Smart Ways to Crack CAT 2019 Exam

Smart Ways to Crack CAT 2019 Exam

Do you know Smart Ways to Crack CAT 2019 Exam – Boost Your Scores with Smart Strategies? Get Ready to Ace the Exam. It’s not uncommon for CAT aspirants to achieve 99+ percentile scores with just four to five months of intense preparation. However, studying for this exam does not require studying for 15-16 hours a day. Instead, you can use smart studying techniques. Let’s explore what these techniques are. 

Begin by Taking Mock Exams in The Revised Exam Pattern

Your first step in preparing for the CAT exam is to identify your strengths and weaknesses. Once you are aware of them, your self-preparation can be effective and yield results. Coaching centers can assist with this by explaining concepts and providing frequent mock tests to improve your performance. 
Engaging in multiple mock tests and analyzing your performance can definitely help you improve. Top scorers suggest taking two different types of tests that prepare you for different difficulty levels.

Prepare for Each Section, One at A Time

For example, consider the Vocabulary section. Start by studying the material provided by your coaching center, and then read the book titled “Word Power Made Easy” by Norman Lewis to improve your vocabulary. Read the recommended books and solve sample questions to strengthen your Verbal Ability section.
Additionally, the Reading Comprehension section constitutes about 70% of the entire Verbal Ability section. To achieve a high score in this section, you need to have excellent command over reading comprehension passages in order to answer questions successfully.
Practice reading comprehension passages daily, about two to three passages per day, starting three months before the exam. Set a maximum time limit of 40 minutes for 3-5 passages, depending on their length.
Do you know Smart Ways to Crack CAT 2019 Exam – Boost Your Scores with Smart Strategies? Get Ready to Ace the Exam. It’s important to note that there are 60 minutes allocated for the Vocabulary and Reading Comprehension section. While it may not be possible to complete all 34 questions in this section, if you can solve four Reading Comprehension passages in 40 minutes, that’s a great achievement. Utilize the remaining 20 minutes for the Verbal Ability part. If you still have a few minutes left, you can revisit any unfinished comprehension passages and try to complete them.

Improve Your Calculation Speed: Don’t Depend on The On-Screen Calculator

Although the use of an on-screen calculator is permitted during the exam, it is not encouraged as it can be time-consuming. Instead, focus on improving your calculation speed during your preparation so that you don’t have to rely on the on-screen calculator.

Practice All Peculiar Questions in The Logical Reasoning Section

To excel in the Logical Reasoning section, practice is key. By practicing problems and analyzing your mistakes, you can avoid repeating them and better understand the requirements of the section. This will enhance your overall performance.
Consider attending workshops on this subject that your coaching institute may offer. Taking notes and solving challenging questions within the time limit will help you crack this section of the exam.

Make notes of formulae and theory of Quantitative Ability

One of the most effective ways to prepare for the Quantitative section is to jot down notes of fundamental formulae and theory. With this foundation, you can easily tackle new topics. Practice as much as possible and attempt several mock papers to increase your speed.

Develop A Positive Attitude

As the exam approaches, it is natural to feel nervous and doubtful about your abilities. However, do not lose hope or lack confidence. Remain consistent in your preparation and believe in your knowledge. If you are studying on your own, having confidence is even more important.
If you are part of a small study group, motivate each other and stay focused until the end. Remember that with a positive attitude and a calm mindset, anything is possible – including excelling in the CAT exam. Maintain composure throughout the process.


With only a few months left for the CAT exam, it is important to have a solid understanding of the material. Equally important, remain calm, cheerful, optimistic, and confident that everything will work out in the end. Good luck!

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