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5 Things You Can Do to Make This Year at College Better Than Last Year

college life

If you’re raring to go back to college and this year you want to make sure that you have a better year than last year, then consider doing some of the below to achieve this. Start Something New Have you ever considered starting something new such as a business, a club, a conference or a […]

10 Ways to Promote the Language and Communication Skills of Infants and Toddlers

Language and communication skills must be developed from a young age. These skills will be required to succeed at school and in later life. Language and communication skills are far more complex than merely using words; they involve gestures such as pointing and facial expressions such as smiling. These skills fall into two categories, expressive […]

The Top 7 Money Saving Tips For College Students

Knowing how to effectively manage finances is a big factor that separates a child from a high-functioning adult. For instance, college students can have a challenging time trying to spend within their means. It’s even more difficult to save money or otherwise learn how to make extra money as a student. So, if you’re still […]

Rollercoaster Life in College | What After College

All of us have experienced a rollercoaster at least once in our life. If not, we still know how thrilling and scary this experience can be. The beginning is a bit slow and steady but as the ride progresses, the momentum slowly builds creating a mixed feeling of anticipation and excitement. When the ride reaches […]

Manage Your Finances More Effectively After College

managing your funds

With the Education Loan Non Performing Assets up by 84%, there is dire need for a financial reform in Indian household finances. For graduates, this means managing finances more effectively from the minute they graduate, and that requires a plan. While a good career trajectory seems like an obvious place to start, it requires a little […]

Graduates with These Majors Have the Best Chance of Owning a Home

Home Loan

By now, most people (especially those who are college students and college graduates) know of the discouraging financial statistics surrounding student loans. The latest numbers show that student loan debt in the United States has skyrocketed to a shocking $1.5 trillion dollars. Additionally, reported that the “average student in the Class of 2016 has $37,172 in […]

Can a relationship be an obstacle for studying and vice versa?

Let’s talk about whether the love prevents your academic success. Professors of many institutes can tell stories about how some former students unexpectedly failed the exams, ruined their academic progress, lost the opportunity to graduate summa cum laude, and even were expelled. Sometimes this situation is associated with the beginning of a professional activity, personal […]

Top 10 College Cities in India that students love!

Top 10 College Cities

India has always been an education hub, with colleges for academic and non-academic disciplines. Ever year the jostle for college admissions takes students to different cities. Ever wondered which are the top 10 college Cities which attract the maximum students and what are the magnets behind the student preference for these cities? Pune Once called […]

6 Types of Girls You Find in Every College

Girls are an integral part of your college life! They bring in the excitement, the drama, the fun and also the bitchiness. Well, say what you may college without them is incomplete (unless of course if you are in an engineering college. You definitely don’t get to see a lot of girls there.) So here […]

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