Entrepreneurship after college and making it successful and grand

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Find out as to how one can achieve heights in the field of Entrepreneurship and what does it take to make it grand in the field

Digital Marketing – The Basic Essentials you need to know

Digital Marketing – The Basic Essentials you need to know Today every second person you meet pretends to be a digital marketer so how do you know which of these so called digital marketer’s advices are worth hearing or worth the trash bin. It is very important not to get scammed by fake digital marketers […]

The New Era of Business with Growth Hacking

The New Era of Business with Growth Hacking The ever changing business world brings with it new challenges and obstacles to deal with. Its becoming relatively difficult for brands to make themselves visible and sustain itself with its own unique identity. In a crowd of millions only the rare ones shine enough to overpower its competitors. The […]

Letsreach funding | How they gathered a huge ventured for their venturee

Rishabh Saxena, alumni of Northern India Enginnering College, IPU along with his friends created a product that helps bloggers in easily reaching out to their readers. With a great vision , disruptive product and focus on right things, Rishabh and his co-founders raised venture capital right in their college days. Here is Rishabh sharing his […]

3 kickass low cost marketing tips for your startup

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Don’t let money hold you down from marketing your business well. Every new startup needs the right finances and requisites to invest that money in. When you are just starting up, this guide will help you know the right ways to use your money in marketing. After all, the right marketing strategy builds up your […]

5 things you must know if you plan to drop out of college for business

While the kick that one gets by thinking of starting their own business is definitely tempting, the consequences however are a different thing altogether. When you think about dropping out, consider the points mentioned above and take the appropriate decision. When in college, we all go through that phase where you feel this isn’t what […]

Out of college? Is internet entrepreneurship for you?

  If you come to think of it, there’s nothing quite like online business. But it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. If you really want to start one, find out if it’s the kind of start up you are looking for. Follow these simple tips and then call the shots. The times are just right […]

4 tips to help your first venture after college

    Keep it simple. Have patience. And perseverance is the key. Any business takes time to kickstart in the way you had imagined it. Follow these simple tips and they will lead you to success. For any new venture, it takes time to grow.     College graduates love the idea of starting their […]

Topic: Job or Entrepreneurship after college?

Innovation and creativity prosper in entrepreneurship. But is it a risk worth taking? Well, that’s not something that a lot of college students consider before making the choice. Find out your area of interest, and see if you really think a job or business is up your alley.     With the increasing number of […]

Starting business with 0 investment? Now possible!

Take careful steps and make sure you are investing in the right places. There’s nothing like your own business and it prospers when you know where your money belongs. So what are you waiting for? Learn and get going with your venture. Now is the time to take the above mentioned suggestions.   The financial […]

Topic: Family business? Why not! Just follow these rules

The decision to join your family’s business is really important and can be difficult to make. So before stepping in, you should be ready and make sure you are in it for all the right reasons. How to ensure personal growth in family business after College:-   There are a lot of grads out there […]