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Top 7 Digital Marketing Training Institute in Mumbai

Top 7 Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai is an article drafted and crafted by WAC’s Research team as more and more students are finding Professional Training to Digital Marketing. Getting into the best Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai can give any student an edge over others, and it is beneficial for any student to join the top Digital Marketing Courses in Mumbai. Enrolling in Digital Marketing coaching will help in increasing the chances of success.

Digital Marketing

The basic idea of Digital Marketing is not very different from conventional marketing. In simple terms, you are creating brand and product awareness online, trying to sell a product, to a broader market. However, this approach demands a higher level of skill sets, than just being good at marketing.

Digital presence for businesses is a need right now, and they are investing in digital marketing like never before. This sector is booming with opportunities, and there is not just one field that requires experts. SEO, SEM, Web Development, Copywriting and Editing, Content Management, Email Marketing, etc. are only a few names from the many fields that you could opt to work at. And, there are a number of reasons you would want to attain two or more of these skills.

Digital marketing skills are in demand right now and are expected to remain so, in the near future. It is likely that, by 2020, the demand for digital marketing jobs is going to rise by 1,50,000, and this will, in turn, increase the gap between the demand and supply. Job security, better salaries, and the option to pick the career field you like, are all added advantages of being a digital marketer.

Choosing this career option at this point is a wise decision, as the job security is very high. Whether you are a fresher or want to shift your career path, this field is undoubtedly promising for both. All you have to do to get started is enroll in one of the many Digital Marketing courses available and get started with your new career. Many training institutes in India are now offering classes in this subject, and there are various programs and modules that you can choose from.

Ways to Assess a Potential Training Institute | Best Digital Marketing Institute In Mumbai

There a number of training institutes offering the course and it is essential to assess and analyze a few things before you finalize where you want to do your course from. Here are some factors that you should consider-

  • Faculty: The first thing to consider when checking out digital marketing training institutes is the faculty. You want to make sure that they have both theoretical and practical knowledge. You could know this by finding out the years of experience they hold, the kind of clients they work with or have worked for.
  • Course Curriculum: Studying about trends that are outdated is going to serve no purpose. There are several trends in digital marketing that have expired due to updates in analytics and technologies. Make sure the curriculum of these courses is updated and offers in-depth knowledge of the vertical.
  • Certifications: There are several certificates that you can earn by taking up a course and passing an exam, like Google AdWords, Google Analytics, etc. Find out if your training institute is going to provide assistance in gaining these certifications and more.
  • Duration: Digital marketing is a vast subject, and a crash course in this field might not prove beneficial. If you want to excel in at least two areas of digital marketing, your course duration has to be a minimum of 3 to 5 months.
  • Online or Offline: Choosing online or offline classes is entirely your choice. Several reputed training institutes offer both, online and in-class coaching. If you want to opt for online digital marketing training, you might want to find out the study material, assistance, and sessions that the training institute will provide.
  • Fee Structure: Not all courses that are expensive are the best. While some training institutes might focus on quality, others might just be doing this for money. One great way to find out the truth is by looking at alumni reviews, which could help you take a decision as to if the fees you’re being charged is worth it or not.
  • Job Assistance: Sure there is a massive demand for your skills, and it shouldn’t be tough getting a job. But, these digital marketing training institutes should be willing to provide initial help in securing a position. Talk to the faculty, and find out about the kind of job assistance your training institute is willing to offer.

Why Choose Mumbai as a Digital Marketing Learning Destination?

The entire nation and abroad is booming with taining institutes that offer these courses, and you could choose to get started from where you are. The reason why Mumbai should still be a preferred choice to get started with your digital marketing career is that the industry is emerging, the demand is high, and competition is low. And there are some great training institutes that you could enrol in, without having to worry about affordability and transportation. Mumbai is very well connected with public transport that can take you anywhere without having to spend much.

Classroom Best Digital Marketing Training Institute In Mumbai vs Online Training

Choosing between classroom training and online training can prove to be a task, as these both have pros and cons. Having a look at these pros and cons can help you decide-

  • Immediate feedback and opinions
  • Better focus and concentration
  • Interaction with classmates from different backgrounds
  • Fixed pace of learning
  • Missing a class can prove problematic
  • Classroom training might be expensive
  • Flexibility to choose timings
  • Fast paced learning
  • Saves the time of travelling
  • Difficulty in concentrating at home/ work
  • No direct interaction with trainers and students
  • Wi-Fi connection, and updated software in a personal computer is a must

List of Top 7 Digital Marketing Training Institutes in Mumbai

The Institution’s / Organization’s Ranking done by WAC is a result of the research done by our team. It is totally Independent of the Rankings done by the Govt. Bodies. If any Institute has any Queries regarding any Information Updates or has conflicting ideas regarding Ranking positions, can contact us. Email at or Call on +91-9818198188.

Rank 1 digital marketing courses in mumbai

Rank 1: Technophilia

Your knowledge of search engine optimization (SEO), social media (SMM), pay-per-click (PPC), conversion-optimization (CRO), digital analytics (DA), and mobile (Email) marketing will be enhanced as a result of this Digital Marketing Certification Course. The Facebook team will teach you how to use the newest tools, work on real-world projects, and give you classes on how to use them.

With this online certification course, you’ll get an in-depth grasp of the eight most significant digital marketing areas, including real-world assignments and virtual simulations for acquiring domain expertise. After completing this course, you’ll be exposed to 30 digital marketing technologies, significant project experience, and Mimic Pro simulations to become job-ready.

You will obtain a digital marketing certificate from Simplilearn once you have completed this digital marketing training program, confirming that you have gained a Digital Marketing Specialist’s skill set and verifying your competence to lead digital marketing activities in your business.

Technophilia provides an excellent Digital Marketing course that is well worth taking. All of these courses are geared toward working professionals. As a result, you may maintain your work while still learning new skills. 

The greatest mentors and industry experts in Digital Marketing teach Technophilia courses. Students receive placement help at some of the country’s best businesses, in addition to frequent engagement and one-on-one communication sessions with mentors.

  • Internet of Things.
  • Web Development.
  • Data Science.Automobile & IC Engine.Android App Development.
  • Machine Learning.
  • Ethical Hacking.
  • Java Programming.
  • Python Programming.
  • Industry mentors, teaching assistants, and graders will provide you with unequaled assistance.
  • Receive personalized feedback on your contributions and suggestions for improvement.
  • Industry mentors, teaching assistants, and graders will provide you with unequaled assistance.
  • Receive personalized feedback on your contributions and suggestions for improvement.
  • You’ll understand how to generate high-quality traffic for a website that translates into actual consumers.
  • Understand how major search engines such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing function and develop tactics accordingly.
  • Learn how to create and implement an effective SEO strategy that will help a website get the attention it deserves.
  • To market any website, you must first discover relevant keywords and then use them in acceptable online content possibilities.Learn what makes your competitors’ websites tick and how to outsmart them.
  • Check the Technophilia website to get information about the faculty.

    ₹599.00 /- for Digital Marketing Course.

    Contact Details

    Rank 2 digital marketing courses in mumbai

    Rank 2: Techgyan

    In digital marketing, you use online marketing strategies such as social media marketing, search marketing, and email marketing to promote and sell items. When it comes down to it, digital marketing is nothing more than a kind of marketing, period.

    Business owners use it to get their message in front of their most valuable prospects and consumers in today’s market.

    You have to know when to make the appropriate offers and where to put them. Your consumers are online today: they’re on social media, reading blogs and news sites, and looking online when they need a product or service.

    Thanks to digital marketing, your top prospects can see you, learn more about you, and even ask questions about you and your products or services.

    If you’re new to digital marketing, then it will be the perfect time for you to take Techgyan’s digital marketing course.

    Get the skills you need to advance in your current business and stand out among your rivals by taking advantage of our Digital Marketing Training Program.

    To help students accomplish their professional goals in the technology-driven digital world and earn a handsome payout, Techgyan’s Digital Marketing course is a well-structured Digital Marketing Course.

    • Javascript.
    • Java Programming.
    • Big Data with Hadoop.
    • Cloud Computing with AWS.
    • Web Development with HTML/CSS.
    • Machine Learning.
    • Blockchain for Beginners.
    • Android Application Development.
    • Python Programming.
    • Ethical Hacking.
    • Digital marketing methods, tips, and benefits are explored, along with their consequences and monetization.
    • Digital Marketing Professionals are eligible for 100% placement, internship, and project help.
    • Improve your digital marketing skills to qualify for higher-paying employment.
    • Our techniques can help you grow your firm by improving sales.
    • Open up new job paths in a field that is always developing.
    • Learn how to leverage hundreds of proven digital marketing strategies to your advantage.
    • Enhance your brand’s identity and exposure by using the following tips.
    • The more people who know about your brand, the more people will be exposed to it.
    • Use these social media marketing ideas to develop or extend your business.
    • By embracing digital, you may save money on marketing expenditures.
    • Earn a worldwide audience for your business by establishing a global presence.
    • Upgrade your resume to improve your chances of being shortlisted.
    • Learn how to earn money while being at home.

    Check the Techgyan website to get information about the faculty.

    ₹599.00 /- for Digital Marketing Course.

    Contact details

    Rank 3: SP Jain’s Digital Marketing

    S.P. Jain training Institute of Management and Research is a part of Bhartiya Vidya Bhavan and was inaugurated in 1981. The training institute has its branches in Dubai, Singapore, Sydney, and Mumbai. The two campuses in Mumbai opened in 2015, and are located in Lower Parel and Kurla West.

    The B-school has an alumni base of 7000+ students, which includes famous Businessmen like Rajesh Jejurikar from Mahindra and Mahindra Ltd., Girish Wagh from Tata Motors, Siddharth Suryanarayan, Indian actor, and others.

    The training institute offers a 6-months programme in Digital Marketing and Metrics (DMM) in Mumbai, which includes four months of in-class training and two months of internship. The course is put together in a way that it prepares students to be industry ready in 6 months, with an impressive portfolio and internship experience. The course includes face-to-face lessons with Indian and International faculty, e-books, live projects, exams, and certifications. The training institute also assists in a job search with reputable companies.

    The faculty at SP Jain are business professionals and industry experts who excel at shaping and preparing students for the corporate world. The DMM course is curated by such experienced faculties, some of which are Hitesh Motwani, the CEO of Socialopedia, Ananth V, Founder & CEO of Techdivine Creative Services, Avinash Jhangiani, CEO of Play2Transform, and others.

    SP Jain has been a well-known name in the fields of education providers. The B-School has been ranked 5th by Business today in the list of ‘India’s Best B-schools 2016’ and 6th by Outlook in a list of Top Management Schools. SP Jain excels at what they do. The Digital Marketing course offered by the institute has been put together keeping the corporate demand in mind, and by the time the course gets over, the students have the theoretical and practical knowledge, along with internship from reputed companies. This course is undoubtedly one of the best available in Mumbai.

    Contact Details

    • Address:
    • South Campus- SP Jain School of Global Management, 1st Floor, Trade Point, Kamala Mills, Lower Parel, Mumbai, 400013
    • North Campus- SP Jain School of Global Management, 1st Floor – Kohinoor City Mall, Gate No. 1, Kurla West, Mumbai – 400 070
    • Phone:1800 200 0827
    • Website:

    Rank 4: Lips India Digital Marketing Course

    Lips India is a premium Digital Marketing Training Institute in India. The training institute has three branches in Mumbai, 3 in Pune, and two branches in Bengaluru.

    The institute has trained over 5000 digital marketers, and the students have the privilege to attend any sessions conducted by the institute, even after the course is over. There are 30+ concurrent batches every month, and more than 150 students can enroll in these classes in a month.

    The institute’s faculty are industry experts, IIT/IIM Alumni, and professionals who have both theoretical and practical knowledge and prepare the students for the corporate world with the right insights from the industry.

    Unlike other institutes, Lips India is an exclusive Digital Marketing Institute, which specialises in every field related to digital marketing. These detailed and exhaustive digital marketing courses are put together to provide students with industry insights and knowledge and hands-on experience. The institute offers real-time live campaign on Google AdWords, access to google analytics data, and webmaster tools like SEMrush, Hootsuite, Kwfinder, etc. for better understanding.

    There are a number of courses to choose from, depending on the interest and fields. The options include Digital Marketing, SEO, Social Media Marketing, Website Designing, etc. The course curriculums are updated from time to time and have been curated by industry experts and professionals. Server Space, Paid Campaigns, Live Paid-platform Access, Free trial platforms, etc. are all part of the training programs.

    Contact Details

    Rank 5: Operating Media Digital Marketing Institute

    Operating Media is another well-known training institute of digital marketing in Mumbai. The training institute has three branches in Mumbai at Andheri, Borivali, and Vashi, all at walkable distances from stations. With an overall rating of 4.5 of 5, the training institute is an excellent choice for anyone looking for a diploma in digital marketing, or any of its fields.

    The training institute offers courses like Diploma in Digital Marketing and Advanced Diploma in Digital Marketing which provides in-depth knowledge of all the aspects relating to the field. You could also choose individual courses like SEO, SEM, WordPress, etc. or a combination of two or three of such courses.

    There are a number of courses to choose from, and these courses are curated by industry professionals and subject matter experts, who update the course curriculum regularly. Digital Marketing overview, SEO, Blog Creation, Content Writing, Social Media Marketing, Reputation Management, etc. and many other courses are available.

    Here at Operating Media, you get trained by the best. Trainers from corporate companies like Future Group, Flipkart, HDFC Life, Hindustan Unilever Ltd., IBS, ICICI Bank, and many more are associated with the training institute; help develop comprehensive courses, with best industry insights, conduct workshops, and train students to be corporate ready.

    There are a number of reasons why choosing Operating Media for digital marketing courses can be a great choice. At the end of the course, you get an Official Google certification; you could opt to join in a batch of maximum 4 for personalised training, and avail a discount, the institute offers post course support, and also provides onsite training. The institute has trained over 6000 students, in over a 1000 batches. For more information, you could check out their website, or get in touch with them.

    Contact Details

    • Address:Andheri: B-1, Ground Floor, Shruti Sagar, Old Police Quarter Lane, Opp. Bus Depot, Andheri (E),  Mumbai – 400069
    • Phone: +91 7700022887
    • Address: Borivali: C-111, New Delite Society, Chandavarkar Lane, Near Rajmahal Hotel, Borivali (W), Mumbai- 400092
    • Phone: +91 7977516632
    • Address: Vashi: E-208, Tower No.3, International Infotech Park, Vashi Station Complex, Vashi, Navi Mumbai- 400075
    • Phone: +91 9967721795
    • Website:

    Rank 6: Optron Technologies

    Optron Technologies is another well-known institute in Mumbai with 10+ years of experience and offers courses in Digital Marketing and related fields. The institute is in Goregaon East, and the area is well connected with public transport.

    The institute offers courses in Digital Marketing, SEO, SEM, Google Analytics and Web Analytics, Social Media Marketing, etc. There are more than 30 modules, which are a combination of both theoretical and practical training sessions. The institute also offers certification and job assistance at the completion of the courses.

    The institute offers career guidance and orientation sessions, for you to best understand which career path to choose, and what course you will require for the same. There are three different courses for people from different backgrounds like business owners, professionals, and students. The courses have a duration of three months, with in-class training and online projects, have flexible timings, and are curated by industry experts.

    The course is developed by trainers who have worked in the industry and have multiple years of experience in the field. The course is 70% practical and 30% theoretical. The course curriculum is updated regularly to meet the industry requirement. The trainers are dedicated to making the students ready to compete in the industry and be the best at what they do.

    The institute has 10+ years of teaching and providing services to companies in the Digital Marketing field. They have developed courses to meet the requirements of people from different backgrounds, which isn’t available in other institutes. These courses are in-depth, put together by experienced trainers, and are taught in smaller batches (less than 10). The courses also get the students ready for interviews, salary negotiations, and corporate behaviors. Optron Technologies guarantee overall development and results.

    Contact Details

    Rank 7: Learning Catalyst Institute for Digital Marketing

    Learning Catalyst is a renowned name of Digital Marketing Institute, with its branches across India, and headquarters in Mumbai. The institute has the biggest offering in niche Digital Marketing programs and offers both online and in-class training sessions.

    Learning Catalyst has vast experience in providing digital marketing training sessions to well-known companies like ICICI and IBM. The vast array of courses includes Integrated Digital Marketing, Advanced SEO, SMO, Affiliate Marketing, Web Analytics, Mobile App Development, etc.

    Course Curriculum

    Enrolment into a course in Learning Catalyst gives you access to the online learning management system. The course duration is two month, which includes training and internships assistance. You could opt for the offline or online course, depending on your availability. You will receive a course completion certificate at the end, and the institute also provides job assistance.

    The institute has 5+ years of experience in teaching, and has the best faculty on-board. The faculty members are industry professionals who have years of experience in the fields of digital marketing. Some of these professionals are Rahul Shrivastava, Digital Marketing Manager at, Vishal Gupta, Owner & Founder at Fast Web Group, Jaideep Bir, Co-Founder at, etc.

    Learning Catalyst is one of the most popular digital marketing training institutes in Mumbai and all over India. They offer the largest variety of digital marketing courses, with in-depth training and internship opportunities. These courses have been developed by experienced trainers, who are well aware of the industry insights. They update the courses as per the current requirements of the industry. Get in touch with them today, or attend a demo class, to know more about the courses offered.

    Contact Details

    Digital Marketing in Mumbai as a Career

    By 2020, the entire world, including India, is expected to go digital, and there are going to be tons of job opportunities. The scope in this field is never-ending. With the ever-growing advancement in technology, your skills also have to keep growing, and the better you are, the better you earn. As the demand and supply gap is widening, there is also job security, and you also get to choose the company you want to work with, and the field you wish to make a career in.

    Taking up digital marketing courses, and gaining the required skill sets opens the door to various opportunities. There is no restriction as to which field you choose to work in; there is room for creativity, technical skills, writing skills, and whatnot. You could also opt for management if that’s what your background is. This field is ever-changing, and monotony is nowhere close. As you move ahead in your career, you keep getting better and better.

    Jobs in Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing is flexible and exciting. Once you have completed your digital marketing course, there are a number of job opportunities that you could take a look at, and see what suits your interests the most.

    • Search engine optimisation (SEO)
    • Search engine marketing (SEM)
    • Analytics
    • Mobile marketing
    • Social media
    • Email marketing
    • E-commerce
    • Content management and curation
    • Web development
    • Web design
    • Copywriting and editing

    These are just a few fields out of the many. You could use your skills in any way you like, and get as creative as you want. Earning a certificate will not only make you eligible for better jobs but also help your current career path. Also, the institute you choose to do your digital marketing training from will help you understand what field will match your skill sets the best.

    Degree Courses Digital Marketing In Mumbai

    • Indian Colleges: There are quite a few colleges in India that offer degree and PG courses in digital marketing. BBA (Business Administration) in Digital marketing is a three years course offered by institutes like the Narsee Monjee Institute of Management Studies (NMIMS University) offer the course in Mumbai.

    Also, the PG- MBA in digital marketing is offered by many colleges like Xavier Institute of Management and Research, Deviprasad Goenka Management College of Media Studies, Regenesys Business School, and Digital Marketing Training Institute.

    • Study Abroad: The degree courses in digital marketing abroad are usually 1 to 2 years long. You could preferably opt for MA, MSc or MBA, depending on the field you want to get into. For instance, you should go for an MA in digital marketing if you’re going to explore your creative side or opt for an MBA if your focus is more towards the corporate management. There are a number of institutes that you could check for a course of your choice.

    Other Notable Digital Marketing In Mumbai

    Rank 1: IIDE- Indian Institute of Digital Education

    Indian Institute of Digital Education is one of the top schools in Mumbai, with their prime focus being A to Z digital skills. The training institute was founded by Karan Shah, who himself is a tech enthusiast and Digital Marketing Trainer. Founded in 2016, the school has trained 5000+ students so far.

    The training institute has two branches in Mumbai, one in Andheri West, which is a 3-minute walk from Andheri Station, and a 5-minute walk from Metro station. And the other branch is in the famous Jai Hind College. Both the centers are well-equipped with technologies like projection systems, and audio-video aids. There is also a counselor available to guide you through the different courses offered and other queries.

    The training institute offers both in-class and online digital marketing training sessions. There is a detailed 6-months course that the training institute offers, which has around 20+ modules and covers everything from basics to core learning, covering every aspect in detail. The training institute also has a wide array of certification courses, like SEO, Content Marketing, E-commerce Management, etc. The course curriculum is updated and curated by industry experts. Additionally, the training institute also offers 100% assistance to students in placements and certifications. They have corporate association with companies like SchBang, Social Kinnect, Mumbai Foodie, Mind Shift, etc.

    The Training Institute has mentors like Ivan Bayross, International Author, Digital Marketing Evangelist, Rohan Mehta, CEO of Social Kinnect, Pratik Gupta, Co-Founder of FoxyMoron, and others, along with industry expert teachers. Live projects, interactive sessions, industry insights, portfolio creation, and much more, is offered in this Digital Marketing Institute.

    There are a number of factors that differentiate IIDE from other digital marketing institutes. The institute was founded in 2016, and in a very short span, have become famous for their courses and training, throughout and outside Mumbai. The campuses are centrally located and are well connected with various public transport needs. There are so many reasons like these why IIDE is an excellent choice for students and professionals, from or outside Mumbai.

    Contact Details

    • Address:Andheri Campus- IIDE Campus, 1st Floor, Andheri Girls’ Education Society (A. G. E. S.), S. V. Road, Opp. Vijaya Bank, Near Andheri Station, Andheri West, Mumbai – 400058
    • Phone: +91 9619958615, +91 7710002589
    • Website:

    2nd: EduPristine Digital Marketing Course

    EduPristine was founded by four industry professionals from reputed MNCs in 2006, and in no time became a well-known name in the country and abroad. The training institute is present in 40+ countries, has 1000+ faculties, offers more than 25 courses in different fields, and till date, has trained more than 50,000 students. The training institute offers classes in areas like Finance, Accounting, Analytics, Marketing, and Healthcare.

    In India, the training institute has more than 15 branches, and the branch in Mumbai is at Andheri, the most well-connected suburb. EduPristine has been well-known for self-paced learning, in both classroom and online led training. The training institutes also pride themselves in being in the business of teaching for more than 15 years and providing quality training to students and professionals, with after-course engagement and 100% job assistance.

    The training institute has both in-class and online training sessions, and the course curriculum for both is the same. This extensive course covers 25+ modules and more than 40 tools like SEO, SEM, Social Media Marketing, Email Marketing, Web Analytics, etc. The training institute provides certification at the completion of the course and also prepares the students for other certification exams, for which they can appear later.

    The training institute follows the topic expert model and has more than 600 industry experts on board. Experts from various organizations take sessions and help students understand the theoretical, as well as the practical aspects and applications of the sessions. These experts train students to be job-ready by the time the course comes to an end.

    EduPristine is a renowned name when talking about digital marketing training institutes, and many reasons make it different from the others. Signing up for the course gives you access to the online LMS (Learning Management System) for a year. With this, you can access the course material, the recorded classes, online forums, etc. and it applies to both in-class and online training. Also, the training institute has partnerships and affiliations with Google, Microsoft Imagine Academy, and The Digital Marketing Association. And companies like HDFC Bank, the Times Group, Yes Bank, Amazon, Infosys, and so many others offer placements to the students. 

    Contact Details


    The field of digital marketing is up-and-coming, the industry is booming with jobs, and there is high demand. A change in a career path at any point in time in your life is possible, provided you choose the right path. And to get you started, there are a number of digital marketing training institutes that offer the courses that will help you garner the skill sets required to grab a job, in the field of your choice.

    The curated list of institutions mentioned above are all great at what they do and excel in their fields. However, the training institute you choose to join has to depend on what area you want to join and what kind of classes you want to opt for. A simple way to find out more details is to visit their websites or get in touch with them. It is essential that you thoroughly analyze and evaluate these training institutes before enrolling in one of them.

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