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How Many Civil Services Are There in India?

How Many Civil Services Are There in India? You will find that sparkle and pride in individuals’ eyes when [...]

How Much Marks Required for IAS?

The UPSC main exam assumes the basic part in qualifying civil service evaluation in general. How Much Marks Required [...]

How To Start Preparation For IAS After 12th?

The basic instructional ability that is expected in the IAS exam is matriculation. You must have a degree from [...]

 What Is The Syllabus Of IAS?

IAS is a very well-known exam in the country, which UPSC conducts. About 10 lakhs candidates appear in it [...]

How To Start IAS Preparation At Home?

Irrespective of whether you are young or successful in the civil services test (Last test as many call it), [...]

How Many Papers In UPSC Mains?

It is conducted in three phases: a preliminary examination, the mains examination consisting of nine papers of traditional (essay) [...]

Does IAS Officer Gets Pension?

Does IAS Officer Gets Pension? Yes A lifetime pension is promised to IAS officers. The pension facility was reintroduced [...]

How to Become an IAS Officer After Graduation?

To become a civil servant in the Indian Administrative Services, you should clear the UPSC Civil Services Exam. This [...]

Who is The Youngest IAS Officer in India?

who is known as the youngest IAS officer in the country and belongs to the batch of 2016, is [...]

Which is Better IAS or IFS?

The Indian Administrative Service and The Indian Foreign Service are two of the most prestigious Civil Services jobs in [...]

How Much Time Is Required To Prepare For IAS?

In the beginning, it seems that the question "How long is expected to prepare for the IAS test" is [...]

How to become an IAS?

IAS basically stands for Indian Administrative Service in India. It is one of the most prestigious government service among [...]