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Top 7 Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai

Top 7 Digital Marketing Course in Chennai is an article drafted and crafted by WAC’s Research team as more and more students are finding Professional Training to Digital Marketing. Getting into the best Digital Marketing Training in Chennai can give any student an edge over others, and it is beneficial for any student to join the top Digital Marketing Institute in Chennai. Enrolling in Digital Marketing coaching will help in increasing the chances of success.

Digital Marketing

In our current digital world, we use the internet for almost everything. From working, paying bills, shopping, planning a vacation, streaming content, to staying connected to our friends and family, we are just hooked onto our computers, laptops, smartphones, and tablets throughout the day.

As per a post on PCMag, adults in the USA spend almost 6 hours with digital media, including smartphones, laptops, and desktop computers. A somewhat similar trend can be witnessed in most countries all over the world.

With consumers spending so much time on the internet, the digital landscape has turned into a battlefield for brands vying for their attention. But apart from offering exceptional services and products, what else can help a brand successfully engage the audience? It is a well-crafted digital marketing institute in Chennai strategy.

The wildly increasing popularity of the internet has given birth to a lot of interesting professional fields. One of the most prominent ones is that of being a Digital Marketer. Look around you, and you’ll see that even the smallest of brands are now venturing into the digital world to increase their reach and connect to the audience.

This makes Digital Marketing an exciting field to be a part of in these modern times. From multinational businesses to even the smallest of grocers close to your home, everyone is now on the internet and aiming to offer a unique experience to the consumers.

This vast popularity of the internet and the rising need for businesses to market themselves online has created a vast gap in marketing professionals with expertise in the digital landscape. Training Institutes in India were quick to discover this massive lack of digital marketing professionals and future prospects of this field.

As a result, in the past few years, there has been a significant uptick in the number of training institutes offering various Digital Marketing courses. Even the companies now prefer professionals who have certifications in this field to make sure that they hire the best talent for their online marketing strategy. For someone who is planning to be a part of this promising field, these Digital Marketing courses are an excellent choice.

How to Evaluate a Digital Marketing Training Institutes?

Digital Marketing is currently one of the trending fields, and the number of training institutes offering courses in this stream is now plenty in every major Indian city. For someone who is looking for the best digital marketing training institute, the large number of choices can be confusing.

However, selecting the right training institute for the course is not as difficult as one would imagine. There are a few essential factors that you can consider when analyzing a training institute. These factors are as follows-

  • Faculty– A training institute is only as good as the trainers in it. For digital marketing, it is imperative for the training institute to have professionals with extensive experience in this domain. Ensure that you first check the faculty of the training institute before making a decision.
  • Duration– If you are already working and looking for a way to improve your career, you can find several short courses in digital marketing that you can consider. But if you are just planning a career in this field, it is better to go for a full-time course which can last from a few months to 1 year and even more.
  • Offline or Online– Offline and online training both have their benefits and drawbacks. Understand them clearly to make a decision that perfectly suits your requirements.
  • Fee Structure– When selecting a digital marketing training centre, it is very important to compare the fee of a few of your top selections. This would allow you to pick a reputed training institute that is within your budget.
  • Job Assistance– Most of the top digital marketing training institutes offer job assistance. You can find more about this on the website of the training institute. Also, when you first visit the Training Institute for consultation, make sure that you do talk about the placements. Moreover, you should also check the placement history of the training institute to pick the best institute.

Why Choose Chennai as a Digital Marketing Learning Destination?

Chennai, the capital of Tamil Nadu, is one of the most developed cities in the country. As a result, there is no shortage of top learning institutes, including digital marketing schools in the city. Apart from reputed institutes, the city also has everything that one could expect from a modern Indian city.

From food, infrastructure, transportation, places to visit, to the nightlife, your stay in Chennai throughout the course duration would surely be a rewarding one. More importantly, Chennai is mostly known as an affordable city. So, if you are traveling to Chennai from another city for the marketing course, you can easily find affordable accommodation, food, and other amenities.

Classroom Training vs Online Training

Apart from selecting a training institute, another major problem for most students is the selection between online and offline modes of training. Look closely, and you can see quite a few pros and cons of both which you can consider to make a decision.

  • Traditional classroom environment
  • Social interaction
  • A quick answer to all your queries
  • Expensive as compared to online training
  • Not as time-efficient as online training
  • Fixed batch timing
  • Cheaper than offline training
  • More convenience, especially for working professionals
  • Learn at your own pace
  • Interruptions are very common when you learn from home/office
  • Learner-focused approach to online training is not suitable for everyone
  • Difficult to get answers to queries

List of Top 7 Digital Marketing Course in Chennai | Get the Digital Marketing Training in Chennai

The Institution’s / Organization’s Ranking done by WAC is a result of the research done by our team. It is totally Independent of the Rankings done by the Govt. Bodies. If any Institute has any Queries regarding any Information Updates or has conflicting ideas regarding Ranking positions, can contact us. Email at or Call on +91-9818198188.

Rank 1 Top Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

Rank 1: Techgyan

In digital marketing, you use online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing to promote and sell items. When it comes down to it, digital marketing is nothing more than a kind of marketing, period.

Business owners use it to get their message in front of their most valuable prospects and consumers in today’s market.

You have to know when to make the appropriate offers and where to put them. Your consumers are online today: they’re on social media, reading blogs and news sites, and looking online when they need a product or service.

Thanks to digital marketing, your top prospects can see you, learn more about you, and even ask questions about you and your products or services.

If you’re new to digital marketing, then it will be the perfect time for you to take Techgyan’s digital marketing course in Chennai.

Get the skills you need to advance in your current business and stand out among your rivals by taking advantage of our Digital Marketing Training Program.

To help students accomplish their professional goals in the technology-driven digital world and earn a handsome payout, Techgyan’s Digital Marketing course in Chennai is a well-structured Digital Marketing Course.

  • Javascript.
  • Java Programming.
  • Big Data with Hadoop.
  • Cloud Computing with AWS.
  • Web Development with HTML/CSS.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Blockchain for Beginners.
  • Android Application Development.
  • Python Programming.
  • Ethical Hacking.
  • Digital marketing methods, tips, and benefits are explored, along with their consequences and monetization.
  • Digital Marketing Professionals are eligible for 100% placement, internship, and project help.
  • Improve your digital marketing skills to qualify for higher-paying employment.
  • Our techniques can help you grow your firm by improving sales.
  • Open up new job paths in a field that is always developing.
  • Learn how to leverage hundreds of proven digital marketing strategies to your advantage.
  • Enhance your brand’s identity and exposure by using the following tips.
  • The more people who know about your brand, the more people will be exposed to it.
  • Use these social media marketing ideas to develop or extend your business.
  • By embracing digital, you may save money on marketing expenditures.
  • Earn a worldwide audience for your business by establishing a global presence.
  • Upgrade your resume to improve your chances of being shortlisted.
  • Learn how to earn money while being at home.

Check the Techgyan website to get information about the faculty.

₹599.00 /- for Digital Marketing Course.

Contact details

Rank 2 Top Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

Rank 2: Technophilia

Your knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), social media (SMM), pay-per-click (PPC), conversion-optimization (CRO), digital analytics (DA), and mobile (Email) marketing will be enhanced as a result of this Digital Marketing Certification Course. The Facebook team will teach you how to use the newest tools, work on real-world projects, and give you classes on how to use them.

With this online certification course, you’ll get an in-depth grasp of the eight most significant digital marketing areas, including real-world assignments and virtual simulations for acquiring domain expertise. After completing this course, you’ll be exposed to 30 digital marketing technologies, significant project experience, and Mimic Pro simulations to become job-ready.

You will obtain a digital marketing certificate from Simplilearn once you have completed this digital marketing training program, confirming that you have gained a Digital Marketing Specialist’s skill set and verifying your competence to lead digital marketing activities in your business.

Technophilia provides an excellent Digital Marketing course in Chennai that is well worth taking. All of these courses are geared toward working professionals. As a result, you may maintain your work while still learning new skills. 

The greatest mentors and industry experts in Digital Marketing teach Technophilia courses. Students receive placement help at some of the country’s best businesses, in addition to frequent engagement and one-on-one communication sessions with mentors.

  • Internet of Things.
  • Web Development.
  • Data Science.Automobile & IC Engine.Android App Development.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Ethical Hacking.
  • Java Programming.
  • Python Programming.
  • Industry mentors, teaching assistants, and graders will provide you with unequaled assistance.
  • Receive personalized feedback on your contributions and suggestions for improvement.
  • Industry mentors, teaching assistants, and graders will provide you with unequaled assistance.
  • Receive personalized feedback on your contributions and suggestions for improvement.
  • You’ll understand how to generate high-quality traffic for a website that translates into actual consumers.
  • Understand how major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing function and develop tactics accordingly.
  • Learn how to create and implement an effective SEO strategy that will help a website get the attention it deserves.
  • To market any website, you must first discover relevant keywords and then use them in acceptable online content possibilities.Learn what makes your competitors’ websites tick and how to outsmart them.
  • Check the Technophilia website to get information about the faculty.

    ₹599.00 /- for Digital Marketing Course.

    Contact Details

    Rank 3: eSearchAdvisors

    While eSearchAdvisors was only established in 2015, it has quickly turned into one of the top choices for students looking for Digital Marketing training in Chennai. The Digital Marketing institute in Chennai training has built an impressive curriculum that combines practical and theoretical training to help students thoroughly understand the modern world of online marketing.

    eSearchAdvisors is one of the few training institutes in Chennai that offer Diploma in Digital Marketing. Ideal for working professionals, business executives, students, entrepreneurs, and even homemakers, the course is divided into 14 units with topics like SEO, SEM, Content Marketing, Marketing Tools, Lead Generation, Affiliate Marketing, and more to prepare the students for a bright career in the field. Apart from this course, the training institute also offers short courses in SEO, PPC, and SMO.

    The training institute has many highly experienced trainers to offer students hands-on learning experience. Some of the trainers are UK-qualified and follow the best international practices to help expand the career prospects of the students. The training institute also offers placement assistance even after you’ve been placed to ensure that you progress and make the best use of your skills and certifications.

    What differentiates eSearchAdvisors from most of the top Digital Marketing institutes in Chennai is the fact the institute is also a Digital Marketing service provider. It works along with a number of businesses and offers consulting and solutions along with graphic designing and web development services. This means that the institute teaches what it practices. This allows the students to get a first-hand experience of working on live projects and get an extensive experience of how online marketing works.

    Contact Details

    Rank 4: FITA

    Located in Velachery, Chennai, FITA (Focused IT Academy) is a reputed Digital Marketing institute in Chennai and IT training provider. The institute is managed by a group of highly skilled and experienced IT professionals to deliver world-class learning experience to the students. Apart from Digital Marketing training, the institute offers more than 100 other courses along with corporate training and placement assistance.

    The Digital Marketing course offered by FITA is made up of 11 modules and includes all the important topics like SEO, PPC, SEM, Web Analytics, Email Marketing, and SMM. The curriculum lays a major emphasis on offering a practical learning experience to the students to ensure that they receive a thorough experience in understanding all the different digital channels and strategies to help businesses enhance their social credibility and reach on the internet.

    As one of the top IT training institute in Chennai, FITA has some of the most experienced and versatile trainers. Many of the trainers are currently working at top MNCs and have helped several brands establish themselves in the digital world. FITA is also a placement service provider and offers placement assistance to each of its students.

    FITA not only offers top class training but also works as a placement service provider. This means that the students are sure to receive excellent job assistance after completing the course. With the number of professionals interested in digital marketing rising consistently, having a reputed placement service provider to help you find a job is crucial to begin your career as quickly as possible. FITA has tie-ups with more than 400 companies, making it a great choice for anyone concerned about landing a good job after Digital Marketing training. 

    Contact Details

    Rank 5: Besant Technologies

    A division of BDreamz, a reputed Digital Marketing institute in Chennai service provider, Besant Technologies is next on this list of top Digital Marketing institute in Chennai. The Top Digital Marketing Course in Chennai training offers a number of IT courses along with Digital Marketing institute in Chennai and also offers Masters Programs in Big Data, Data Science, Business Intelligence, Cloud, and Software Testing. It offers 100% job assistance as well as interview preparation to help students find the best jobs in Digital Marketing.

    The Digital Marketing course offered by Besant Technologies covers 14 important modules which include SEO, Keyword Research, On-Page Optimization, Off-Page Optimization, PPC, SMO, SMM, Web Analytics, and Interview Preparation. The course duration is 35-40 hours and comes with free marketing tools worth Rs. 25,000. After completing the course, students can then also appear for Google and Facebook certification exams.

    Besant Technologies has trainers who are currently working in multinational organizations like HCL, TCS, IBM, Mircosoft, HP and have extensive online marketing experience. As a part of these top companies, they are also connected to their hiring department. This opens up several excellent opportunities for students to land a job at one of the top MNC.

    What helps Besant Technologies stand apart from other popular Digital Marketing institutes is its reputation. The institute is an authorised partner of Microsoft, Oracle Workforce Development and Pearson VUE. Moreover, it is also an authorised exam centre for PSI exams. This clearly suggests that Besant Technologies is indeed one of the top IT training institutes in Chennai. 

    Contact Details

    Rank 6: SkarTec

    SkarTec is a great option for any individual looking for Digital Marketing Course in Chennai training at affordable fees in Chennai. The training institute offers 8-week classroom as well as online training in online marketing and also helps students prepare for various examinations like Google Search Advertising, Google Mobile Ads, Google Analytics, and Bing Certification. 

    SkarTec offers 8-week courses like Advanced Digital Marketing Specialist, Advanced SEO Specialist, Google Ads/PPC Ads, and Social Media Marketing Specialist. These courses cover modules like Marketing Automation, Lead Generation, SEO, SMM, SEM, Web Analytics, Content Marketing, and Email Marketing. It also offers job preparation assistance to help students appear for job interviews.

    Suresh Kalyanasundaram is the head of online marketing training at SkarTec. He is a Digital Marketing Training Expert with more than 27 years of experience in online marketing, digital advancements, and sales and marketing. He brings with him the vast sea of experience and knowledge which can immensely help individuals who are just beginning their career in online marketing.

    SkarTec is very popular among individuals looking for an affordable Digital Marketing training institute. Apart from the reasonable fees, the institute is also one of the few in Chennai that offer online training. SkarTec offers 1-on-1 online training in all of its courses, making it an excellent choice for working professionals looking for more flexibility in their training.

    Rank 7: WebD School

    WebD School in Chennai offers one of the most extensive Digital Marketing institute in Chennai with 18 modules to turn any beginner into an online marketing expert. The institute offers offline and online training, making it a great choice for freshers as well as professionals who are already working but looking for a way to move ahead in their careers. Apart from online marketing, it also offers courses in Web Designing, Film Editing, Graphic Designing, Android, and UX/UI Designing.


    The Digital Marketing course offered by WebD School covers 18 different modules with topics like Website Planning and Optimization, SEO, Analytics, Google AdWords, SMM, Display Advertising, Email Marketing, Video Marketing, Mobile Marketing, and Content Marketing among others. The course has a duration of 3 months, and students get unlimited lab hours to master their marketing skills further.


    WebD School is a popular digital training institute in Chennai and has some of the best trainers in the city. Many of the trainers are currently working at top MNCs, and several others are online marketing experts with vast experience. After completing the course successfully, the institute also offers placement support to help students begin their career.

    Differential Factor

    The course curriculum and its extensiveness is something that makes WebD School one of the best in Chennai. From basic SEO to advanced topics like conversion optimisation and online reputation management, the course covers everything that a beginner digital marketing professional should know. This can make it easier for the students to land a job after completing their course and deliver their best to their companies.

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    Digital marketing is currently one of the most interesting fields with great future potential. A career in this field would ensure that you get to work on something new every time and develop your skills simultaneously to start playing a crucial role in helping brands enhance their social credibility. If you are creative, have excellent communication skills, and fairly good with the internet, a digital marketing course can help you build a highly rewarding career.

    If you are searching for Digital Marketing Course in Chennai, these are some of the top training institutes that you could consider. Go to their website, contact them, and visit their Digital Marketing institute in Chennai to know more about them before making a decision.

    While the list is made after carefully reviewing each of the training institutes, their offerings, fee, faculty, and student reviews, it is still very important for you to analyze them on factors important to you. It is very much possible that a training institute that is considered as the best by your friend might not be the best selection for you.

    No matter if you are looking for a part-time or full-time course in digital marketing, you are about to spend a considerable amount of money, time, and effort on it. So, try to be as cautious as possible and in case of any queries with regards to the Digital Marketing Institutes in Chennai discussed above, feel free to use the comments section.

    Digital Marketing Course in Chennai as a Career

    As per a post on HubSpot, only about 22% of the businesses are currently satisfied with their conversion rate. This means that the remaining businesses still have a lot to do with their digital marketing to achieve their online conversion goals. Moreover, even the businesses that are satisfied with their conversion rate will have to continue with their marketing and improve it further to generate more sales.

    This stat clearly suggests that the demand for a Digital Marketing institute in Chennai professional is at an all-time high.  With the number of consumers now shopping and searching for brands online, sooner or later, digital will play a crucial role in their marketing activities. Apart from getting hired by a reputed company, many of the digital marketing professionals also work as freelancers, and some of them have also launched their own marketing firms.

    While having a  digital marketing company of your own would definitely need a lot of experience, resources, and a lot of things, the possibility cannot be eliminated. In short, as a career, digital marketing can be a boon for someone who loves the internet and wants to do something exciting and rewarding.

    Jobs in Digital Marketing

    The scope of digital marketing in India as well as abroad is pretty huge currently. An increasing number of companies are now switching to the digital world to increase their reach and connect with newer audiences. This has made digital marketing a vast field full of excellent opportunities.

    Once you’ve completed a digital marketing course from a  top training institute and have received certification for the same, there are plenty of jobs that you can consider. Some of the most popular ones are as follows-

    • Search Engine Optimizer
    • Search Engine Marketer
    • Digital Marketing Manager
    • Social Media Marketing Expert
    • Social Media Executive
    • Digital Director
    • Content Marketer
    • CRM Manager
    • Analytics Manager

    While you might be required to start as a trainee or be a part of a digital marketing group of a company, you can develop your skills further, and the promotions would probably follow. If you have entrepreneurial dreams, once you have a considerable amount of experience in the industry, you can then think about turning your dream into a reality.

    Degree Courses in Digital Marketing

    • In India- If you are looking for degree courses in Top Digital Marketing Course in Chennai, there are a few options like BBA In Digital Marketing and MBA in Digital Marketing. The Madras Christian College in Chennai currently offers BBA in Chennai. For MBA in Digital Marketing, the Vel Tech Business School in Chennai is a great option.

    While degree courses in Digital Marketing are great if you are just starting your career, most of the jobs in this field do not generally require a degree. A digital marketing course from any of the seven Top Digital Marketing Course in Chennai discussed above should be adequate.

    • Study Abroad- While there are not many degree courses in Digital Marketing in India, there are several great options that you can find in foreign countries. MA, MBA, and MSc are some of the top options that you can consider. There are several popular universities in countries like the USA, UK, Singapore, Australia, France, and Ireland.

    While a foreign degree in Digital Marketing would surely look great on your CV, an Indian course of degree can also serve the purpose equally well, especially if you want to work in India. However, if you’d like to work abroad, these foreign degrees can help you abundantly.

    Other Notable Top Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai

    1st: Digital Marketing Courses (DMC)

    Established in 2011, Digital Marketing Course in Chennai, popularly known as DMC, is one of the oldest and most reputed digital marketing institutes in Chennai. The institute is located in Kodambakkam, close to Meenakshi Engineering College, and offers multiple digital marketing courses spread across more than 15 modules.

    DMC offers 45-day courses in digital marketing fields like SEO, SEM, SMM, Web Analytics, E-Commerce Training, and E-Mail Marketing. After completing the course, the students get to appear for exams and get industry-recognized certifications in digital marketing from globally authorized partners of the institute.

    The institute has made sure that the course syllabus is relevant to the demands of modern industries. After the course is completed, DMC also offers placement support and career guidance to help students begin their careers in digital marketing.

    The institute has hired some of the very best from the digital marketing domain to offer the best education to the students. It has Prabhat K., Iyappan Kalimuthu, Vignesh R., and many others who have extensive experience in digital marketing and have worked with many reputed organizations. This ensures that the students don’t just get to learn the concepts of digital marketing from the best but also stay updated about the latest trends in the industry.

    Two things make DMC one of the best training institutes for digital marketing in Chennai. First is the duration of the course. The training institute claims to make you “job-ready” within just 45 days. Many of the student reviews also agree that the training and curriculum are actually extensive enough to help you start your career in this field.

    The second USP of the training institute is its fee. As compared to other top training institutes in Chennai, the fees of DMC is more affordable. So, if you are searching for top Digital Marketing training in Chennai with a reasonable fee, DMC is one of the best options.

    Contact Details

    2nd: ACTE

    ACTE is a well-known IT Digital Marketing Course in Chennai and has been founded by IT professionals with extensive work experience in the USA. Apart from Digital Marketing, the training institute also offers training in Java, Cloud, Software Testing, Web Designing, Oracle, and a host of other IT-related subjects.

    With 100% placement assurance, affordable fees, and a focus on practical training, ACTE is an excellent choice for someone looking for a career in online marketing. The training institute has five Top Digital Marketing Courses in Chennai along with training centers in Bengaluru and Mumbai.

    The Digital Marketing course offered by ACTE covers more than 15 modules, including Fundamentals of Digital Marketing, Website Planning and Creation, Keyword Research, Web Analytics, SEO, SMM, Mobile Marketing, and Affiliate Marketing among others. After successful completion of the course, you’ll receive DMCA (Digital Marketing Certified Associate) certification.

    The institute claims to have MNC-working trainers with extensive experience in the industry. The trainers are Google-certified and have helped thousands of students to build a career in online marketing. As the trainers are currently working at top MNCs, they are well-versed with the current trends in the industry. This is a major advantage for the students as they get to experience how digital marketing is used in the real world.

    One of the best things about ACTE is its faculty. Most of the trainers are currently working at top MNCs and have several years of industry experience. Moreover, after completing the course, the students receive DMCA certification which brings in a lot of credibility to your CV. It also offers 100% placement assistance and has already placed more than 2,000 students in MNCs.

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