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Articles straight from the gurus from various job sectors sharing the strength and weaknesses of each job sector and what are the essentials required

Prateek Shah Shares all that you need to know about digital marketing

Prateek Shah is one of the best known digital marketing trainer across Asia and is the founder of Digital Defynd, Asia’s largest community for digital marketers. Having helped dozens of companies in successfully executing their marketing initiatives, Prateek shares the current trends in the digital marketing world, what is expected from a digital marketer and […]

Lokesh Mehra shares how to get job at a billion dollar tech firm

Lokesh Mehra is one of the leading figures in learning industry. With his expertise on e-learning and training, he currently serves as the Director of workforce development in Oracle. From the current state of Indian education to the trends we should be looking forward to , Lokesh Mehra shares some interesting and enlightening insights that […]

Design in india – Read as Prof. Rajiv Kumar Kapoor explains the concept

Prof. Rajiv Kumar Kapoor teaches Electronics and Communications Engineering at Delhi Technological University. With several International and national level research papers and years of teaching in his bouquet , Prof. Rajiv stands as one of best brains in Electronics and product development in India. Prof. Rajiv shares what’s missing in Indian education today and how […]

Harsh Mishra founder of iSeed talks about how they train entrepreneurs for success

Dr. Harsh Mishra, Founder, iSEED has been teaching entrepreneurship for more than a decade now. He has been a prof teaching business strategy and entrepreneurship in several US universities and moved to India to start an institution that will focus on imparting crucial entrepreneurial learning to early stage startups. An IIT Delhi alumni who earned […]

Rajesh Aggarwal answers everything you ever wanted to know about sales job

“Success depends more on Attitude rather than Talent ” – says Rajesh Aggarwal who is the founder of Rebirth Academy. With people following his advice in 150+ countries, he is one of India’s leading motivational coach. From writing books to holding sessions in the corporate world and schools, he helps people lead better lives by […]

How Startup Delhi makes life easier for entrepreneurs through its community

Abhishek Kumar Gupta is the founder and Community head of the Facebook community Startup Delhi. It was started in September last year as a platform to help like minded people connect with each and help each through sharing of resources and knowledge. The community reaches 37,000+ people and has successfully become a place where people look for jobs […]

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