognized university.

₹90,000 (First Year Fees)

  • Address: FVF5+6GM, Shirgaon, Veer Sawarkar road, Virar(East), Tal-Vasai, Chandansar, Virar, Maharashtra 401303
  • Phone: 077700 02544
  • Email: principalvit@vivacollege.org
  • Website: viva-technology.org

Frequently Asked Questions About MCA Colleges in Mumbai

Here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions about the MCA Colleges in Mumbai. We have mentioned all of them below. It will help you to choose the right one suited to your needs.

Yes, you can do MCA after BCOM. There are two types of students who choose to enroll for an MCA program after having a diploma: those who know what they want to pursue and want a competitive degree for their chosen course of study and those who do not know what they want to pursue but feel the need to be well-rounded with knowledge.

Most MCA graduates work as software engineers, content writers, graphic designers and management consultants. The career prospects are pretty good with the median salary being around 90,000 annually. But you need to be good at problem solving and logic to take up this course. It is essential that you choose the right MCA colleges in Mumbai based on your career objective and availability of faculty at these colleges.

The Master of Computer Applications degree (MCA) is useful in banking for the following reasons: MCA courses generally include IT courses and different modules that can help in the financial sector. A MCA course generally includes topics like designing a computer system, writing codes to communicate with one another on networks, and debugging which are all useful in banking. For this reason, an MCA course is worth considering as a career path if you have aspirations to work in the banking industry.

The Master of Computer Application (MCA) course will now be a two 12 months course. It was determined to minimize the direct duration with the aid of one year, in the 545th Meeting of University Grant Commission (UGC) held in December 2019. From the coming tutorial session, MCA programme will be taught as per the new direction duration. 

Bachelor of Computer Applications and Master of Computer Applications are two different fields that make a difference. The BCA course is mainly concerned with the theoretical aspect while MCA is more pragmatic. A BCA graduate will have better exposure to the computer languages and their workings, whereas an MCA graduate may know how to use programming languages for basic applications but will not be very good at designing them.

More Frequently Asked Questions About the Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai

Here are some more Frequently Asked Questions about the Best MCA Colleges in Mumbai. We have mentioned all of them below. It will help you to choose the right one suited to your needs.

Q. Which MCA course has the highest salary?

Some of the highest paying jobs after MCA are in the field of consulting,  e-commerce, stock exchange, software engineering, IT management, and software development, technical consultancies. Senior software developer. Technology architect.

Q. What is the salary of MCA in India?

On average, the salary of an MCA graduate INR 6.58 Lakh IN India. Students fresh out of an MCA degree program in India earn around INR 1.99 Lakh per annum. To contrast this, seniors with an MCA degree can earn as much as INR 20 lakhs per year.

Q. Is MCA difficult?

MCA is not a walk in the park and it will take up a significant portion of your life. The student needs to spend at least three years studying and after completing their course, they are eligible for entry into the industry.

Q. Can I get a job in Google after BCA?

Yes, you can get a job at Google after graduating from BCA. It all depends on your core skills and experience in the field.