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GMAT Online Coachings and GMAT online Course are available today, and hence WAC’s research team has drafted the Article “Top 11 GMAT online classes” to help you make the right decision. Choosing the best GMAT online coaching can be a daunting task. With so many providers and options available, it’s difficult to know where to start. That’s why we’ve done the legwork for you and compiled a list of the eleven best GMAT online coaches. We’ll provide an overview of each provider, their strengths, and what makes them stand out from the rest.

About GMAT | GMAT Online Classes

GMAT is the Graduate Management Admission Test to be qualified as an essential part of the application process for business school. Aspirants need to clear this exam to be admitted to university MBA courses. This exam is conducted by an institute named GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council).
After passing this exam, about 7,100 management courses are allowed to take admission. This exam is conducted at 600 centers in 114 countries. Students need to tighten their belts to clear this exam, so they opt for GMAT Online Course.

The exam of GMAT checks the applicant’s command of grammar, basic arithmetic, geometry, algebra, and multi-source data analysis. In addition, it analyses and evaluates the ability of the applicants on the basis of their written material, critical thinking, and problem-solving attitude. The GMAT tests the critical thinking skills of the aspirants mainly. To obtain the qualifying GMAT score, students need to show excellence in reason through and analyzing information.

  • If you are a student and dreaming of getting admission to the top business schools of the world, then you can live this dream through GMAT Online Classes and GRE. Many students get confused about the importance and recognition of the GMAT and GRE. Actually, GMAT is an international level test, by which you can take admission in management courses like MBA, Master of Accountancy, and Master of Finance of reputed business schools of the world.
  • On the other hand, GRE is a general aptitude test through which admission can be taken in all postgraduate and doctoral programs.  Most students, who want to do MBA from abroad, take the GMAT Online Classes exam only. GMAT is a specialized test for taking admission to an MBA. This is the computer-based multiple-choice and computer-adaptive standardized test that is necessary to take admission to graduate business programs i.e., MBA.
  • The test maker GMAC allows common measures of aspirants taking part in the exam to face graduate-level academic work. The committees of the different business schools analyze the GMAT score of the applicant, also their work experience, and academic records, in addition to the above, supporting materials to assess the potential of the aspirant.

The GMAT exam is conducted to get admission into a graduate management program MBA in top business schools across the globe. This computer-adaptive exam tests the students’ ability of analytical writing, and quantitative, verbal, and reading skills. Earlier, the students had been given 4 hours to complete the paper which had been cut short by 30 minutes to become 3 hours and 30 minutes of the exam on 16th April 2018. It also includes 2 breaks of 8 minutes each.

The Graduate Management Admission Council has no fixed eligibility criteria for students to appear in the exam. However, universities and business schools have their set criteria to appear in the GMAT.

  • The applicant must have completed 18 years of age. No maximum age limit is set by the authority for the candidate to appear in the test.
  • Even the students between the ages group 13 to 17 years old can appear in the exam with the prior permission of their parents or legal guardian in writing.
  • The authority responsible to conduct the exam has no specific requirement of education qualification to appear for the GMAT exam. However, an applicant who wishes to register for an MBA program should clear a graduate degree from any recognized university.
  • The student is charged $250 or INR 18,700 as an application fee to register their name for the GMAT exam. In addition to the basic exam form fee, if the student wishes to change the exam center or reschedule the exam then the authority charges an extra cost. Also, no matter if a candidate appears or does not appear in the exam, he will not be reimbursed the fee.
  • On the other hand, if the candidate decides to cancel the test 1 to 14 days before the exam date then only $50 will be refunded and $200 will not. In case, if the candidate decides to cancel the test 15 to 60 days before the exam date then only $75 will be refunded and $175 will not. If the candidate decides to cancel the test before 60 days of the exam date then only $100 will be refunded and $150 will not. At last, if a student wants to cancel the test before 24 hours only, he will not be reimbursed.
  • Rescheduling Fee of GMAT online Course: The charge to reschedule the exam 1 to 14 days before the exam date, the students have to pay US$150. The charge to reschedule the exam is between 15 to 60 days before the exam date, the students have to pay US$100. The charge to reschedule the exam 60 days before the exam date, the students have to pay US$50.

GMAT is well known and one of the toughest exams to take for admission in MBA schools worldwide. The scope of this exam is huge and the acceptability of the GMAT score in the colleges is more than any other test. 9 out of 10 MBA enrollments are made on the basis of GMAT Scores globally. More than 2,300 schools allow GMAT Scores to give admission to students in MBA programs.

Exam Name: Graduate Management Admission Test

GMAT: Graduate Management Admission Test

Official Website: https://www.mba.com

GMAT is for: MBA courses outside India and top B schools in India

Also accepted for MS courses outside India and MBA courses in India

Conducted by: GMAC (Graduate Management Admission Council)

Mode of Exam: Computer-based adaptive test

GMAT fee: US $250 (INR 18,700 approximately)

Score Range: Min 200-Max 800

The Graduate Management Admission Council allows the applicants to enrol their name to appear in the Graduate Management Admission Test date before 6 months. The window gets opened by the council 6 months before. However, the students can register even 24 hours before the GMAT exam date but only if there is the availability of slots. So, it is suggested to register as early as possible.

There are 3 ways to register for GMAT:

  • By Online medium
  • Via Phone
  • By Postal mail
  • There is a bonus point for students who are interested in the GMAT exam that there is no fixed official date for GMAT. They can select any date as per their convenience, preparation, and availability. If a student wants a retake of the exam then he after waiting for 16 days can appear for a retake of the exam. 16 days is the minimum period to wait.
  • Students have 5 chances to appear in the exam in their lifetime. The authority recommends the students enroll their name for the exam two to three months before the exam date.
  • The online registration and registration via phone take 24 hours to enroll the student. So, it is suggested that students should enroll as early as possible. Even the GMAT online coaching institutes ask their students to register their names to get the available date.

The Graduate Management Admission Test comprises of four sections :

  1. Analytical Writing
  2. Integrated Reasoning
  3. Quantitative Reasoning
  4. Verbal Reasoning

To complete the above-mentioned four sections, the applicants for the GMAT exam are given two optional eight-minute breaks during the test of about three and a half hours.

Students are given about three and a half hours to complete the Graduate Management Admission Test. The total score of the paper is 800 points and students have to try to gain maximum points so that they can take admission to their desired institute. Candidates for the GMAT exam are tested on various sections. The format of the GMAT exam is divided into four sections:

1. Analytical Writing Assessment

This section of the GMAT paper measures the applicant of the exam’s ability to think critically. It also analyzes how the applicant communicates their ideas.

In this section, students’ ability to analyze data is tested. It also evaluates how information can be presented in multiple ways.

It measures the student’s ability to analyze data and to reach to a conclusion with their reasoning skills.

In this section of the exam paper, the candidates’ ability to read and how they understand written material are tested. It also measures how the applicant evaluates arguments. How do they correct written material.

  • Students get the result of the GMAT when they finish the exam. Their results come in GMAT Score Report form. Only the AWA score is not included in the score report of the GMAT. Then it is on the student to accept it or not. If the student accepts the score report, then the student and the business schools to which the student wants to take admission can see the result.
  • On the contrary, if the student does not accept the result, the applicant and the institution will not be able to view the GMAT score report. At last, the applicant of the Graduate Management Admission Test can have the entire result within 20 days of finishing the test and this time it will also include the AWA score. They can also download the non-official GMAT result from the official site.

There are a total of five GMAT Scores that are reported on a fixed scale. These scores are called the official scores. It appears on students’ GMAT Score Report. Students send these reports to selected score recipients. GMAT Total Score Report consists only of Verbal and Quantitative scores. It does not consist of any other section. The report is based entirely on these two sections.

Quantitative Score (0 – 60), with percentile

Verbal Score (0 – 60), with percentile

Total GMAT Score (200 – 800), with percentile

AWA Score (half-integers from 0 to 6), with percentile

Integrated Reasoning score (integer from 1 to 8)

The scores of the Graduate Management Admission Test are valid for 5 years. So, aspirants should be very well aware of that and submit their applications at the right time. Before the deadline, they should send their scores to universities for admission.

Why Choose GMAT Online Coaching

Online GMAT coaching is the perfect choice for those looking to prepare for their GMAT exams quickly and efficiently. With a wide range of video lessons, mock exams, and resources, online GMAT coaching can provide students with the highest quality of instruction in the comfort of their own homes. Online coaches will guide students through the entire GMAT process, helping them create personalized study plans, exhibit solid problem-solving skills, and take full-length practice exams. Not only this, but they’ll also be there to offer invaluable advice and answer any questions the students may have. With its flexibility and cost-effectiveness, online GMAT coaches are the perfect choice for those looking to excel in their GMAT exams.

  • GMAT Online Course classes provide the flexibility to learn at your own pace and schedule, making it an ideal option for busy MBA aspirants.
  • Experienced tutors provide comprehensive resources, including online video lectures, study materials, and practice tests, to help students prepare for the GMAT exam.
  • Online coaching allows for personalized attention and feedback from instructors, helping students identify their strengths and weaknesses and focus on areas that need improvement.
  • Interactive online sessions and discussion forums enable students to connect with their peers and engage in collaborative learning.
  • The number of institutes offering GMAT online coaching has increased in recent years due to the popularity of online learning and the GMAT being offered entirely online.
  • GMAT online coaching offers advantages such as flexibility, self-paced learning, and access to resources from anywhere in the world.
  • When considering GMAT online coaching, research different institutes and compare their cost, quality of resources, and customer support.
  • Reading online reviews of the institutes can provide insight into the experiences of other students.
  • It is important to choose a reputable institute with experienced instructors and a proven track record of success in preparing students for the GMAT exam.
  • The fees for GMAT online coaching can vary depending on the location, the institute, and the specific coaching program.
  • However, online coaching is generally more cost-effective than traditional coaching options, such as in-person coaching in major cities, due to the elimination of additional expenses like travel and accommodation costs.
  • GMAT online coaching can also provide more flexibility in terms of scheduling, allowing students to balance their GMAT Online Course with other commitments.
  • Many online coaching programs offer personalized attention, allowing students to work at their own pace and focus on areas where they need the most help.
  • Online coaching can also provide access to study materials and resources that may not be available in traditional coaching settings.
  • However, students should carefully research and compare different GMAT online coaching programs before enrolling to ensure that they receive high-quality coaching and value for money.
  • It’s important to consider factors like the reputation of the coaching institute, the experience and qualifications of the faculty, the quality of the study materials, and the availability of support and guidance throughout the coaching program.
  • Some GMAT online coaching programs may also offer additional features like mock tests, analytics, and interactive sessions to help students prepare effectively for the GMAT exam.

How do I Choose the Best Online Coaching for GMAT? 

Choosing the best online coaching for GMAT can be daunting, given the many options available. However, there are certain factors you can consider to make an informed decision. Some factors include the reputation and experience of the coaching provider, the qualifications and knowledge of the instructors, the availability and quality of study materials and resources, the flexibility and customization of the coaching program, and the cost and value for money. Additionally, you can read reviews and seek recommendations from former students to understand better the coaching provider’s effectiveness and suitability for your specific needs.

Online GMAT coaching has become a popular option for students who cannot attend traditional classroom coaching due to various reasons such as location constraints or time availability. However, evaluating the effectiveness and suitability of online GMAT coaching can be challenging.

To evaluate GMAT Online Course, one can consider several factors such as the quality of study material, availability of personalized attention, flexibility in scheduling, and success rate. Online coaching programs that offer a comprehensive curriculum, engaging study materials, and interactive teaching sessions can provide significant value to students.

Moreover, personalized attention and doubt-clearing sessions can help students address their individual learning needs and improve their scores. The flexibility of online coaching regarding scheduling and accessibility can also be a crucial factor in choosing the right coaching program.

Online GMAT coaching has become a popular option for students who are unable to attend traditional classroom coaching due to various reasons. However, choosing the best online GMAT coaching program can be challenging, given the numerous options available. To make an informed decision, students need to consider several factors that ensure the coaching program’s quality and effectiveness.

Some tips for choosing the best gmat online classes include evaluating the coaching program’s reputation, faculty expertise, curriculum, flexibility, and student support. It is essential to choose a reputable coaching program that has a track record of producing successful candidates.

It is also essential to consider the cost of the coaching program and compare it with other programs in the market. Students must ensure that they get the best value for their money and choose a program that aligns with their budget and learning goals.

Look for online GMAT coaching programs that are accredited and have a good reputation. Check for reviews, testimonials, and ratings from previous students to gauge the program’s credibility and success rate in terms of producing high scores in the GMAT exam.

Assess the qualifications, experience, and expertise of the faculty members associated with the online GMAT coaching program. Ensure that they have a strong command over GMAT concepts and strategies and are capable of providing effective guidance in an online learning environment.

Evaluate the course structure and content offered by the online coaching platform. Ensure that it covers all sections of the GMAT exam and provides comprehensive study materials, practice questions, and official GMAT guides. The content should be well-structured and tailored specifically for online learning.

Choose a coaching college that is easily accessible from your home or workplace. It should be located in a safe and convenient area with good transport links.

Compare the fees of different coaching colleges and choose one that offers value for money. Avoid colleges that charge exorbitant fees without providing quality services.

WAC’s 11 Best GMAT Online Coaching | GMAT Online Classes

Here are the top GMAT prep courses for aspirants of GMAT. The list of the best GMAT online coaching and the GMAT Online Course in India is here including both paid and free courses. Some courses are designed especially for beginners and others are for intermediate learners.

  Online GMAT Coaching

ExamPAL is an award-winning education technology (Edtech) company that aims to change the way students prepare for standardized tests, including the GMAT and GRE. Its core technology, the PAL gorithm, uses machine learning algorithms to combine what it learned from 200,000+ users with your
performance and preferences to customize your learning experience. This makes sure you get the course that best fits your individual needs.   ExamPAL offers a seven-day free trial, allowing users to experience the system and decide whether it’s good for their needs.

Rank1: ExamPAL | Online GMAT Coaching

  • ONLINE COURSE AI Technology
  • One-time payment. Courses start from as little as $250 (depending on the course) Until $1000
  • One-time payment for a set number of months depending on the course.
  • medium
  • Do they offer Personal Coaching? Yes, Most courses offer one on one private tutoring courses.
  • Is there a fee structure difference if the size of the batch changes
  • Online
  • One-to-one session (On/offline)
  • Do they have entrance exams? No
  • Mock test – Redirection to our Blog……. We offer an Official GMAT/GRE practice test. For GMAT you would receive Official GMAC practice tests and for GRE you would receive ETS official practice tests.

Contact Details

Rank 2: QDS Pro | GMAT Online Coaching

QDS Pro is a leading test prep company based in Mumbai that provides unprecedented test preparation services for all Study Abroad entrance exams like GMAT, GRE, CAT, IELTS, TOEFL,… and all Indian MBA Entrance Exams like CAT, MAH-CET, BBA Entrance Exams, NMAT, SNAP, XAT, CMAT,… Their broad range of services includes Live Online Tutoring, Offline Coaching Centres in Mumbai, Video Lectures (Self-Prep Courses), Doubt Solving, Mock Test Programs, and Home Tutoring; these services spread across all of their product offerings.

Unlike most GMAT Online Courses that has ventured into Admission Consulting and Admission Consulting Firms that have ventured into Test Prep, thereby compromising on delivering quality in both services, QDS Pro boasts of being solely focused on a student’s GMAT Prep.

Unique Selling Points:-

  1. Personalized Batches of Maximum 4-5 Students | One-on-One Private Tutoring
  2. Personalized AI-Powered Tools
  3. 24*7 Live Chat System
  4. Exclusive Student Progress Tracking Software
  5. Master Workshops (Mental Math, Brainstorming, Data Sufficiency, Integrated Reasoning,…)
  6. Live Reviser Classes
  7. Power-Packed Testing System (Full-length, Sectional, Topic-wise, Challenger, Speed Enhancement & Remedial Tests, Tests Generator Tool, Challenge your Friends,…)
  8. Video Solutions are also made available (in addition to Detailed Explanatory Answers) for all of their GMAT Study Material
  9. C.A.T. Approach (Conceptual Understanding, Application, and Testing)

Much of the credit for QDS Pro being the Best GMAT Online Coaching Class in India can be attributed to their C.A.T. Methodology, let’s look at each of these aspects in detail:-

Conceptual Understanding:-

  1. Personalized Batches of Maximum 4-5 Students | One-on-One Private Tutoring
  2. Concepts covered from the Very Basics to the Most Advanced level
  3. Recorded Live Classes (accessible anytime and anywhere, using any device)
  4. Highly Qualified and Experienced Faculty


  1. Access to QDS Pro Online Prep Portal
  2. Huge Study Library (Popular Author Books and Publications)
  3. Question Banks, Practice Worksheets & Homework Assignments
  4. Detailed Explanatory Answers and Video Solutions
  5. Unlimited Live Online Doubt Solving Sessions


A. Mock Tests:-

  1. 8 Full-length Mock Tests
  2. 20+ Sectional Tests
  3. 170+ Topic-wise Tests
  4. 14 Challenger Tests (Higher Difficulty Level Tests)
  5. Remedial Tests for Personalized Inputs (Tests focused on Identifying and Improving your Weak Areas)
  6. Tests Generator Tool
  7. Challenge Your Friends Zone
  8. Detailed Explanatory Answers and Video Solutions

B. Analytics:-

  1. In-Depth Analysis
  2. Peer Benchmarking
  3. National Ranking
  4. SWOT Analysis
  5. Remedial Measures
  6. Expert Recommendation


  1. AI-Powered Study Planner Tool
  2. Exam-Related Alerts and Notifications
  3. Discussion Forum

Ratings and Reviews:-

  1. Google – 4.9/5.0
  2. Justdial – 5.0/5.0
  3. Facebook – 5.0/5.0
  4. StudySid – 5.0/5.0
  5. SuperProf – 5.0/5.0

Demo Session:-

As per the student’s preference, they provide demo sessions in both the formats, that too for a section of the student’s choice:-

  1. Live Online on their Live Online Tutoring Portal (QDS Pro Online Prep)
  2. Recorded (accessible on QDS Pro Online Prep portal)

Miscellaneous Details:-

Course Duration – Approximately 4 Months (Crash Courses also Available)

Course Fees – Rs. 20,000 – Rs. 60,000 (Depending on Program Type)

Other Services for GMAT Prep:-

  1. Offline Coaching Classes in Mumbai
  2. Video Lectures (Self-Prep Courses)
  3. Doubt Solving
  4. Mock Test Programs
  5. Home Tutoring

Other Courses:-


QDS Pro Contact Details:-

Contact Numbers – +91-99207 15001 | +91-73033 15003 | +91-73033 15004

Email Addresses – admin@qdspro.com | support@qdspro.com

Centres – Charni Road | Andheri

Websites – QDS Pro Website | QDS Pro Online Prep Website

Google | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | YouTube | LinkedIn | PinterestStudySid | SuperProf | TeacherOn | ExamBazaar

  1. Personalized Batches of Maximum 4-5 Students | One-on-One Private Tutoring
  2. Personalized AI-Powered Tools
  3. 24*7 Live Chat System
  4. Exclusive Student Progress Tracking Software
  5. Master Workshops (Mental Math, Brainstorming, Data Sufficiency, Integrated Reasoning,…)
  6. Live Reviser Classes
  7. Power-Packed Testing System (Full-length, Sectional, Topic-wise, Challenger, Speed Enhancement & Remedial Tests, Tests Generator Tool, Challenge your Friends,…)
  8. Video Solutions also made available (in addition to Detailed Explanatory Answers) for all of their GMAT Study Material
  9. C.A.T. Approach (Conceptual Understanding, Application and Testing)

Much of the credit for QDS Pro being the Best GMAT Online Coaching Class in India can be attributed to their C.A.T. Methodology.

Not Applicable

Contact Details

gmat online coaching

Rank 3: The Princeton Review | GMAT Online Classes

The Princeton Review is counted as one of the best GMAT online coachings in India. The institution is in the field for nearly 40 years as it was established in 1981. The experts of the GMAT Online Classes prepare the content of the GMAT course prep. The Princeton Review offers students to achieve better scores with a guarantee of a refund if the student does not score higher in the test.

Online coaching’s online tools include:

  • The Quick Lesson Reviews.
  • The Adaptable Video Lessons help to score the best.
  • The Adaptive Drills.
  • The Live Session of GMAT Explanations.

The comprehensive program of the course is the most popular course of The Princeton Review.

  • The Princeton Review offers 10 full-length adaptive practice tests which are more than any of the other self-paced GMAT online coaching. After the test, facilities give feedback and review.
  • This GMAT online coaching India offers a score improvement guarantee to their students. If a student is not cent percent satisfied then the institute offers the same course yet again for free.
  • The Princeton Review has run its institution since 1981, so it has experienced more than any other GMAT online coachings.
  • Students get guidance from the experts and can interact with them to sort the problem.
  • The institute conducts proctored practice exams, single section exams, and additional mock tests.
  • They make personalized study plans as per the requirement of the student.
  • Before finalizing any course, analyze the requirement.

The Princetop Review GMAT online coaching offers the GMAT study plan for a maximum validity of only 6 months.

Contact Details

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Rank 4: Manhattan Prep | GMAT Online Classes

Manhattan Prep is definitely a great place for students aspiring to get admission in the top B-school across the world. This GMAT online coaching has numerous resources which include practice tests, free classes, challenge problems, an official guide tracker, blogs, etc.

The institute does not keep the regular old content but they keep updating the content regularly so that students need to waste their time searching the new content. With a complete prep set and strategy guide, the institute provides everything.

  • Manhattan Prep’s course provides in-depth study materials and above 27 hours of video lessons with strategy guidebooks.
  • In Manhattan Prep GMAT, students not only study virtually from anywhere but they can ask for on-demand video lectures accessible from their computer or iPad.
  • This GMAT online classes in India provides 6 quality practice tests that improve the difficulty level of the student to face the exam. 
  • The institute has the best instructors selected from all over the world.
  • The institute teaches to give the best on exam day.
  • With instructions from the experts, students are less prone to make mistakes in the exam.
  • The lectures of the experts consist of visualizations and demonstrations to engage the students.

Unlike others, the Manhattan Prep course follows the policy of non-refund. They do not provide refunds due to any reason. It means, there is no guarantee here.

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Rank 5: The Economist | GMAT Online Course

The Economist is considered one of the best GMAT online coaching India as they offer guaranteed GMAT score improvement for students. The students are required to be good in each and every section of the GMAT format as it consists of many sections.

This GMAT online coaching targets not only one section but helps students to improve scores of their all sections.

The course of The Economist aims at students’ weak areas to push their skills with adaptive learning technologies which help the students to reach their full potential to score higher marks in the GMAT exam and get admission in the top B-school of MBA. The GMAT online coaching also provides a subscription for The Economist magazine along with its digital copy.

  • Focus on each and every section of the GMAT exam format. They provide in-depth lessons, questions for practice, and practice tests.
  • They use advanced learning technologies to determine the strengths and weaknesses of students’ academics and then focus on what they need the most.
  • Learn from anywhere, anytime facility is there. No requirement to fix schedules and classes.
  • The institute provides all the learning material of the on an app which students can access from any device.
  • There is a money-back guarantee if the student fails to show improvement in the score up to 70 points.
  • They provide The Economist Magazine to strengthen the vocabulary and reading comprehension skills of the student.

The Economist is the most expensive option for GMAT Online Classes as they are extremely proud of their GMAT prep courses. The prep courses begin at $…. The top courses start at $1249 not exact.

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gmat online coaching

Rank 6: Veritas Prep | GMAT Online Classes

Veritas Prep is a self-paced GMAT course for GMAT aspirants. Based on students’ reviews, Veritas is one of the GMAT Online Courses for the preparation for the test to take admission to the top B-school. There are so many options for the class available for the student to choose from. In addition, candidates are avail an option to start for free and determine the process of learning.

Veritas Prep offers to try the learning process with the foundational classes and then shift towards complex topics by teaching how to solve the complex questions. They guarantee by regular practice and quick rectification of the students’ weaknesses, they will improve significantly in their scores.

  • This GMAT online coaching offers the lessons online. On the other hand, students can download it as well.
  • The student is bound by no restrictions as they can study anywhere on any device such as an android phone, desktop, iPad, and iPhone.
  • The institute conducts regular tests to help the students to learn to avoid common mistakes.
  • The GMAT online coaching also helps with the homework and provides live help if any student gets stuck on any problem.
  • They provide 12 practice tests for students’ practice.

Veritas Prep GMAT online coaching offers the GMAT study plan for a maximum validity of only 6 months.

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Rank 7: E-GMAT | Online GATE Coaching

e-GMAT, one of the best GMAT online coachings in India offers students an online platform to learn from some of the most accomplished experts in this field.

The GMAT online coaching courses guide with data analytics and teach smarter ways to learn. The courses are specially made to give feedback after every fifteen minutes focusing on the areas of preparation which require more attention.

  • Customizing strategies for each student helps them to understand the area which requires more focus.
  • Top instructors in the field provide the best repository of knowledge about the subject.
  • Before appearing for the first mock test, with ability quizzes, students can predict what they are likely to score.
  • This GMAT online classes provides HD video lessons. These videos can be easily watched on the low internet as well.
  • They allow students to study anywhere and at any time as per their convenience.

Unlike others, e-GMAT Prep course follows the policy of non-refund. They do not provide refunds due to any reason.

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Rank 8: Kaplan | GMAT Online Course

Among the best GMAT online coachings, Kaplan is the one name. The best online GMAT coaching offers a variety of courses to choose from. Their options to choose from are in-person plan, live online plan, tutoring plan, unlimited prep plan, self-paced plan and many more plans. This GMAT Online Course India is designed to build the foundation of the student for this examination.

Each of the self-paced GMAT courses has:

  • 9 Complete Computer Adaptive Tests to Practice.
  • A GMAT Adaptive Qbank and 500+ Practice Questions.
  • 140+ Hours of Online Practice.
  • Two Preparation Guides and a guidebook for Master of Business Administration admissions.
  • 6 months of online access.
  • Recorded Instruction for 15 hours.
  • GMAT Channel Archived Episodes for 30 Hours
  • A Real-world Test Day Experience
  • Kaplan GMAT online coaching provides students to retake the course or if the students fail to show improvement in scores, they will get a refund. However, check the guidelines of the institution once.
  • Kaplan introduces a unique feature which is to take a practice GMAT test in an organized real environment. With this, students will be able to face the real exam with confidence.
  • To boost students’ confidence to appear in the exam, the experts share their valuable advice and tips for best practices.
  • Students avail the facility of one on one lessons if they need any doubt-clearing sessions.
  • The institute provides live instructions on the GMAT channel of Kaplan.
  1. This GMAT online coaching offers the lessons online. On the other hand, students can download it as well.
  2. The student is bound by no restrictions as they can study anywhere on any devices such as an android phone, desktop, iPad, and iPhone.
  3. The institute conducts regular tests to help the students to learn to avoid common mistakes.
  4. The GMAT online coaching also helps with the homework and provides live help if any student gets stuck on any problem.

Kaplan is the most expensive option for GMAT Online Classes as they are extremely proud of their GMAT prep courses. The prep courses begin at $599. The top courses start at $1249.

Contact Details

Website: kaptest.com/hsg

Rank 9: Target test Prep

Rank 9: Target test Prep | GMAT Online Course

Among the best GMAT online coachings, Target Test Prep is one. The innovative institution has been successfully conducting the GMAT Online Course for students for 9 years. The GMAT online classes are working to help the students to achieve good scores in the GMAT.

All Details
  • It is a web-based self-study medium for students to crack the GMAT Prep online Quant Course. The super comprehensive and ultra-clear, Target Test Prep GMAT online classes quant course is different from others. The focus of this GMAT online coaching is to provide a serious study for aspirants of GMAT.
  • 20 rigorous chapters broken into 500+ lesson
  • 3,000+ realistic quantitative problems
  • 800 Instructor-led HD videos
  • Intelligent, actionable analytics help to focus the students’ study efforts.
  • 6 adaptable study plans
  • Live support
  • Target Test Prep GMAT online coaching analyzes students’ weak points, their skill level, and their score target to offer them a personalized study plan. The plan guides the students through 20 chapters divided into 500 lessons for better understanding. Their 3,000+ realistic quant problems help students a lot.
  • At the beginning of GMAT online coaching, the institute used to offer instruction for the Quantitative sections only. Now, a new GMAT Verbal Course is offered by the institution for the same price.
  • Expert instructors have prepared about 800 comprehensive HD videos to solve quant problems. It helps students a lot in identifying problems quickly.
  • This GMAT online coaching offers a risk-free, full-access trial at the cost of only $1. It is a 5-day trial with a guaranteed score increase if students enrolled in the course.

Target Test Prep GMAT online coaching offers the GMAT study plan for a maximum validity of only 6 months.

Contact Details

Rank 10: PrepScholar

Rank 10: PrepScholar | Online GMAT Coaching

Established by a group of experts in GMAT, PrepScholar offers a platform for GMAT aspirants to get ready to face the exam. They offer GMAT online coaching for candidates. This online GMAT Prep Online India relies on a double guarantee including a risk-free trial for five days and if a student does not show any improvement even if they do not improve the score by at least 60 points, then GMAT online coaching refunds the fees.

During the five-day risk-free period, GMAT Prep online encourages the students to test-drive the diagnostic assessment tool. These tools are designed to reveal the areas on which the students need to focus on. They create a personalized study plan as per the need of the student. 

This GMAT online coaching course is specially designed for beginners of GMAT prep.

  • Period of plan– 3 months.
  • Diagnostic Assessment.
  • Practice Questions – 800+
  • Detailed answers on videos.
  • GMAT Skill Lessons – 30+
  • GMAT Strategy Lessons – 5
  • Email support.
  • Cost- $139

    This GMAT online coaching course is for students who want a fully customizable experience.
  • Period of plan–4 months.
  • Diagnostic Assessment.
  • 100+ Hours of Content.
  • Practice Questions – 1,200+
  • Answers explained on videos
  • GMAT Skill Lessons – 30+
  • GMAT Strategy Lessons – 10
  • Email support.
  • Cost – $259
  • PrepScholar offers packages starting from $69. It is a quiz bank for students who want to study on their own. It is not a comprehensive class. The self-guided online course is only $139.
  • This GMAT online coaching course adapts to students’ positive points and weaknesses. As GMAT itself is a computer adaptive test, this feature of the coaching can’t be ignored.
  • PrepScholar offers study by scholar staff who boasts the 99th percentile. It means that the instructors who prepare the video explanations and design the curriculum had already been in the top 1% of test-takers on the exam.
  • Unlike others, PrepScholar assures to add a specific number to the score – minimum of 60 points.

Instead of having all the best features one course must have, PrepScholar does not have a mobile app for optimizing its material.

Contact Details:

Rank 11: Bloomberg Exam Prep

Rank 11: Bloomberg Exam Prep | Online GMAT Coaching

For GMAT online coaching, Bloomberg can be considered a great option. The adaptive learning website offers over 5000 practice questions to prepare for the GMAT. Students’ performance can be analyzed by the AI software specially designed for the Bloomberg GMAT online coaching in India.

This online GMAT coaching provides personalized strategies for each student which are based on the history of students’ learning. GMAT tutors explain the topic through a messaging system. Bloomberg GMAT online coaching relies on a well-structured curriculum for students to understand the topic deeply.

  • Students are avail iOS and Android mobile apps to study.
  • Academic weaknesses of the students can be overcome by using adaptive learning technology.

Bloomberg GMAT online coaching offers the GMAT study plan for a maximum validity of only 6 months.

Contact Details:


The content published on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team. The parameters of the research and the content structure are devised by What After College’s Research Team and it is not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies. This research has purely been done by a third party. Kindly contact at +91-87502-55666 to make desired changes in the contact information related to your college.

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 11 Best Online GMAT Coaching?

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated the trend of online learning, with many students opting for virtual classrooms to pursue their educational goals. This trend has also affected the GMAT coaching industry, with several coaching centers offering online courses. WAC has compiled a list of the 11 best online GMAT coaching courses based on faculty experience, course structure, student feedback, and success rates. Opting for one of these online coaching courses can provide several benefits, such as the flexibility of learning from anywhere, personalized coaching, comprehensive study materials, and mock tests. This article will explore why you should choose one of WAC’s 11 best online GMAT coaching courses.

  • Our online GMAT coaching market research team comprises highly skilled professionals who specialize in analyzing the online coaching industry’s trends and best practices.
  • We provide accurate and relevant insights to our clients to help them make informed decisions.
  • Our team stays up-to-date with the latest developments in the industry to ensure our clients receive the most up-to-date information.
  • We offer research services to both students looking for the best GMAT online coaching classes and businesses interested in expanding their online coaching services.
  • Our team is committed to providing top-notch research services and delivering value to our clients.
  • Online GMAT coaching has gained popularity in recent years.
  • There has been a rise in the number of blogs related to GMAT coaching.
  • These blogs serve as a valuable resource for individuals seeking guidance and tips on how to prepare effectively for the exam.
  • They offer valuable insights into GMAT preparation strategies, study materials, and test-taking techniques.
  • Many blogs feature success stories of individuals who have achieved high scores on the GMAT exam after following the advice and guidance provided.
  • These blogs can be helpful for both first-time test-takers and seasoned GMAT veterans.

Other Notable GMAT Online Coaching

The GMAT exam is a crucial step for students seeking admission to top business schools worldwide. With the rise of online learning, several coaching centers have started offering GMAT online coaching to students. These coaching centers allow students to learn independently and access study materials from anywhere. In addition, they provide personalized attention and guidance to students, ensuring they achieve their desired scores on the exam. Apart from the traditional coaching centers, several other notable GMAT online coaching providers have emerged, each with unique offerings and advantages. In this article, we will discuss some of the other exceptional GMAT online coaching providers and the benefits they offer to students.

Other 1: Magoosh | Best GMAT Online Coaching

Magoosh GMAT online coaching is undoubtedly one of the best online platforms available for GMAT aspirants. The online coaching of the GMAT Online Classes helps to work on the preparation strategically and improve the score as fast as possible.

The institute allows students to cover every concept and pitfall, and they provide a shortcut to attempt the test. The institute makes the targeted study schedules for students to help them to stay motivated until the exam day. The experts provide smart feedback on the student’s progress.

In Magoosh’s GMAT Preparation course, there are choices:

  • A GMAT Score that improves by 50+ total points.
  • One year of total access to study materials.
  • 330+ GMAT Video Lessons
  • They provide Study Materials including Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing Assessment, and Math.
  • Study Schedules, Email Assistance, & a Score Predictor.
  • Regular price $438 – On sale for $249.
  • A GMAT Score that improves by 50+ total points.
  • 6 Tutoring Hours; 1 to 1 Guidance; Video Chat Lessons.
  • One year of total access to study materials.
  • 340+ GMAT Video Lessons.
  • More than 1,250 practice questions.
  • They provide study material including Integrated Reasoning and Math categories.
  • A minimum of 2 practice tests.
  • Study Schedules, Email Assistance, & a Score Predictor.
  • Price $799
  • This GMAT online coaching India offers a user-friendly online platform for students to access easily where they can check their progress charts and recommendations for lessons. Learning through watching videos is easy and students can take customizable practice quizzes, and review GMAT courses.
  • It provides an affordable GMAT prep starting at just $219 with 1 year of access. It has 250 lessons, video tutorials, 800 questions for practice, and 2 practice tests. Comparatively, the course provided by Magoosh will be an affordable choice.
  • The expert staff of Magoosh GMAT online coaching offers both written and video explanations.
  • The institute organizes a customized test to prepare students to face the real test experience.
  • They offer 340+ video lessons prepared by experts, 1300+ practice questions, and tests
  • Students need not follow a schedule, they can study anywhere and anytime.
  • The GMAT online coaching offers email assistance to clarify the doubts of students.

Unlike others, Magoosh Prep course follows the policy of non-refund. They do not provide refunds due to any reason.

What is Online GMAT Coaching?

  • The exam is considered one of the toughest nuts to crack for MBA aspirants across the world. In GMAT, the MBA aspirants are analyzed on varied parameters such as aptitude, logic, and language skills.
    The exam sees tough competition across the world and it makes students get a high percentile in the exam. And in case students are not satisfied with their results, they can reappear in the exam.
  • To crack any examination, the most important thing is great GMAT Prep Online and the level of preparation decides your position in exams and in GMAT as well. When a student decides to crack the Graduate Management Admission Test, the first thing that appears is whether to opt for self-study or go to professional institutes to take guidance.

    Students and even employees who want to appear in GMAT can not go for formal coaching due to their other work commitments and time management issues. But instead of everything, if they want to join GMAT Online Classes, they can choose GMAT online coaching without any second thought. Offline classes are a thing of older times.
  • In the 21st century, the entire world has come on an online platform, leading students to choose GMAT Online Classes to prepare their syllabus. GMAT Prep Online – The trend of live coaching is getting popular these days, making even offline traditional institutes move to online classes.

    It requires less investment and more reach. Students from any location in the nation can join GMAT online coaching to prepare for the exam. So, students should get admission to GMAT online course for better results. Many institutes are offering GMAT online coaching and GMAT Online Course in India.
  • The world is moving towards digitization and it is increasing with exponential growth at a global level. People are depending on online platforms for everything. They are making purchases online, learning online, communicating online, and now taking guidance to clear one of the toughest exams GMAT with GMAT online coaching.
  • Now in this scenario, institutions are stepping out to establish online platforms to provide education. With GMAT online coaching, students are only one click away from accessing the online platform of the institution. But, there is a section of people who still are in favor of an offline medium of instruction. So, let’s analyze which medium is better: GMAT Prep Online or the GMAT offline coaching.
  • In GMAT offline coaching, students are needed to attend classes physically. They have to attend classes along with a number of students and get tuition from the teacher present physically. The guide explains the topic, helps students to solve the problem, and clears their doubts. Students and teachers establish live communication.
  • In GMAT online coaching on the other hand offers students an online medium to get tutored. With GMAT Prep Online, The students are provided with a portal with the complete syllabus, study material, and videos. Also, experts take online classes and doubt clearing sessions for students. Students need only a laptop or a mobile device to access the GMAT online classes. They can access it from anywhere and take advantage of the time. This medium provides many advantages and comfort. But, sometimes advantage or comfort does not result in good.

Students who cannot study themselves and have no confidence in themselves can’t take advantage of online classes and prefer classroom teaching methods over GMAT online coaching or GMAT Prep Online. They get motivated by other students in an environment where everyone is learning and sharing the same goal.

  • Coaching institutes have well-equipped infrastructures and have all necessities for their students. They are required to have an infrastructure where they can provide education. In addition, students need to buy books and have to go regularly and as per schedule to attend the classes.
  • Unlike the GMAT online coaching, Classroom coachings have a fixed schedule which helps the students train in regularity. Teachers can keep eye on the progress of students and provide them with guidance from time to time.
  • The coaching institutes provide a platform where students can discuss with fellow students of GMAT online coaching and solve their queries. They can interact with teachers and ask them for help if they are not getting anything on any topic.
  • Students of GMAT online coaching learn discipline and consistency and are less prone to latency. Classroom teaching teaches students to be regular and avoid procrastination.
  • There is an inconsistency in methods taught in classroom teaching. This is a drawback as if a student is unable to reach out to the class and if he wants to study at home then he will find a lack of consistency when he refers to the study material.
  • Students depend majorly on their instructors for their studies. It happens in coaching institutes, students depend completely on teachers and it works opposite sometimes. If a teacher changes, their method of teaching changes, and due to this, students of GMAT online coaching have to suffer. 
  • Coaching classes do not focus on one topic in one session. Instead, of seeing a syllabus, they try to cover more topics in one session. In-depth attention is not given to students of GMAT online coaching/ GMAT Prep Online. The speed of teaching in the classroom is relatively high.
  • Unlike GMAT online coaching in India, students require sufficient time to attend the class. They need a considerable amount of time to attend coaching. It becomes a difficulty for those who are an employee or students coming from a far place. Managing time as per the time of the classes is not easy. In this scenario, avoiding the class remains the only option if there is an unavoidable commitment clashing the time of the class.
  • If you are a student and in addition, you are preparing for GMAT, then you will have to adjust your schedule as per the class. Again, coaching classes have to run their classes and schedule their classes as per the syllabus to cover in a limited time pace. So, attending class, and attending doubt-clearing sessions become necessary.
  • Unlike GMAT online coaching in India, students have to pay a lot for an offline resource. The coaching institutes charge not only for providing education and study material but also charge the students for a part of maintaining the entire facility.

If you are a student or an employee with other things to manage along with preparing for GMAT, then you will need a proper study plan, a guide to show you the right way when you need them, and a teacher to solve your problems at your convenience. GMAT online coaching is the only way to save you. GMAT online coachings in India offer everything in one place, just one click away. They also offer private tutoring, recorded videos of live classes, teacher on-demand, private problem-solving sessions, regular tests, practice sessions, and many more facilities. In addition, students have to spend comparatively less than in traditional coaching institutes. Here are the pros and cons of GMAT online coaching.

  • GMAT Online Courses use technology to improve the quality of teaching and enhance the experience of learning. In GMAT online coaching, instructors take the help of and also rely on technology to teach students which is not in the case of books and other offline mediums. Online platforms depend on technology to teach students, conduct live classes, provide study material, organize data, make study plans, and customize schedules. For instance, there are many platforms that with the help of technology establish automatic platforms where students can give tests and get auto-generated and evaluated results. All of this can be possible through GMAT online coaching.
  • GMAT online coaching India offers everything at just one click away. Students are required to be at home with their gadgets, and they are ready to learn. In GMAT online coaching, there is no need to manage time and plan as per the classes’ schedule. The online courses GMAT save students valuable time by allowing them to study from home and they also provide researched and ready study material to save students’ time from looking for the material.
  • GMAT online coaching doesn’t bind students by a fixed schedule. Instead, it frees students and makes them flexible to study as per their schedule. The reason behind this flexibility is GMAT online coaching avails course and study material 24*7. So, students can plan at their convenience. Students can not only study at their preferable time but also can revise the topic multiple times.
  • GMAT online coaching offers courses of a standardized level which are designed by experts of the subject and also gets updated by faculties at a regular interval of time. Experts use various approaches to guide students of GMAT online coaching in India to make learning more effective.
  • Best GMAT online coachings have online courses having leverage over technology which is not provided by offline mediums. Being a technology-driven course, it comes with the benefit of providing analytics about students’ performance in real-time.
  • For GMAT online coaching, students must have their own infrastructure which includes a computer, a good internet connection, and a proper quiet place where students can study. It becomes challenging for most students.
  • GMAT online coaching requires students to study on their own. Students have to understand their responsibility as there is no one to compel them to study. Aspirants have to study regularly and follow the proper study plan. Being disciplined is the main requirement to study GMAT online coaching.
  • In GMAT online coaching, there is an absence of face-to-face interaction with other peers of GMAT. There is no interaction with other students. Interaction with other students is possible through online mediums.

From the above discussions, it is clear that the pros of GMAT online coaching outweigh the pros of offline coaching. There are many points of  GMAT online coaching which defeat the pros of the offline medium. For being admitted in the best GMAT online coaching, students require only computer and a working internet connection which is not so difficult to have for any student.

What are the Factors to Consider When Choosing Between Online and Offline Classes

The Graduate Management Admission Test is a challenging exam to crack, and it requires a lot of preparation, dedication, consistency, and students’ positive attitude and motivation towards it.
There is a requirement for consistency in the practice and study of the syllabus. However, before finally heading to practising, the students must decide which coaching medium is their platform. Many students believe in themselves and prepare themselves.
But some students need guidance whether it is an online or offline platform. Deciding which one is better two should be done on the requirements of students, and students should have clarity about what they want. So, we listed three significant factors which should be kept in mind before placing the decision.

There are 3 main factors:

  • If you are a student and a new one to start preparing for GMAT, then you must be clear about your preferences. Choosing between GMAT online coaching and offline classes is really confusing as it is a crucial thing that can decide the future.
  • Think deeply about what would be better between you learning in a classroom or studying alone? Your decision should be based on how disciplined and focused you are being a student. So, make your persona and then make a decision.
  • Realize the need for flexibility. Do you demand flexibility in your course? If yes, then the offline course is not made for you. Selecting between GMAT online coaching and offline courses, the need for flexibility should be put forward and your decision would be based on your requirements.
  • Joining an offline coaching center in case you are an employee or a job professional whose schedule is not fixed would be not good. People who want flexibility in their course should join online GMAT coaching in India.

On the one hand, coaching institutes have their proper infrastructure with other facilities. But, they demand students come to their centers to attend the classes. On the contrary, GMAT online coaching doesn’t require any such thing. Students need a computer and a properly working internet connection to take courses while sitting at home and owning space.

The above-discussed three factors can help students to decide whether GMAT online coaching is better than offline coaching centers.

For whom GMAT Online Coaching is the Best Option?

  • In offline coaching, students have to travel miles to reach the spot to study. Whereas in GMAT Online Course the students are not required to travel instead with the online mechanism of instruction, they can be guided inside their comfortable space which is their home. Learning at home is more important than when there is a pandemic around the globe. There are numerous aspirants for whom GMAT online coaching is a superior choice to completely drop the idea.
  • In GMAT online coaching, students do not have to venture out to go to attend the classes and engage in some other immaterial exercises other than studying. For them, online GMAT coaching is a better choice. Also, some students want to have a quiet and disconnected atmosphere to study. For them, GMAT online coaching instruction will be a decent choice.
  • Some students and professionals as well want a balance between their work, schooling, and personal life alongside preparing for the GMAT. For such types of students, GMAT online course training will be a decent choice. There are numerous aspirants for the GMAT who live in distant places or places where there are no classes from which they can get guidance. So, they need to battle a lot to go to attend the classes.
  • For them, GMAT online classes will be a decent choice GMAT Online Classes will give you an edge over others..In simple words, working individuals, students from distant, guardians, and students with incapacities can take advantage of GMAT online classes in India the most.

Why is Self-Study not Sufficient for GMAT Aspirants?

Cracking one of the toughest entrance tests, GMAT, is challenging. With hard work, commitment, and focus, one can achieve the target and become a selected candidate for the GMAT. To achieve the goal, some systems help to score admirably in the GMAT assessment. Self-study is an essential aspect of the preparation for the GMAT. Taking confirmation in coaching is anything but a wrong concept as it clarifies and helps applicants to complete the impression.

Which GMAT online coaching a student should go to depends on many factors, and in the same way, it depends on the time factor whether a student should go to attend the coaching or go for self-investigation. If they lack time to prepare for GMAT, self-study will be insufficient.
Suppose you are an aspirant of the GMAT online course and want to accomplish the target rapidly, and a superior alternative is available. In that case, you should pick that subsequent choice. Also, many reasons do not let the students concentrate on their studies and can restrict the chance to break the GMAT exam.

A student can complete the syllabus with self-study and dedication, but it might take longer to achieve the target. So, the students should take guidance from proficient teachers in a similar field. Also, they can take advice from those who have succeeded in the GMAT tests. So, somewhere self-study is insufficient, and coaching can make the difference in cracking the exam.


  • The Graduate Management Admission Test is a standardized test for getting into top business schools across the globe. Only after passing the GMAT, students can be selected for good business schools. For this, anyone can take the GMAT exam.  One who has attained the age of 18 years is considered eligible for this examination.
  • Candidates belonging to any country in the world can become part of the GMAT exam. Seeing the scope of GMAT, lakhs of students try their luck to get admission into top business schools by clearing the exams every year. Hence, to crack one of the toughest exams, it is important to select the best institute or best GMAT online coaching India.
  • Coaching is for those students who want to dedicate their time, attention, hard work, and money. Each GMAT online coaching offers a variety of courses to cater to the needs of students. Students just have to select the best GMAT online coaching for themselves. In the article, there are 11 best GMAT online coaching names. Select the best coaching and crack the GMAT.

Frequently Asked Questions about GMAT Online Classes

GMAT online classes have become increasingly popular among students preparing for the exam. With the flexibility and convenience of online learning, In this article, we will answer some of the frequently asked questions about GMAT online classes to help students make informed decisions about their preparation for the exam.

Graduate Management Admission Test is one of the hardest exams to crack for aspirants seeking admission to MBA. This preparation for the GMAT is also tough and students require a good course to complete their preparation. Preparation courses for GMAT Online Course are available in different ranges.

Courses of cost $99 are available but these courses do not cover all sections of the exam. If you want the best course, then we would recommend Magoosh’s Premium plan for $249. This plan is valid for 1 whole year with quality content and understandable GMAT preparation materials.

There are more options if this course seems a little costlier. There is PrepScholar’s Self-Guided Online GMAT Prep course available at only $139. It provides only 3 months of access for the students. These three plans are the cheapest comprehensive courses.

But if you want just review the numbers-heavy sections such as the Quantitative Reasoning and Integrated Reasoning sections, then PrepScholar’s Quant Package is available at only $69. It comes with 4 months of access. Also, Target Test Prep offers a Flexible plan of $99 per month.
All these are the most affordable courses for GMAT online coaching. Select the plan which suits you and your pocket.

  • In India, above 200 programs at 140+ business schools accept the GMAT exam scores. Below listed are the Top Business schools in India that accept GMAT scores:
  • IIM Ahmedabad (PGPX)
  • IIM Bangalore (EPGP)
  • IIM Calcutta (PGPEx)
  • IIM Indore (EPGP)
  • IIM Kozhikode (EPGP)
  • IIM Lucknow (IPMX)
  • Indian School of Business Hyderabad/Mohali
  • Institute of Management Technology (IMT) Ghaziabad
  • Management Development Institute (MDI) Gurgaon
  • XLRI Jamshedpur
  • Indian Institute of Foreign Trade (IIFT) Delhi
  • Below listed a few business schools that allow GMAT scores for their 2-year full-time MBA programs:
  • 1. IMT Ghaziabad
  • 2. TAPMI
  • 3. SPJIMR
  • 4. IMI, Delhi

In the 21st century, offline platforms are shifting towards online platforms seeing the need of the students. They provide offline training at their institutions and run GMAT online coaching for online students. Not everyone goes to GMAT online Course India and they look around for the best in-person GMAT courses.

Coaching institutes such as Kaplan and Manhattan Prep provide the best prep courses. These two institutes have come together to offer their in-person GMAT coaching alongside their GMAT online coaching. They run classes across the country.

In the joint venture of Kaplan and Manhattan Prep in-person courses, they come up with the best instructors who themselves scored the 99th percentile on the test. These prep courses are 27 hours of total class time distributed over 9 sessions.

The Graduate Management Admission Test or GMAT and the Common Admission Test or CAT are the entrance exams. The scores of both of these entrance tests are accepted by all the top B-schools, even by IIMs. However, there is a basic difference between GMAT and CAT.

CAT or Common Admission Test is a national-level entrance exam for students seeking admission to Top Business Schools in India only. While GMAT is conducted to take admission to top B-Schools across the world.

The Graduate Management Admission Council conducts GMAT exams and its scores are acceptable worldwide. It is also for NRI/foreign students who want to study business in India. Indian Institute of Management accepts the score of GMAT of domestic aspirants.

In both GMAT and CAT, the authority tests the verbal ability, reasoning ability, and quantitative ability of the students. Both give almost the same time limit to complete the paper. On one hand in GMAT, students are asked tougher data sufficiency questions in most cases.
So, they require students to focus on the subsection of GMAT quant. Hence, the preparation for CAT will definitely help students in the GMAT quant section. Students will invest less time to cover this section in GMAT.

GMAT online classes usually involve live or recorded video lessons, interactive exercises, practice tests, and additional study materials. Students can access the classes through a web-based platform, and some classes may also offer opportunities for virtual interaction with instructors or fellow students.

When choosing a GMAT online class, it’s important to consider factors such as the reputation of the instructor or coaching center, the level of instruction offered, the quality of the study materials provided, and the cost of the program. Reading reviews and testimonials from previous students can also be helpful in making a decision.

More Frequently Asked Questions about Online GMAT Coaching

In this article, we will address some of the most frequently asked questions about the online GMAT to help you confidently navigate this new testing environment.

Which is the best online GMAT coaching present?

There are various coachings that are said best for online GMAT coaching. We have ranked the top 11 of them in this article. Rank 1 is considered to be the best.

How much money does online GMAT coaching charge?

The fee structure of each online GMAT coaching is different. Here, we have disclosed the fees of every top online GMAT coaching present.

Which online GMAT coaching provides the best study material?

All the coachings present in our Best online GMAT coaching list provide good study material but Rank 1 has been considered the best among students.

How would I know which online GMAT coaching will suit me the best?

We have specified everything about the best online GMAT coaching in our article. You can join the one that best suits your requirements & needs.

Is online coaching good for GMAT?

Online coaching is a great option if you are not able to commit to an in-person course. It allows you to work on your GMAT skills whenever and wherever you want!