Tones of the Passages in Reading Comprehension for the CAT Exam

Tones of the Passages in Reading Comprehension for the CAT Exam

Do you want to know the Tones of the Passages in Reading Comprehension for the CAT Exam? Here, we discussed factors that help your CAT Exam. When it comes to reading comprehension in the CAT exam, it is important to be able to identify the author’s tone or the tone of the passage. One way to do this is by looking for the author’s participation in the writing. Authors write for various reasons, and their tone can reveal their feelings or attitude towards the subject matter.

Some authors may write simply to report facts, without expressing any positive or negative feelings. Others may try to persuade the reader of a certain position, which can be indicated by their positive feelings towards that position. On the other hand, authors may also write to warn the reader or express skepticism towards a certain view, which evaluative comments can indicate.

When reading a passage, paying attention to the author’s tone, word choices, and any attitudes expressed towards the material is important. It is also important to consider the attitudes of any people mentioned in the passage. These factors can help evaluate the passage and answer questions about the author’s attitude or tone.

In the CAT reading comprehension section, there are often questions that directly ask about the author’s attitude or tone, or the attitudes of people mentioned in the passage. These questions may also ask for the identification of words or phrases that indicate the author’s attitude towards specific things.

For these types of questions, it is necessary to assess the passage for indicators of tone. Sometimes, the tone may change throughout the passage, starting with a positive tone and later expressing doubts, or starting with a dismissive tone and later admitting something valuable. The overall description of the author’s attitude can help in choosing the correct answer.

An example is provided to illustrate this point. In this example, the question asks about the author’s attitude towards a specific book. The passage provides evidence of the author’s positive attitude towards the book, which helps in selecting the correct answer.

There are various tones that can be found in reading comprehension passages. Some common types include acerbic, aggressive, angry/indignant, apathetic, apologetic, belligerent, biased, caustic, commiserating, condescending, contemptuous, cynical, derisive, disparaging, dogmatic, emotional, ethical, euphemistic, grandiose, humanistic, humorous, introspective, incendiary, laudatory, motivating, obsequious, pedestrian, populist, provocative, romantic, sarcastic, satirical, speculative, technical, vitriolic, and vituperative these factors will help you ton understand the Tones of the Passages in Reading Comprehension for CAT Exam.

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