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Top 7 IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata is an article drafted and crafted by WAC’s Research team. More and more students are finding Professional Training to crack the IPMAT exam with the best marks possible. Becoming within the Best IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata can give any student an edge over others. It is really beneficial for any student to join the Top IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata. Enrolling in IPMAT coaching will help in increasing the chances of success.

IPMAT Coaching In Kolkata

Getting into IIM’s is definitely not a child’s play. IIM Indore is one of the best colleges for MBA aspirants in the country. Each year lacs of aspirants sit for the entrance exams, but very few can crack it and get into the college. So, cracking the IPMAT is challenging especially considering the level of nationwide competition and standard of the test.

Cracking the IPMAT demands strategic study, expert guidance, continuous efforts, dedication, and patience. Aspirants like you are the face of IIM’s in the coming future. Hence, it is imperative that you get the best possible mentoring and guidance from the best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata so that you can successfully crack the IPMAT and get into the most renowned college in the country to build a beautiful future there.

  • Are you an IIM Indore aspirant from Kolkata facing questions in relation to the top IPMAT coaching in Kolkata, how to choose the best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata, why is IPMAT coaching in Kolkata necessary, and some tips and tricks of choosing the same?
  • If yes, then you don’t require to sit in front of your laptop spending hours researching your questions. The WAC team have done holistic research and came up with an exhaustive list of all the best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata which will be perfect for your success. The list is totally unbiased and based on research and updated from time to time to give you well-informed updated results.
  • Kolkata is the most developed metropolitan city in the eastern parts of India. The city is extremely popular amongst the students from the eastern parts of the country because of the facilities available here.
  • Kolkata is a hot spot for commerce students aspiring to build their future in the corporate world of finance and management. With the huge number of commerce students and management aspirants, the city has seen a tremendous rise in IPMAT aspirants. To cater to the demand of the students, the city offers a wide variety of IPMAT coaching in Kolkata for expert and professional guidance.
  • Kolkata has the best CAT/ MAT/ IPMAT/ XAT and other management exam-related coaching in the country. Each year, Kolkata prepares a large number of management aspirants to help them join the best Business Schools of the country, IIM Indore for IPMAT being of it.
  • The advent of so many great coaching centers in Kolkata has lured a lot of youth to pursue their management preparations from Kolkata itself. Hence, pursuing the IPMAT coaching in Kolkata is highly preferred by the IIM aspirants especially those who reside in the Eastern parts of India.
  • Moreover, Kolkata is a developed city that is a hub of young students willing to start on with their careers. This makes the environment very youth-friendly by a healthy competitive atmosphere amongst the like ones around. This is also why students are attracted to Kolkata as they end up making great study buddies who stay focused and motivated towards a similar goal together.
  • Kolkata is a hub of aspiring management students and professionals. The city offers an excellent quality of expert teachings from one of the best coaching faculties all around the country. Under the guidance of the best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata, the probability of cracking the exams and getting a step closer towards your dream of getting into IIM Indore becomes relatively easier.

Why Choose IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata?

IPMAT, or Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test, is a highly competitive exam for admission into prestigious management programs offered by some of the top Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs). If you are a student in Kolkata aspiring to crack the IPMAT exam, you need a comprehensive and effective coaching program that can help you prepare thoroughly and succeed. Choosing an IPMAT coaching program in Kolkata has several advantages, including access to experienced faculty members, personalized attention, and a supportive learning environment. In this article, we will discuss why choosing IPMAT coaching in Kolkata can benefit you and what to look for when selecting a coaching program.

Preparing for the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) requires dedication, hard work, and proper guidance. If you are a student in Kolkata, you are fortunate to have access to some of the best IPMAT coaching programs and study resources in the country. With a supportive learning environment, experienced faculty, and a strong focus on personalized attention, IPMAT preparation in Kolkata can give you the competitive edge you need to succeed in this highly competitive exam. In this article, we will explore why IPMAT preparation in Kolkata is the best and how you can make the most of the coaching programs and resources available to you.

How to Choose the Best IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata?

When preparing for the IPMAT examinations, finding the best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata is crucial. It is simply because a competent coaching academy lays a strong foundation by providing expert advice and a strong basis of preparation.

A reputable IPMAT Coaching instills in you the necessary core qualities for passing the examinations and flawless mythology and learning and remembering skills for the entire enormous subject. The most significant aspects to consider when choosing the finest IPMAT coaching in Kolkata are listed below.

Structure of Fees

When it comes to choosing the finest IPMAT institution in Kolkata, one of the most essential factors to consider is the cost. Many institutes demand exorbitant coaching costs, yet student satisfaction is ordinary or even below average. As a result, choosing IPMAT coaching in Kolkata that is worth the money and provides a decent return on investment is critical.

IPMAT tests demand that applicants be up to speedy on all relevant core syllabus. As a result, updating is a critical component of the examinations. Furthermore, the IPMAT examinations include a large syllabus and the competition is very high. As a result, the study materials provided by the best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata must be updated and written in a concise yet thorough manner.

The high level of expertise is that which makes the institutions attractive, as is the good experience of the coaching institute. It’s because the faculty’s future depends on what he teaches, how he directs and motivates the students. As a result, when selecting IPMAT coaching centres in Kolkata, researching the faculty, its past history, experience, qualifications, etc is crucial.

The coaching centre’s performance is a critical component in establishing confidence in the coaching institute. If previous outcomes have continuously improved, ambitious students will have more trust in the institute’s ability to provide higher results. As a result, this is the single most crucial element to consider while choosing the finest IPMAT coaching in Kolkata.

It is critical to evaluate the IPMAT academy’s staff support services for its pupils. You may examine the website of the desired or selected academy to have an idea about the support services given by the IPMAT institution in Kolkata.

  • Students who are interested in enrolling in the top IPMAT coaching in Kolkata can usually attend a sample class. Students should take the demo class to see if they are satisfied with the instruction. Investment in the institute is only recommended after complete satisfaction.
  • All of the aforementioned aspects should be thoroughly examined before deciding on the finest IPMAT coaching in Kolkata for you, as they will assist you in making an informed selection that you will not regret in the future.
  • The importance of self-research cannot be overstated. You should familiarize yourself with the preferred IPMAT academy in Kolkata by visiting their website. Self-research aids in making the selection that is best suited to each student’s needs.
  • Speaking with students at existing institutes might aid as well as offering them their academic experience, the quality of education provided by the staff, and honest comments on their academic satisfaction.

WAC’s 7 Best IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata

The Institution’s / Organization’s Ranking done by WAC results from the research done by our team. It is totally Independent of the Rankings done by the Govt. Bodies. If any Institute has any Queries regarding any Information Updates or has conflicting ideas regarding Ranking positions, can contact us. Email at rishabh@wac.co.in or Call on +91-9818198188.

We are going to help you in choosing the right IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata. You can discover a rundown list of the 7 Best IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata as per our research:

Rank 1: VPROV

VPROV, an invaluable institute with a veracious educationalist Prof Rajesh (2006 CAT Topper, B.E, MBA, LLB, Ph.D.) as its Founder & Director, is undoubtedly the best IPMAT and BBA/MBA ENTRANCE coaching institute in India.

VPROV, with 76 learning centers in India and 9 overseas complemented by a qualified team, has sent hundreds of students to IIMs. They also train students on CAT, GRE, GMAT, CLAT, SAT, and NRA-CET. If you get into “Prof Rajesh’s 100 Batch,” wherein Prof Rajesh himself trains the student, then you are almost into TOP IIMs.

Mode of Training: Class Room and LIVE online.

  • 76 Learning Centres in India
  • 80+ Interview sessions
  • 100+ Quizzes
  • 200+ Mocks
  • 400+ Sessions
  • 800+ Assignments
  • Complimentary Access to Non-IPMAT Mocks
  • 1000+ VPROV Students in top BBA colleges
  • NPAT
  • CUET

VPROV has got 1500+ Pages of Copyrighted content delivered to students via books apart from online content. Three levels of testing on each topic with national-level rankings, which elucidates Students on-ground reality of competition.

Why is it Better/worse (Honest and Unbiased Review)?

WAC recommends VPROV for IPMAT Coaching for the following reasons;

  • VPROV has sent 100+ students into IIM Indore and IIM Rohtak.
  • VPROV’S integrated BBA entrance course (i.e., Class 11th, Class 12th, and IPMAT PREP) is the finest integrated course in India.
  • Training Module not only helps students to crack IPMAT but also other top BBA entrance exams like DUJAT, SET, NPAT, and CUET.
  • Students can switch to classroom mode from Live online mode or vice versa as per one’s convenience.
  • Even the backup sessions are conducted in ‘Live online mode.’
  • Last but by no means least; Pre-eminent materials of VPROV bolster student’s ‘critical reasoning ability skills’.

VPROV has got 1500+ Pages of Copyrighted content delivered to students via books apart from online content. Three levels of testing on each topic with national-level rankings elucidate Students’ on-ground reality of competition.

Contact Details

  • Address: Auditorium Block, Amity University Campus, New town, Kolkata, West Bengal-700135
  • Mobile: +91 8884008880
  • Mail: youremail@gmail.com
  • Website: www.vprov.com
  • Social Links: Facebook, Twitter

Rank 2: IMS

IMS Kolkata, founded in 1999, has aided thousands of aspirants in realizing their ambitions and achieving professional success. IMS assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. Every IMS Kolkata center boasts state-of-the-art facility and infrastructure, including proximity to top city colleges like St Xavier’s, Jadavpur University, South City College, Heritage, IEM, BP Poddar, etc. It is located in key locations across Kolkata, including Hungerford, Gariahat, and Salt Lake.

IMS Kolkata’s team of Coaches ensures that each student receives personalized and tailored attention and mentors them not just for the entrance exams but also for their future, with degrees from the Best B-Schools of India. Students from IMS Kolkata have been accepted to premier universities throughout India and the world, including IIMs, XLRI, SP Jain, ISB and Ivy League institutions, INSEAD, LBS, etc.

IMS Kolkata is a successful institute with more than 40 years of expertise. Their mission is to coach, encourage, and advise our students and all others that come into contact with us so that they can make the best career choices possible.

Management Entrance Training is a specialty of IMS. The institute is ranked 4th in the education sector and 44th overall among India’s Top 50 Most Trusted Service Brands (AC-Nielsen & Brand Equity, December 2003). With over 90+ centres and over 50,000 students, IMS has successfully made its way to some of India’s and the world’s most famous institutes.

  • Can easily teach any topic and make it more interesting for the pupils.
  • IMS Kolkata is a well-established institute with over 40 years of experience.

Contact Details

Rank 3: SG Academics

SG Academics is a one-stop shop for preparing for Management Entrance Exams, Government Jobs, Campus Recruitment Training, and a wide range of Commerce and Management programs. SG Academics assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. Since 2011, it has been concentrating on influencing the careers of many students, allowing them to reach their full potential and accomplish their career objectives. Students who have put their faith in us have always appreciated our role in their accomplishments.

The finest decision to modify your past and present and build your future will always be to count on us. Online and offline training through person-to-person, limitless exams, question replies, group study alternatives, and much more. Provide online and offline preparedness. SG Academics are a devoted staff with more than 10 years of expertise in different preparing tests, which gives you the finest advice and a highly satisfying job to accomplish for their students.

Provide both DBF, JAIIB, and CAIIB Courses CLASSROOM (OFFLINE) and ONLINE instruction. Classes are offered for the bankers at suitable times. Classes are held on Sundays and weekdays. Have an online platform through which students may take their respective courses online tests. Online preparation enables a learner to prepare in distant regions. SG’s teaching technique is always being improved so that bankers can continue to be guided towards successful careers.

  • Education experts, both companies, and people have over 20 years’ expertise.
  • Cades of industry expertise in guiding our investing approach is brought by the Investment Committee. Builder and allocation of portfolios.
  • MBA Entrance
  • BBA Entrance
  • NTA UGC NET Exam
  • Campus Placement
  • GD-PI & WAT
  • Government Jobs Exams
  • Career Guidance & Counseling
  • Bank Promotional Exams
  • Law Entrance

Contact Details

Rank 4: Endeavor Careers

Endeavor is created to mold the young aspirants’ attitude, ability, and trust to prepare themselves to lead life! Endeavor is driven by a team of Top B-school students who have had the greatest experience from the outset. Endeavor Careers assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. Endeavor has built an unsurpassable niche by applying a scalable backend to provide the industry’s highest level of service.

Endeavor is a voyage, a mission, a movement, as its name indicates. Even an ordinary student may crack an admission examination at the national level with good advice and intensive preparation supported by a burning desire to surpass and persist unfailingly. This is the approach that Endeavor promotes in its pupils and hopes to clear up the misconceptions of preparations for entrances due to expanding income-oriented coaching facilities around the country.

Endeavor is proud to offer all students coming here for help or information the proper career advice. This means knowing their goals, the several factors that influence them, analyzing their real dreams, and eventually directing them according to their interests. Not as many people see it as good or evil. This has helped many students develop a clearer view of their careers, whether or not they connect to management.

  • Vision to be a national leader in the field of career consulting and guidance.
  • Believe in human spirit perseverance. You can achieve this if you can dream.

Contact Details

Rank 5: T.I.M.E

T.I.M.E., which began in a small room of 120 square feet with one centre on May 26, 1992, in Hyderabad, has just celebrated 29 years of service to the student community, helping to develop a few hundred thousand professions along the way. T.I.M.E assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. For T.I.M.E.’s promoters, who had quit their high-powered corporate careers to pursue their goal and passion, the road from one office to 200 offices has been arduous and rewarding.

T.I.M.E. is now known as a multi-location, multi-program training specialist that operates on corporate lines and offers a wide range of programs not only for national and state-level entrance exams such as the CAT, MAT, JEE MAIN, and JEE ADVANCED, but also for international exams such as the GMAT, GRE, IELTS, and TOEFL.

T.I.M.E. teaches thousands of students aptitude testing and communication skills to prepare them for their campus placements through its Campus Recruitment Training, held at various engineering colleges across the country every year.

T.I.M.E. also provides a one-of-a-kind IIT Foundation curriculum for students in grades 7 through 10. This curriculum aims to improve the conceptual clarity of students in the essentials of mathematics, physics, and chemistry.

  • The coaching intends to maintain its rapid growth rate by introducing additional courses to its product offering and expanding its market penetration through a broader geographic reach.
  • T.I.M.E. has already made inroads into the difficult sector of state-level engineering and medical admission tests, and it is now aiming for a national presence in these sectors shortly.
  • CAT Coaching
  • Bank Coaching
  • GATE Coaching
  • IIT Foundation
  • MAT Coaching
  • SSC Coaching
  • XAT Coaching
  • JEE Engineering
  • GMAT Coaching
  • GRE Coaching
  • ICET Coaching
  • CMAT Coaching
  • MAH-MBA/MMS-CET Coaching
  • School Tuitions
  • CRT Coaching
  • NEET
  • CLAT Coaching
  • IPM Coaching
  • IPMAT Coaching

Contact Details

Rank 6: Erudite Education

Student First is Erudite’s core policy, which means that the students’ best interests come first. Students receive individualized assistance to address deficiencies from a team of CAT specialists comprised of graduates of IIMs and XLRI. Erudite Education assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. The efficiency of our Teaching Methodology has been validated by our track record of success year after year.

Erudite is, without a doubt, the top CAT and other MBA entrance test coaching centre. CAT overview, CAT Syllabus, CAT test details, CAT Course structure, IIMs Placement record, and information connected to other B-Schools, Institutes under CAT, IIM CAT are all available on the Erudite website.

In Kolkata, India, Erudite is the top CAT Coaching and MBA entrance test training institute. Erudite has earned a reputation for offering high-quality CAT-MBA exam prep courses to students over the last 20 years.

Erudite is well-known for offering the most thorough CAT preparation to CAT candidates. To assist them in passing MBA entrance examinations such as the CAT, XAT, MAT, CMAT, and others, and gaining admission to IIMs and other top MBA schools.

  • Provide a high level of education while keeping the students’ viewpoint in mind.
  • Provide customized services that are tailored to the demands of each individual.
  • An emphasis on boosting performance by precisely identifying and correcting students’ persistent deficiencies.
  • CAT
  • XAT
  • MAT
  • CMAT

Contact Details

Ran 7: Prime Tutor

Prime tutorials were created to assist every learner. Prime Tutorials assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. Prime tutorials educate in a unique and inventive way that allows students to connect with the material they need to grasp. Through personalized and targeted instructional approaches, prime Tutorials’ students gain the tools they need for current success in their study area.

Prime Tutorials aim to identify each student’s potential and deliver the greatest quality education possible to help them achieve. Prime Tutorials is dedicated to assisting our students in reaching their maximum academic potential through innovative teaching approaches.

Qualified teachers, professionals, and current undergraduates make up our faculty. Prime Tutorial believes that approaching a subject from several angles enables a learner to understand the subject fully. Prime tutorials don’t sell dreams; instead, Prime Tutorials assist their students in achieving them.

Prime Tutorials’ major objective is to guarantee that we can establish an environment that will inspire our students and give them the confidence and excitement they need to achieve the best potential outcomes. Prime Tutorial teachers are highly qualified, experienced educators who endeavor to provide the highest quality education possible.

  • Teachers are highly qualified, experienced professionals who endeavor to provide the highest quality education possible.
  • Prime Tutorials’ setting, pedagogy, and methods are highly successful and have produced good outcomes.
  • CAT
  • XAT
  • MAT
  • CMAT

Contact Details


The content published on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team. The parameters of the research and the content structure are devised by What After College’s Research Team and it is not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies. This research has purely been done by a third party. Kindly contact at +91-87502-55666 to make desired changes in the contact information related to your college.

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 7 Best IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata?

The Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) is a highly competitive exam that requires extensive preparation and guidance. Kolkata, the cultural capital of India, has several coaching centers that offer comprehensive training and support to aspiring students. However, choosing the right coaching center can be a daunting task, given the numerous options available. At WAC, we have conducted extensive research to identify the 7 best IPMAT coaching centers in Kolkata. These coaching centers have a proven track record of delivering quality education and have helped numerous students secure admission to top management institutes in the country. In this article, we aim to provide some useful information on why one should opt for WAC’s 7 best IPMAT coaching centers in Kolkata, ensuring students receive the necessary guidance and support to achieve their goals.

Our IPMAT coaching market research team in Kolkata comprises of experienced professionals who are dedicated to providing accurate and up-to-date information on the best coaching institutes in the city. With a deep understanding of the coaching industry and the IPMAT exam pattern, our team conducts extensive research and analysis to help students make informed decisions while selecting the right coaching center. Our team has a proven track record of delivering quality market research reports that are reliable and comprehensive, making us one of the best in the industry. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of choosing our IPMAT coaching market research team in Kolkata and how our services can help students in their preparation for the IPMAT exam.

Our blogs have become a trusted source of information for students aspiring to crack the Integrated Program in Management Aptitude Test (IPMAT) and secure admission to the top management institutes in Kolkata. Our team of experts provides detailed information on the best IPMAT coaching centers in Kolkata, the eligibility criteria for the exam, exam pattern, and tips for cracking the entrance exam. Our blogs have helped numerous students in Kolkata make informed decisions while selecting the right coaching center, providing them with the necessary guidance and support to achieve their goals. In this article, we will discuss the benefits of our blogs and how they can help students join the best IPMAT coaching centers in Kolkata.

Other Best IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata

Apart from the Top 7 IPMAT coaching in Kolkata, WAC has listed some other IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata, with a solid background and good reviews popular amongst the students.

Other 1: 2IIM

2IIM is one of India’s oldest universities in management education, providing students with a platform to advance their careers. 2IIM assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. 2IIM believes that students must develop self-awareness to understand their profession and future success.

2IIM’s motto is to stay with our students throughout their educational path, mentoring, motivating, guiding, and accompanying them till they pass their coveted admission exams.

2IIM fulfills the objective of ensuring a prosperous and satisfying future for the next generation by nurturing ambitions and facilitating accomplishment.

2IIM’s motto is to mentor, motivate and guide our students and all those who interact with us to make the right career decisions.

2IIM is the leader in Management Entrance training, which has been given 4th in the education sector. 2IIM is also ranked 44th amongst the Top 50 Most Trusted Service Brands all over India.

Today, 2IIM has spread its wings across India with more than 90+ centres and over 50,000 students, successfully making it to some of the most prestigious institutes in India and abroad.

  • Mr Rajesh Balasubramanian, an IIT-Madras and IIM-Bangalore alumni and director of 2IIM, is in charge of almost every Online IPM Coaching class.
  • 10,000+ practice problems at the same degree of difficulty as IPMAT past year papers – all with thorough solutions and some with video explanations. IIM Indore, IPM, and IPM Rohtak mock exams.
  • Apart from the built-in discussion forum, where students’ issues are answered daily, students may also get their questions answered through peer-to-peer learning on WhatsApp groups.
  • The IPMAT difficulty level course will include 2,000+ videos and 10,000+ practise questions.
  • 2IIM’s Online IPM Coaching 2022 fee – Rs. 38,000/-
  • 2IIM’s Green IMP 2022 – Rs. 9,000/-

Other 2: Sagar Sir Classes

In Kolkata, Sagar Sir Classes offers the best CAT, MAT, Aptitude, MBA Entrance, SSC CGL, LBPS, and Bank Coaching. You can enroll in a solo class or a group of ten students for CAT, MAT, and Aptitude Coaching at monthly rates. Sagar Sir Classes assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT.

Apart from Aptitude/Mathematics for Cat Coaching/Mat Coaching, Sagar sir classes teach Logical Reasoning, Data Interpretation, General Knowledge for CAT, MAT, SNAP, CMAT, NMAT, SSC CGL, LBPS, Railway, WBPSC, Bank Coaching with 10 years of expertise. The classes of Sagar Sir believe in hard effort and sincerity since the two together always lead to success.

Sagar sir courses put a lot of effort into teaching their pupils to don’t have any trouble learning the chapters. Every pupil is given a detailed explanation and is treated with exceptional attention. Sagar sir courses will repeat as many times as students request until they fully comprehend a topic’s concept.

Sagar sir courses are dedicated to providing applicants with a high-quality coaching program that includes the greatest attention and a wealth of targeted tests. Together, students and Sagar Sir courses will set the way for the brightest future you’ve ever imagined! Join Sagar sir courses and go on a journey to a future where you will shine brighter than before.

  • Sagar sir put a lot of effort into teaching their students so that they don’t have any trouble learning the chapters.
  • Every student is given a detailed explanation and is treated with an exceptional attention.
  • Sagar sir classes will repeat a part as many times as a student requests till he or she fully comprehends the concept of a topic.
  • CAT Coaching
  • MAT Coaching
  • NMAT Coaching
  • CMAT Coaching
  • XAT Coaching
  • SNAP Coaching
  • TISSNET Coaching
  • RAILWAY Coaching
  • SSC Coaching
  • CGL Coaching
  • IBPS Coaching
  • BANK Coaching Classes
  • All MBA Entrance
  • WBCS Coaching Classes
  • All Competitive Exam
  • IPMAT Coaching

Other 3: Edufoster

EDUFOSTER was founded to provide the greatest coaching to students to help them clear the most challenging competitive tests. EDUFOSTER assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. It has since assisted many students in reaching their professional ambitions. EDUFOSTER is a project aimed at providing pupils with a well-organized and straightforward educational and mentoring structure.

EDUFOSTER takes a step forward to counsel, coach, and support students around the clock, thanks to its unique grading pedagogical system and the most experienced counseling cell. Students are hesitant and unclear about their professional ambitions and paths in contemporary times.

EDUFOSTER takes a comprehensive approach to education and strives to provide the best educational services to everyone. EDUFOSTER’s organizational structure is built on the foundation of ethics. EDUFOSTER’s extensive study and learning material, as well as the unequaled interactive sessions, are among the best in the market.

The study material was created by a group of professionals with years of experience and training in the MBA test prep sector, specifically CAT, bearing in mind the need of the hour and the needs of students to cope with the competitive environment and find a meaningful profession.

  • A crew of professionals with years of experience and training prepared the study materials.
  • The foundation of EDUFOSTER’s organizational structure is ethics.
  • EDUFOSTER takes a holistic approach to education and strives to give the highest quality educational services to all students.
  • CAT
  • CLAT
  • NDA
  • CA
  • B.COM
  • IPMAT Coaching

Other 4: Career Launcher

Career Launcher, the National Leader in MBA Test Prep, has over 100 locations and yearly teaches 50,000 students. Career Launcher assists students with MBA Entrance Exams like IPMAT. Students at CL are guided by CAT academics who are experts in their fields. CL is chosen for lakhs of CAT candidates in Kolkata due to high-quality instruction and year-after-year record-breaking outcomes. Over the previous ten years, CL has produced all of Kolkata’s CAT 100 percent fillers. CL Kolkata continued this tradition in CAT’18, with two 100 percent filers and over 4000 IIM calls.

CL focuses on a variety of educational segments for students of various ages. CL has been concentrating on molding the lives and careers of many students since 1995, led by a team of highly skilled experts, including IIT-IIM graduates, with a desire for quality in education. CL has developed and developed itself as a known brand in the education industry throughout the years.

CL’s mission is to help people “accomplish their potential and realize their aspirations.” Our basic philosophy is based on our long-term commitment to academic quality, technical innovation, and subject expertise. In the education business, we work in various areas, including exam preparation and vocational training.

  • Students should be able to participate in extended training programmes.
  • Every programme is created in such a way that it develops students from the beginning and prepares them to achieve their goals methodically.
  • MBA
  • LAW
  • Address: Beliaghata Road, Sealdah Commercial Complex, Beliaghata Road, Sealdah, Kolkata, West Bengal 700014.
  • Mobile: 011-41281100, 011-41281101
  • Mail: bp@careerlauncher.com
  • Website: https://www.careerlauncher.com/

Why is Kolkata Best for Pursuing IPMAT Coaching?

Kolkata is a hub of students, especially from the commerce and management field. One of the best faculties all over the country is based in Kolkata. The city has produced a lot of successful professionals over many decades. Many IPMAT coaching provides impeccable educational services to the students who aspire to get into IIM Indore for the Integrated Management Program.

Here are some factors why IPMAT coaching in Kolkata is recommended.

Kolkata is the biggest city in the eastern part of India with a lot of people residing here from all around the country because of the great amenities offered by the city. The ‘city of joy ‘ is also culturally rich and is highly populated with students and professionals starting out their professional careers or preparing for the same here. The environment of the city is very positive, healthy and competitive with like-minded students around. The city is developing at a higher pace than ever before, creating a lot of opportunities for the youth as well.

Kolkata is a hub of students pursuing careers in the fields of commerce, finance and management. One of the best IPMAT coaches is located in Kolkata with highly experienced and professional faculty having great past records and delivering brilliant results. The experience of a faculty is highly imperative while selecting the best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata or elsewhere because it is the experience of the faculty that makes him polished, trustworthy and professional.

Unlike many other developing cities, Kolkata is comparatively cheaper. Just like the living costs, the tuition fees in Kolkata is also cost-effective and affordable. There are many good IPMAT coaching in Kolkata to choose from which provides quality education services at a very reasonable fee so that finance never becomes a hurdle in your success.

The fees to be charged by the IPMAT coaching in Kolkata ranges and totally depends on one coaching centre to another. However, on average, the top IPMAT coaching in Kolkata charges around Rs. 10,000 to Rs. 90,000.

The IPMAT coaching in Kolkata provides professional assistance and guidance in the preparation of the entrance exam. The best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata provides a hardcore grip over the subject area of quantitative ability, verbal ability, interview preparations and many more.

There are several other reasons for choosing IPMAT coaching in Kolkata for preparing for the entrance exams including the 24*7 academic support services which are available in all the IPMAT coaching in Kolkata, the high-quality study materials, and many more.

Hence, all the above factors cumulatively make Kolkata one of the most preferred places for preparing to crack the IPMAT and get into IIM’s.

Alternatives of Best IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata

Without a doubt, Kolkata has been a developing place for the finest IPMAT exam preparation. Apart from Kolkata, Hyderabad is considered to be one of the top locations in South India for test preparation. In India, Hyderabad has one of the top IPMAT coaching faculties. To learn more, check our post on IPMAT coaching in Hyderabad.

In addition, Delhi is a fantastic place to study for the IPMAT examinations. Delhi is one of the most popular destinations for IPMAT preparation because it is the capital city with a rich historical background and educational facilities. To learn more, check our post about IPMAT coaching in Delhi.

Online IPMAT tutoring has grown in popularity in recent years as the world has become more digital. Let’s look at some of the advantages and disadvantages of online IPMAT preparation.

  • Because the classes are pre-recorded and not live, you may get Online CAT tutoring at any time and from any location. As a result, prospective students will be able to take coaching at a more convenient time and location.
  • Students may access a range of study materials, including audio and video files as well as hard copy materials, through the Online CAT Coaching. There are several revision videos available to help you keep on track even after you’ve completed the course.
  • Because the Online CAT tutoring is available at any time, there is no set time for the batch to meet. As a result, this capability gives students the option of skipping lessons unnecessarily in the event of an emergency.
  • Taking online CAT training saves time and effort by eliminating the need to commute to and from coaching locations. The time and energy saved from avoiding the hassles of travelling can be used toward other essential tasks or even revisions. Furthermore, when there is less harassment, the attention rises.
  • There is no in-class contact with instructors or classmates, as well as no live experience.
  • Any doubts that arise on the spot will not be resolved in the live class.
  • Make your selection about the form of coaching only after a thorough examination of the pros and drawbacks of Online CAT Coaching.

Frequently Asked Questions About IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata

Ans. Yes. IPMAT exams are highly competitive exams and very prestigious as it gives a direct entry to the best management school of the country i.e., the IIM Indore. Hence, to crack the exams, one has to have an extraordinary grip over the prescribed syllabus, must be aware of the current affairs, and must possess important attributes like leadership skills, innovation, speaking skills, positive thinking, etc.

A good IPMAT coaching in Kolkata assists the aspirants to build a strong base and inhibit the essential qualities required to be a successful management professional.

Ans. Yes. Kolkata is the most developed city in the entire eastern zone of India. The city has developed to be a hub of students and professionals especially in the fields of comer, finance, and management. There also are many good IPMAT coaching in Kolkata who have years of experience and expertise for training the students to achieve success.

The IPMAT coaching in Kolkata is renowned to deliver high success rates helping thousands of students over years to attain their desired goal.

Moreover, experienced faculties of the top IPMAT coaching in Kolkata guide the students with the study structure and important tips and tricks to clear the exams which they have gained over the years of their successful teaching. So, yes! Taking coaching from the best faculty increases the chance of success with expert guidance.

Ans. Each year, thousands of students apply for the IPMAT entrance exams for getting into the famous IIM Indore. However, the exams being highly competitive in nature, very few are able to take their seats at the IIM Indore.

Students preparing for the IPMAT exams in a systematic and structured manner with a high level of patience, persistence and hard work are the ones who get their way into IIM Indore.

Thousands of students take coaching for the best IPMAT coaching for a better professional and systematic professional. But, only a few are able to pave their ways to IIM’s with their extraordinary smart work and hard work.

So, Definitely yes! You can crack the IPMAT exams and get yourself into IIM Indore. But in order to do so, you have to put in a lot of persistent hard work and determination because the competition here is too high.

Ans. The IPMAT exams are highly competitive in nature. Hence, to crack the same and make your way into the IIM Indore requires proper mentoring, guidance and motivation. For this purpose, there are many top IPMAT coaching in Kolkata that helps you achieve your desired goal.

Some of the best IAS coachings in Kolkata includes the following:

  • T.I.M.E
  • IMS Learning Resource Pvt Ltd.
  • Career Launcher
  • Endeavor Careers Pvt Ltd.
  • Erudite Education
  • SG Academics

Ans. The IPMAT is an integrated management program of 5 years of duration which includes 3 years of BBA and 2 years of MBA. The IPMAT exams include graduation and are taken just after the standard 12th results.

Hence, the students shall start preparing for the IPMAT exams just after the 12th boards are finished. The sooner you prepare, the better preparation is done and more chances of getting success.

Both the IPMAT and CAT cannot be compared in terms of the syllabus. However, considering the Quantitative ability aspect of the exams, IPMAT is considered to be tougher than the CAT. This is simply because IPMAT also includes lengthy answer type problems which are more time-consuming. IPMAT also focuses on questions based on Geometry and Algebra, whereas CAT has all varieties of questions.

The career opportunities after IPMAT clearance are varying greatly depends on the field you choose. Marketing, Finance, Human Resources, and Operations are often the core disciplines of an MBA degree. After completing your 5-year Integrated Management program at an IIM Indore, you will have an infinite list of future firms to apply to.

They usually offer you management trainee jobs in organizations at first, and after a brief training time, you are promoted to management jobs. People frequently move horizontally between domains, such as marketing professionals moving into HR jobs after some work experience, and so on.

There are also other chances for you to be an entrepreneur and start your own business. A diploma from an IIM opens up a world of possibilities since once you graduate, many organizations will need your skills to solve problems and work for them.

Giving the IPMAT test will put you on the fast track to professional progress by allowing you to build a comprehensive base of general business knowledge and technical abilities in a very short amount of time. An MBA can help you become industry-ready if you want to start your firm but are unsure if you have the requisite knowledge to begin a start-up in a high-growth area. According to research, the failure rate for small firms launched by IIM alumni is roughly 50% lower than the national average.

Once you pass the IPMAT test, it opens the door to the top IIM i.e, IIM Indore, you will have a plethora of alternatives. IIMs are recognized for their broad but focused curriculum given by gurus and academics in the field of management. Their teaching methods foster collaboration, which will aid in the development of essential contacts and professional networks that will aid in the advancement of your commercial career. IIM graduates from reputable IIMs are in high demand in both the public and private sectors.

More Frequently Asked Questions About IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata

Which institute is best for IPMAT coaching in Kolkata?

Various institutes are said best for IPMAT coaching in Kolkata. We have ranked the 7 Best of them in this article. Rank 1 is considered to be the best.

How much do institutes for IPMAT coaching in Kolkata charge?

The fee structure of each institute is different. Here, we have disclosed the fees of every Best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata.

Which IPMAT coaching in Kolkata provides the best study material?

All the institutes in our Best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata’s list provide good study material, but Rank 1 has been considered the best among students.

Is Kolkata perfect for IPMAT coaching?

Kolkata has been called the best place to go for IPMAT coaching many times in the past. IPMAT coaching institutes in this city have produced a large number of IPMAT to date. Here, you will find the 7 Best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata.

How would I know whether the timings for the best IPMAT coaching in Kolkata will suit me or not?

We have specified the timings of each IPMAT Coaching in Kolkata in our article. You can join the one that best suits your requirements & needs.