Best CAT coaching options across India

Importance of cat coaching

Common Admission Test is one of the toughest exams in India and is a widely accepted entrance exam for almost all the top B-schools in the country. Ideally, one needs an approximate time of 10-12 months of preparation to crack CAT exam in the first attempt. So, it is important to invest quality time while preparing for one of the toughest entrance exams.

There are two courses of action one can take,

  • Firstly, the traditional way of self-learning,
  • Secondly, receiving professional CAT coaching.

To do self-study for CAT, one should be well disciplined, procure proper study material and stick to a strategized study plan. Needless to say, one cannot always maintain the tempo because of additional responsibilities and/or work pressures.

Benefits of CAT Coaching Classes over Self-study:

  •  Help to gain the desired expertise to achieve a high percentile in the exam.
  •  Ensures study in an organized and focused manner. Mentors always keep tabs on individual progress from time to time and keep on motivating.
  •  Professionals with years of experience in the way the exam is conducted, the types of questions plausible and the best approach to solve them; make sure the concepts of the aspirants are sound and give more than one solution to tricky problems.
  •  These experts ascertain proper focus is maintained while preparing for the exam which tends to deviate with self-study. They are well aware of the topics which are more important and provide with the required problem-solving techniques to solve different problems.
  •  Appropriate study material and guidelines on relevant topics, exam pattern and methods of solving numerical and analytical questions are given by the experts.
  •  Doubt clarification is easier especially when teachers are present to guide the aspirants (rather than struggling and finding solutions alone).
  •  Regular mock tests provided by coaching institutes prepare the candidates for surprises in the exam.
  •  Candidates’ performance analysis is given by experts to let them know their weaknesses and strengths. Interaction with mentors/experts helps to understand the weaker sections and decide the future course of action.

how to choose the right cat coaching

With these aforementioned reasons, it is clear that the coaching centers can be very beneficial for proper preparation before facing the CAT exam. However, before going to coaching classes, you must keep three things as a top priority on your checklist:

  • Quality
  • Success ratio
  • Expertise of teachers