Top 7 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata

Top 7 Data Science Courses in Kolkata is an article drafted and crafted by WAC’s Research team as more and more students are finding Professional Training in order to crack the exam with the best marks possible. Getting into the best Data Science Training in Kolkata can give any student an edge over others and it is really beneficial for any student to join the Top Data Science in Kolkata .

Data science and AI/ML, for instance, give the premise to business development, cost and hazard decrease, and even new plan of action creation. Firstly, there is as of now a huge talent gap anyways and as the quantity of data science experts increments over the coming years, organizations will, therefore, be searching for individuals with increasingly specific skill-set abilities. This incorporates data science pioneers, data interpreters, who can give the connection between the information work and the business, and data researchers who are domain-specific, AI/ML specialists, and so forth. Hence, choosing the right among many Data Science Training Institutes is absolutely necessary. Next, we will look at the top 7 Data Science Training Institutes in Mumbai. Next, we will look at the top Data Science institutes in Kolkata.

List of Top 7 Data Science Institutes in Kolkata

We are going to help you in choosing the right institute in Kolkata. You can discover a rundown list of the Top 7 Data Science courses in Kolkata as per our research

Rank 1: Techgyan

To generate a complete, detailed, and polished look into raw data, data science entails various disciplines and specialist areas. To efficiently filter through jumbled volumes of information and communicate just the most essential pieces that will help drive innovation and efficiency, data scientists must be proficient in everything from data engineering, math, statistics, sophisticated computers, and visualizations.

Data scientists rely extensively on artificial intelligence, particularly its subfields of machine learning and deep learning, to construct models and make predictions using algorithms and other approaches.

Data Scientists are in high demand, yet there aren’t enough of them. In today’s data-driven world, this is a significant issue. Consequently, most businesses are prepared to offer premium wages for people with Data Science expertise.

Data Science courses can help you become skilled in Data Science, the R programming language, and more. Your career in this rapidly changing field may thus be accelerated and taken to the next level with ease.

With the help of self-paced videos and instructor-led workshops, you’ll learn in the least amount of time. In terms of salary and demand, data scientists are among the world’s best-paid and most sought-after professions. 

There are a variety of topics covered in our in-depth Data Science programs, including ‘What is Data Science?’ statistical methods, data gathering and analysis algorithms, Machine Learning algorithms, predictive analytics, data modeling, etc., A real-time capstone project, and a recommendation engine will be required at the end of this Data Science course.

About the Institute

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Rank 2: Technophilia

The goal of Technophilia is to make the most significant contribution to the elimination of unemployment in India. By improving products and services, Technophilia is helping companies embrace data science to transform data into a competitive advantage. 

This reoccurring issue among children led us to host job fairs around the country, where we assist students in receiving appropriate career guidance, training, and mentorship.

Technophilia’s goal is to become a one-stop-shop for students to improve their abilities, connect with professionals, and gain confidence by sharing their experiences.

You must assess industry expectations to obtain a position that will provide you with a long-term rewarding career.

That’s why Technophilia devised a simple system that includes these three crucial stages to get you employed.

About the Institute

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George Institute Of Data Science (GIDS) dares to outstretch perfection through a keen and tweaked scholarly interest for greatness. GIDS guarantees to furnish each competitor with the best possible direction from assorted foundations be it-IT, management, assembling, retail, or graduate in any discipline; and nurture in a manner to be prepared for the ultra-computerized Industry 4.0 and is definitely a good Data Science institute in Kolkata.

Courses provided by GIDS
Firstly, DATA SCIENCE WITH R( Advanced (Basics + Additional Modules): Rs. 35, 000 + GST). Secondly, ML( Advanced (Basics + Additional Modules): Rs. 45, 000 + GST ). Thirdly, ANALYTICS WITH SAS(Advanced (Basics + Additional Modules): Rs. 35, 000 + GST)

The Interface gives end-to-end business arrangements acquiring high worth ERP counseling, innovation usage, and expert training arrangement. Organization’s differentiated assistance portfolio incorporates 360° ERP Service, Custom Application/Software Development, End to end HR Solutioning, IT Infrastructure Management Service, Cloud and Information Security, System Audit, and so on in B2B and Collaborative Commerce with Indian root and worldwide reach.

Data Science with R /Python
Topics covered- Firstly, installation and introduction. Secondly, descriptive statistics with R/Python and case studies. Thirdly, Inferential statistics and business analytics using R/Python programming

Other courses are Data science with SAS Training, Big Data with Hadoop and Spark and ML/AI

Defour gives online data science, AI, profound learning, and man-made reasoning preparing programs with most sought after development examination instruments like R, Python, SAS. and so forth. Their advanced online projects will take you through practical analytical issues so you exceed expectations of different data analysis strategies and procedures followed with successful learning in quantitative and qualitative data analysis forms.

Courses as per this Data Science institute in Kolkata are as follows:
Firstly, Data Science using R + Data Visualization Tools( Rs. 25488, duration – 36 hrs). Secondly, Data Science using Python + Visualization Tools(Rs. 25488, duration – 36 hrs). Thirdly, Data Science using R + Python(Rs. 33984, duration- 48 hrs) and lastly Business Analytics(Rs. 10620, duration – 18hrs)

ACL IT Academy is among the Best IT preparing Institutes that offer Data Science, Analytics, Big Data, Cloud figuring, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Web Development, and Blockchain-based courses at a reasonable cost in Kolkata. they provide Live Online Classes across India & Abroad BY Certified & Experienced Corporate Trainers along with State-of-Art Infrastructure Corporate Certification and is also an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Organization.

Moreover, this Data Science Institute in Kolkata provides a wide range of courses.
Firstly, Data Science & BI Analytics PRO(Rs. 36999, Duration – 216 Hrs). Secondly, AI, Machine Learning & Deep Learning with Python(Rs. 19999, Duration- 84 Hrs), Machine Learning and Pattern Recognition with R(Rs. 14999, Duration – 72 Hrs), Analytics and Visualization with Tableau / Power BI(Rs. 11999, Duration- 24 Hrs). Thirdly, Data Science with R / Python(Rs. 9999). Finally, Data Science & BI Analytics Lite( Rs. 17999, Duration – 100hrs)

insAnalytics’ training programs give exhaustive comprehension of the key Analytics ideas through extraordinary investigation materials and intelligent learning meetings and is also a well-known Data Science institute in Kolkata. The learning condition is great, with the workforce assuming the job of compelling coaches and aides, consistently available and simple to speak with. A key element of staff understudy communication in analytics is the educators sharing their rich Analytics industry involvement in the students. The hands-on nature of the preparation programs goes far to guarantee the understudies get a firm establishing in the basics.

This Data Science institute in Kolkata provides a wide variety of courses. Firstly, DATA SCIENCE / MACHINE LEARNING THROUGH PYTHON(Duration – 60 hours). Secondly, FOUNDATIONS OF BUSINESS ANALYTICS(Duration – 48 hours). Thirdly, Fundamentals of Data Analytics, Big Data Analytics and lastly, Base SAS Programming


Therefore, the above article provides the list of the top Data Science institute in Kolkata. Data Science holds a bright future and it provides lots of job opportunities like Data Scientist, Data Analytics, Data Engineer, Data Architect, ML Scientist etc. In conclusion, we can say that data science is going to be the backbone of any business, and mastering this skill is necessary. Therefore, I hope this article helps you in finding the right Data Science Training Institutes in order to fulfill your goals.

Data Science institute in Kolkata

Other Notable Data Science Courses in Chennai

1st: Institute

Probably one of the best Data Science institutes in Kolkata, with highly qualified faculty members and personalized teaching methodology. Firstly, they are a group of achieved corporate veterans. Secondly, their legacy of experience ranges across fortune 500 organizations like GE, Accenture, Fidelity, Dell, and the preferences and over the locales of the US, Europe, Asia Pacific, the Middle East, Africa, and Australia. They have mentors who are specialists in their fields and expect to overcome any issues among instruction and business by conveying work-based learning through serious workshops, genuine models, and work-out sessions. Their way to deal with preparing is basic – give preparing that is significant, ideal, helpful, and financially savvy. It is a joint education partner of WEBEL.

Above all, this Data Science institute in Kolkata provides different courses in the field of data science.
Firstly, they provide Data Science with Python and R, Secondly, ML/AI with Python. Thirdly, Big Data Hadoop with Spark and finally Data Visualization with Tableau.

2nd: Institute

Students have been successfully placed in multiple MNCs like Flipkart, IMRB, TATA Technologies, IBM, Wipro, Genpact, etc.

It is one more on of the renowned Data Science institutes in Kolkata. They have multiple courses to provide.
Data Science & ML, Artificial Intelligence and Deep Learning Certification Course
Duration – 225 hours
Fees – INR 56,462 plus taxes
Eligibility – Under-grad or Post-grad in Maths/ Stats/ Economics/ Commerce/ Finance
MBA Students (All Streams)
3rd and Final Year B.E./ B.Tech
Banking/ Finance/ IT/ KPO Working Professional

Data Science and Big Data Analytics Certification Course
 210 hours
Fees – INR 45, 998 plus taxes
Eligibility – Under-grad or Post-grad in Maths/ Stats/ Economics/ Commerce/ Finance
MBA Students (All Streams)
3rd and Final Year B.E./ B.Tech
Banking/ Finance/ IT/ KPO Working Professional
Software professionals with ETL/Programming background

Data Science and Advanced Tableau Certification Course
Duration – 210 hours
Fees – INR 45, 998 plus taxes
Eligibility – Under-grad or Post-grad in Maths/ Stats/ Economics/ Commerce/ Finance
MBA Students (All Streams)
3rd and Final Year B.E./ B.Tech
Banking/ Finance/ IT/ KPO Working Professional

Data Science with ML and AI Pro+ Certification Course with Honeywell
Duration – 6 Months
Fees – Rs 77,000 (Classroom), Rs 64,000 (Online Mode)
Eligibility – profile check, online assessment and interview by Honeywell and Ivy professional school


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