Types of Reading Comprehension Passages for CAT Exam

Types of Reading Comprehension Passages for CAT Exam

How many Types of Reading Comprehension passages for the CAT Exam? I have extensively studied the various types of reading comprehension passages for a range of exams, including those that have appeared on previous year CAT papers. From my observations, it is clear that there are as many types of RC passages as there are different subjects and writers. In this Article, we will discuss the Types of Reading Comprehension passages for CAT Exam that will help in your CAT Preparation.

In the following paragraphs, I will discuss the types of RC passages in CAT from an exam point of view, with the aim of outlining a strategy for selecting the most rewarding passages. While it is difficult to predict the exact type of reading comprehension you will encounter in a particular exam, it is important to note that RCs have their own subject matter as they cannot exist without a subject. However, if we were to categorize RCs into different types, we can classify them based on subject matter and writing style.

In CAT, the reading comprehension passages usually cover the following areas: business and economics, science, environment, and technology, art and literary criticism, philosophy and sociology. It is worth noting that CAT has generally avoided passages from natural sciences, which are common in GRE and GMAT. Instead, there is a plentiful supply of RC passages from sociology, philosophy, and business and economics.

The difficulty lies not so much in the subject matter of the RC, but rather in the writing style. Just as a simple concept in mathematics can be presented in a complex manner, a simple subject can be written in a convoluted language in RCs.

When selecting RC passages for the CAT exam, it is advisable to prioritize passages based on how easily you can read them, rather than the subject being discussed. This approach ensures faster reading and better comprehension. Remember, the focus should be on dedicating more time to answering the questions, as it is the correct answers that earn you points.

As a VARC teacher and avid reader, I personally prefer reading passages that are not overly complicated. The writing style should allow for effortless movement from one sentence to another. Therefore, regardless of the subject matter, the first type of RC passage I prioritize is one that is easy to read.

Occasionally, the RC passages in the CAT exam can have a complex writing style. The arguments may be dense and difficult to follow, and the vocabulary used may be unfamiliar. These are the second type of RC passages I categorize: complex and challenging to read and comprehend. Given the option to choose which questions to answer in CAT, I will always opt for passages that are easy to read.

In terms of tips for CAT reading comprehension, it is important to note that the RC passages in CAT are less standardized compared to those in exams like GMAT, GRE, and LSAT. The passages are not exclusively designed for the exam but are selected from various sources such as newspapers, magazines, journals, and research articles. Therefore, the writing styles vary greatly, ranging from difficult to easy.

When solving mock exams, start with the RC passages that are easy to read. Even if the answer options are similar, you will have more time to eliminate incorrect options and arrive at the correct answer. In cases where the writing style of all the passages is similar, prioritize the passages that you are familiar with. Familiarity with the subject matter helps in predicting the ideas likely to be discussed, leading to a quicker and more effective understanding. Practice RC passages from different areas to become well-versed in the technicalities of various subjects

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