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IAS Coaching in Lucknow

7 Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow is an article drafted and crafted by WAC’s Research team as more and more students are finding professional training to crack the IAS exam with the best marks possible. You’ve made it your mission to take the Civil Services Examination and land yourself in the Indian Administrative Service, the most prestigious government service in India. With their first-hand experience of serving in this elite force, this UPSC coaching in Lucknow is well-placed to help you understand what you need to do so that you can crack this difficult exam and fulfil your dream of becoming an Indian bureaucrat. But which one should you choose? Here’s our guide on how to pick the best IAS Coaching Center in Lucknow!

UPSC Coaching in Lucknow

UPSC is the central recruiting agency for public servants and it conducts national examinations for the recruitment of public servants. The Civil Services Examination is considered to be the toughest competitive examination in India that including Indian Administrative Service, Indian Foreign Service, Indian Police Service, etc.

UPSC exam is by no means a simple feat. Aspiring candidates have to put blood and sweat in their preparation for the UPSC exam to ace the test. IAS syllabus and pattern are designed in such a way to help candidate develops an attitude of the working IAS professionals. Although several thousands of students appear for the IAS exam, only a select number of students pose as final select candidates in the interview round.

Why Choose IAS Coaching in Lucknow?

Indian Administrative Service or IAS is a dream for a huge number of youngsters, and they wish to put effort into the development of the nation. It is a competitive examination, more like an entrance. Fortunately, Lucknow is one of those well-developed cities which possess some reputed institutions for UPSC coaching in Lucknow.

Lucknow is a very well-known city, and being the capital of Uttar Pradesh, it has achieved a lot of efficiency regarding everything in the past few years. Be it technology, food, or academics, Lucknow has excelled much, and it is pretty evident. It inherits an extremely wonderful and people here are kind.

If you are looking for the best IAS coaching in Lucknow, then you should definitely consider UPSC Preparation in Lucknow. They offer a great program that will help you prepare for the civil service exams. The program includes classroom instruction, online resources, and mock exams. Plus, they have a very high success rate.

And it is often very hard to decide which one to join. The most important factor in deciding which IAS coaching institute to join is undoubtedly the quality of teaching. But there are other factors that are also important, such as the infrastructure of the institute, the experience of the faculty, etc. In this blog post, we will evaluate some of the best IAS coaching institutes in Lucknow on these parameters.

Some of the elements on which an IAS aspirant must choose a UPSC coaching center in Lucknow are 

● Faculty

● Past result

● Fees

● Location

● Study material

● Alumni

The cost of living in Lucknow is significantly lower than in other large cities, making it an attractive option for those seeking to minimize their expenses. Additionally, many UPSC coaching institutes in Ludhiana offer discounts and scholarships to students from economically weaker sections. When compared to other cities, the fees charged by IAS coaching institutes in Lucknow are quite reasonable. The average cost of living in Ludhiana is also lower than in other large cities, making it an attractive option for those seeking to minimize their expenses. Additionally, many UPSC coaching institutes in Ludhiana offer discounts and scholarships to students from economically weaker sections.

How do I Choose the Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow?

Choosing the best IAS coaching in Lucknow can be pretty challenging, but with the right tips and advice, you’ll find the right program to help you prepare for one of the toughest exams. This article will discuss some essential things you should consider when looking at various programs, including entry requirements, faculty members, course structure, and more! Thus, it is true that Lucknow has some efficient institutions that give some dream come genuine moments to brilliant and mediocre students. Still, the factors mentioned above will help you understand the most suitable coaching centre that would allow you to achieve your goals in life.

There are several ways to evaluate any IAS academy for that matter. All IAS coaching centers have certain parameters that ascertain the quality of education imparted in the institute. Listed below are a few pointers that help us to know how Lucknow fares as an IAS coaching center.

Not all IAS coaching in Lucknow is expensive. Several respectable coaching centers in Lucknow offer budget-friendly course fees for their students. Lucknow is very affordable in respect to the course fee asked in other parts of the country like Delhi, etc.

The institute in Lucknow offers updated and handmade study materials that are crafted by their mentors. The study material like notes, mock test series, etc are well designed and on par with some other reputable coaching center in the country.

The top IAS coaching centers in Lucknow are well placed and are centrally located. This offers great connectivity for students coming from various parts of the city and beyond. The IAS coaching center provides several facilities and amenities like hostel facilities, etc that aid students in better learning.

The best feature of IAS coaching in Lucknow is that it offers a wide range of scope when it comes to various subjects in the IAS exam. The distinguished IAS coaching in Lucknow provides for coaching in several optional subjects to aid students in successfully clear their IAS exam.

Lucknow has fared very well over the last few years in the IAS exam. it has marked its presence as a promising IAS coaching hub with many successful candidates. If the past results are any indication the IAS coaching IN Lucknow will slowly emerge as the new leaders in the field.

Lucknow is bestowed with topmost IAS training institutes which will undoubtedly give you the best knowledge concerning your topic, but before taking any decision you need to research quite a few factors. They are the following:-

All the IAS coaching in Lucknow are indeed firm believers of discipline. They always prefer discipline over outer flaunts. But still, one needs to choose the most convenient institute which promotes disciplinary activities because that will lead to a better focus on your studies.

Discipline enhances your understanding of power and strengthens your ability to think. Therefore, a disciplined institution will push you towards achieving your goals.

Another important aspect here is the faculty. If an institution loses out on faculty, it stands nowhere. Therefore, before choosing IAS coaching in Lucknow, know about their staff and faculty. Get a strong knowledge about the facilities they provide and how they are beneficial to you or to the person who would take the IAS training, as well as the professionalism of the existing teachers.

These factors would develop a clear understanding within yourself as to which is the one IAS coaching in Lucknow that is perfectly suitable for you.

Whether an institute is capable to provide you with the ultimate source of knowledge is largely dependent on the status it carries and the reputation it has in the city. Therefore, make sure you get to know about the reputation and status of the respected institution from Google or the passed out students.

Know about the percentage of students, who cracked the IAS examination from that particular institution, know about their contribution in shaping the students as well.

WAC’s 7 Best IAS Coaching in Lucknow | Get the Best UPSC Coaching in Lucknow

Lucknow is a big city and over the past few years, the location has expanded several IAS coaching centers after experiencing the rise in popularity of IAS exams.  However, quality education is a vital factor to consider when opting for such an expansive and tough exam. Joining the right IAS coaching institute will help students save time and energy that will help them focus on their ole goal and that is becoming a successful IAS candidates.

Want to List Your Institute?

Rank 1: Prepare IAS

Rank 1: Prepare IAS | Top IAS Coaching in lucknow

Prepare IAS coaching is one of the top IAS coaching institutes in Lucknow for UPSC preparations. IAS coaching center has helped several aspirants in achieving their dreams to join Indian Administrative Services. Prepare IAS forms the base of the students and guides, best teachers, best teaching methods, best study materials them in the right direction to achieve their goal of clearing the IAS exam.

Prepare IAS officers a guidance process that makes the learning experience more enjoyable and comfortable and IAS defines the civil service exam clearly and also assists students in acquiring the confidence to be successful. These mentors also contribute to the educational development of the students. It is ranked as 5th rank in the top IAS coaching in Lucknow. The reasons for it being on top ranking IAS coaching in Lucknow are the following:-

The fee structure of Prepare UPSC coaching is Rs.80000 for the full course of the IAS syllabus. The institute also provides scholarships to brilliant students and aids the weaker section students to get equal opportunities to achieve their dream of becoming an IAS officer.

The results of this institution have been well. The meaning of this statement can only be understood when we achieve what we dream of. The best results of this coaching institution uphold its excellent status in the industry and enhance its reputation for attracting more students to take admission.

The students are also very well prepared and know what will serve them well. This is the reason they follow all the instructions and guidance to live their dream of becoming an IAS officer. The institutes have contributed towards studies that made their name in IAS coaching in Lucknow.

This institute diligently plans its course for the IAS aspirants. They provide not only informative study materials but also printed notes, class notes with minute details so that the students can go through them adequately and prepare for the IAS examination.

They conduct the offline test series which will help the students to get an idea about where they lie academically. This gives them the confidence to proceed and prepare themselves for their exam. These study materials clear the doubts of the students and help clear the IAS examination.

Prepare IAS coaching center appoints experienced faculties having experience guiding IAS aspirants for more than 15 years. Prepare IAS coaching center sincerely makes effort and uses resources towards preparing the students for clearing the Indian Civil Service exam.

This institute hires well-experienced and highly qualified teachers who motivate the students to reach their goals. The faculties are very friendly and the students do not hesitate to reach out to them in case of any difficulties in understanding. The students share a very friendly and professional relationship with the mentor.

The batch size is usually low which is about 20 students per batch are and this is the reason which helps the students in achieving great results for their exam.

Batch Timing

The batch timing for UPSC coaching is very flexible and classes are conducted from 8 am to 8 pm all days of the week in Lucknow.

Hotel & Facilities

The coaching center does not provide any accommodation facilities for their students.

Demo Classes

This coaching center does not offer any demo classes for its students.

  • Address: B2 /363 SEC-A, near Engineering College Chauraha, Aliganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226021 
  • Mobile: 87563 34461
  • Website: www.prepareiascoaching.in
UPSC Coaching in lucknow

Rank 2: RACE IAS | Best UPSC Coaching in lucknow

RACE IAS Classes in Lucknow are ranked 2rd in the list, it is no less than that of the other. It is divided into sub-parts in different localities of Lucknow that lead to greater exposure as well as the spread of education. RACE IAS has certain unique characteristics and facilities that make it even better as an institution.

It reaches out to the needs of the candidate and guides them with full passion without any doubt. RACE IAS provides the best facilities to students and implants the seed of success in them. They make the students follow the path of excellence. The reasons why it is considered among the best IAS coaching in Lucknow and appreciated are the following:-

It reaches out to the needs of the candidate and guides them with full passion without any doubt. RACE IAS provides the best facilities to students and implants the seed of success in them. They make the students follow the path of excellence. The reasons why it is considered among the best IAS coaching in Lucknow and appreciated are the following:-

The fee structure is not very high, it is normal and comparatively less than other coaching centers. A lot of people can afford to study here as a result, a larger mass of the population wishes to get their name attached to the RACE IAS classes. They shape the students and bring out the best in them. The students also find great interest and work hard to achieve their goals in life.

The study materials provided by the RACE IAS coaching are made up of to-the-point information. These study materials are very beneficial for a student’s educational advancement and growth. This is because these study materials are bestowed with all the possible details of the subject matter. If you study them thoroughly, then you will surely be able to crack the IAS examination.

Demo Classes

RACE IAS academy is not providing any demo classes to the students. The coaching institute offers online IAS coaching classes and workshops, therefore you can directly contact the center for the preparation of the IAS exam.

Hostel & PG Facilities

RACE IAS does not provide hostel and PG facilities for better preparation for the IAS exam.

This institute has a wide range of qualified teachers. They are no less than professionals. Their way of teaching is also very unique, which helps in fetching good marks. They make the students understand in the depth. They create individuals.

They believe that mugging up will not help one in the long run, proper knowledge will make someone reach heights. It indeed is a very true saying with all aspects. They develop the personality of students and keep them engaged in their studies.

This institute has gained popularity and rank in the social sphere because of its past results. They have good results, and their records contain no stains. The students come out as great IAS officers that uphold the name of the institution.

Batch Timings

Batch timings of RACE IAS coaching are also not provided, hence the institute has to be contacted for further details. Batch timings of RACE IAS coaching are also not provided, hence the institute has to be contacted for further details.

Batch Size

RACE IAS has a very small batch size which comprises 30 to 40 students per batch. Due to small batch doubts of students are cleared easily.

  • Address: Post Office, B-36, near Aliganj, Sector C, Aliganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226024
  • Mobile: 7388114444, 0522-3555372
  • Weblink: https://www.raceias.com/
Rank 3: Vaid's ICS

Rank 3: Vaid’s ICS | UPSC Coaching in Lucknow

Vaid’s ICS IAS coaching is known among the top IAS coaching in Lucknow. The coaching center is very well known for UPSC exams, and the results of Vaid ICS coaching are a testament to its quality teaching. Vaid ICS IAS coaching is considered among the pioneer of IAS coaching in Lucknow and is known for producing the highest toppers with their quality teaching and practical guidance.

The institution laid its foundation in the year 1988 and is counted among the top 5 best IAS coaching centers in Lucknow. With their original and modern techniques of teaching and updated materials, the institute delivers in terms of the educational skill and personality development of their candidates. The institute also put equal emphasis on Hindi and English medium of IAS examination to encourage students from far-flung places or locations to take admission in the coaching center.

The fee structure of the institute is very economical. The course fee is about 75000, including all the taxes. The institute is quite popular for its quality education at a reasonable price among aspiring IAS students.

Vaid ICS IAS coaching offers a batch size of about 50 students per batch. Small batch size is the key for the success rate in the UPSC exam as it allows students with one on one interaction with their mentors.

With fewer students, even mentors can provide ample time for each student and help clear their doubts and develop a study plan that maximizes the student’s skills and abilities. It helps increase their chances of clearing the IAS exam considerably.

Batch Timings

Batch timings of the institute vary depending on the course choice. The batch timing for the foundation course is from 4 pm to 8 pm and General Studies is 8 am to 12 pm.

Over the past few years, the institute has become a vital center for quality guidance and single-minded dedication for IAS exam preparation.

The institute is renowned for its past best. The coaching center can boast a large number of successful candidates to its name. With the last year’s results that are 2019-2020, the institute had the best result in Lucknow. The institute has a knack for producing IAS toppers with its quality teaching and guidance practice over years.

Faculty plays a vital role in the life of an IAS student. With quality and experienced faculty, the institute provides for an effective learning environment for the student that encourages a positive mindset and drives to succeed.

The institute has some excellent mentors that offer proper guidance and tricks to ensure that candidates can clear the IAS test easily. Apart from the permanent faculty members of the institute also invite professors from various universities for valuable counseling.

 The institute uses advanced techniques to help students get success in the IAS exam. IAS notes and test series are regularly revised to ensure that they at par with the current IAS syllabus and pattern. The institute also encourages the student to practice daily writing to help them with their time management skill that could aid them in acing the IAS exam.

The institute also focuses on group discussion and mock interviews to help develop the overall personality of its students. The institute also facilities online courses for their student for distance learning.

Demo Classes

The institute offers individual and personalized demo classes for its student to access and understand pedagogy and make an informed decisions. 

Hostel & PG Facilities

Vaid ICS IAS coaching does not provide hostel and PG facilities for the preparation of the IAS exam.

Rank 4: Prayatna IAS

Rank 4: Prayatna IAS | Best IAS coaching in Lucknow

This IAS coaching is highly acclaimed for its structural system for conducting exams for all different levels of the IAS exam. Counted among the top IAS coaching in Lucknow the institute encourages a need-based strategic learning approach for their students. The coaching center imparts a quality improvement strategy that is run by sincere and qualified experts.  The institute also focuses on personal guidance and motivational counseling during the IAS exam preparation of its students to help with stress management. 

The fee structure of Prayatna IAS is quite affordable. If the student can pay the full fee at one time then the course fee for general studies is about 60, 000 rupees. However, if the student wants to pay the fee in installment then the course fee adds to 70, 000 rupees including taxes. The optional subject course fee is about 30,000 rupees.

The online test series are conducted on regular basis by the coaching center. The institute also provides educational video programs which are interactive and can help in easy understanding. The coaching centers adopt new techniques apart from conventional methods for the preparation of the students.

These study materials are effective for learning. Apart from Study material, online test series are conducted by the coaching centers for the development of candidates. The hard-working and supportive staff of the Institutes are always engaged with providing the best study materials that are easy to understand.

The institute is headed by experienced and sincere faculty members. These qualified mentors focus on mental alertness, in-depth knowledge, and the intellectual and moral integrity of the IAS candidate. The faculty also welcomes members from time to time to encourage new ways of learning.

List of Faculty

Mr. Anmol

Educational/ Background

  • B Tech; IIT- Roorkee
  • Schooling (Classes VIII to XII) from BVM,
  • Nainital on a GoI Scholarship,

Educational/ Background

  • MA (MIH)
  • DPA (LU)
  • BEd (IGNOU)
  • Ph D

Educational/ Background

• Ph.D. (Pursuing)

Educational/ Background

• B Tech
• PGDM (MDI, Gurgaon)

Hostel & PG Facilities

Prayatna IAS offers residential coaching classes for its students with 24/7 monitoring. The lodging charges are paid by the students on a half-yearly basis.

The institute does not believe in boasting, unlike some other top IAS coaching in Lucknow, however, it has its fair share of successful candidates. The students of the institute have performed well in the final IAS exam and made the name for themselves in the field. 

The batch size of the institute is relatively low comprising only 40 students per batch. The institute is perfect for students looking for more personalized coaching centers. The small batch size can help the student to interact with the teachers on a personal level and provide study methods that are designed as per the student’s capabilities.

Batch Time

The batch time is not disclosed by the institute.

  • Address: D-3008, Mushi Pulia To Govt Polytechnic Ring Road, NH 24A, Mushi Pulia, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016
  • Mobile: 92353 90698
  • Website: www.prayatnaias.in
IAS Coaching in Lucknow

Rank 5: Dhyeya IAS | UPSC coaching in Lucknow

Dhyeya IAS is the best IAS coaching in Lucknow for UPSC exam preparation. Dhyeya IAS coaching offers classroom programs to the IAS aspirants by the experts of their respective fields. They impart knowledge to assist IAS aspirants to clear the fundamentals of the subject. Dhyeya IAS coaching center has expert and professional faculties. They considered being 7th rank in the top IAS coaching in Lucknow.

Institute coaching provides smart classrooms with the latest modern facilities. They are providing academic support to the students and are also conducting orientation sessions by Retired Bureaucrats. The coaching center provides a lot of guidance in the preparation of the IAS exam. IAS exam is considered to be one of the exams which have the highest number of aspirants and very few able to clear the exam and secure seats. The coaching center trains the individual from prelims to a personality test. 

The fee structure of Dhyeya IAS for the 3-year course is Rs.215000 plus GST that includes various subjects such as General Studies, optional History, Geography, and Sociology. For the Civil Service exam, fee structure plays a vital role, and many institutes charge hefty amounts from the students.

However, such a big amount is not affordable for everyone, and Dhyeya IAS charges for General studies and CSAT at Rs. 70000 excluding GST. There are varieties of courses offered by this coaching center for the IAS exam. 

Dhyeya IAS coaching institute provides free downloadable study materials, magazines, notes which are made up of detailed analysis as well as deep research. Due to its best study materials, it helps the students in successfully achieving their dreams of becoming IAS officers.

The study materials handed out in the institution include hard copies, video lectures, pen drive video classes, that are simple to understand, well structured, and detailed to cover the vast syllabus. Regular mock test series are also conducted to help the aspirants to practice and work hard on their weaknesses.

The institute offers a batch size of 25 students per batch. The small batch size will be beneficial to the students which help them provide more interactive time and design a study plan according to their student’s ability and talent to ensure successful results in the IAS exam.

Batch Time

The batch timing is very resilient for the student and they can choose a time slot that suits their needs. The institute is open from 8.30 am to 8.30 pm all days of the week respectively.

Hostel and PG facilities

The institute does not provide hostel and PG facilities for its students.

Demo class

The institute does not provide demo classes

Dhyeya IAS coaching in Lucknow offers advanced facilities and opportunities to explore the field of IAS. Renowned faculty are hired by the coaching centers and they have years of experience. The faculty is dedicated and hard-working and helps guide students to understand and clear any subject-related queries.

However, clearing the IAS exam is not a cakewalk, and therefore, they do not leave out anything. The professors help the students in preparing for the exam ready with detailed study. The faculty not only motivates but also teaches with innovation to make the students clear the exam easily.

The past results of the Dhyeya IAS coaching center is impressive. The students are working hard to achieve their goals and are provided with tricks and tips to help crack the IAS exam easily. The institute has a good track record of successful candidates to its name and therefore highly sought-after by aspiring IAS candidates.  

  • Address: A-12, Sector-J, Aliganj, Lucknow, (UP), Uttar Pradesh 226024, Branch: CP-1, Jeewan Shopping Complex, Viram Khand-5, Near Husariya Chauraha, Gomti Nagar, Lucknow -226010 
  • Mobile: 92353 90698
  • Website: https://www.dhyeyaias.com/
IAS Coaching in Lucknow

Rank 6: Chayan IAS | Top IAS Institute in lucknow

Chayan IAS is the UPSC coaching in Lucknow and it has an idealistic mentor team for the IAS Exam covering all the different learning aspects of the IAS exam. They provide an adequate and warm atmosphere for studies. Chayan IAS provides improved study material to the students with adequate depth which needs to implement the changes in IAS exams. The role Coaching center proves to be more efficient and effective for clearing the IAS examination. They broadly cover IAS exam topics.

Chayan IAS in Lucknow is particularly designed to bring out the top students who are capable and are willing to establish themselves as an IAS officer in society. They are considered 8th in top IAS coaching in Lucknow. This coaching center has achieved great social status and reputation utilizing the cheerful facilities it provides. It is also remarkably known for its training procedures and the way it deals with students.

Chayan IAS online coaching charges an amount of 85000, excluding GST for the full preparation of the Civil Services Exam. However, for General Studies they are charging – Rs.33,000. There is an additional charge for the coaching center GS foundation course which is very fruitful in the long run. The charges are quite economical.

They provide very scientifically structured study materials so that the students can refer to them for their preparation. The study notes are precisely written and contain all the relevant and important information.  Study materials are offered through online lectures and soft copies.

It is a great advantage because students who are facing problems in understanding the study material in soft copy can clear their doubts in the online demonstration and proceed further.

Some of the top qualified and experienced teachers provide their knowledge to the students. They prepare them for a larger point, they believe that knowledge has no bounds. Therefore, they prepare the IAS aspirants for the examination as well as for facing the adversities in the real world.

They have professional and experienced faculty who provide better and unique coaching techniques. Chayan IAS provides the best teachers such as Dr.K.K.Gautam, Mr. Narendra Upadhyay, Dr. R.K.Tiwari, and so on. Chayan IAS Academy offers excellent teachers to be reputed as best IAS coaching in Lucknow.

Chayan IAS has given outstanding results in the past. The previous year’s batch of students fared well and some of them are well-known recent IAS officers.

  • Address: D-295, D Block, Church Rd, Block D, Indira Nagar, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226016 
  • Mobile: 84000 00132
  • Website: http://www.chayanias.com/
IAS Coaching in Lucknow

Rank 7: Plutus IAS | UPSC Coaching in Lucknow

Plutus IAS Coaching in Lucknow is considered to be the best UPSC coaching in Lucknow. Plutus fulfills the requirements of the students and prepares them for detailed information regarding the IAS exam. This institution possesses several unique features that overshadow other coaching centers. It has gained a huge amount of popularity and appreciation as well. Some of the main reasons for Plutus institution being the top are the following:-

It is very important to state that one of the main reasons for Plutus being on top is it’s better than average faculty. The teachers here are professional and belong to standard educational backgrounds. They are cooperative and are willing to guide you even during odd hours.

They will train you so well that you will forget the taste of any other private tutor, you will forget what private tuition felt like. Lucknow has a huge number of IAS officers because of the guidance they got from the coaching centers.

If we are talking about results, Plutus students have done tremendously well. They have been trained well and this institute contributes much in shaping and molding the knowledge of the students. They change the insight of the students as well. The students also come out with flying colors and become IAS officers.

They successfully achieve their dreams. That is what this institution stands for. This is the first and foremost responsibility an institution is meant to take. Plutus has not only taken responsibility but also made students crack the IAS examination.

Plutus also takes care of the fee structure which can be afforded by every student for better results. In this modern era of the digital age, online coaching IAS aspirants often get confused by the big names of the top IAS coaching centers in Lucknow, the realization of not getting the desired level of learning only comes after payment o full fees.

Therefore the institute provides all the materials after a detailed and effective research. The fee structure of Plutus is not very high, not too low as well. It is standard. It is 1 Lac for the whole IAS course including IAS Test Series, IAS mains, and IAS prelims. The GST amount may vary.

Plutus institute provides one of the finest study materials in Lucknow. The teachers provide some wonderful notes as well as printed information well. The courses are scientifically planned which enhances the knowledge of students. They take online as well as offline tests as well to check the status of a particular candidate.

Plutus is also offering online platforms to prepare for all competitive exams. Plutus provides easy access to their viewers for the easy accessing process without wasting much time.

  • Address: Bindoba Mohanlal Ganj, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226301
  • Contact Number: +91 844 844 0231
  • Website: https://plutusias.com


The content published on this page is a compiled result of What After College’s Research team. The parameters of the research and the content structure are devised by What After College’s Research Team and it is not in any way related to rankings done by governmental bodies. This research has purely been done by a third party. Kindly contact at 91 9818198188 to make desired changes in the contact information related to your college.

Why Should You Opt For WAC’s 7 Top IAS Coaching Centres In Lucknow?

Lucknow is a great place to pursue a career in the Indian Administrative Services. It is home to some of the most renowned and best IAS coaching centres in the country, and WAC’s 7 Top IAS Coaching Centres in Lucknow provide comprehensive and quality coaching to students. These centres offer comprehensive learning materials, experienced faculty members and an environment conducive to learning. Moreover, they offer customized guidance to students on their specific requirements. In addition, they provide access to various mock tests and interviews which helps students practice for their entrance examinations.

The above-mentioned ranking is based on our team’s research and knowledge over the years. The ranking is based on our evaluation and is not related to any governing bodies. What After College has chosen these above-mentioned IAS coaching centers based on their quality of education, learned faculty, and past performance in the IAS exam.

These IAS institutions have consistently marked their presence as a top-ranking institutes with several successful IAS candidates over several past years making them highly desirable when it comes to quality IAS coaching. Our top blogs have continued to serve IAS aspirants and help them find IAS coaching that meets their desired needs and requirement.

 WAC is a career path that is dedicated to guiding students looking to enroll in a reputable coaching center in Lucknow. our institute’s credibility lies in the thorough research and detailed investigation of the different institutes in Lucknow in different domains to guarantee top-quality education for the IAS exam.  However, we are also open to any suggestions and changes to help us make improvements.

Factors That Determine Your Success

A lot goes into becoming a successful candidate in the IAS exam. IAS exam has a taxing syllabus and pattern that even very talented and hard-working students fail to crack within the first few attempts. For successfully acing the IAS exam one has to prepare for years ahead before sitting for your first attempt in the UPSC exam.

One has to prepare smartly and should have an intense focus to ensure victory in the IAS exam. The right guidance is also a necessary factor that weighs in the success of clearing the UPSC exam. Listed below are other few factors that determine your success in the IAS exam.

To clear the test, make sure you are familiar with the pattern and syllabus of the UPSC exam. Having a clear idea about the types of questions asked, marking patterns, optional subjects, etc will help you prepare efficiently and in a systematic way.

Since the pattern of the IAS exam changes, every year make sure you track those changes before preparing for the IAS exam. Browse through the official websites to know more about updates in the IAS syllabus.

Although the UPSC syllabus is very expansive, it is important to thoroughly prepare for the impending test. Ensure that you are touching all the important topics and are familiar with current affairs to guarantee success at the final exam.

The right study material and books are very important tools for acing the IAS exam. The updated study material will help you tackle the questions that could be asked in the IAS exam question paper and help you properly design your answer in a precise manner.

You can get updated study material from various UPSC coaching centers within your place of residence or you can also go online and order study material from online websites. Do not waste time preparing through the old study material which you might have if you have already attempted the UPSC exam before.

Current affairs constitute a huge part of the IAS exam syllabus. Hence the aspiring IAS students must be familiar with the recent current affairs nationally and internationally. Inculcate the habit of reading newspapers of different publications and follow the regional news closely too.

Make sure you also discuss current affairs with your fellow IAS students to know their opinion and views about a newspaper piece. Several top IAS coaching centers have a weekly session for discussing the current affairs to help the student prepare better.

The mock test is the best way to understand where you stand with your IAS exam preparation. By appearing for the mock practice test regularly you will get a clear idea of your weakness and strength regarding your knowledge of the subject matter.

It will help you to focus on your weakness and allow you to grow your knowledge and strength by practicing areas and subjects where you seem to lack. If you are enrolled in any IAS coaching center you can go online and practice mock test papers online for free. Many established IAS coaching centers regularly provide practice mock test papers on their website.

For almost every question in the IAS exam students only have a period of 5 to 6 minutes to precisely answer the question. This is a very limited time for properly answering difficult questions. Therefore, to complete the question paper on time one must have a good writing speed.

Students should practice writing answers regularly to learn the skill of time management. Make sure you allocate ample time to practice writing answers for IAS mains.

Preparing for such an expansive and taxing syllabus can take a toll on even the most hardworking students. Hence, you mustn’t lose focus mid-way. Listen to motivational messages and videos to help you motivate through the preparation period. Talk to your friends and family members if you lose focus. By working hard and staying focused on your goal you will surely materialize your dream of becoming an IAS officer.

While all the above factors can be achieved easily out of box thinking will help you stand out from the crowd. As an IAS officer, you will have to face different and difficult problems from various areas and therefore you must have unique and diverse solutions to tackle the problem at hand.

As an IAS aspirant make sure that you look at the problems from various angles and find solutions effectively. As the post of IAS officer is a very prestigious IAS aspirant you should have excellent work ethics and passion to serve the people of our nation. The above factors will aid you in your journey to become a successful candidate.

Power of self-study for IAS

We often dream to achieve something great in life and work hard to reach our goals. We put in a huge amount of effort to establish ourselves. But one very important factor that needs to be kept in mind is focus and understanding. If we talk about IAS examinations, it is not easy to crack. One needs to undergo a lot of hard work to achieve their respective dreams. It requires dedication and passion.

Students often get themselves admitted to highly reputed institutions to guide them in their preferred subject. Irrespective of the guidance from coaching centers, it is important to do self-study. The power of self-study for IAS is the following:-

IAS, which is Indian Administrative Services, is a competitive examination that is not a cakewalk. It requires a smooth understanding of the subject matter and love for one’s nation. The self-study would contribute greatly to the development of knowledge about your subject.

It will help you explore the various adversities of the subject matter. Self-study acts very strongly when you are determined to achieve success. It also leads to the development of your confidence. The more you do self-study, you will be able to answer critical questions.

If we are taking private tuitions for IAS examinations, it consumes a huge amount of time. The institutions indeed guide you towards the achievement of your goals, but we cannot deny that the scope of self-study gets narrowed as the institutions acquire a huge part of your daily life. It will turn out to be very disadvantageous in the long run.

Therefore, it is desirable to study by you. Self-study saves time and makes you understand the depth of the subject. This will be an advantage in the process of self-growth.

There is a distinct variety of IAS coaching throughout the whole of India. Since IAS is a challenging examination, the institutions charge a lot. Some people fail to afford the sum of money they demand which in turn breaks their morale. Therefore, it is not always necessary to avail of coaching. One can do self-study as well. It will be very beneficial for you. It also protects you from investing a huge amount of money.

Many students are dependent on several coaching centers for the development of their knowledge. But when you do self-study, you do not show dependence on anyone. You are dependent on no one, but yourself. This gives rise to a feeling of self-sufficiency and eventually enhances your self-esteem as well as self-confidence.

You can make your notes and study them throughout to fetch pleasant marks. You will be an independent personality with all the goodness in yourself. This will boost your learning capacity and motivate you to do better in the long run.

All of us need to trust ourselves. IAS is the most challenging examination and getting success in this field is comparatively more difficult than that of other fields, but it is not impossible. The self-study increases one’s curiosity to learn about several relatable topics. Learning never goes to waste.

How Many IAS Officers Lucknow has Created?

Lucknow to date has been able to produce 48 successful IAS officers from within the city. The long list of IAS officers is living proof of the quality of education imparted in the city. The most recent IAS officer include Mr.Abhishek Prakash, Mr. Kaushal Raj Sharma, G.S Priyadarshi, Mr. Satyendra Singh, etc. These former IAS officer has served our country with their innovative and creative approach to the everyday problem faced by their countrymen.

Some Other Notable IAS Coaching Centers in Lucknow

Lucknow, being the capital city of Uttar Pradesh is bestowed with some real educational efficiency. It is also known for its unique culture and specialties in cuisine structure. To be honest, literacy rates are very high there. It is marked by the presence of top IAS institutions. IAS training is provided with much dedication here. Therefore, it has some great institutions to shape an individual’s educational viewpoint and guide him accordingly.

Apart from the above 7 top UPSC coaching in Lucknow, we are providing IAS aspirants with some other notable UPSC coaching in Lucknow that has performed extremely well in the IAS exam. Listed below are the other 5 best UPSC coaching in Lucknow that is worth mentioning for IAS students to take IAS coaching guidance.

IAS Coaching in Lucknow

RAO IAS | Best UPSC Coaching in Lucknow

RAO IAS coaching is one of the distinguished UPSC coachings in Lucknow. RAO IAS provides class notes and study materials to help students to get their doubts clear for the toughest exam. RAO IAS provides marvelous comfort to students for clearing the IAS exams. They are providing excellent facilities such as well-lightened classes with air conditioner halls.

They are providing more emphasis on skill development and improving the personality of the IAS aspirants. RAO IAS is popular in the list of proficient UPSC coaching centers in Lucknow. It provides an extraordinary environment for a candidate for clearing the prestigious exam of the country.

It is situated in the heart of Lucknow. RAO IAS Coaching is a central place where you can find the best study material and very good faculty support. The management also aims at offering the best support for chasing their aspirations.

The Study Circle was created by Dr. S. Rau in the year 1953 as an independent body with a view to establishing a bench-mark institution to achieve excellence in the most challenging competitive exam in the country, i.e. Indian Administrative Service Exam which has now come to be known as Civil Services Exam. Over this long period, the Study Circle has advanced into a unique fraternity of educators and students striving collectively, year after year, in pursuit of a single goal. With a passion for excelling, the Study Circle has raged with the dynamism of a river that constantly renews itself and remains unchanging in its resolve to reach its ultimate destination.

The faculty of RAO IAS is highly learned and knowledgeable in their subjects. The mentors are providing students with excellent and simplified notes with the detailed study of every subject for better understanding. The most unique feature of this coaching institute is the regular planned visit from civil servants to help encourage their students.

The students pass through the RAO IAS coaching center with flying colors. The number of pass outs and past results shows students showing a lot of students have passed from the coaching centers.

The fees for the IAS course in RAO IAS for 18 months are about 94,400 rupees.

The UPSC coaching center can be easily located in Lucknow. This renowned institute is located at Subhansha Complex 1, Faizabad Road, near Kukrail Bridge, Indira Nagar, Lucknow-226015. The place is well connected with transport facility and it is located in the city of heart which is easy for travel for students.

The institute is well known for providing good notes to its students. The institute offers basic NCRT coaching and regular current affairs classes to its students. The mentors also provide for daily news articles reviews and conduct online tests weekly to provide them with constructive feedback to their students to help improve and enhance their learning capacity.

The institute does not offer any demo classes for its students.

The coaching center has a small batch size of only 30 students per batch. The coaching center is ideal for students who want personal attention from the mentors to help clear their doubts and design a strategic study plan as per their requirement to successfully ace the IAS exam.

The batch timing for UPSC coaching is very flexible and classes are conducted from 8 am to 7:30 pm all days of the week in Lucknow.

Shrishti IAS Coaching center is one of the best UPSC coaches in Lucknow. It also provides competitive magazines like Yojana and Kurukshetra. It has a library which provides all books for the preparation of the exam. Shrishti IAS Coaching center is amongst the best UPSC coaching for its latest teaching technique, infrastructure, and updated study materials in Lucknow. It has been ranked 10 among the top UPSC coaching in Lucknow. 

Shrishti IAS Coaching center offers hard dedication towards students and also caters to the needs of students and provides notes digitally. Shrishti IAS Coaching center not only prepares for IAS but also prepares for Administrative Services. Shrishti IAS coaching center helps the IAS aspirants to acquire confidence and also helps in emerging to be successful. They provide motivation and guidance to the IAS aspirants to reach their destination.

Shrishti IAS coaching center provides coaching for exams like IAS, PCS(J), APO, UGC NET, CSIR NET, PGT, and TGT, etc. They are also preparing the students for State Administrative Services. They provide adequate planning to the IAS aspirants by a complete set of study materials and preparing methods. 

The admission process is conducted within the coaching institute for a hassle-free admission process.

Trishul UPSC coaching Academy has 1 center in India namely in Lucknow.

Batch Timing

The batch timing for UPSC coaching is very flexible and classes are conducted from 8 am to 8 pm all days of the week in Lucknow.

Address– The institute is located in Shukla Tower and across the Phoenix mall in ALambagh, Lucknow.

Phone – 9580465600


Sarthak IAS coaching is one of the best UPSC coaching in Lucknow. It is also best known for producing toppers with its quality and efficient teaching practices. This coaching center imparts quality education both in terms of skills and overall personality development. Sarthak IAS provides excellent coaching for other courses also. 

Sarthak IAS offers advanced techniques of IAS exam preparation and also provides the best study material to attain success in competitive exams. Sarthak IAS coaching center conducts mock tests regularly. Mock-Tests help the students in achieving their goals easily and efficiently. Due to its coaching strategies, it has been renowned as one of the top UPSC coaching in Lucknow.

Sarthak IAS coaching center provides coaching for IAS exams. They provide the right guidance to the IAS aspirants and motivate them to crack the civil service exam. They provide absolute strategies, study materials, and video classes to the IAS aspirants to clear their toughest and prestigious exams. 

The admission process takes place within the institute campus for clarity of the IAS student’s branches, there are no Branches of Sarthak IAS coaching center other than in Mysore.

Address: This distinguished institute is located in Gyan Bhawan, supporting the Indian Oil Office in Kapoorthla, Lucknow, UP 226024

Phone – 93683 65868                                     

Vikalp IAS coaching is one of the top UPSC coachings in Lucknow. It is also best known for producing toppers at Aliganj and Alambagh. They have a team of professional teachers in various fields such as General Studies, Communication, and optional subjects. This coaching center imparts quality education and overall personality development. Vikalp Sarthak IAS provides excellent coaching for other courses also. 

Vikalp IAS provides modern amenities such as Air conditioner, Wi-FI, office with full computerization. They offer excellent and well-equipped infrastructure and a library. This IAS coaching center hires renowned and professional teachers from various universities and they have a good experience that helps IAS aspirants to achieve their dream job.

Vikalp IAS academy provides coaching for IAS exams. They provide correct counseling to the IAS aspirants and motivate them to clear the civil service exam. They provide the complete plan of action, study materials, and online video classes to the IAS aspirants to clear their prestigious exams. 

Aspiring candidates can visit the coaching center for the admission procedure.

There is one Branch of Vikalp IAS academy in Lucknow other than in Aliganj, and it is located in Alambagh.

Address-Alambagh –  supporting Andhra Bank, Lucknow, Uttar Pradesh 226005

Phone – 94151-58032, 84000-04343, 91983-93200

Srijan IAS Academy is one of the best UPSC coachings in Lucknow. Srijan IAS academy is providing educational services to students for 13 years and preparing them for the civil service exam. Srijan IAS academy is imparting comprehensive training and also counseling the students for leadership development, social responsibility, and mind-power development.

The faculty of Srijan IAS academy offers experienced educators, administrators, and various dedicators. They have a team of professional teachers in various fields such as General Studies, Communication, and optional subjects. This coaching center imparts quality education and overall personality development. Srijan IAS Academy provides excellent coaching for other courses also. 

Srijan IAS academy provides coaching for IAS exams. They provide correct counseling to the IAS aspirants and motivate them to clear the civil service exam. They provide the complete plan of action, study materials, and online video classes to the IAS aspirants to clear their prestigious exams. 

The admission process takes place at the coaching institute for better clarity of the aspiring candidates as well as for the parents.

There is one Branch of Srijan IAS academy in Lucknow other than in Aliganj, and it is located in Alambagh.

Address: Aliganj – L-III/Sector-D, Aliganj, Behind UPPSC Hall, Purania Chauraha, Lucknow- 226024

The above-discussed list of the top UPSC coaching in Lucknow will allow you to choose the right coaching center for your UPSC exam preparation. You can take admission to any one of the best UPSC coachings in Lucknow based on your learning needs, fee structure, or any other such requirement.

Try For Another City | IAS Coaching in Lucknow

However, other than Lucknow, you can also opt for IAS coaching in other cities such as Kanpur, Allahabad, etc. Kanpur is known to be the city with the most UPSC toppers, with utmost more than 41 IAS coaching centers. With the increase in popularity of civil services in recent years, several coaching centers are on rising in the Allahabad area.

Every year lakhs of students appear for the IAS exam and the exam is conducted in three stages. However, mains usually take place in September or October. There are several UPSC coaching centers in Lucknow centers available but you can prepare for the exam without opting for a coaching center and can prepare self-study. To prepare for the exam you need to know the exam syllabus, plan your work, make notes and use online resources for self-preparation for UPSC.


  • Becoming an IAS officer is a tough nut to crack the UPSC exam and it needs a lot of preparation and hard work with the support of good coaching and experienced faculty. Many students aspire to become IAS officers. For the latter, clearing the UPSC exam is a must which is one of the toughest competitive exams in the country. To crack the UPSC exam and secure a seat in an interview, it is essential to prepare the best and only the best coaching institutes for UPSC coaching In Lucknow that can help the students.
  • Select the best UPSC coaching in Lucknow and fulfill the dream to become an IAS officer. In the article, a list of the top 7 best UPSC coaching in Lucknow has been given for the convenience of students. Choose according to the requirement and prepare well for the exam. UPSC coaching in Lucknow provides the way to crack the exam.

Want to List Your Institute?

Frequently Asked Questions About IAS Coaching in Lucknow

Here are some of the commonly asked FAQs about IAS Coaching in Lucknow. We have addressed all of them below. FAQs regarding fees and sand study material are mentioned in detail.

Yes, IAS officers are allotted a fixed number of leave or holidays every year.

Yes, IAS officers are allotted with security and bodyguards as working professionals for their security.

Yes, every IAS officer is provided with lifetime retirement benefits and pension. Even after their retirement, IAS officers can be appointed in the other government departments. Some private companies also avail their services to take advantage of their experience, skill, and talent.

No, Unacademy is not free. It is an online platform that provides you different courses. The fee structure also differs based on the course you want to pursue. The amount ranges from Rs 1000 to Rs 30,000.

  The highest post that an IAS officer can get is the office of cabinet secretary. However, it takes lots of experience and skill to finally reach the highest position as an IAS officer.

The retirement age of the governing IAS officer is about the age of 60 years

Lucknow offers a great mix of opportunities for UPSC aspirants. The city has a number of good coaching institutes, and there are also many options for self-study. Additionally, the city’s culture and historical significance can be a great source of motivation for students.
So if you’re looking for a good city to prepare for the UPSC exams, Lucknow is definitely worth considering.

There is no simple answer to this question. Every aspirant’s situation is different, and what works for one person might not work for another. That being said, Lucknow is a good city for IAS preparation, as it offers a number of coaching institutes and experienced tutors. Additionally, the city has a relatively calm and relaxed atmosphere, which can be helpful for students who are studying for such a high-stakes exam.

More Frequently Asked Questions About IAS Coaching in Lucknow

Here are some More FAQs about IAS Coaching in Lucknow. We have addressed all of them below. FAQs regarding institute and study material are mentioned in detail.

Which institute is best for IAS coaching in Lucknow?

There are various institutes that are said best for IAS coaching in Lucknow. We have ranked the top 7 of them in this article. Rank 1 is considered to be the best.

How much do institutes for IAS coaching in Lucknow charge?

The fee structure of each institute is different. Here, we have disclosed the fees of every top IAS coaching in Lucknow.

Which IAS coaching in Lucknow provides the best study material?

All the institutes present in our Best IAS coaching in Lucknow’s list provide good study material but Rank 1 has been considered the best among students.

Is Lucknow really good for IAS coaching?

Lucknow has been called the best place to go for IAS coaching many times in the past. IAS coaching institutes in this city have produced a large number of IAS to date. Here, you will find the 7 Top IAS coaching in Lucknow.

How would I know whether the timings for the best IAS coaching in Lucknow will suit me or not?

We have specified the timings of each institute in our article. You can join the one that best suits your requirements & needs.