Best GMAT coaching options across India

Importance of gmat coaching

When it comes to graduate management programs or business education in the world, the term “GMAT” also known as the Graduate Management Admission Test is the top concern for a candidate.It is an assessment tool to measure applicants’ academic abilities to step into the world’s best business (especially finance, accounts, and commerce) educational colleges, universities or institutions. This computer-adaptive test focuses on quantitative, analytical writing, verbal and reading skills in written English. GMAT is significant for the future success of more than 5,900 graduate management programs around the globe as the most consistent evaluator.


We all know that this test is one of the most challenging tests to crack when you are one of the millions of MBA applicants in the World. So, self-study, immense logical practice and effective preparation with the help of a guide or a tutor are sometimes crucial. Here are a few reasons why coaching is important

Resources or Material

It’s important to understand the correct format of the test and practice the correct syllabus, paper pattern & study material to secure good marks. A coaching institute provides good use of its resources such as labs, GMAT mock tests, GMAT question banks, tons of sectional tests, doubt sessions and many more.

The greatest part of partaking a mentor is when you’re caught with high level questions on the GMAT, and unlike others, you have your mentor who can essentially show you how to do it right?


A coaching institute or a mentor not only provide resources but also help to understand the various problem types to increase liability to their respective students. An instructor will prepare innumerable tests including, verbal practice, Maths practice, logical test and much more with an aim to improve and build skills that are crucial to prevent sinking into a tricky question.

Timeframe and  Time Management

‘Time’ is the most alarming word in any examination because it is scarce. The exam has four sections: quantitative (30 minutes), Analytical Writing Assessment (30 minutes), Integrated Reasoning and verbal (75 minutes each ) which sum up to 3 and a half hour, which means the candidate needs to answer swiftly in order to keep up with the timing. So, a quality mentor or an institution design a method of time management and helps assists the students to understand the time-saving strategies and many more in the examination hall.

Self-control and Confident

There is always a need and importance of self-control in our life because it brings discipline. It’s true that a good mentor or institution will test their ability to bring commitment and self-control. In the end, the best performance requires a lot of plan hence, a mentor will prepare tests focusing on their strength to make a confident test-taker.

how to choose the right gmat coaching

GMAT coaching is not just to prepare you to face the GMAT exams but it also helps you do well in the IELTS test online as well. Here is how you can find the best center to prep you for the oncoming exams.

  • Faculty expertise: Irrespective of whether you are preparing for GMAT or IELTS online, the most important factor to look for is the expertise of the faculty who will coach you. It would be prudent to check with the current students of the GMAT coaching center to know about the faculty and their teaching expertise. It would also help to check the previous scores of the students from the GMAT coaching.
  • Materials for studying: The course material is of course another deciding factor when choosing the right GMAT coaching. You can check with the current or past year students to understand the depth of the material provided and how beneficial it is to you. Some centers just use their own material as it is ‘branded’. This is not the best material. It is usually a combination of materials which are well recognized.
  • Size of the batch: Yet another factor that can directly influence your score in GMAT or IELTS online Coaching is the batch size. When you are choosing a GMAT coaching, your expectation is to have the faculty pay considerable attention to individual students. This may not be a possibility when the classroom is crowded and not all students are paid much attention. You would rather be part of a smaller group or better still individual classes, and get your queries resolved rather than being one in hundreds going unnoticed. Enquire on the batch size prior to joining GMAT coaching.
  •  Location of the center: You definitely don’t want to spend too much time traveling to and from the coaching center. That would take too much of your precious time and make you tired as well. Choose a GMAT coaching in that is closer to your residence cutting down on the travel time or if you’re of the modern age why not try on-line sessions? Some Centers have top quality virtual classrooms where you can record sessions and actively participate and ask questions.
  • Tailored Revision : One of the best ways to ace IELTS online or GMAT is to have enough practice which can be made possible by the center or faculty. Check if the GMAT coaching that you have chosen has the practice to give you enough exposure prior to exams and that your faculty is focused on providing you with