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Medical Colleges in Bangalore

Choosing the right medical college for your education is a difficult decision, but the 10 best MBBS colleges in Bangalore can help. If you are looking to enroll in top MBBS colleges in Bangalore and study medicine, this list of 10 best medical colleges will be helpful. These top 10 medical colleges in Bangalore offer students a complete experience from lecture halls to practical teaching facilities and up-to-date technology. A good academic record at high school or board level can give you an edge when applying to these best medical colleges in Bangalore with merit-based admissions. The top10 Medical colleges are typically quite competitive and so it’s important that you choose carefully as this will affect where you go after completing your coursework and qualifying exams! If you want to explore more before making a final decision on which school might be perfect for you, check out our blog post

Why Choose Medical Colleges in Bangalore?

When it comes to the prospect of a career in medicine, few paths compare to that of becoming a doctor. But that long, arduous path to graduation takes years and will require a considerable amount of education and persistence. However, if you are looking for a reliable medical school to attend, then look no further than Top 10 Medical Colleges in Bangalore. Medical Colleges in Bangalore have several benefits that make them more desirable over other colleges.

For one, Medical Colleges in Bangalore offer top-notch clinical exposure which is difficult to find elsewhere. Medical Schools in Bangalore also boast about their small class sizes which makes it easier for students to focus on their studies and graduate sooner. Lastly, Medical Schools in Bangalore offer flexibility which means students can study part-time or full-time depending on their availability. With these factors taken into consideration, there is no reason why anyone should be choosing another medical college when they could go with Medical Colleges in Bangalore instead!

Medical colleges have been set up to create experts who are knowledgeable and are certified to provide quality healthcare. The top medical colleges not only focus on training new students, but also offer postgraduate degrees and other programmes that keep the students abreast with latest technologies. For people looking for the best education, there is no option better than a good medical college in Bangalore. Whether you want to pursue a career as a Doctor or Pharmacist, it is best to enroll in one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore today. We have compiled a list of top ten medical colleges here which would give you an idea about some of the best MBBS Colleges In Bangalore. Our aim is to help prospective candidates by providing them information regarding best colleges before they decide on the institution they wish to join. With this blog post, we hope to put forth the best Medical Colleges in Bangalore and help those who are interested in pursuing a degree in medicine. With our blogpost on ‘Top 10 Best MBBS Colleges In Bangalore’ you will be able to choose the best college among all these institutions with ease.

In this blogpost, we bring you the list of some of the best medical colleges in bangalore so that you can make an informed decision based on your requirements and requirements from different institutes. So without any further ado let us take a look at few of the top rated MBBS Colleges In Bangalore.

There are numerous medical colleges in the city of Bengaluru. These colleges provide professional training to aspiring professionals who aspire to become doctors and get enrolled in top MBBS colleges. Graduates from these colleges find good job opportunities even before they finish their studies as there is high demand for qualified healthcare professionals. The reputation of such colleges precedes them, and the candidates that graduate from such institutes have a lot more opportunities than others. There are plenty of opportunities available when it comes to Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore. A student can pick any college depending on the fees, whether or not it offers merit-based admission, if it has a good track record or if its specialization suits his/her requirements best.

MBBS Colleges in Bangalore have some of the lowest tuition fees and living expenses when compared to other cities. The cost of accommodation and tuition fee for private universities is lower than public universities.The estimated living expenses are comparatively less expensive as well, averaging about 25-30% less. One major reason why MBBS Colleges in Bangalore are so popular among students is because of their affordability. Students who come from urban areas can live with their parents or relatives in order to save on rent. They also don’t need to buy expensive groceries or pay high prices for transportation since they can walk everywhere that they need to go.

A student at an MBBS College in Bangalore will be able to get by with a meal plan costing Rs 1,000 per month and an unlimited supply of snacks available at the college canteen.Students will also benefit from cheaper tuition rates because they can live close enough to commute on foot or bike rather than having to drive a car every day. MBBS Colleges in Bangalore have some of the best facilities, laboratories and teaching staff which help them attract top talent. Indian colleges give state-of-the-art lectures which are delivered via TV screen while students sit in air conditioned rooms learning through IPADs.

They also offer vast libraries with access to leading research journals. Students are given ample opportunities to interact with faculty members who teach courses tailored to different medical disciplines. MBBS Colleges in Bangalore offer excellent work experience opportunities through internships and exposure to more hands-on training than many other countries allow. Many students choose MBBS Colleges in Bangalore due not only to the affordability but because it offers all of these wonderful benefits too!

How to Choose the Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore?

It is necessary to pick the best MBBS colleges in Bangalore where the career prospects are promising. There are many medical colleges in Bangalore, but only a few of them are recommended for medical courses. Moreover, these medical colleges provide top-class education which makes it easier for students to gain success and make a good career as doctors. Choosing a good medical college will help students learn more about life and to make wise decisions. Students should check out information about course fee, accommodation, college location and mode of transport facility before enrolling themselves into any top medical college in Bangalore.

There are many factors that determine which medical college is the best for you, including things like tuition fees, campus life, research opportunities, and size of class. These are all important factors to consider when choosing a medical school but it’s not an easy decision. Hopefully this list will help steer you in the right direction by listing some of the best medical colleges in Bangalore that have those aspects that might be most appealing to you. Here are some factors to consider before enrolling in one of the top MBBS colleges in Bangalore:

Small Class Size: Before enrolling at one of best medical colleges in Bangalore, it’s important to find out how big your classes will be. A lot of students feel that a smaller class size is better because you’re able to build closer relationships with professors and other students. Some schools pride themselves on their small class sizes by reporting that they have classes as small as 15-20 students while others have more than 100 per class which can make it harder to interact with professors and fellow classmates. Classes also vary based on what type of medicine you want to study. For example, science-based medicine usually has larger class sizes because there are labs and experiments involved in the coursework whereas humanities-based medicine often has much smaller classes since there isn’t any hands-on activity.

Reputation: Not only should you look into what size classes are offered but also what reputation the school has. Reputation is determined by numerous factors including admission rates, post-graduation success rates, and student satisfaction. When evaluating the best medical colleges in Bangalore, check to see if they have an acceptance rate of over 50% so that you’ll have a good chance of getting accepted without having to take the MCAT or another standardized test. You should also investigate graduation rates to ensure that you’ll be prepared for life after school whether it’s working in private practice or starting your own clinic. Lastly, take note of student satisfaction ratings to ensure that current students are enjoying their time at the university and plan on returning once they graduate from one of these 10 best medical colleges in Bangalore .

Teaching Hospital: One factor that sets apart different medical colleges in Bangalore is the presence of a teaching hospital on campus. If you’re considering going into surgery, then it would be beneficial to attend one of the best MBBS Colleges in Bangalore with a surgical teaching hospital. The hospitals offer real-world experience where students can learn how to operate, diagnose patients, and even work as surgeons depending on their major. Other universities may lack this feature which means students would need to travel elsewhere for clinical experience.

When it comes to finding the best medical colleges, it can be difficult because there are so many aspects you need to take into consideration to be sure that you’re making the right choice. Consequently, here are the most important things to consider when choosing the best MBBS colleges in Bangalore, as well as how to go about making a decision.

  • Location-  the first thing to consider is where your Colleges are located and what your commute would look like if you went to one of the top medical colleges in Bangalore.
  • Cost– The cost of an MBBS college will vary greatly depending on where it is located and what facilities are offered by this particular institution. 
  • On Campus Living Arrangements – The quality of these arrangements can vary greatly from one institution to another. Keep these considerations in mind when choosing an MBBS College in Bangalore that is suitable for your needs!
  • Facilities- once you’ve narrowed down your list of potential schools, you’ll want to research each school’s facilities. The more up-to-date and modern their equipment is, the better their facilities will be overall; it may also come down to whether or not they have on-site laboratories for testing purposes. 
  • Specializations- Medical Colleges In Bangalore offer different specializations within medicine, such as obstetrics and gynecology (OBGYN), pediatrics, general surgery, family medicine, psychiatry and internal medicine. While these are just some of the options available at MBBS Colleges In Bangalore, you should always make sure that your chosen specialization is offered by your college before enrolling.

WAC’s 10 Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore

The WAC 10 Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore has shortlisted the best medical colleges in Bangalore.  These institutes have world-class infrastructure and facilities, eminent faculty members, and an excellent student-teacher ratio. Some of these institutions have been providing clinical training from their sister hospitals as well as allied services to all their students.

These colleges also provide counseling and guidance to all their students so that they can make an informed decision about which course they should opt for and what degree will be right for them. The WAC’s 10 Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore is a complete package with excellence, high-quality education, and utmost care!

best mbbs colleges in bangalore

Rank 1: St John’s Medical College

One of the best medical colleges in Bangalore is St John’s Medical College. The college enrolls approximately 800 undergraduate students every year. It offers three different degrees- Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS), Bachelor of Dental Sciences and Bachelor of Pharmacy. The courses are segregated into postgraduate, pre-clinical and clinical courses to meet varied educational needs. The college has a huge hospital wing with 2000 beds which makes it one of the largest hospitals among all other medical colleges in India. St John’s Institute of Health Sciences: Another good option for MBBS colleges in Bangalore is St John’s Institute of Health Sciences.

Established in 1963, this institute was the first institute to offer degree courses related to Indian medicine. Today, it has been ranked as one of the top institutes for medical education across Asia and Africa. Apart from standard curricula such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry and nursing etc., there are some interesting additional programmes offered at this institute such as yoga therapy etc. The institute also provides job placement assistance for successful graduates who want an alternative career path too! An added advantage of joining this institution is that you will get to learn from experienced professors and doctors who have had vast experience in their respective fields. You can also choose to stay back after your graduation to work here if you like the environment.

 10+2 with 50% + NEET

MBBS: ₹ 628,170

  • Address: Sarjapur Road, Bangalore – 560034, Karnataka, India.
  • Number: +91 080 22065000 / 5001
  • Email: sjmch.infodesk@stjohns.in
  • Website: https://stjohns.in/
best mbbs colleges in bangalore

Rank 2: Ramaiah Medical College

Ramaiah Medical College, established in 1979, is one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore. We are located in South East Asia’s 2nd largest metropolis, India’s IT Hub, and 3rd largest metropolitan city, Bangalore. Our campus is a landmark on its own; we have lush green lawns with amazing stone-paved walkways between different wings. We also have 9 magnificent lecture halls (3 of which are fully air-conditioned) and numerous well-equipped laboratories to enhance learning and research opportunities for students. To further help our students excel, we offer state-of-the-art library facilities with an extensive collection of books and journals in all disciplines.

With these fantastic facilities coupled with our excellent teaching staff, it’s no wonder that we rank among the best medical colleges in Bangalore. One example of this can be seen in our faculty members: they are drawn from not only the country but also around the world, ensuring exposure to best practices from all over. As such, their experience includes working at some of the top institutions globally – which means they bring back knowledge from abroad that can be passed onto you here at Ramaiah Medical College! All this combines to make us one of the best medical colleges.

We rank as one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore because we deliver quality education in every aspect, right from academics to placements. The curriculum is designed according to international standards and according to WHO guidelines; so your skills are always up-to-date. Plus, our lab facilities are first class with the latest equipment that ensure excellence in teaching and research for best results. When you enroll into one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore, like Ramaiah Medical College, there’s no need to worry about whether your skill set will be up-to-date or if it will keep pace with changing needs because when you study here at Ramaiah Medical College, you know that your career prospects will shine bright!

10+2 with 50% + NEET

 MBBS: ₹9.94 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)    

  • Address: M S Ramaiah Nagar, Mathikere, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560054
  • Number:  080 2360 5190
  • Email: msrmedical@msrmc.ac.in
  • Website: https://msrmc.ac.in/
best mbbs colleges in bangalore

Rank 3: Bangalore Medical College And Research Institute

Bangalore is a vibrant city, not just famous for its coffee and other rich cultural attributes, but also because of the high-quality education available. The region has a lot of amazing schools including one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore-BMCRI. BMCRI was established as early as 1955 with an aim to promote and support research. The college is affiliated to UGC with recognition from MCI. Students from various parts of India flock here for postgraduate courses, MDs, MSs and MDS at some of the most competitive rates possible across India. The excellently designed curriculum ensures that students receive top quality training which is then followed by internships under world-class supervision at great places like AIIMS Delhi, ICU Mumbai and so on.

With many accolades to their name, including being ranked among the best medical colleges in Bangalore, it’s no wonder why this school ranks among the best. BMCRI holds regular counseling sessions for interested candidates through phone or email. They are well connected to employers who need good doctors and get students jobs after graduation.

The teachers at BMCRI are very helpful, providing guidance throughout the process and answering any questions you may have. Besides all of these incredible features, there are scholarship opportunities for both merit-based as well as non-merit based cases!

BMCRI has state-of-the art labs which enable modern teaching methods using equipment such as laparoscopy tools etc. Students get hands-on experience with a diverse range of cases during their internship. Furthermore, there is a huge list of facilities such as those for operation theater procedures that would delight anyone looking for more information about the best medical colleges in Bangalore!

10+2 with 50% + NEET

 ₹70,170 (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Bangalore Medical College and Research Institute Fort, K.R. Road Bangalore – 560002 Karnataka, India
  • Number: 9845128212
  • Email: Viperbusy@gmail.com
  • Website: https://bmcribengaluru.karnataka.gov.in/
best mbbs colleges in bangalore

Rank: 4 Dayananda Sagar University

Dayananda Sagar University, also known as DSU, is one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore. The university ranks high nationally as well and has been accredited by the NBA and UGC. The institute offers around 20 different courses that cover a variety of fields like healthcare, liberal arts, science, and engineering among others. There are 60 undergraduate programmes offered by the university which prepares students for international examinations like USMLE to specialize in a given field after graduation. It is an autonomous institution managed by its own Governing Council.

The language of instruction at Dayananda Sagar University is English with Urdu being used for a few subjects or programs only if there are not enough students interested in them. The campus covers a vast area of 156 acres and has spacious lecture halls, labs, workshops and libraries. There are many hostels available on campus and two women’s hostels- Saffron & Emerald-which can accommodate up to 500 girls.

Facilities include gymnasiums, tennis courts, basketball courts, football grounds, cricket pitches etc. Sports like athletics, swimming and badminton are actively encouraged here. With state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities coupled with excellent academics and diverse course selection Dayananda Sagar University stands out as one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore you should definitely consider before making your decision.

10+2 with 50%

Exams :NEET

 ₹75,170 (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Dayananda Sagar University Devarakaggalahalli, Harohalli, Kanakapura Road, Ramanagara Dt., Bengaluru – 562 112
  • Number: 080 4909 2910 / 11
  • Email: admissions@dsu.edu.in
  • Website: https://www.dsu.edu.in/
best mbbs colleges in bangalore

Rank: 5 East Point Group Of Institutions

EPGI is the Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore. If you are looking for a good MBBS College, then EPGI can be the best option for you. The success of every student is our first priority and we never put any limit on achieving excellence. We offer extensive industry-standard courses that are designed to prepare a student for a successful career by enabling them to develop knowledge, skills and values required by the healthcare industry professionals. Some of these courses include Anatomy & Physiology, Biology, Pathology and Biochemistry.

We are proud to say that EPGI has become one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore with around 3000 students from India and abroad studying in our campus. They provide opportunities for students to intern with top hospitals like Fortis Hospital, Columbia Asia Hospital etc., so they can experience what it’s like to work with world-class doctors who strive for excellence! Students also have access to simulation labs and use a variety of equipment including ECG Machines, Physiotherapy Treadmills etc., so they feel confident when taking their board exams.

Our faculty includes expert doctors who have worked at top institutions around the world such as Harvard University Medical School or AIIMS Delhi. Along with great teachers, facilities and curriculum, we ensure that all aspects of a student’s life are taken care of. We encourage them to join extracurricular activities related to music, arts or sports and help them take up other hobbies. Other facilities provided by us include: high-speed internet connectivity throughout the campus; personalized security systems; 24×7 health care facilities; regular transport service; Wi-Fi enabled classrooms with multimedia teaching tools; indoor sports facility with modern amenities and more! 

10+2 : 50 %

Exams :NEET

INR 6.35 L (for 66 months)

  • Address: Jnana Prabha, East Point Campus, Virgo Nagar Post, Avalahalli, Bengaluru-560049, Karnataka
  • Number:  +91 72042 29999
  • Email: info@eastpoint.ac.in
  • Website: https://www.eastpoint.ac.in/

Rank 6: Oxford Medical College Hospital And Research Centre

Oxford Medical College Hospital And Research Centre is the best medical college in Bangalore. This top MBBS colleges in Bangalore, India. They have state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities, a world class teaching curriculum and access to global leaders. This institution offers many scholarships to international students every year and they provide free accommodation too. It provides the best education in medicine through its many extracurricular activities like dance, music etc which allow you to broaden your skill set as well as make friends with other people who share your interests.

Also, it’s a place where you can grow academically and personally. If you’re interested in research opportunities then this institution also has that for you. You’ll be able to learn how basic research leads to clinical advancements with the help of faculty members at the top MBBS colleges in Bangalore .They offer an integrated 4-year undergraduate program called Integrated Bachelor of Medicine Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) course that leads up to M.D. (Doctor of Medicine). There are multiple intakes throughout the year, so you don’t need to worry about having missed one! These admissions are highly competitive so if you want to get into one of these top MBBS colleges in Bangalore, India – apply early!

MBBS 10+2 : 50 %

Exams :NEET

INR 6.35 L (for 66 months)

  • Address: Yadavanahalli, Attibele, Behind La Classic Hotel, Bangalore – 562107
  • Number: 8971172337 / 9611805555
  • Email: principal.tomch@theoxford.edu
  • Website: http://theoxfordmedical.org/
best mbbs colleges in bangalore

Rank: 7 Bangalore Group Of Institutions

Bangalore Group of Institutions (BGI) is one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore. It offers excellent academic courses and an expansive campus to explore. The 100-acre campus houses a number of departments like Bio-Medical, Chemical, Civil, Electrical, Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Mechanical and Textile Engineering etc. You can also choose from their AYUSH department which offers Ayurveda courses to individuals who are keen on exploring Indian traditional health practices.

Furthermore, BGI also provides courses in computer science as well as MBA. With highly experienced faculties and state-of-the-art facilities, this institute is among the best for medical colleges in Bangalore. Not only does it offer quality education but it also aims at grooming young minds with utmost care and respect. On top of all that, you will be provided with ample opportunities to take part in research programs under renowned professors, participate in conferences and write papers to enrich your knowledge.

There’s no better place than BGI if you’re looking for the best medical colleges in Bangalore!

  • MBBS: 10+2
  • NEET

₹22 Lakhs (Total Fees)

  • Address: Office No54, Admavidya Nagar Dodda Gubbi Road, Near SAIACS CEO Center, Kothannur P O Bangalore 560077
  • Number: 080 28445950
  • Email: infobgi12@gmail.com
  • Website: https://bgiedu.in/
best mbbs colleges in bangalore

Rank 8: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College

The Dr. B.R. Ambedkar Medical College (BRAMC) is one of the top MBBS colleges in Bangalore and offers a wide range of medical specialties, which include many prominent departments such as Cardiology, Radiotherapy and Cancer Treatment, Pediatrics and Orthopedics to name a few. BRAMC has recently set up several residential facilities for its students who are pursuing their MBBS program in the college and these residences offer excellent accommodation with all modern facilities and amenities.

The campus is sprawling across acres of land with spacious garden areas, trees and lawns along with good infrastructure facilities like health services centers with well-equipped laboratories, fully functional library along with an auditorium and indoor sports complex to mention just a few of the facilities on campus. Other important aspects about this college that make it among the best MBBS colleges in Bangalore are the presence of highly qualified faculty members that provide state-of-the-art teaching, opportunities for global exposure through exchange programs at prestigious institutions abroad and recognition from international agencies like WHO.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

₹9.94 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College and Hospital, Gandhi Nagar, Kadugondanahalli, Bangalore 560045
  • Number: 080-2953-4888
  • Email: info@bramc.com
  • Website: https://bramc.edu.in/

Rank: 9 Kempegowda Institute Of Medical Sciences

Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) was established in the year 1980 by way of the Vokkaligara Sangha and is affiliated to Rajiv Gandhi college of Health Sciences, Bangalore, Karnataka.

The Vokkaligara Sangha took a formal decision on 2nd September 1979 to start a Medical College from the year 1980-81 and utilized for permission to the Registrar, Bangalore University. On 30th November 1980, Shri R Gundu Rao, the Honourable Chief Minister of Karnataka, laid the basis stone of the Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences and Hospital in the premises of the Sangha and announced the supply of vacant land in Banashankari to be used for the construction of university building and hostels.

Located near the Marathahalli Golf Course on Banashankari Road, Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) is one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore. The college offers a lot more than just a top quality medical education, with its good environment and infrastructure adding to its reputation as one of the best healthcare providers in the country. KIMS can boast many well-known alumni who are some of India’s leading health practitioners and executives today. Plus, the college conducts international internships to help students integrate with healthcare systems around the world. With excellent facilities and resources for research, it’s no wonder that this institution has been ranked among the best medical colleges in Bangalore by both undergraduate and postgraduate standards.

  • 10+2 : 50 %
  • Exams :NEET

INR 6.35 L (for 66 months)

  • Address: 30th Main Rd, near BDA Shopping Complex, Siddanna Layout, Banashankari Stage II, Banashankari, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560070
  • Number: +91-80-26715790, 26712791/ 92
  • Email:  principalkims@gmail.com
  • Websitehttp://www.kimsbangalore.edu.in/
best mbbs colleges in bangalore

Rank: 10 Sapthagiri Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre

The Sapthagiri Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre (SIMSRC) is one of the top MBBS colleges in Bangalore. With world-class training facilities and top faculty, it offers a wide range of undergraduate medical courses. The institute has an experienced team that closely monitors the growth of each student through regular assessments. It provides an opportunity to experience different cultures as well as conduct research with some of the world’s leading experts in healthcare.

Established in 2001, SIMSRC boasts of its affiliation with prestigious institutions such as Mayo Clinic. The institution also houses 11 hospitals across four locations in India. One can choose from any of the following undergraduate medical programmes: Dental Surgery, Diploma in Child Health Nursing and Midwifery; Diploma in Obstetrics & Gynaecology; Bachelor of Science (BSc) Nursing; BSc Physical Therapy & Occupational Therapy Programme; MBBS Programme and MD Programme in Radiology/Radiotherapy. These are just a few reasons why SIMSRC is one of the best MBBS colleges in Bangalore!

10+2 with 50% + NEET

₹1.1 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: 15, Hesarghatta Rd, Navy Layout, Chikkasandra, Chikkabanavara, Bengaluru, Karnataka 560090
  • Number: 080 – 22188700 
  • Email: admissions@simsrc.edu.in
  • Website: https://www.simsrc.edu.in/

Why Should One Opt for the WAC’s 10 Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore

The WAC’s annual list of the top 10 medical colleges in Bangalore, India offers insight into the best options available to aspiring doctors and other healthcare professionals. The rankings take into account factors such as acceptance rates, percentage of international students, class size, faculty-to-student ratio, and diversity among students and teachers, as well as research opportunities offered by the school and its affiliated hospitals or research centers. They also take into consideration practical considerations such as living costs, pollution levels, public transportation availability, internet connectivity, climate and political stability. As you can see from the list above, there are many excellent options when it comes to choosing a top 10 Medical colleges in Bangalore.

While there are plenty of factors that go into picking a medical college, it is important to note that every medical college has something special to offer. Our team at WAC has taken the time to research and come up with a list of ten best medical colleges in Bangalore with everything you should know before deciding which one is right for you. We’ve ranked them on top-notch education, stringent requirements and successful placement ratio. Topping in our list of top MBBS colleges in Bangalore :

The school’s success with placements speaks volumes about its standard: With an almost 100% placement rate, this institution’s standard speaks volumes about its success in training quality doctors who can be easily placed across the country. For example, many doctors from this institution have been employed by hospitals as far away as Jammu and Kashmir.For those looking for better prospects abroad: Prospective students interested in pursuing higher studies abroad or working internationally would do well at this institution due to their excellent track record of international placements. The school’s constant presence on global rankings also makes it an attractive option if your ultimate goal is a residency overseas.

After we started our blog about colleges that make a mark, people from all over India contacted us to learn more about these institutes. Thus, we investigated 10 of the best medical colleges in Bangalore thoroughly. Not only did we examine standards of education, but also campus life, professional opportunities, and faculty members. We examined criteria such as international rankings, student/faculty ratio, quality of research papers, quality of facilities offered (e.g., library), and so on.

A score was then given based on each criteria with 10 being the highest rank possible; all these scores were then added up to create an overall rank for each college.While it is difficult to provide an absolute ranking of any one college relative to another because each has its own merits, what can be said is that WAC’s list does include some top-tier institutions which may be suited well for many different students with varying preferences and interests who are looking at MBBS Colleges in Bangalore .

All Other Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore

There are Any other options available as well when choosing MBBS Colleges in Bangalore if you are unable to get into one of the Top 10 Medical Colleges In Bangalore. Go through our List of other Notable Top MBBS Colleges in Bangalore. These are some of the List of MBBS Colleges in Bangalore to prepare for Medical.

Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre

Other: 1 Vydehi Institute Of Medical Sciences And Research Centre

Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre is one of the top 10 medical colleges in Bangalore. As an institute with a 3.5-acre campus, VIMS provides education to the best students from all over India who are looking for MBBS college in Bangalore and abroad. The institution was established in 2000 and offers undergraduate and postgraduate courses like MD/MS/Diploma, MS Aesthetic Medicine, Diploma Orthodontics, Undergraduate Course – BAMS etc.

The college has got well equipped laboratories and infrastructural facilities such as air-conditioned auditoriums, libraries, hostels with Wi-Fi connectivity and more. Students at this college have been placed into top hospitals in India as well as abroad by way of Vydehi Institute’s pre placement cell that takes care of the placements. The institute also has facilities such as internet cafes, ATM machines on campus which make it stand out among other institutions.  If you are interested in an MBBS course, you should definitely consider applying for Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre (VIMS).

It is an excellent MBBS College in Bangalore that has good academic standards and infrastructural support for its students. Moreover, the faculty members are highly qualified and possess international exposure. One of the major reasons why students want to study here is because they get placements in leading hospitals throughout India. Apart from this, VIMS provides separate hostel facilities for girls which makes them feel safe and secure during their stay here. Considering all these factors, we can say that Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences and Research Centre (VIMS) would be your perfect choice if you are looking for an MBBS College in Bangalore!

MBBS: 10+2 with 50% + NEET

₹75,480 (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: Vydehi Institute of Medical Sciences & Research Centre, #82, Nallurahalli, Near BMTC 18th Depot, Whitefield, Bangalore – 560 066 (Karnataka)
  • Number: 080-49069000
  • Email: principalmedical@vimsmail.com
  • Website: https://vims.ac.in/education/admissions/
Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences

Other: 2 Rajiv Gandhi University Of Health Sciences

Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, India’s premier Health Science University was established on June 1, 1996 in Bangalore by Govt. of Karnataka through its enactment of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka Act 1994, which includes all the existing health colleges and institutions formerly affiliated to the conventional universities of Karnataka to ensure proper and systematic teaching, learning, training and research in modern and Indian systems of medicine. Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences (RGUHS) is one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore. Rajiv Gandhi University is well equipped with the latest infrastructure and educational tools, not to mention its outstanding team of professors and well-trained administrative staff.

After completing your undergraduate degree you can enroll for a 5 year course that leads to a BAMS or BHMS degree, both open to boys and girls who pass their pre-university examination with at least 50% marks, fulfilling all other eligibility criteria specified by the institute. The RGUHS offers many more courses as well: MBBS, MD/MS degrees etc. For top level admissions, RGUHS has an admission committee. When it comes to ranking medical colleges in Bangalore, this university always makes it on the list because of its great curriculum, excellent environment and top class facilities. You will be amazed by how affordable tuition fees are too! You don’t have to worry about any hidden costs either. You will get a chance to explore opportunities for personal growth outside of the classroom too through various clubs and societies available. In summary, it’s easy to see why RGUHS ranks among the best medical colleges in Bangalore. From its exceptional faculty members to their diligent administration and everything else offered by the university, you’ll find everything here that you need for a high quality education experience.

MBBS 10+2 : 50 %  Exams :NEET

Total= ₹1 L – 24.75 L

  • Address: 4th ‘T’ Block, Jayanagar Bengaluru – 560 041 Karnataka India
  • Number: 080-2960 1926
  • Email: vc@rguhs.ac.in
  • Website: http://www.rguhs.ac.in/
BGS Global Institute Of Medical Sciences

Other: 3 BGS Global Institute Of Medical Sciences

BGS Global Institute of Medical Sciences is a reputed MBBS Colleges in Bangalore, which offers medical courses like Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) courses. This college has its own campus at the outskirts of Vishnuvardhan, Bangalore. Courses are offered by their 4 departments. These are Medicine and Health Care, Dental Science and Cranio Maxillofacial Department, Ayurveda Sciences, Forensic Medicine and Human Genetics Department.

Its main aim is to prepare students with advanced skills needed for effective health care delivery system strengthening. The institute is well-equipped with modern laboratories for conducting research on medical problems. The hospital also has operating theatres and wards where doctors provide treatment under expert supervision.

The colleges’ undergraduate program lasts 5 years including 2 years of pre-clinical education and 3 years of clinical rotations before they can be called as graduates or postgraduates. There are various scholarships that come up every year which helps students fund their education easily without any hassle. Scholarships are awarded based on meritocracy i.e., candidates who have done well academically throughout the course get selected for scholarship opportunities.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

₹9.94 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: #67, BGS Health & Education City Uttarahalli Road Kengeri Bangalore South – 560060 KARNATAKA, INDIA.
  • Number:  +09-80-2698 4802
  • Email: principal@bgsgims.edu.in
  • Website: https://bgsgims.edu.in/
Rajarajeshwari Medical College And Hospital

Other: 4 Rajarajeshwari Medical College And Hospital

Rajarajeshwari Medical College And Hospital (RRMCH) is among the Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore. RRMCH provides medical education to over thousands student. It offers 30 courses and a whopping 78 specializations under health care, paramedical sciences, paramedical administration and para-clinical departments.

The campus of Rajarajeshwari Medical College has an airy environment with open spaces and avenues around the building to provide better ventilation. One would be happy to know that the teaching hospitals for practical sessions are within a radius of just five kilometers away from campus, which saves time spent on commuting. The examination center is also just a short walk away from classrooms; thereby preventing any sort of exam panic! Medical colleges ranked high on standard parameters such as infrastructure and hygiene will have more chances at being successful. With all these qualities and its rank among the best medical colleges in Bangalore, it’s easy to see why many parents want their children to study here.

10+2 with 50% + NEET

₹1.1 Lakhs (1st Year Fees)

  • Address: No.202, Kambipura, Mysore Road,Bengaluru-560 074.
  • Number: 2843 7444
  • Email:  info@rrmch.org​
  • Website: http://www.rrmch.org/
ESI - Post-Graduate Institute Of Medical Science & Research

Other: 5 ESI – Post-Graduate Institute Of Medical Science & Research

Being the best medical college in Bangalore, ESI-PGIMSR provides education and facilities that are top notch. It has consistently delivered students who have gone on to work for prestigious organizations around the world. The best thing about this college is the staff that actively monitors student safety, leading to an extraordinarily low hospitalization rate and a stress-free environment for students. They also emphasize hands-on teaching of practical skills so that students can be successful from day one when they enter their chosen profession. Another great feature is the emphasis placed on research opportunities for undergraduate students.

The faculty includes some of India’s best doctors and professors as well as international experts. International exposure allows them to bring new knowledge back to their classroom or laboratory where it benefits all students at the institute. ESI-PGIMSR provides strong support for entrepreneurship through active encouragement and guidance with connections to many industry leaders. And since the curriculum challenges students with cross-cultural, multidisciplinary projects, they gain all sorts of skills that will help them succeed outside of academics as well. With highly competitive placement rates, it’s no wonder that people consider ESI-PGIMSR as one of the best medical colleges in Bangalore!

10+2 with 50% + NEET

₹ 29,000 1st Yr Fees

  • Address: Panchdeep Bhawan Comrade Indrajeet Gupta (CIG) Marg, New Delhi – 110 002.
  • Number: 011-27552237
  • Email: itcare@esic.nic.in
  • Website: https://www.esic.nic.in/

Frequently Asked Questions about Medical Colleges in Bangalore

You may be wondering about the best colleges in Bangalore for medical studies, especially if you don’t have a lot of connections in the city. With so many options, it can be difficult to know where to start or who to trust. Here are some frequently asked questions about top 10 medical colleges in Bangalore and their answers. If you still have questions after reading this article, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Medical colleges are a place where you can earn your undergraduate medical degree which is what doctors need to graduate. MBBS stands for the Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery degree, an undergraduate course that teaches basic medical sciences such as anatomy, physiology, pathology, microbiology, biochemistry, pharmacology and immunology as well as clinical subjects such as cardiology and family medicine. You will spend your last few years at a medical college studying with other students that you may become good friends with throughout the course of the studies. There are around 98 accredited medical colleges in India. The duration for MBBS ranges from 5-6 years depending on your performance throughout the program.

There are many qualities that are needed to pursue Medicine, but here are a few of the top qualities. Empathy is important because you need to have compassion for people from all walks of life and care for them as if they were family. Decisiveness is important because the doctor’s word must be law. And yet empathy has to balance decisiveness because doctors cannot be expected to make the best decisions for everyone. Self-motivation is also an important quality, so doctors can become independent thinkers and problem solvers on their own. Finally, it takes discipline to succeed in this field, so integrity, honesty and reliability are some other qualities that one should have when pursuing a career in Medicine.

You can choose from a number of medical colleges in Bangalore if you are pursuing a medical degree. You should look out for a few things when choosing one. If you are considering a school, find out if they have a qualified staff, what types of courses they offer, and what kind of lab facilities they have. You should also know if you can complete your clinical training at that school. The four points above are very important when choosing a medical school. You should also consider whether or not you will be able to intern at a hospital close by- where you will most likely work once you graduate.

There are following criteria of Medical colleges in Bangalore are:-

  •  Candidate must complete his 10+2 from a recognized board.
  •  Must have at least 50% marks in each of the science subjects (Physics, Chemistry and Biology).

More Frequently Asked Questions About the Best Medical Colleges in Bangalore

If you’re thinking about studying medicine, but you’re not quite sure where to start, here are more frequently asked questions about Top 10 medical colleges in Bangalore and their answers.

Q. What is MBBS?

A four-year, full-time course of study leading to the degree of Bachelor of Medicine and Bachelor of Surgery. MBBS courses require three years of undergraduate education at a university. One year is spent studying science subjects, one year on basic clinical sciences, and one year on core clinical disciplines. Basic surgical skills are also taught throughout the course. All medical students have to pass exams at each level to progress onto the next phase: by passing these exams, it is possible for students to obtain an MD as well as an MBBS degree.

Q. What is the admission procedure of the medical colleges of Bangalore?

Applications to medical colleges in Bangalore are online and prospective students must sit for a national level entrance examination. Students with lower than 55% cannot apply. At the interview stage, they will be examined on their knowledge of Biology, Chemistry, Physics and English Literature. If they pass, they will have to appear for an aptitude test and group discussion which is followed by a personal interview.

Q. What is the difference between MBBS and BDS?

The most noticeable difference between MBBS and BDS is the specialization. A MBBS course focuses more on the clinical aspects of medicine, and the theory. On the other hand, a BDS course focuses on dental treatment, surgeries and other treatments. MBBS colleges in Bangalore teach subjects such as pharmacology, anatomy, chemistry and pathology which are not taught in a BDS course.

Q. Which documents do I need for my medical college application for MBBS Colleges in Bangalore?

The documents that you need to apply for MBBS colleges in Bangalore depend on the school. Generally, they ask for the marksheet, your original domicile certificate, an affidavit from either your school or university certifying that you’re a bonafide student pursuing a medical education and letters of recommendation from two teachers or professors who can speak about your educational accomplishments.

Q. Is the NEET exam the main criteria to get admission to top medical colleges in Bangalore?

Yes, the best medical colleges in Bangalore require the NEET exam along with the cutoff score required by the particular college you want to secure admission.

Q.  How much score is required to get admission to the top 10 medical colleges in Bangalore?

To get admission in top 10 medical colleges in Bangalore, your NEET score should be more than 550 marks.