Top 7 CAT Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad | IIM Admission 2019-20

Top 7 CAT Coaching institutes in Hyderabad to help you crack CAT exam : 2018-19

Cracking an MBA exam is not an easy task. There are millions of aspirants who dream of doing MBA from the top B-schools in India, namely the IIMs and reach the top of the success ladder. Out of those millions, only thousands are lucky enough to be selected by any of the IIMs. Getting into any of these prestigious schools in itself is a big achievement. One has to appear for the CAT exams conducted by the IIMs.Hence we have compiled for you

All you should know about CAT Coaching or cracking an IIM Admission

Top institutes for CAT training in Hyderabad

CAT preparation has to be done with hard work and dedication to achieve the required percentile score. On the basis of these scores, candidates are selected by the B-schools and further selection procedure continues. If you are based in the city of Hyderabad and wish to appear for CAT, you may need the assistance of qualified teachers to train you for the exam. Zeroing on the right institute which can help you prepare for the exam needs lots of research about the institute. Before starting the research of the right institute, get your homework done about CAT and its pattern.

Find out all about CAT

CAT or the Common Admission test is the toughest to crack of all the entrance exams for B-schools. It is conducted by any one of the IIMs which keeps on changing every year by rotation. For last few years, IIT and IIS also use CAT score to analyze the candidate and accept it as the entrance exam marks for selection.

Eligibility criteria

One has to have obtained a bachelor’s degree with aminimum of 50 % marks to be eligible for this exam. Those appearing for their final year exam for graduation and has fulfilled the other pre-requisites may also apply for the CAT.

Examination format

The CAT is a computer based exam which consists of three sections.

  • VARC or the verbal and reading comprehension- this section comprises of 34 questions which are mainly objective type multiple choice questions with very few non-multiple choice ones.
  • DI & LR or the data interpretation and logical reasoning- this section comprises of 32 questions with a mix of MCQs and Non-MCQs
  • QA or the quantitative ability- this section has 34 questions, both MCQs and Non-MCQs.


It’s a three-hour long exam where one hour is assigned to each section. Students have to attempt the questions in the prescribed order with a restriction on switching between the sections. The order to be followed is VARC, DI & LR, and QA.

Scoring pattern

The scoring pattern is stringent as to one negative marking awarded for each incorrect answer and three marks for every correct answer. The scoring is on a four scale pattern with percentile ranking being awarded.

Top institutes for CAT training in Hyderabad

How to start preparation?

Since you have already come to the phase where you are well aware of what CAT is all about and its format, the next important step is to start preparation. The level of knowledge and skill that needs to be applied to answer the test is equivalent to class 10 level but the questions here are trickier and require considerable logical thinking and its application. Coaching by training institutes come to your rescue as they have the required expertise to take you on the right path. Hardwork, sincere practice, and determination are mandatory in the preparation without which strategies taught by the trainers will go wasted.

There are many institutes in Hyderabad where you can register yourself for the preparation, but you need to find out the details about each one to get into the most competitive one. Here are few our list of Top institutes CAT training Hyderabad

Here is the list of 7 CAT Coaching Institutes in Hyderabad: 2018-19

First CAT Coaching Institute in Hyderabad in our List is:

Rank 1 - CAT Coaching in Hyderabad

Career Launcher

It is one of Asia’s leading service provider in the education industry. It is led by the IIT and IIM alumni team. Established in the year 1995, it offers preparatory courses for CAT. Their preparation program is one of the finest which has been developed and improved over the years to meet the needs of the students and provide the best services. Their focus is on

  • Conceptual clarity
  • Aptitude test
  • Strengthen core knowledge and skills
  • Guidance in subsequent stages of the interview.

Career launcher has two types of programs running namely, classroom program and online learning program. The classroom program intends to prepare students for CAT as well as other MBA entrance exams. They have the excellent faculty to guide through every step with a ready availability of books and study material. The online learning program is for those students who are either working or engaged otherwise to come and attend the session. These classes are conducted at night to help such students with their preparation.

The USP of Career launcher is:

  • Smart CAT cracker which is an online module being the smartest way to solve questions
  • CAT test series, Test gym, and Non-CAT test series creating conducive real time experience
  • 8500 question to practice which are segregated as per topics.

For further details, visit the website-

Second in our list of Top institutes CAT Coaching Institute in Hyderabad is:

Rank 2 - CAT Coaching in HyderabadIMS learning center

IMS learning center has an experience of mentoring students for CAT for last four decades. Their preparation program is based on five milestones to be covered.

  • CAT approach- the Cat approach is the online, offline, and mobile study plan. The approach helps to identify who can be CAT cracker and who can be a victim. They phase out the preparation step by step, help the students to identify the amount of effort to be applied, and customize their approach.
  • CAT meter- it is a kind of progress evaluator which gives a comprehensive analysis based on the tests about each student. Students thereby, can monitor their own progress and understand their flaws or gaps which needs to be filled up to crack the exam.
  • CAT maximiser- it helps to maximize the preparation by helping them solve as many questions as possible in stipulated time in a simulated environment to help maximize the score.
  • CAT mentor- every student is allocated a mentor who hands hold and guides through the entire process. There are subject wise mentors, test mentors, personal coaches to draw a preparation plan, and career advisors.
  • CATsapp- it is a mobile app which helps to prepare anytime, anywhere and access the student portal for any learning material.

For details check website-

Third, in our list of Top CAT Coaching Institute in Hyderabad is:-

Rank 3 - CAT Coaching in HyderabadT.I.M.E( Triumphant Institute of Management Education Pvt. Ltd.)

It is one of the leading institutes for CAT preparation having its headquarter at Hyderabad. The core team consists of IIT and IIM graduates who provide top class training for CAT. The preparation programs aim to prepare students for writing as well as subsequent exams. The preparation module categorically focuses on the preparation in this manner.

  • Concepts training- the modules focus on each area covered in CAT which is tested and develop the basic knowledge and skills for the same. Detailed study material, adequate handouts, test papers etc. are provided to students.
  • Section wise preparation- aims to prepare the students thoroughly for individual tests. There are about 9000 questions to prepare for an online format. New tests are uploaded on a regular basis. Tests are taken in three stages, foundation, intermediate and advanced for each section.
  • Comprehensive testing- the practice test papers are modeled along the same lines as the CAT papers. 25 Self-administered mock exams are conducted and 25 All India Mock exams are conducted to prepare in a better way with comprehensive knowledge.

Subsequent preparation for essay writing, group discussion, and Personal interview training is extended to students to crack to the top.

For further information, you can log

Fourth in our list of Top CAT Coaching Institute in Hyderabad is:-

Rank 4 - CAT Coaching in HyderabadEndeavor careers

Endeavor career has a pan India presence as CAT preparation institute. They have a specially designed study material to help students prepare in a better way. Their main focus is on the conceptual clarity, accuracy of answers, and speed of performance. Regular interactions with students, feedbacks, workshops, personal mentoring give it an edge over other institutes.  They have a special 4 step program for preparation-

  • Foundation- the students are helped to build their basic skills of each subject and imparted with conceptual clarity and better understanding.
  • Fundamentals- in this module, the core areas are developed. Depending on the potential of each student, their improvement areas are identified and strengthened with personal attention
  • Endeavor- this module focuses on improving the speed and accuracy factor by frequent tests and personal guidance.
  • Cruise Control- In this final module, personality is developed for an overall development to prepare the students for the final challenging part.

For details log on to

Fifth in our list of Top CAT Coaching Institute in Hyderabad is:-

Rank 5 - CAT Coaching in HyderabadByjus

Byjus prepares the student for CAT with the help of top CAT trainers. Founded by Byju himself, the study program has three phases course structure.

  • Phase 1 focuses on all the topics, right from its basics, helps the students to identify different angles to simplify them. By using common sense and lateral thinking, it enables the students to understand the concepts well rather than just problem-solving.
  • Phase 2 focuses on teaching different techniques for problem-solving, application of short cut techniques to reduce thetime taken, and maximize
  • Phase 3 gives importance to solving test papers, previous year’s CAT papers, understand patterns to practice in the best way, and test taking strategies.

For more details log onto

Sixth in our list of Top CAT Coaching Institute in Hyderabad is:-

Rank 6 - CAT Coaching in HyderabadAbhyaas

Abhyaas institute of Coaching for CAT has tailor made, bespoke programs for individual student and offer flexibility to students to choose the required module. They have customized modules such as-

  • CAT comprehensive- this program is designed for students appearing for the final year of graduation. It has 6 modules which focus on a campus readiness programs.
  • CAT extensive- the program has 5 modules and can be opted for if the preparation starts before 10 months of the actual exam date.
  • CAT fasttrack- it is a rather capsule format program which can be taken by those who have ashortage of time for preparation. It can be opted for if the preparation starts before 4-5 months from theexam
  • CAT intensive- this special module gives rigorous training sessions to those who were either unable to crack the exam in the first attempt or repeating it for better results.

For details, log on to-

Last in our list of Top CAT Coaching institute in Hyderabad is:-

Rank 7 - CAT Coaching in HyderabadMBA guru

MBA guru has an excellent level of interaction between industry and a B-school.  It provides an amicable learning environment for the overall development of the students. The USP of MBA guru lies in these facts-

  • excellent infrastructure
  • state of art library
  • excellent faculty
  • proper guidance and support to students
  • the comprehensive study program
  • excellent subsequent support
  • placement support

For further details log on to

You can choose any out of these top preparation institutes for CAT. The good ones will provide comprehensive study material, hand hold the students and guide in each step, and prepare for the second stage. Being in the city of Hyderabad, which is the IT hub of India, you are in an advantageous position to get many options and select the best for yourself.

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