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artificial intelligence course in delhi

Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi has been designed to help students learn Artificial Intelligence using Programming Language R and Python. The Course in Artificial Intelligence will help you become an expert in the field of Machine Learning, Data Mining, Natural Language Processing, Image Processing and Knowledge Extraction. Being one of the best Courses in Delhi, it comes with lifetime access to the course which will enable you to learn and explore on your own time from anywhere in the world! The Artificial Intelligence courses in Delhi has helped numerous students to make their career in the field of Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning and Data Science.

Our training in Delhi has enabled thousands of students to take up Artificial Intelligence job opportunities across several sectors including Retail, Fintech, E-Commerce and IT/ITES industry. Our training centres in Delhi are equipped with state-of-the-art infrastructure, classrooms and labs to train students on the latest technology being used in the field of AI, ML and Data Science and help them learn at their own pace. Student can Enroll in our best AI Courses.

Why Choose an Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi?

Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi has the best faculty who have years of experience in their respective fields. They help you learn more about Artificial Intelligence and offer a plethora of opportunities to explore a variety of fields. By enrolling yourself in an AI Course in Delhi, you will be able to unlock your potential and make a difference as an entrepreneur, engineer, or in any other profession that requires Artificial intelligence knowledge. The course also provides internship and networking opportunities for students. So, it’s time to choose the best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi for yourself and see how it transforms you into a better person with expert knowledge.

The Best AI Course in Delhi is waiting for you so hurry up before they all fill up because it’s not only limited seats available but also limited time to take advantage of this opportunity. Take the first step today and attend this interactive online training session which teaches you the basics of Artificial Intelligence while making you understand the benefits that it can bring in near future.

Why Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi is the Best

It is the best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi because it provides the most in-depth course material with the most advanced technology. It is also the best because it has been ranked as one of the top Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi. Furthermore, it is one of the only courses to offer an internship for people who are looking for a job in Artificial Intelligence. With so many benefits, this is definitely the best artificial intelligence course in Delhi. If you’re interested in artificial intelligence and want the best course, look no further than AI Course in Delhi! One of the great things about this course is that it offers online training and certification to students who cannot make it to their office location. The curriculum is both diverse and comprehensive; students have the opportunity to learn about natural language processing, game design, computer vision, robot motion planning, etc. Students will be able to work on assignments with state-of-the-art computing systems such as Titan X Pascal GPUs or Intel Xeon CPUs which provide unparalleled performance.

Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi is an emerging field with a lot of opportunities. If you are planning to make your career in Artificial Intelligence, then it’s the right time to enroll in the Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi. There are numerous AI courses in Delhi. The course has been designed by expert professionals from across India and abroad, with years of experience and expertise. Students can enjoy exclusive insights from industry leaders on Artificial Intelligence. Students will also get hands-on training on some of the latest technologies that have advanced the AI landscape such as Deep Learning, Machine Learning and more. With this artificial intelligence course in Delhi, you will gain a better understanding of AI algorithms and tools while gaining practical knowledge too. Artificial intelligence course in Delhi equips students with skills needed to build intelligent systems and products. By enrolling in the best AI course in Delhi today, students can learn about AI at their own pace using our online learning platform. We offer flexible options like daily evening batches or weekend batches so that students can choose according to their work schedules and other commitments.

The cost of living in Delhi is much cheaper than in other cities and therefore the fees for artificial intelligence courses are also low. The cost of attending an artificial intelligence course in Delhi is Rs. 18,000 per year, which includes tuition, hostel accommodation and meals. In comparison to other cities such as Hyderabad where a similar course can cost up to Rs. 50,000 per year including the same benefits as Delhi, it is evident that starting an AI course in Delhi is more affordable. For those interested in learning about artificial intelligence but do not wish to travel long distances, taking this course in Delhi may be ideal. Apart from being less expensive, there is less traffic in Delhi when compared to many other Indian cities making commuting easier.

Another advantage of this course being located in Delhi is its proximity to IT hubs such as Noida, Gurgaon and Ghaziabad. These areas provide ample opportunities for graduates looking to pursue careers within the IT sector with their newly acquired skills. There is no doubt that after completing an artificial intelligence course in Delhi, students will be prepared for a range of jobs all over the world due to their degree certificate which has been recognised by the Government of India.

How to Choose the Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi?

It can be challenging to choose the best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi. There are many things to consider when choosing which Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi will work best for you, so it’s important to research your options carefully before making a decision.  If you’re interested in Artificial Intelligence courses that focus on practical applications, then make sure the courses offered cover topics such as Machine Learning and Deep Learning. If data mining is more of what you’re looking for, then ensure the AI course teaches you how to build models and create simulations. You should also read reviews of previous students who have attended these AI courses to get an idea of what their experience was like at this institute or company. After you’ve done all of your homework, find out if there is a way to try the courses out before paying full price. Some colleges offer free trial classes where you can see if the teaching style matches with yours, while others offer payment plans or payment by credit card in order to let you take advantage of limited time offers.

Factors for Evaluation of Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi? 

A quality Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi will provide industry professionals with the skills they need to succeed. They should offer a variety of courses to meet the needs of their students, and have instructors with relevant experience. These courses should also be offered at an affordable price to those who are interested in learning more about AI. It is important that these programs are available on a flexible schedule so that people can take time off from work to enroll. There are many factors for you to evaluate when you’re searching for the right Artificial Intelligence course in Delhi.

Study Material: The study material that is provided by your school or program should be engaging and informative. If it isn’t challenging enough, then it won’t give you what you need to get ahead in your career.

Faculty: One of the most important aspects to look for in any educational institution is the faculty. The best teachers have extensive backgrounds and experience that will benefit you greatly during your studies.

Location: You may want to choose a location where your family lives because this will make it easier for them to visit and help out if you need anything. You may also want to choose a location close to home if this is one of the first steps in your life-long pursuit of education.

Research: When researching institutes offering this type of degree, consider how long they’ve been around. Institutes and universities that have been around longer tend to maintain higher standards across the board which means you’ll receive a better education.

Choosing the right Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi is an important decision. There are a lot of options out there and it’s easy to get overwhelmed. To make the process easier, here are some of the key tips you should be looking for.

Demo Class: If you want to try before buying then go for demo class where instructors will demonstrate various features of the course and answer your queries on Artificial intelligence with live examples. You can also see your classmates’ performances which will help you in making your final decision on taking up this course.

Do Your Research: When choosing The Top Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi, it is imperative that you do your research. Get feedback from friends who have taken the course or people who work at similar institutions. Talk to them about what their experience was like and whether they would recommend it to others.

Infrastructure Provided: One more thing you need to consider when choosing The Top Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi is the infrastructure provided. For example, check if there is proper Wi-Fi availability throughout campus. Also, look for things such as computer labs and recreational areas because these all affect how productive students are during off hours.
Batch Timings: Some institutes offer daytime classes whereas others provide night classes. Choose one that suits your schedule best so you don’t find yourself falling behind with projects or catching up with missed lectures due to sleep deprivation.

WAC’s 7 Best Artificial Intelligence Institutes in Delhi 

WAC has compiled a list of 7 Best Artificial Intelligence Institutes in Delhi where you can get the best AI courses. The course is designed by professionals who have worked extensively with Artificial Intelligence technologies in India and around the world. It includes AI business modules, data science modules, Deep Learning modules as well as extensive project work. Apart from this, this course offers numerous job opportunities due to its ever-increasing demand. So if you want to learn AI in Delhi, then head on to one of these institutes. You will be glad that you did! 

Rank 1: Technophilia

Rank 1: Technophilia | Top Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi

Artificial Intelligence (AI) aims to develop intelligent machines by allowing computers to do voice recognition, decision-making, and visual perception that would typically need human intelligence.
Technophilia’s AI techniques provide a solid foundation that is likely to be helpful in the business and technical worlds. This course is designed to introduce students to the fundamentals of Artificial Intelligence and more advanced applications.

Rank 2: Techgyan

Rank 2: Techgyan | Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi

Designed for freshers and working professionals, Techgyan’s Artificial Intelligence course in Delhi is an excellent way for both groups to improve their abilities and advance in the industry. Course content and student mentoring are all handled by industry specialists, allowing students to establish a career in the exciting field of artificial intelligence (AI). To help professionals flourish in AI, Techgyan offers online Artificial Intelligence courses in Delhi.

We are professional trainers helping bright applicants develop their reputations in Artificial Intelligence. On both a national and international level, we are proud of the achievements of our students.
Our Artificial Intelligence course online sessions enable you to improve your AI abilities and prepare you for a bright future. Our team of experienced instructors gives a complete understanding of the AI programming languages and their applications, as well as a thorough knowledge of the AI programming languages themselves. When it comes to potential and talent, we are pretty proud of our students.

Students or IT professionals, we make sure that no one is left behind in an ever-expanding field. The AI Training in Delhi is intended to match worldwide standards of teaching so that our students may apply for the most competitive employment in the industry with global certification. Live sessions, assignments, video lectures, and interactive chat rooms are used in the artificial intelligence training in Delhi so that students may learn about all elements of AI in a few hours.
AI is a good career option in IT, where even a newbie may make up to 6 lakhs a year, and that number grows as one gets competence in the industry. Individuals who have devoted 2-4 years to the project earn INR 10-20 lakhs per year on average.

  • Javascript.
  • Java Programming.
  • Big Data with Hadoop.
  • Cloud Computing with AWS.
  • Web Development with HTML/CSS.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Blockchain for Beginners.
  • Android Application Development.
  • Python Programming.
  • Ethical Hacking.
  • AI applications such as chatbots are being developed.
  • Recognition of speech and images Models of deep learning for many sectors.
  • Perform activities related to AI industrial applications.
  • Tensorflow, Scikit Learn, and Keras are used.
  • Machine Learning and Deep Learning tools and algorithms have been implemented.
  • Graphical Models, Natural Language Processing, and Deep Learning.
  • Predictive Analytics in the Real World.

Fees structure: ₹599.00 /- for Artificial Intelligence Course.

Check the Techgyan website to get information about the faculty.

  • Address: Online Course.
  • Contact No: 919811952666
  • Email: techgyan.technologies@gmail.com
  • Website: https://tech-gyan.in/ 
Rank 3: Rooman Technology

Rank 3: Rooman Technology

Rooman Technology institute has a 53% response rate! It brings the best of value to all the students.
They value the trust and beliefs in them by our clients and professional contacts and also provide a dedicated service with an honest and direct approach in all the training. They provide Courses like

Certification Courses Training in AI.
It has the best-experienced faculty which will provide students excellent coaching and also give them complete knowledge about the course.

  • Address: E-20, First Floor, South Extension I, Block E, New Delhi, Delhi 110049
  • Phone: 011 4100 4668
  • Email: roomanvp@yahoo.com
  • Website: http://roomanvp.blogspot.com/
Rank 4: ETL hive

Rank 4: ETL hive | Top Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi

ETL hive training institute is one of the top training institutes in Delhi! There are very few technical prerequisites for artificial intelligence. However, knowledge of python and mathematical aptitude will be very beneficial. The whole ETL hive team believes that complete training of artificial intelligence is an art that should be provided by the best creative and technical expert!

Rank 5: Codec Networks

Rank 5: Codec Networks | Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi

Codec Networks training institute is one of the top 7 institutes in Delhi. This institute has a response rate of 73%. Codec Networks is a global provider of end-to-end Information Security Services in Delhi.
Also, Codec Networks has been established by a team of many young entrepreneurs with a vision of delivering high-end and specialized information security services and training on the topic of artificial intelligence!

Codec Networks also develops the exactly same leadership attributes and also the skill as the new generation of executives which requires suiting Market dynamics. With in-depth analysis and understanding of Corporate World requirements, they serve the training students with a new blend of innovation and also the dynamism in the training methodology.
Codec Networks trains all the candidates for the clients with the right knowledge of the latest technology, hands-on technical expertise, and groom them with the best and the right blend of all the leadership attributes and also the personality traits to suit our employee’s current Industry Product and also the Service offerings.

Rank 6:  Entersoft It Solutions Labs

Rank 6: Entersoft It Solutions Labs

EntersoftLabs is an Authorized Training Partner for Delhi. It is EntersoftLabs is an emerging institute in IT technology providing the best training and certifications for Artificial Intelligence. It is one of the Leading Organizations in Information Security with expertise in almost all the subjects under artificial intelligence.

They have a full-time working energetic team that works beyond all the limitations for imparting quality training to all and making the lives of thousands of students smile brighter! Also, it offers Class Room Training, Weekends Trainings, Online Trainings, and also Corporate Training.

Rank 7: Grras Training Solutions

Rank 7: Grras Training Solutions

GRRAS Solutions specializes in the domain of the best artificial intelligence training.
Being an authorized and also renowned partner, for the last 12 years, this institute holds a very special badge of honor for providing excellent business and learning facilities across India.
They provide the best training facilities along with online training and also classroom training!

  • Address: B-39 Guru Nanak Pura, First Floor, Laxmi Nagar, Opposite HDFC Bank(Laxmi Nagar District Centre), Near Maharaja  Banquet Hall ,V3S Mall , Nirman Vihar Metro Station, Delhi-110092
  • Phone: 8448448523
  • Email: accounts@grras.com
  • Website: http://www.grras.com/


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Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 7 Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi

There are many reasons that someone should opt for the WAC’s 7 Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi. For one, the course is a great way to enter into the field of AI and gain a competitive edge in this field. It also helps that the course is taught by experts in the field who are experienced in teaching and have designed their curriculum based on industry best practices. The Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi also prepares students for work in areas such as machine learning, data mining and robotics, among others.

Our Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi Market Research Team is the best

We have a dedicated Market Research Team in Delhi, India. They will help you plan your Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi course and assist you with any other requirements that you might have. Our team is the best because they are experts in the field of Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi and they understand the need to bring new and relevant content to the table. Whether it’s business intelligence or data mining, our Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi has it all. In addition, our courses are available at an affordable price for anyone who wants to learn more about this cutting-edge field. Our instructors are well qualified and come from diverse backgrounds. What’s even better is that we offer the opportunity for students to complete their Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi through self-paced learning which means you don’t have to worry about deadlines or timelines.

Our Blog has helped students join the Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi by providing them with top-quality information on the course and the institutes that offer it. We also provide a list of books for students to read in order to pass various AI certification exams. Apart from this, our blogs also offer students detailed information about which artificial intelligence courses they should choose based on their areas of specialization. For instance, we are an online education portal where one can find all the relevant information on Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi. Our blog has covered everything related to these courses in detail including qualification requirements, career opportunities, etc. Our blog also provides links to the best AI certificate programs and training programs available today.

Other Notable Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi

Many of the best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi are taught by professionals from the industry. Our Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi is also a great choice for students and professionals looking for an easy way to brush up their skills. Here we post some Other Notable Best Artificial Intelligence courses in Delhi.

artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 1 Tech Vision

Tech Vision training institute is one of the best among all the seven listed institutes. It has a total of 7 years of experience. The response rate till today is 77%. This institute is quality-oriented in software development and the whole IT industry. Also, Tech Vision offers several services like Computer Training and Placement, and most importantly, Development!

Besides, Tech Vision has expertise in corporate training also. Also, this institute is dedicated to delivering good quality, inexpensive services of AI that help to make a career in the IT industry and improve the quality of work! The Tech vision Offered a wide variety of Training Courses incorporate as well as Industrial Training.

artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 2 Soc Softech

Soc Softech training institute has 87% response till today! Excellent training methodology prepares all the students for the job market in artificial intelligence! In addition to the best technical training, they also prepare candidates for a personal interview! The team believes that complete training is an art that should be provided by the best creative and technical AI experts.

SoC Softech is a leading development and training company in artificial intelligence and also data science. They also offer training and internships in projects on artificial intelligence. At SoC Softech Training, they believe it is very important to provide high-quality, modern classroom training for future graduates.

artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 3 Eagletfly Solutions

Eagletfly Solutions offers Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi. This course is designed to help you explore the possibilities and benefits of AI, and equip you with the skills needed to start designing your own AI projects. The Artificial Intelligence course will introduce you to key concepts like machine learning and data mining that are used in solving real-world problems, as well as teach you how to design intelligent agents that can solve a variety of problems on their own. At the end of this Artificial intelligence course, not only will you have a better understanding of how AI works, but also know what it takes to design and implement an AI project. 

More About

In fact, at Eagletfly Solutions we believe that every individual should possess these skills as they will play a vital role in shaping the future. In addition, our Artificial intelligence course prepares students for jobs in machine learning and other related fields where demand is high right now. Our instructors come from diverse backgrounds including engineering, mathematics, statistics, computer science and more so you can be sure of getting quality training. 

  • Address: gate no 2, Metro Station station 14/1, near Patel Nagar, East Patel Nagar, New Delhi, Delhi 110008
  • Phone: 098114 34634
  • Email: info@eagletflysolutions.com
  • Website: https://eagletflysolutions.com/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 4 Analytic Square | Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi

Analytic Square is one of the top AI Institute in Delhi. Our course is designed by a team of certified and experienced professionals who have been teaching data science for years. Our curriculum is not just theoretical but also practical to help students gain hands-on experience with data sets and tools. The best part is that our course will provide you an opportunity to work on a real-time project. You can be assured that your final projects are unique and challenging, so it can be taken as your resume piece.

More About

And at the end of this course, you will know all about Big Data, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and Robotics from scratch to deployment.  Besides, we offer placement support to each student, helping them find jobs within three months. In order to become an industry-ready professional, enroll now in our Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi! If you want to stand out among other job applicants, then don’t hesitate to enrol in our AI course today!

  • Address: Metro Station, C-93, Raja Garden, Near Rajouri Garden Metro Station & Handa Nursing Home, near Rajouri Garden, New Delhi, Delhi 110027
  • Phone: 098997 14317
  • Email: admissions@analyticsquare.co.in
  • Website: https://analyticsquare.co.in/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 5 Port Learn

PORT LEARN is the best AI Institute in Delhi. The course helps students learn about the new and emerging field of Artificial Intelligence, which is being predicted to transform every industry. Artificial intelligence will drive economic growth and technological change. It has the power to increase productivity, create jobs, improve decision making, and solve important problems such as climate change, pandemics, and ageing populations. The artificial intelligence course covers various topics like algorithms, machine learning and programming languages, etc.

More About

It aims at equipping participants with the skills necessary for this ever-evolving field. Apart from developing a better understanding of AI, one learns how to leverage it to maximize benefits.The learners are trained on how they can deploy AI solutions that integrate into enterprise workflows and address real business needs while learning all the fundamental concepts related to AI. They will also get access to live projects wherein they can use their newfound knowledge and skill sets. 

  • Address: School Block, OFFICE 24 S-515, First, Laxmi Nagar, Shakarpur, Delhi, 110092
  • Phone: 096541 64919
  • Email: info@portlearn.com
  • Website: https://www.portlearn.com/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 6 Techstack

In Delhi, Techstack Institute offers the best Artificial Intelligence courses. From artificial intelligence to machine learning, we offer all the necessary tools needed for a successful career in AI. Our experienced team of mentors will provide you with the resources that you need to succeed. With our course, you will be able to apply for jobs in leading organizations. You can join us now or just take some time out and enroll when your exams are over.  Whether you’re looking for something to do next year, or want to make a switch from another field, Techstack has got you covered. It’s never too late to start a new path in life. Contact us today for more information about our Artificial Intelligence courses in Delhi. 

More About

We look forward to seeing you at one of our upcoming sessions! Come and explore the possibilities with Techstack! We offer many courses including our Artificial Intelligence course in Delhi. Artificial intelligence is constantly being talked about and it seems as if every day there is a different discussion on how it is changing our world. There are many reasons why tech-savvy individuals should consider taking this course but most importantly, this course could really help you find a job with top companies. 

  • Address: 4th Floor, plot 7, Lane 2, Behind Saket Metro Gate, 2, Westend Marg, Saiyad ul Ajaib, Sainik Farm, New Delhi, Delhi 110030
  • Phone: 093198 44494
  • Email: info@techstack.in
  • Website: https://www.techstack.in/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 7 Center For Future Technology

Center for Future Technology is an institute that provides Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi, specializing in designing and developing intelligent systems. We provide a high-quality education program, which helps you to build your career in Artificial Intelligence. We are one of the best institutes for AI Course in Delhi and we offer training programs on AI, Deep Learning, Machine Learning from some of the most distinguished experts of this domain. Along with providing theoretical knowledge, we also provide industry insights about AI so that you can apply your knowledge to real-life problems. 

More About

So enroll today for our courses in Artificial Intelligence and achieve your goal by gaining cutting edge skills with our course in AI. And yes, if you want to be in the forefront of technology then it is a perfect choice as there is no better way than taking up our data science course in Delhi. As artificial intelligence has been growing at a rapid pace and will soon become a norm in every sector. Our AI course in Delhi ensures that you are updated with all the latest developments.

  • Address: DDA Commercial Complex, 1st and 2nd Floor, AP Block, Pitam Pura, New Delhi, Delhi 110034
  • Phone: 093191 33134
  • Email: query@cftedu.in
  • Website: https://www.cftedu.in/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 8 SASVBA.in

SASVBA.in is a pioneer in Artificial Intelligence Institute in Delhi, with a wide range of courses to help you become an expert in AI. You can learn everything from artificial neural networks to machine learning and deep learning with SASVBA.in. We also offer online training sessions and on-demand video tutorials so you can take your education into your own hands. With our expert instructors, who are all leaders in the field of AI research and development, you will not only gain knowledge but real skills that will benefit your career.

More About

Our course is 100% practical with no theory or just buzzwords; we show you how to use the techniques immediately after they are explained. Whether it’s part time or full time study, we guarantee quality content and excellent results – it’s why our students come back for more again and again! So if you want to get ahead of the game when it comes to future opportunities then this is the place for you! Visit our website for more information.

  • Address: F206 BB, Street No.6, Mangal Bazar Rd, Laxmi Nagar, Delhi, 110092
  • Phone: 077038 71499
  • Email: email@email.com
  • Website: https://sasvba.com/
artificial intelligence course in delhi


AI ALCHEMY is a premier institute that provides Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi. The course, which is designed by industry experts, will help you learn how to implement AI techniques in your project or business and understand what AI can do for your business. Moreover, you will be taught how to use data science tools like Python, R and Matlab to get insights from data sets. You will also gain an understanding of concepts such as computer vision, machine learning and NLP using practical examples.

More About

All these courses are delivered with high-quality content, certified instructors and an affordable fee structure so that you can have access to this technology without breaking your budget. You may also go through our packages on artificial intelligence courses and register with us! We assure you that once enrolled in any of these courses, you will become well versed with new technologies and grow into a prodigal person. And not just those who are enrolled here at AI ALCHEMY – Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi but those who wish to take up one among the most important domains today.

  • Phone: 919818112256
  • Email: ai.alchemytraining@gmail.com
  • Website: https://aialchemytraining.com/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 10 DigiTech Vidya

DigiTech Vidya Institute offers courses on artificial intelligence in Delhi that will help you learn the fundamentals of AI. This course is designed to help you understand how AI can be applied in your day-to-day life and how it functions. The course is perfect for those who are passionate about machine learning and want to explore more. You’ll also get a chance to learn different aspects of deep neural networks. Get started today with our Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi. In this course, we’ll cover topics such as reinforcement learning, Bayesian classification, natural language processing and data mining. 

More About

We have one-on-one classes which mean that you’ll have plenty of time to ask any questions or practice what you’ve learned! Plus, our teachers are always available through email to answer any queries. If you’re interested in becoming an AI or if you just want to learn more about AI then come join us at DigiTech Vidya and enroll in our Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi! You can study from home or from work on your own schedule and at your own pace. 

  • Address: E-4, near KIA Motors, B Block, Mohan Cooperative Industrial Estate, Badarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110044
  • Phone: 070236 53566
  • Email: info@digitalvidya.com 
  • Website: https://course.digitalvidya.com/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 11 AI-Shala Technologies Pvt Ltd

AI-Shala Technologies offers Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi. It is a unique course which not only provides you with Artificial Intelligence Training but also includes knowledge about Computer Programming and Data Analytics. In this course, you will learn to implement Artificial Intelligence in various fields like Healthcare, Manufacturing, Robotics and so on. The students will be trained on how to use artificial intelligence in their respective field of work.

More About

Along with this, they will have practical sessions where they can implement what they have learnt. Students who are interested in taking up Artificial Intelligence training must visit our website for more information about our courses. Our expert faculty provides high quality education to ensure that your learning is at par with global standards. So, if you want to improve your skills and change your career path, register yourself today! Contact us for more details and we’ll get back to you within 24 hours.

  • Address: C-25B, Uttam Nagar, Bhagwati Garden Extension, Nawada, New Delhi, Delhi 110059
  • Phone: 096259 94840
  • Email: info@ai-shala.com
  • Website: https://ai-shala.com/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 12 Delhi School of Artificial Intelligence

We at Delhi School of Artificial Intelligence are committed to providing the best Artificial Intelligence training, so that students can take their skills to the next level. Our institute is one of the most sought-after institutes for understanding and mastering AI and machine learning. We offer a range of courses that are designed to give you a thorough understanding of the basics as well as new concepts. Our courses help you get all set with deep knowledge, which can be put into use in any field or domain. The Artificial Intelligence course in Delhi aims to equip you with practical hands-on experience that will help sharpen your skills even more. 

More About

Enroll now and explore your potential! Register today and come on his journey towards acquiring skills like Machine Learning, Data Science, Deep Learning, and Big Data Analytics. You’ll also be able to work on projects that have never been attempted before!  At Delhi School of Artificial Intelligence, we’ll provide you with industry exposure through internships and project-based assignments. In addition, our expert faculty has decades of real-world expertise in designing innovative technologies using AI and machine learning. 

  • Address: House C-766, IAAN, 1, New Friends Colony, New Delhi, Delhi 110025
  • Phone: 088268 70895
  • Email: info@dscai.in
  • Website: https://dscai.in/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 13 Aedifico Tech | Best Artificial Intelligence Courses in Delhi

Aedifico Tech is a reputed institute for Artificial Intelligence course in Delhi. One of the best AI institutes in Delhi, it offers a wide range of courses. Aedifico Tech offers hands-on training and interactive sessions by industry experts that covers basics to advanced concepts of Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision and many more.

More About

Aedifico Tech provides an enriching environment with unparalleled faculty support which ensures success on all aspects of your career path irrespective of your background or qualifications in other fields. The program includes two batches per year. The first batch starts in September while the second batch starts in January. We provide Placement assistance after completion of our course so you can explore opportunities as soon as you complete your courses at Aedifico Tech.

  • Address: Master Block, 1/2 MB, 2nd, adjacent to Ambedkar Institute, Shakarpur, New Delhi, Delhi 110092
  • Phone: 099100 25524
  • Email: info@aedificogroup.com
  • Website: https://aedificotech.business.site/
artificial intelligence course in delhi

Other: 14 The IoT Academy

The IoT Academy is India’s leading provider of Artificial Intelligence courses in Delhi. We are a team of full-time, industry experts and we teach you how to develop solutions for real-world problems using AI. Our Artificial Intelligence course covers topics like Introduction to Machine Learning and Data Science Techniques, Computer Vision, Natural Language Processing, and Speech Recognition. Morningside Technologies is providing the best artificial intelligence course in delhi at affordable price with placement assistance as well.  

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You will learn techniques used in the creation of applications that help robots perform human tasks. You will be able to understand the process of building such systems and design your own projects in Python or C++ language after the completion of this course. And not just that, if you have any queries about our artificial intelligence course, feel free to drop them off here! The IoT Academy offers an amazing chance for students to participate in quiz and to enroll into our Artificial Intelligence course.

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Frequently Asked Questions about Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi

Here are some of the most frequently asked questions about Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi.

Does IIT Delhi offer artificial intelligence?

Technical studies related to Machine Learning and Data Science – IIT Delhi. The Indian Institute of Technology Delhi is all set to offer a new M. Tech degree program in Machine Learning and Data Science at its School of Artificial Intelligence from 2022.

After the 12th grade, students from all backgrounds, including business, are able to take an Artificial Intelligence course. The class will focus on teaching the necessary programming languages and algorithms that are involved in the making of AI machines and technology.

You will need a Bachelor’s degree for entry-level positions. For a career in Data Science, Computer Science, Software Engineering, or similar, your next step is to earn your Master’s Degree. Another thing you may want to do to take the next step is get certifications, learn new skills, and create a portfolio.

More Frequently Asked Questions About Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi

Here are some of the more frequently asked questions about Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi.

What is the Best Artificial Intelligence Course in Delhi?

The course is designed for those who want to learn about the latest developments in AI. You will explore machine learning, computer vision, speech recognition, and deep learning.

Does DU offer artificial intelligence?

In fact, DU is one of the best places to study artificial intelligence in India. The curriculum was designed by an international team of experts and it covers all aspects of AI right from machine learning to natural language processing.

How much does an artificial intelligence course cost?

It is estimated that the cost of pursuing an AI course in India can range from INR 10,000 to 4,00,000 annually. Pursuing an AI course abroad can reach INR 38,00,000 and even higher.