Add 100% More Power to Your Daily CAT Prep in 3 Simple Steps

CAT Prep in 3 Simple Steps

In this article, we will Discuss How to Add 100% More Power to Your Daily CAT Prep in 3 Simple Steps That will help you Crack the CAT Exam. I will keep this brief. I will explain in a future blog why this method will definitely work in doubling the effectiveness of your CAT preparation. But for now, here are three simple steps to make your CAT Prep twice as powerful. You can start implementing these steps today, even right after finishing this article. Starting is easy, but sticking to them will be more challenging.

1. DELETE all unnecessary APPS from your smart device (phone, tab, iPad, etc.) that you don’t really need. Also, turn off notifications for all apps. Keep your main screen free by putting the apps in the app drawer or equivalent, so you have to take an extra step to access them. Remember, if something is truly important, people will call you. Most app notifications are just distractions that drain your energy from focused CAT preparation or any other purposeful activity. Use these apps when you are not preparing and avoid using them alongside your preparation.

2. ESTABLISH SET TIMES to engage with Telegram, Facebook, or Whatsapp groups related to your preparation. Limit your activity on these groups to once or at most twice a day, and choose fixed times that suit your needs and doubts. Remember that other people’s questions and activities on these groups are far less important than the time you spend on your own preparation. Prioritize your own progress and avoid wasting time on irrelevant discussions.

3. KEEP YOUR CELLPHONE AWAY when you are preparing, whether it’s during a CAT coaching class or when attempting an AIRCAT or mock CAT. Keep it at a distance, preferably in a different room, rather than just putting it upside down, in your pocket, or on silent mode. By doing this, you will be able to achieve in 3 hours what would otherwise take you 6 hours. Minimizing distractions will significantly improve your productivity.

Whether you choose to implement these steps or not depends on how much you want to improve your productivity in relation to CAT Prep or any other important activity. However, if you follow these three easily doable steps, you will definitely see a noticeable improvement in the results you achieve from the time you invest in your preparation.

About the author: Deekshant has consistently achieved high scores in practically every section of the CAT. He is a cricket fan and writes posts with a decent quality. Numerous students have attested to his ability to motivate anyone to improve their percentile through simple yet powerful advice significantly.

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